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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Ookami Heika no Hanayome 1

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Jun 5, 2011 07:08 | Go to Ookami Heika no Hanayome

-> RTS Page for Ookami Heika no Hanayome 1

Pg 3
Wolf King’s Bride (Ookami Heika no Hanayome) by Kauta Mato

Pg 4
Wolf King’s Bride Chapter 1 …5
Chapter 2 …45
Chapter 3 …85
Chapter 4 …131
Omake manga : The Puppy King and the Rabbit Bride …173
Character Introduction …182

Pg 5
[Palace of *Hakuyoukoku (T/N: literally Country of White Sun)
/ further in the interior of the palace]
/I heard that there was a temporary palace job being offered…

[…Somebody, please tell me if this is a dream or an illusion.]
That’s right.
/ We’d like you to take on this job in the *inner palace for a month (T/N: where the harem is)

/ Tei Yuurin-dono.
Sfx: ba-thump, ba-thump
[This is impossible!]

As His Majesty’s temporary bride.

Pg 6
Wolf King’s Bride (Ookami Heika no Hanayome)
Chapter 1

Pg 7
Are you kidding me!? I’ve never heard about this…!! (small text: father…!!)
Apparently an acquaintance knows a great paying job!
(Text on man: Low-ranked government official father.)
“Details will be announced after employment”…
/ I did suspect something, but…
Sfx: quiver quiver

No qualifications are necessary.
You merely need to pretend to be a consort, hiding the fact that you were employed.
/ It isn’t a difficult job.

It doesn’t have anything to do with difficulty!
It’s suspicious!
(small text: It’s weird!)

From what I gather, I’ll have to be that
/ Infamously cold, expressionless Wolf King’s bride!?
…What’s up
/ Aren’t you going to shake hands with me?

Pg 8
Sfx: swallow
This person will be staying only for a short while.
/ There will also be the problem of your successor, which you will have to face in the future.

What, how boring.

Just when I thought a cute rabbit had come.

He feels like a carnivore!!
(text in mouth: Eeeeekkk!!)

[…The title “Wolf King”
/was the title given to the young king, Haku Reishou,]
[After successfully suppressed the rebellion which occurred soon after his ascension to the throne
/and enforcing discipline the central government.]

Page 9
[…He’s an unapproachable and aloof king,
/who, with his icy gaze, manages to force people to submit to him…]
Sfx: Dizzy dizzy
I was so afraid that I couldn’t say “I can’t”…

But it was true that it’s a high-paying job
Ah, but…
(background: (on top) Money money, (below) suspicious, scary)

…I guess I’ll say I quit!
Sfx: turn

To that glasses guy!!
Thought bubble: If His Majesty is there, then perhaps next time…
Sfx: loiter loiter

Wait… Don’t I have less free time from this strategy?
Please don’t let your guard down!
Even though she may have left the room…
(small text: Eh…) But…
Please don’t reveal that to her!
(fading bubble) Eh?

Pg 10
[This voice (small text: is…)]
Her, too


Sfx: blink

Sorry, Lijun (Note: or Rijun, whichever you prefer)
/The bride was still here~

Didn’t I ask you to go back to your room!?

(Small text: Ahhhh… the plan…
He looks totally different compared to just now!?

/The country has finally become peaceful…

Pg 11
…Hence, the officials have been pressing His Majesty to get a wife
(small text in box: It’s a harem, by the way)
Sfx: ba-thump ba-thump
/If His Majesty were to have concubines,

If it was ever found out that the “Wolf King” was actually this sort of person,
/It would get rather messy
Sfx: smile

…In other words
Sfx: stare

“The cold, expressionless Wolf King” is…
Sfx: sigh
…An image strategy to deter
/officials and other countries from taking advantage of him.

In other words, a BLUFF!?

(small text: besides) When I turn down marriage proposals, it’s hard to reply with a reason.

