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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Ookami Heika no Hanayome 2

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Jun 5, 2011 07:08 | Go to Ookami Heika no Hanayome

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Pg 1
Wolf King’s Bride (Ookami Heika no Hanayome)
Chapter 2

Pg 2
“How many times do you want me to say that I’ve had enough of this nonsense!?”
[King of Hakuyoukoku
// Haku Reishou]

“Will you comprehend only if your head is severed from your body?”

// Please forgive my insolence, Your Majesty…”

[The young king, who suppressed the rebellion shortly after his ascension to the throne
// and managed to secure authority within the court…]
“You are dismissed.”

Pg 3
[…People call him a cold and expressionless “Wolf King”…]
ST: inner palace

// I, Tei Yuurin, am his only concubine.]
“What happened?”

“Apparently His Majesty rejected another marriage proposal.
// And I heard that this time, it was the famous Han family, too.”
“He doesn’t care about family prestige…
//As I thought, His Majesty’s love
//belongs solely to Your Highness, Yuurin-sama!”
Sfx: giggle
[…I must not…]

Pg 4
[…allow my smile to falter.]
“That’s right,
// my consort.”

Sfx: freeze
ST: Y…
“Your Majesty!?”

Sfx: smile

“(ST: Eh?) When did you return to the inner palace, Your Majesty!?”
“I just did, of course.”
Sfx: grin
[The way he appears out of nowhere is bad for my heart!]

Sfx: Kya!

Pg 5
“I wanted to see your face as quickly as possible.”

Sfx: blush
“Yuurin, were you lonely while I was away?”

Sfx: sparkle sparkle (x4)

“Thought bubble: …Urgh.”
“I was very lonely, Your Majesty…”
“I see.”

Sfx: smile

Ladies-in-waiting who proceed to retreat in silence…
Sfx: softly

Pg 6
[What’s up with this cheap acting!!]

“Ah… I’m beat!
//Yuurin, good work!”
Sfx: smile

“…Thank you for your hard work…”

Sfx: smile smile
[A Demon God on the battlefield.]

Pg 7
[The “Wolf King”, who commands fear not only from his ministers, but also from other countries…
//…Is actually an act to deceive everyone around him.]

[His consort (in other words, me)
/ is only a temporary one that he installed in order to reject marriage proposals…]

[…And this national secret is something that very few people are aware of, even within the palace.]
ST: Let’s have tea, okay!
// You prepared it so carefully for me…
// Serve it please…
ST: Okay, okay. Please wait a moment.
“ST: He’s actually like this…”

Sfx: smile

“You’re getting used to it, aren’t you, Yuurin?
//The role of a bride.”

Pg 8
“Of course I’m not used to it!!
//I’m working so desperately for the pay…!”
Sfx: gloom
ST: If you slip up, your pay will be deducted…

[…The other day, after breaking some expensive fixtures here,
//I was forced to lead a debtor’s life as compensation.]

Sfx: grr…
“Although I was originally tricked into coming here…”

[…And thus,
// Even though I’m not suited for it, my days of acting as the Wolf King’s bride started.]
Sfx: sigh

“…Well, there isn’t a job that gives better pay than that of being a temporary bride, so…
//…I don’t have much of a choice.”

Pg 9
“…Do you hate being my bride…
//…that much?

//I do.”
Sfx: sad
ST: She looks really unwilling…

//It’s not like I hate Your Majesty or anything, you know?”

“It’s just that,”
“He looks like a puppy that is being scolded…”
“It’s not my style to deceive people!”
Sfx: sad

Pg 10
“At any rate, I’m just not cut out for it.”
[Recently, the court ladies have been telling me how much I’m loved.
//It’s disconcerting…]
Sfx: kya kya

Sfx: katak
Sfx: sigh
“I guess it’d be much better to have someone who’s good at acting…”
Sfx: blow blow

Sfx: gulp

“Do you actually hate me?”


“What are you saying…”
ST: Didn’t I just say that I don’t hate you?

“Ah, I’m sorry but…
//Hold on a moment. Don’t drink that.”

“…This tea”

Pg 11
“Has been poisoned.”

“I didn’t do it!”

//All culprits would say that…”
Sfx: Gatak
Sfx: Ahem
“Jokes aside,
//The poison was placed not in the tea, but in the teacups,
//Both of them.”

“…In other words, the teacups had been secretly coated with poison before you poured the tea.”
“After you ensured His Majesty had drunk from the teacup, you were planning to get rid of the evidence, weren’t you…?”
Sfx: sigh
“Like I said, I didn’t do it!”

