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Ookami Heika no Hanayome 3

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Jun 5, 2011 07:09 | Go to Ookami Heika no Hanayome

-> RTS Page for Ookami Heika no Hanayome 3

Page 1
Wolf King’s Bride (Ookami Heika no Hanayome): Chapter 3

Page 3
[] King of Hakuyoukoku // Haku Reishou
“…Therefore, Your Majesty, it’s time for you to consider changing your mind…

“…What you are saying

“Is that if I do not have many concubines, // I will be unable to display my authority, is that right?

“Yes, Your Majesty. // I am proposing this for Your Majesty’s sake…

“Well, then,
[] People call him

Page 4
[] A cold, heartless ‘Wolf King’.
“Bring me the people who said this of me.

Sfx: shudder
“Let’s try and see // if they dare say the exact same thing to my very face.

“…Why don’t we start off with you?
Sfx: shock

“I… I dare not, Your Majesty! // Your Majesty’s power is truly radiant…

“…Is that so. So it was just your groundless apprehension.

“…I only need

Page 5
“One concubine.

“Oh my,

“Gifts from His Majesty to me…?

“These are fine jewellery pieces of exquisite workmanship // which were imported by foreign merchants.

[] I, Tei Yuurin, // am the only consort of the Wolf King.
Sfx: ba-thump ba-thump
“…These jewellery…

Page 6
“I wonder how much they’d fetch if I sold them…
Sfx: ba-thump ba-thump ba-thump
“(Sfx: Y…) Yes!
Sfx: shock

“How is it? Do you like them?

“That was close.
ST: phew
“(ST: Y…)Yes…

“(ST: Ah,) These pieces of jewellery are indeed fortunate to be worn by the young and beautiful consort.

“Ho // hohoho.
Sfx: fidget fidget fidget

“…Of course, you are lovely just as you are,

Page 7
“But you should sometimes dress up beautifully and be a feast for my eyes.

Sfx: sweat dripping (x4)
“...Of course… // Your Majesty…

Sfx: smile smile
“…Goodness, // I wish he’d spare me from this job…

“I can’t go on like this…
Sfx: stop

“Of course,

Page 8
“Those pieces // were rented.
“I request that you return them when you resign from this job.
“…Is that so… (ST: I thought as much…)

Sfx: disappointed
[] …My real official job position is the ‘temporary bride of the Wolf King’.

[] This is just a job I was hired for in order to make it easier for the Wolf King to turn down marriage proposals.
Sfx: sigh…
Sfx: sparkle sparkle
Sfx: sparkle sparkle
“(ST: Urgh.) For someone like me who destroyed the fixtures in the inner palace and has to live a debt-ridden life, these are truly tempting. (ST: The sparkle of gold…)

ST: By the way, this person is His Majesty’s close aide, Lijun-san.
“Handle them with care!
ST: He’s my superior for this job.

“I’m sorry, Yuurin.
[] …And

Page 9
Sfx: downcast
“We’re quite tight on finances…

“I really wanted to give them to you…
ST: It was non-negotiable…

“P…Please don’t let that bother you!!
Sfx: downcast
ST: You don’t have to feel so terrible because of it!!

“Your Majesty! Frugality is a virtue! There’s nothing to be ashamed of.
Sfx: energetic

“The matter of how I should save money secretly day after day is also important to me… ST: (I don’t have surplus money these days though…)

Page 10
Sfx: chuckle
Sfx: smile
“Okay. // Thanks, Yuurin.

[] …This puppy-like youngster // is actually the true nature of that Wolf King.

[] Due to his ascension to the throne at a young age, // he acts as a fearsome ‘Wolf King’ so that other countries and his ministers will not take him lightly.

[] …This is an important secret which only a handful of people know, even within the inner palace.
Sfx: smile smile smile

ST: Ah
“But during the time that you’re the consort, // everything is yours, Yuurin, so do use them without reservations.


Page 11
Sfx: jangle
“…He said all that, but… // for me to walk around with such an expensive object…

“I usually only buy cheap items // that I’ve bargained for from peddlers downtown…
ST: Lower your price! (T/N: Actually used to negotiate for lower prices.)

[] Jewels I’ve never before seen in my life… // Praises sung for the ‘Consort’…

[] I ended up continuing with this job, // but at times like these,

[] I end up acknowledging that I don’t suit them at all.

Page 12
[] Those beautiful outfits…
Sfx: blush
Sfx: whump

“(ST: Well,) Maybe next time!
Sfx: sigh

[] I should not harbor such misleading thoughts. (T/N: misunderstand?) // Without that ‘Wolf King’,

[] I am just a fake consort // who will return to my original lifestyle after repaying my debt.

“Did you fancy the various items I brought the other day?

Page 13
“Eh? // Yes, very much.
“The merchant…
“I have brought various accessories today. // Would you like to have a look?

“Ah, no, // I…

“Don’t have money…
“They’re all rare items from foreign countries! // I’m sure you’ll enjoy looking at them, at the very least!
Sfx: smile

“(ST: Ah,) The ladies-in-waiting are free to have a look as well!
Sfx: Kya! Kya!
“I…I guess.