There’s no other way, so
/just for a while, I thought I’d hire a temporary bride to evade this problem.
Sfx: smile

Pg 12
[…No way…]
Small text: I wonder if they’ll accept it, even if it’s just temporary

…Regarding this matter…
If it ever, even accidentally, slips out from your mouth,

I’ll eliminate your entire family from the face of this earth,
Side text: so please take note.
Sfx: menacing

No way!!!
Small text: annihilate my family!?
This is a joke, right…?

Side text: How evil…
This is a scam…
Small text: Because I was attracted by the money…

Sfx: sigh
[“You just have to act like his consort in public.”]

/His Majesty has arrived.

Pg 13
Sfx: impact

Sfx: chuckle
…Regardless of rhyme or reason,
A husband must spend time
/by his consort’s side, right?


[The “Wolf King” supposed to be…]
Sfx: chuckle
…Such a fresh face.

Everyone is dismissed.
/You’re making the consort embarrassed.
Now there won’t be anyone to disturb us.

Pg 14
Since I ordered them not to…
Sfx: silence

Haa…My shoulders are stiff…
Sfx: plomp


/I’m sorry if I scared you.
Lijun said I should do this for the time being.
Sfx: dazed
Small text: It’s for appearances.

[(small text: Wha…) What an amazing change in personality!!]
So…You won’t…
Sfx: fidget fidget

I won’t do anything.
/I’ll sleep here for now, so
/Don’t mind me, Yuurin.
In between box: “Don’t mind me”, huh…

(small text: Ah)
…I can’t?

(small text: Do I even have the right to refuse…?)
…Go ahead…

Pg 15
[It looks like…]
Small text: Ahhh, I’m glad!
Sfx: happy
Instead of a wolf, he looks more like a puppy…

…I’m really glad that you found out that it was all an act.
If I were to keep up this pretence all the time, it’d be tiring.
Small text: Well, it adds to your job description, having to keep this secret, though.

…Do you always…
/have to act like this all the time?
Even in front of the court ladies and the officials?

…Because, what the country needs now
/Is a strong king.
Sfx: smile

Pg 16
Did you know? During the reign of the previous king,
/The officials held the authority, and the king was just a figurehead, so it was hard to regain control. (side text: The central government was in a mess.)

…So when I ascended the throne,
/I was told to act like a “Strong and scary king”…

…So that’s why…

[…He was pretending to act like that contrary to his true self…?]
I’m sorry, that was such an uncool thing to say.

…Even if you had to lie or act,
/It’s for protecting the country, isn’t it?

That’s really cool,
/…I think…

Pg 17
Background bubble: Beneath the illusion of the cold, expressionless wolf king,
Thank you.

Background bubble: lies a gentle, smiling king.
…That’s right.
/Even though the reasons are shady, I’ve agreed to take up the job.

In short, I’ll just have to see through it, don’t I?

(small text: All right!) Your Majesty!
/If there’s anything I can do to help, please feel free to ask!
Sfx: Insistent
/work hard according to my salary!

Thought bubble: Ah,
/I accidentally said my true feelings.

/I’m counting on you
Sfx: chuckle

Pg 18
[…And so,
/My life as a temporary bride started.]
(text by bubble: Hoho) Great enthusiasm.
/Please give it your best shot!
(beside person: As much as you’re paid!)

Outlined: For the time being
Being friendly in front of the court ladies.
Sfx: hoho

Being friendly in front of the attendants.

Princess training.
Sfx: sigh
You don’t even have an ounce of elegance.

…Spare me the crap.
/but, Your Majesty…
(small text beside bubble: Just one look…)

That’s enough. Leave.
/It’s His Majesty.
(small text: he looks angry…)

…Even so, what acting prowess he has…
Sfx: sigh

Pg 19
[…Even looking from a distance,
/the atmosphere around him is scary.]

Sfx: happy happy
How did that become like this?


Sfx: ba-thump

Pg 20
[…I was too surprised
/by his act as a Wolf King.]
Small bubble: (S…
Sorry for disturbing you when you were talking…)
(It doesn’t matter)

…Oh my, there you are, consort
/You look energetic today.
Small bubble: (Um, I’m sure that was…)
Small bubble: (The one who expressed discontent that the King taking a consort…)

Oh my
/You are such a lucky person, Your Highness
Sfx: smile
His Majesty, who until recently had no concubine,

Declared that he didn’t want any concubine besides you,
Sfx: stare

And declined all other marriage proposals.
Small bubble: (What?)

