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07-Ghost 69

Kapitel 69: Confrontation

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on May 31, 2011 16:09 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 69

Page 1
Connecting to the present…

[] Where is this place?
“We’re in the middle of the Hawkzile race.
“You lost consciousness. // Are you okay?
[] …Why is Zehel here?

“Huh? Are you half-asleep? // You’re heading to the Land of Seele together with me, aren’t you?
[] Ah, it’s not Zehel. It’s Frau.

Page 2-3
It’s too early for the checkmate, teatime (the fight) has just begun!!
Kapitel 69: Confrontation

Page 4
“Give me a break. This thing doesn’t have a baby seat attached.

Sfx: Vrrrrr
“Gaaah!! What’s this thing!?
“Woah, quit struggling, damn brat!! // I’m already at my limit trying to fix you in position with my lifeline!!
“Heeeeeeey Da M!!

“Those old geezers helped us too.
ST: We’re your opponents while that boy’s asleep!!
“What’s with them, they’re so cool!!

Page 5
“Thanks, uncles!!
Sfx: Vrrr
“Don’t worry about it! It’s repayment for that time!
ST: I’m shocked…
ST: We were deceived…
“Well, say something to me, too! Because word has spread that we’re father and son, my fan club has been terminated!!
ST: Return my popularity to me!!
“Like I care!

“How long was I unconscious for?
“About half an hour.

“You’re a strong child who won’t give up until the end. // Listen carefully to what the Father says, okay?

Page 6
“…Have your memories returned again?


[] My eyes were always shielded. My memories are dazzling yet cruel.

Page 7
[] But I mustn’t avert my eyes from them.
[] All the more since everyone tried so hard to survive until the end.

[] I’ll pick myself up

[] Together with this pain.
“Don’t let go of it.

Page 8
“This pain is proof that I lived…!!

“It’s proof that the people

“Who are connected to my life have lived…!!

Page 9
[] Not one part of this journey has been mere coincidence.
[] Everything that happened was inevitable.

[] Let’s go
[] To the next God House.

Page 10
“The second half of the second day of the Hawkzile race involves crossing the mountainous part of the first district!!
“The ones in the lead are Peria and Jigg, who have overtaken Stylish Da M Soldier and Great Pink Prince // following the accident!!
“Of great interest are Grace and Leory, who have risen to 12th place, in the face of the 14 minute time lag which was considered to be a deathblow!!
“As expected, they won’t hand over the championship to anyone!! They’re climbing up the ranks rapidly!!

“We’ve finally reached Houburg Fort, the place we’ve been heading towards. Don’t let your guard down.
“I think we’re now taking a route close to the site of an old factory.

Page 11
“You’re right. I can just see some buildings.


“The number of racers has increased…?

Sfx: appear

Sfx: Vrrrr

Page 12
“And finally, // the Grace and Leory pair are at the tail of the leading group! // Will they emerge as the leading pair!!?
Sfx: Swoosh

“Those were the guys // that incited the dragon at Ukishima…

“Nope… it wasn’t those guys at the front.

Sfx: unsheathe

Page 13
Sfx: slash

“Whoops!! Another accident has occurred!!
Sfx: boom
“Unfortunately, Grace’s attack was a direct hit on a tank at the factory site!!

Page 14
What are the fates of the Stylish team and the Grace team who were travelling near that site!? // Hurry, cameras and rescue teams!!
Sfx: boom
“…It’s impossible, we can’t get close!! The smoke is also obstructing our view!!

“My apologies, but we don’t have time to bother with you.
Sfx: raise

Sfx: boom

Page 15
[] This is // Castor’s… // Fest’s power…!!

“What...!? It’s a gigantic plant this tiiiiime!?
Sfx: rumble
“Gyah! Spare meeeeee!!
“That plant again!!?
“It…it appears to be the same species of a plant that grows among the mountains in the Fourth District, // but it’s a complete mystery why it’s growing so rapidly at this place!!
“We became friends with each other, so it gave me some of its seeds.

Page 16
[] With the power that was stolen from me,
[] For me to be able to control so many threads means that…

[] He’s close…!!

Page 17
Sfx: Fwsssh

“That guy…!!
“Tch… he came, huh.

Page 18
Sfx: gasp

Page 19
[] This is my pride.

Sfx: ba-thump
[] I must control myself.
[] He’s not an opponent I can defeat by fighting.

“At that time, if I had power,
“I may not have had to lose what I did.

Page 20
“If I don’t defeat him right here, I’ll lose something precious to me again.

[] Don’t ever let go of the baton of life.
Sfx: jump

Page 21
Sfx: whack


Page 22
Sfx: land

“He glared at me with eyes that looked as if he was taking revenge for his parent. // I wonder why?

“Probably because I’ve lived life by earning the hatred of nearly all the humans I’ve met.

Page 23
Sfx: Vooon


Sfx: slash

“Your opponent is me!!
Sfx: clatter

Page 24
Sfx: clink
Sfx: rustle

Sfx: crack

Sfx: jump
Sfx: jump

Page 25
“Hey you… those eyes don’t look like they belong to a respectable bishop.

“Stuff happened, so…

Sfx: crack crack crack

Page 26

Sfx: grip
“The growing roots of the plants saved me…
Sfx: holst

“Sorry, Mikage.

Page 27
Sfx: boom

Sfx: land
“That was… a zaiphon in the language of Raggs…

“This place is under the jurisdiction of the Barsburg military. // You have nowhere to escape.

Page 28

“We would like you to surrender…
“We don’t want to kill you.

Page 29
“…I refuse.

“You mustn’t, Yuki. // Hesitation is a one-way road leading only to death.
“That’s the world we live in.

“Isn’t that so, Teito? // Shall we continue where we left off?

Sfx: vooon

“I refuse to do either.

Page 30
Sfx: boom

“He blasted his foothold into smithereens…!! I can’t see through the smokescreen…
“Let’s go to the back of this place!!

Sfx: fwip

Sfx: curl curl
“What’s with this plant…!?

Page 31
[] “Would you speak some more?”

[] “You’re fine with us talking? We can sing, too!”
[] You’re an interesting person!

Sfx: bam

Page 32
[] In the depths // of my heart

[] Where the light does not reach
Sfx: step step

Sfx: step

Page 33
[] Darkness sneers yet again.
The pitch black darkness haunting Teito attacks him relentlessly, bit by bit…

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