[] Business enthusiasm, huh…

“This is a light blue sapphire necklace which is rather hard to obtain, even in the west. // And these are…

Page 14
“All these goods can only be found here. //And at such amazing prices…
Sfx: Kya! Kya!

[] …For some reason,
[] He feels similar to those shady peddlers // that I usually see downtown. (ST: They usually act like this, too.)
“But well, the ladies-in-waiting look like they’re enjoying it.

“You may continue what you’re doing. // …I’ll be returning to my room first.
Sfx: turn
“Since I have no money.

Page 15
Sfx: tap tap tap

Sfx: jangle
“Please take this.
[] A hair ornament?

“It was unexpectedly delightful to have the ravishing consort listen to me.

“Please accept this as thanks.

“If you ever feel like getting anything, please call for me. // Farewell!
Sfx: tap

Page 16
[] Is flattering the consort his strategy, I wonder?

“It doesn’t look too expensive. // It makes it easier to put on… I guess…

“…Your Majesty…

“Would you like some tea…?


Sfx: ba-thump
“(ST: Ah) Umm… you were in the middle of working?

Page 17
“It’s fine. Come over here.
Sfx: clatter

“Work just piled up, so I brought it back to the inner palace to work on it.

“When I’m in the palace, I have to be proper and everything, // but when I’m alone in my own room I can be at ease with myself…
ST: Sternly like this
ST: Somehow, I’m not sure which direction I should look in…
“(ST: Oh…) I see…

“Why not make yourself at home? // I’ll take a break when I reach an appropriate spot.
[]…Within society,

Page 18
[] He has the fearsome image of a ‘Wolf King’, // but he’s always working seriously, isn’t he…? ST: From dawn till dusk.
“There’s so much work…
“Umm… // If there’s anything I could do to help…
ST: Like arranging stuff and other simple tasks…

Sfx: smile
Sfx: chuckle
“It’s fine. // Thanks.

Sfx: clatter
“…Speaking of which, // His Majesty rarely ever speaks about his work to me.
ST: Well, I don’t really understand politics and stuff, either.

Page 19
“…When he’s working, // he does resemble a ‘Wolf King’, I guess. (ST: He has such a serious face…)

[] The King who cannot show any openings // since the palace is teeming with enemies.

[] …If I were a real consort,
[] I wonder if he’d discuss more matters with me…

Page 20
[] …A fake consort is rather useless.
Sfx: sigh

“…Huh? Yuurin, // did you ever own that hair ornament?

“He’s quite sharp.
“Ah, // (ST: Umm,) this is something the merchant gave me as an extra.

“…Where’s the one I gave you?
Sfx: remove

“Umm… that was too expensive, // so I didn’t have the courage to put it on…

Page 21
“…That merchant was acting quite thoughtlessly. // Perhaps I should control his entry and exit from the palace from now on.

“EH!? // But that was just a business strategy, it didn’t mean anything…

[] Why!?

“…The fact that you’re covering up for him
“Just makes me want to suspect him even more.

Page 22
Sfx: clang

Sfx: Bam!
“What’s with you…!!!
Sfx: shock

“Well, I’m sorry // for just receiving an item!!


“In any case, // you didn’t have to go into your act just because you’re unhappy about something! // You’re an idiot, Your Majesty!

“(ST: Ah) Yuurin, your hair ornament…
“I don’t need it, idiot!

Page 23
Sfx: stomp stomp stomp
Sfx: trip
Sfx: Ow!
Sfx: Ah…

Sfx: step step step
“Your Majesty.
“So you were here, Lijun.

ST: I just came.
“…Does she still think that the ‘Wolf King’ is just an act?

“…Even if you have two personalities, // both of them are your true nature.
ST: Should I call her dense or something?
Sfx: chuckle
“I guess I’m just straightforward. // She’s not around me much, so I guess it’s new to her.

Page 24
“…You should play with her in moderation, you know? // …She’ll be returning home very soon, after all.

Sfx: jangle
“Your Majesty,

“Where did you obtain it? // That thing…

Page 25
[] What’s with him!? // What’s with him!?
ST: Consort…
ST: I wonder if she’s alright…
[] He didn’t have to say it in that way!

“I haven’t been able to face him since then…
Sfx: Grrrrr

[] Well, // I guess I was wrong for not putting it on even though I was told to do so, but!

[] And I guess I was wrong for receiving stuff for free too, but!

Page 26
“They’re sparkling, how beautiful…
[] At the very least, // I wish I were beautiful,
[] Or that I were a lady of good upbringing…

[] I can’t change how it is, even if I think this way.
[] No matter how I dress up, I am who I am.

“…These real things // don’t suit a fake consort, after all…


Page 27
“I was asked to pass this to you.

“…A letter?

Page 28
“…Your Majesty?

“Is anything the matter? You asked me to come alone to such a place…


“Why are you here? // I was supposed to meet His Majesty…

“…I asked a court lady to deliver that letter to you. // I wanted to talk to you alone no matter what…

[] Wha…

Page 29
[] Could it be that His Majesty’s suspicion was correct…!? (ST: How could that be!?)
“Since His Majesty is not here, I will take my leave.
Sfx: turn
“Ah, // Please wait!