Pg 12
ST: Well,
“I’ve accustomed to drinking tea in Yuurin’s room,
//And if the culprit knew that, it’d be easy to wait for an opportunity to strike, don’t you think?”
“Still, I’m glad I was the one who drank it first.”

Sfx: smile
“I’m more resistant to poisons.”

ST: I reluctantly have to agree.

“For the time being, test everything you eat for poison from now on.”
“How can you be
//so calm about this!?”

“…Because I’m used to it?”

Pg 13
//Don’t get used to stuff like this!”

“Argh, unforgivable…
//The culprit’s tactics are way too unscrupulous! Using poison!?”
“If he has a problem, he should say it to our faces!”
ST: Those minions here are so…

Sfx: pfft

“It’ll be all right. I’ll carry out an immediate investigation.”
Sfx: smile smile smile
“So Yuurin, calm down,

Pg 14
…That’s what His Majesty said, but…
“He clearly doesn’t grasp the gravity of the situation…
//Even though I’m really worried here!”

Sfx: glare
“…Now that it’s come to this…”

“A suspicious
“Yes… umm…
//Around… His Majesty…?”

“This poisoning incident must not be made public! (ST: We’re still investigating it!)”
“How should I say it…”


Pg 15
“By any chance,
//Are you worried about His Majesty having an extramarital affair…!?”
Sfx: shock

ST: An affair!?
“Al-…Although the court ladies do admire His Majesty,”
“Consort, you’re the one His Majesty adores!”

“You have no cause for worry.”
“There is no one who would be able to break the strong bonds of love between the two of you, my lady…”
Sfx: sparkle sparkle sparkle
“I…I see…”

“…There’s still no news
//regarding the poisoning incident…”

[“Bonds of love between us”, huh…]

Pg 16
[The truth is,
//I’m just doing a job as a consort.]

[There’s no way His Majesty would allow his heart to be captured by anyone…]

[While he continues his act as a Wolf King.]
“No leads, huh…”

[]Even so,
[]It must be really lonely, isn’t it…

[I’m not good at acting the role of a bride, but…
//…If I could at least become some of his strength…]
Sfx: step

“Your Majesty.”

Pg 17
“Are you alone?”
[(ST: Oh my.) He looks like he’s in his role.
ST: Because we’re in a corridor?]

“…It seems that
//you were going around asking people things.”
“What’s that all about?”

“Did he hear about that?”

Pg 18
Sfx: Don

//Your Majesty…?”
Sfx: ba-thump
[What’s with his stance…]

Sfx: ba-thump
“…I have been a lax husband to you.
//Originally, I had no intention of restricting your movements,”

Pg 19
“…Besides being my partner,
//There is no need for you to do anything.”

Sfx: ba-thump ba-thump

“Don’t do
//anything unnecessary.”


Pg 20
[Does that mean that…
//…My fears are…]

“…I refuse.”
Sfx: glare

//taking it upon myself to worry about you!”

Sfx: Push
“Let go!”

Pg 21
Sfx: step step

//His Majesty is an idiot!]

Sfx: freeze
Sfx: kukukukuku
“Your Majesty!?
//What on earth are you doing?”
“So…sorry… it’s just…
ST: so funny…”

ST: Ahh~
“I failed to convince her.
//…She escaped.”

ST: Goodness, please stop doing that in such a place!
“…Did you tease her again?
//That behavior of yours isn’t good, “Wolf King”.”

Pg 22
“…She still
//thinks that that is an act, doesn’t she?”
“”How long are you going to continue this farce for?”

“…If she knew that this is the real me,
//Yuurin would run away, wouldn’t she?”
“…Well, you have a point.”
ST: That would be the more prudent course of action to take.

“I don’t mind her being angry at me, but…
//…I don’t want her to hate me.”

Pg 23
“I tried talking to her to the point of being annoying.
//…I guess I’ll do whatever I want then.”

“Where are you going, Your Majesty?”

“To a little rendezvous.”
Sfx: fume fume
“What “husband”!?
//He thinks that I’ll listen to him while he’s in that act of his!”

Sfx: pissed pissed

ST: Hmph!
“Now that it’s come to this, I’ll try looking for clues by putting up a reward!”
Sfx: Huh?

“…Oops, I took a wrong turn.”
“This place prohibits entry.”
ST: It’s so spacious it gives me a bad feeling…

Pg 24
//What’s that girl doing in this place…]
Sfx: look look

//Looks like she’s coming here!”

Sfx: Bam!

//I hid immediately, but…]
Sfx: sneaky sneaky
ST: I don’t think anyone would get angry at me…

“This way.”