Pg 21
Sfx: Haa
Did you manage to get what you really wanted?
/Do you not see that you are troubling His Majesty?

[Just now…did he look at my face and snort through his nose!? (small text: What a disagreeable guy!)]
Sfx: sigh
(beside bubble: Geez) Overriding the opinion of us ministers and deciding on a consort by himself…
/In the end, he will be the one who will be troubled.

[…So it wasn’t just that anyone could be his consort, huh…]
…Did you honestly approach His Majesty with his welfare in mind?

The reason why he chose me was because I had no ulterior motives to start with.
Thought bubble: Well, I was actually employed, though.

I believe you already know…why His Majesty stayed away from people like you.

Sfx: annoyed
…What do you mean by tha-

Pg 22
…Do you have any business with my consort?
…You seem to be favouring her an awful lot lately.

…I don’t have a choice.
To me, from the tips of her hair to her toes,
/I love her so much that I can’t stop myself.
Sfx: blush

Pg 23
She is my bride, after all.
/Isn’t this affection normal?

Tha…that is…
/I shall take my leave before I become an eyesore, then…

…Well, people like him
/want to install their own daughters into the inner palace.

Sfx: stifle
Sfx: shake shake shake
And this is how he plans to control the king from the shadows…
/Ah… You picked a great fight with him, Yuurin… (small text: amusing…)

…You’re enjoying it too much.

…I don’t like pushy people like him.

He’s always smiling on the surface, but…

Pg 24
…The palace is filled with people like that.
/For their own benefit, they can lie and put on a smile on their face for you.
But once they think that they have no more use for you, they become your enemies.

…That sort of relationship is just like a fleeting illusion.

…Your Majesty…
…For a person with such a gentle personality,
It must have been hard surviving in an environment like this…

(small text: Ah!) …Umm,
/It’s temporary,
/And I’m paid,
And maybe I’m not in the position to say this, but,

Pg 25
…A bride is the Wolf King’s ally, you know!

Sfx: Hug

Pg 26

Sfx: ba-thump

Sfx: push
Your Majesty!

For now,
/there’s no need for an act,

Sfx: dizzy dizzy

Pg 27
/You’re right.
Sorry, sorry.
Sfx: smile
Sfx: phew

Jeez, that little brat!
/Looking at me with those disdainful eyes.
Sfx: step step
What’s with the “Wolf King”!?

A king only needs to listen to us and be a puppet, that’s all.

[I mustn’t, I mustn’t]
Sfx: ba-thump, ba-thump

Pg 28
[Don’t be mistaken.
/That was just an act of his, as well.]
Sfx: thump thump
Sfx: Haaa (exhaling)
Bubble: Like this in reality

Sfx: ba-thump

What I’m actually seeing is a momentary illusion.
(Small text: Stop blushing, me!)

Pg 29
Yes, everything is proceeding as planned.
Sfx: wander
Small bubble: I received some sweets
Small bubble: It’s time for tea with His Majesty…
Thanks to her, it was easy to turn down those marriage proposals.

Small bubble: Is he here?

What’s left is
That conniving fox’s actions.

[What are they talking about?]
Small text: fox?

As expected, the fastest way to deal with him
/is to have a catalyst, such as having the existence of a consort.
Sfx: ba-thump

Pg 30
Your Majesty stating that she was your “only concubine” was enough to stir him up, but…
/…She was absolutely splendid as bait.

/about that…

Sfx: BAM

Sfx: shock

…I never
/heard about that.
Sfx: crack
…Was that
/in my contract?

Pg 31
/that was…
Sfx: Ka-tak

…So are you saying that as long as the lady isn’t of nobility,
/it’s fine for her to face danger?

