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Honey and Clover 2

Honey and Clover 2

+ posted by kaya as translation on Sep 6, 2008 17:55 | Go to Honey and Clover

-> RTS Page for Honey and Clover 2

My translations are free to be used by anyone for scanlating or sharing, but please remember to credit. This is all I ask.
If you see any errors, please let me know.
Comments are always welcome.
Honey & Clover is licensed; please support Chika sensei by buying the manga.

Thank you very much and please enjoy! 

*{T.N}= Translator’s notes
Numbering of pages is followed by the raw provided.

Dear Scanlator(s), please keep the translator's notes when scanlating. Thank you.

Here's the raw.

[Last Edited: 8th Sept 2008]

Honey and Clover chapter 2

Mayama: This….This is…
Takemoto: Could this be…

[This is Colobockle’s foot!!](Hi-Lite(huge) model)

Shuji: Morita brought it here yesterday.
(Cup: Tea)
Mayama+Takemoto: No wonder.

Mayama: Morita-senpai…/ It’s just as I thought. I’ve been wondering why the heck did he want the footprint for…
(The clay board)
Hagu: KYA-----
Takemoto: Sensei…/ How’s Hagu-chan?

Shuji: Um---She is totally afraid of Morita now. (She was also fleeing like mad yesterday…)//
So now she hid inside, creating works to release her stress.
Morita: Sit on this!!!
Hagu: Nooooo!// I hate you----! Go away----!(Stop it----!Stop it already----!)
SFX: Phew
Mayama: Poor thing…/That Morita will surely chase Hagu-chan around-the-clock---
Shuji: He might debut his new work in every 2,3 days…/ but…they would always come out great…So why don’t he use that skill in his homework instead, Morita…

SFX: sparkling with excitement
Takemoto: Sensei, I never see Hagu-chan’s works before. Is it alright for me to take a look?
Shuji: Oh, sure!// She’s working attentively so keep it soft, okay?

Takemoto: I wonder…// what kind of work will she be making? (Mayama: Let’s take a look!)


SFX: Tap, tap ,tap

SFX: Rapt in beauty
Shuji: Such a deep concentration, isn’t it?/ In this state, she won’t even take a slip of water.//
An art museum is constructing at the harbor of *Yokohama./ In the future, this will be exhibited in the lobby.//
When Hagu-chan was in year 1 of her high school, she caught the attention of my friend, who is the owner of the gallery. / “I must let Hagumi-san to be the one to do it.”, he specially requested.

(Takemoto’s head: petrified)

*{T.N= Yokohama is an urban port city in Japan.}

Shuji: Every time I look at Hagu’s work, I would stand rapt, awe in amazement. / It’s like, her creations would move on its own within a moment. //
Whether it’s a bird, a flower, or a human… / If I just lend my ears and listen, I could hear the music of the flowing bloodstream.//
Even the gallery’s owner often says….//
“How I truly yean to see this world through Hagu’s eyes.” //
By then, what would the scenery be like------

Shuji: To be able to convey such a sentiment; I guess it is what we called, a talent.//
(No wonder it’s Hagu. Even her footprint is so cute~~~~)

Takemoto: Hagu-chan is,// amazing…

Mayama: Eh?/ Ah, even I was surprised too.
Takemoto: Why do I somehow…// feel that I’m taken aback by this…?

Takemoto: Though I hold this thought of “wanting to do anything” when getting into the art college…/However, once I begin to consider about the future… Where would I be, what kind of job I would be doing…/ Those kind of things, I never thought about them before.//
That’s why…//
when I saw Hagu-chan, I felt…// a little… anxious…//
Morita-senpai might look self-indulgence, but…/ I believe that somewhere in this world, he actually has an amazing job waiting for him.//
And when Mayama-senpai has graduated,/ you’ll be hired by the *retail design company that you’re working in for your part-time job too. Am I right?

*{T.N= Retail design is a specialized practice of interior design, graphic design, ergonomics and advertising. Primarily, it‘s to draw people into the retail space to shop.}

Mayama: Ah, you meant Rika’s place…/ Umm……I don’t really know myself…
SFX: Dazed-----….

Mayama: Auntie! One more oyster fritter!//
Here you go.//
Well, Takemoto, you’re only in your year 2.// Don’t panic. You can have the time to try everything.// Ultimately, you will bound to find something you’re interested in.