“I don’t want him to be angry at me in that manner again!

“…If you go back,
“It’ll be troublesome for me, Consort.

Page 30
“What are // you doing?

“I deeply apologise.
“This is my true occupation.

[] An assassin…!!
“A consort is just like a decorative jewel for a king.

“However, many people believe that // those jewels are not appropriate for you.

Page 31
[] ‘Not appropriate’…
“Wouldn’t that be terrible for His Majesty?
“If only you didn’t exist, // His Majesty would then be able to look at other jewels.

“So please,

“Die, for the sake of the country, and for the sake of His Majesty…

Page 32
[] …You’ve got to be kidding me!!
Sfx: bite

Sfx: fwip
“S… // Such a barbaric woman!

Sfx: scratch

“Shut // up!!
Sfx: Splat
Sfx: Sand attack!

Page 33
“Ah, // Stop!
Sfx: run

[] Who the hell would stop!?
Sfx: run
“I have to escape somehow to a place where there are people…!

Sfx: run
[] …What’s with ‘I’m doing it for His Majesty’!?

[] He’s just one of those people // who want to obtain something for their own benefit, isn’t he!?
Sfx: run run

Page 34
Sfx: fwip

Sfx: rustle
“…After contemptuously rejecting countless ladies for the inner palace, // this is the consort he’s chosen?

“To be so devoted to a consort like this…
“I see, the standing of the Wolf King has fallen indeed.

Page 35
“It’s no wonder the bigwigs are so concerned about it.

“…You’re probably right.
“I’m not worthy to be a consort, // …but

“The merit of His Majesty isn’t altered by who his consort is!

ST: Haha.
“What a persistently strong-willed consort.
“…However, this will be the end of you.

Page 36
Sfx: ba-thump

“Oh my, // has fear finally gotten the better of you?
Sfx: appear

Page 37
Sfx: Bam!

Sfx: ba-thump

Sfx: ba-thump ba-thump

Page 38
“It seems like you’ve been doing whatever you please in my palace, // merchant.

Sfx: Guh…

“Doing business with me // …will cost you a bomb, you know.
Sfx: clang

Page 39
Sfx: shiver
[] The Wolf King…!

“Your Majesty…!! // Hold it… please calm down…!!

“…What’s this? // Pleading for your enemy’s life?

[] …The Wolf King is fearsome. // …Even more so compared to the assassin.
Sfx: ba-thump
Sfx: shock

Page 40
[] But…
“…That’s not true! // If you don’t force him to spit out who the mastermind is,

“Your enemies won’t decrease in number, isn’t that right!?

Page 41

“…There’s no other consort as devoted as you, // Yuurin.
Sfx: ba-thump ba-thump

[] …Your Majesty…
“…We’ve successfully captured // the three high officials who were the masterminds behind the incident.

Page 42
“To infiltrate the palace, // they probably substituted the real merchant with the hired assassin.

“About the modus operandi of the assassin, // …he first allows the ladies-in-waiting to let their guard down by presenting them with cheap articles such as hair ornaments.
Sfx: gulp

“Furthermore, by using sweet words, // he’s able to sell dirt-cheap goods at exorbitantly high prices.
ST: And in addition, he also finds comrades to cooperate with him?
[] He’s an assassin and a merchant all in one…!?

ST: My, this is strange.
ST: You think so?

“Still, the consort’s bribe was surprisingly cheap… // and while I was investigating it, I heard that you had been called out… My, that was terrible.
ST: His Majesty made it in time. I’m really glad.
“I demand special compensation.
ST: I was on the brink of death.
ST: Tsk.
“It can’t be helped.

Page 43
Sfx: moves
“As for the ‘gifts’, // they’re all real, so don’t be afraid to use them.

“It really suits you. // You’re cute.
Sfx: smile

[] …I tried mustering my courage, but…

Page 44
[] …Just as I thought, // they don’t suit me.
Sfx: smile smile smile smile
“Thank you very much.
“Why does he look so happy…?

[] Expensive jewels, words of praise,
[] …The naïve Wolf King, // …and the fearsome Wolf King…

Sfx: ba-thump
[] …But, // even if they’re not suitable for me,

Page 45
[] I still believe I can at least be your ally // when you’re surrounded by enemies.
“…The sparkle of gold is still tempting, though.
ST: Urgh…


Sfx: twitch

[] I hope he’ll put a little trust…

[] In the only consort of the Wolf King.
Sfx: chuckle
“…About those things…
“They’ll be yours permanently if you stay on as a consort.

Page 46
Sfx: smile
[] But I have to be careful.

Sfx: blush

“What are you saying!? // This is such a dangerous job!
ST: Eek!

“If I continue doing it, my body won’t be able to take it!
ST: I thought it was a great idea, though.
“That’s not what you should say!

[] …The sweet words of the Wolf King // are laden with many traps.

Chapter 3 end

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