Sfx: turn


Small bubble: Eh
…How do you plan to take responsibility for this, you bastard…
Small bubble: EH?
Small text: But it’s true…

Pg 32

Yuurin hasn’t returned to her room yet…?

…Because of his persistent

Pg 33
selfishness and unwillingness to listen,
/His Majesty needs to be taught a lesson.

I’ll have you become a sacrifice to that end.

[…Does that mean that I acted according to those two’s plans!?]
Small text: Yay!
He fell for it!
He fell for it!
Thought bubble: When I was emotionally hurt…
Small text: Crap, I let my guard down.

Well then,
/while His Majesty is pining due to the loss of his favourite concubine,
/my family’s daughter will comfort him.
Thought bubble: So that’s his motive…

…I need a little gift for him.

Pg 34
Hey, missy.
/Do you know anything about His Majesty that could serve as his Achilles’ heel?

…And what will you do if I tell you?
Sfx: smile
/That’s right. I’ll spare your life, then.

Sfx: glare
Whether or not I say it, you’d still kill me, right?

[Since I’ve been cornered to this extent]
Sfx: ba-thump
…As you already know

Pg 35
[I have also been used by the king, not just this man.]
The Wolf King is a fearsome person.

He’ll definitely find out about your misdeeds!

[…But, I did say
/that I was his ally, after all…]
/Stubborn little girl…!

Sfx: open
…Stop right there.

Pg 36
I’ll have you
/return my bride to me.

…!? Impossible! How did he find this place!?

…That’s because
/we dispatched spies to suspicious people.


Pg 37
Sfx: clang

…Thank you for your hard work…
…In serving me all this while.
Sfx: kneel

That sharp gaze of his,

Pg 38
[Which would cause everyone to surrender in a second…]
Sfx: ba-thump ba-thump ba-thump
[Cold, and expressionless.]
Thought bubble: He…he’s really scary…!

/I made you wait.

Sfx: ba-thump

Pg 39
[Even though I know that it’s just a pretence,]
[As I thought, the Wolf King]

[Makes my heart pound
/to the point that it’s painful.]
Small text: Ah! He fell for it, he fell for it!
Small text: Damn it!


…I’m sorry.
/I lied about the job…

Pg 40
Small text: but still
I really intended to protect you.
Small text: Like sleeping together in the room and stuff.
Sfx: sad
…In the end…
…It still doesn’t change the fact that I used you…
…I’m sorry…

Sfx: chuckle
…he’s returned to normal.

It’s fine!
Since you came for me, anyway.
[The short contract period was]

Pg 41
[over before I knew it.]

Overlooking the fact that I was used as bait,
I got to wear pretty clothes,
/eat delicious food,

[Was it a job with a great deal, then…?]
Sfx: looks up
Small text: I was protected, too…

That’s right.
/An illusion
/is something that disappears in an instant.

/are you done preparing?

Yes, all that’s left is to get my pay and leave.
I see…
[But, even though it was temporary,
/even though it was just an act,]
…Your Majesty,

Pg 42
Wherever I am,
/I’ll surely be Your Majesty’s ally,
So please remember that.

[I’m sure the bride]
[fell a little in love with the Wolf King.]


…Goodness, that girl…

Pg 43
She thinks the “Wolf King” was all an act, but…
…It’s not a bluff.

This is…
/really hard to say, but…

Yuurin, at that time, you hit the wooden partition in anger and broke it, didn’t you?
…Because of that,

It seems like instead of being paid, you’ll have to return the debt.

Small text: It was partially for the image, but…
…There’s no lie in his achievements, you know?
Small text in bubble: Repressing the rebellion, silencing the central government…
There’s no way that kind of guy would be completely harmless.

…It’s an on-off phenomenon, but

Pg 44
He has absolutely no intention of letting his prey escape
/…A Wolf King through and through!
Sfx: Smile

/You can return the debt anytime!
Words in eye: debt

At the side: (Ah!) By the way, Yuurin
I was planning to recruit another Temporary Bride…
Small bubble: (Wha…)
Small bubble: (Wha…)
Sfx: faint

It’s a scam…!!!

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