“…His Majesty!?”

Pg 25

[He’s alone
//with a court lady
//In a room where people don’t enter?]

[Is this the so-called phenomenon of]
[An extramarital affair!?]

[In addition,]
[He’s with that girl who repeatedly talks about how much I’m loved by the king…!?]

Sfx: ba-thump

[…Ahh, but this
//Isn’t exactly a betrayal, is it?]
…After all, I’m just…

Pg 26
…A temporary bride…
Sfx: throb

“…Didn’t you
//call Yuurin here, too?”


“Yes. I told her,
//”I’ll be waiting for you here.””

//But I certainly don’t recall that…]
ST: Wait for me here?

“I’m sure you’ll be able to see her soon, Your Majesty.
//Please wait for a little while.”

Pg 27
[…??? What was that?]

//Should I go and greet him…?”
Sfx: peep

“…With such a weak poison,”

Pg 28
Sfx: katak
“Did you not realize that
//You cannot harm me? Or are you after something else?”

Sfx: Clatter
“Your Majesty?
//What are you saying…”

“I was just…
//serving you the tea that my lady made for you…”

“…It figures.
//In that last poisoning case, the consort ended up in quite a difficult situation as well.”

Sfx: ba-thump

Pg 29
Sfx: crash

“Don’t make a fool of my consort.”

“If she wanted to poison me,
//she’s the sort of girl who would have told me to drink it directly.”

“…No way…
//But… I didn’t…”

Pg 30
Sfx: swoosh


Sfx: clang


“…Who hired you?
//…The one who wants to see the consort lose her position…”

Pg 31
“…Minions who attempt to stir trouble in the inner palace,”
“Or seek revenge against the “Wolf King” are plenty.”
“…Who hired you?
//Whose scheme are you carrying out?”

[The person standing there is]
[the terrifying]


“Do you think I’ll believe that?”

//It’s true!”

[Wolf King.]

Pg 32
“Your Majesty!!”
Sfx: appear


//Why are you in here…”

//not putting up any resistance.”
Sfx: ba-thump

“Don’t treat her so roughly…”

Pg 33
//the one who attempted to frame you.”


…Is this an act?
Those cold eyes…

[This fearsome Wolf King…]

Pg 34
//Bring her away.”
[The “Wolf King” is]

Sfx: flinch

“…Never do things like search for assassins in future.”

[someone who doesn’t require me to worry about him,]

[A strong, fearsome person.]
“…Just like how you worry about me,”
“I worry about you, too.”

Pg 35
“Please stop doing things like
//jumping headlong into danger.”
[…But still,]

Pg 36
[Why is he still…]

[So good at pretending to love his consort?]

[…I think…
//the Wolf King is a little sly…]

Pg 37
“Why are you two
//loitering around, doing as you please?!”

“In the first place, since you were attempting to catch the culprit,
//You should’ve obtained real, rock-solid evidence!”
Sfx: smile smile
“But if I left it at that, I thought that Yuurin would be in danger.”

Argh! Geez!
Sfx: sigh
“…For your information, regarding the culprit,”

Sfx: Teeheehee!
ST: Bye bye, thanks, my lady!
“She already deceived the prison guard, stole the key,
//and escaped laughing gleefully.”


Pg 38
“Her escaping skill was commendable.
//She was probably a spy originally sent to infiltrate this place.”
“Coincidentally, there was also that marriage proposal from the Han family,
//but the evidence for that is…”

[What amazing acting skill…!!]
Sfx: freeze
Sfx: Sink
“ST: Yuurin?”
“As expected, there are pros in this world…!”

ST: Are you okay?

“…I’m very sorry, Your Majesty…
//I’m truly useless…”

“Not just that, I do such unnecessary things…”
ST: Ahh! I’m the worst!

Pg 38
ST: Should I consider changing jobs…!?
Sfx: gloomy
“Around me,”

“There are tons of people who attempt to poison me with a calm face.”
Sfx: smile

“That’s why,”
“I’m really glad to have you worry for me and get angry at me.”

“…Okay? This is…
//…your job, Yuurin.”
Sfx: smile
[…I’m not good at
//Deceiving people,

Pg 39
[or acting,]

[But if he says he needs me,]
ST: Is that really fine!?
ST: Yup, it’s fine, it’s fine.
“Ahh, he looks so happy…”

[I guess I’ll continue for a while longer…]

[…As the bride of the Wolf King.]
“…Just now,
//I thought I felt a fleeting feeling of the “Wolf King”,
//It was my imagination, …wasn’t it?”

Chapter 2 end

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