Mayama: A lot of things in this world…/have to give them a try before you understand./ Isn’t it?

Takemoto: …../ Gotcha, Senpai.
SFX: Slips, slips---

Mayama: This week, I’m thinking of… /having an outdoor *Teppanyaki party. What do you think?
Man 1: Stare….
Man 2: Just a while more… It’ll be done…
SFX: Grills---
[The apartment’s big iron griddle that is passed through generations.]
Mayama: Let’s invite the professor and Hagu-chan to the apartment too.

Takemoto: Alright. Let’s do it!

*{T.N= Teppanyaki is a type of Japanese cuisine whereby food is grilled on the iron griddle.}

Takemoto: Ah? Hagu-chan, what are you doing?
SFX: glue, glue

Takemoto: Hagu’s notebook?
(book: Hagu’s notebook)
Mayama: Ahh, you’re pasting the things that you wanted, huh?
Takemoto: Oh----, I see! There are sandals, bags and clothes…
SFX: Nods------

Takemoto: Whoa, so expensive! Are women’s items that expensive, no?/ How can you own these?/ These things are too expensive, right?!

Mayama: …Idiot…// It’s that expensive, so that’s why she has to glue them up.
Takemoto: Opps…Sorry.
SFX: gloomy~~~~

Man: Good afternoon---/ I’m from Kyodou’s Bookstore…(Thank you for your purchase.)

SFX: Stunned// in disarray

Man: Ah…Eh…Please excuse me…// It’s just that I saw this picture that looks a lot like her on the internet…

Mayama+Takemoto: Internet?

Man: Um…// This’s the website.
SFX: type, type, type

SFX: Clicks~



It’s the mushroom seat from that time!// And isn’t that the footprint from the day before yesterday?!

Takemoto: Ahhh! Hagu-chan, hang in there!
SFX: faints~~~
But Morita-san is sure too brilliant. / The entire page is filled with advertisements.

Mayama: How much would he get for every click?
Man: It’s like stepping straight into a mouse trap.// You thought this would lead to the next page, but 50% of them are actually commercials.
SFX: type, type, type

Man: Ah! The fee is little though. One click is only worth for *50 yen….// But this is a very popular site for the geeky…./ Likewise, not only the updating speed is fast, the secret compartments are ever increasing too….(So…. There’s this feeling like “I’m throwing with everything I got.”…It motivates people~~~~)
SFX: sparkling// Type,type,type
Mayama: 100...1 000 000 hits per day…??//
…Only Morita-san could have done it… No matter what he is doing, he can always get the money in some ways or another…
(Morita: My guarding genius is Bill Gate!
Man: Senpai, that man is still alive!!!)

*{T.N= 50 yen is only like US$0.50. It‘s really that little.}

SFX: Opens violently

SFX: walking briskly…// Shocked

SFX: stands up
Man: (How much would that cost?) EHHH?!// I WANT IT!
Mayama: WHAT?!
Morita: This’s for you.// This is a paper weight I made from Colobockle’s foot.
SFX: What a tiny foot~~~

SFX: (Morita: hit, hit, hit)// (Hagu: Throws, throws, throws) (Too frightened to speak.)
Mayama: Ah… He is hatred…(book: Hagu’s notebook)

Man: Uh….Please sell that to me!
SFX: Runs away~~~~

Morita: ………// Hmph!
SFX: Tugs
Man: NOOOOO!(Colobockle’s paper foot!)

Oh yes!//
Takemoto: Morita-senpai, are you coming for the Teppanyaki party?/ The professor, Hagu-chan and everyone in the apartment will be participating.
Morita: …I../ need to go out again by tonight…

Takemoto: How long would you take this time?/ We’ll wait for you.
SFX: Hm….
Morita: ……………………/ I should be able to complete within a week.

SFX: Sigh…
Man: I wanna it so much, that paper weight…~~~/ Never mind. It’s enough for me witness that girl in the legend with my very own eyes …
Mayama: Pardon me, but for the safety…/ Please do not tell others that she’s studying in this university…
Man: Of course!/ I will certainly keep my lips sealed. After all, geeks are scary… What’s more, she’s related to Professor Hanamoto.

He’s too slow…//
Mayama: Did Morita-san really said that he’ll be back by a week?(It’s already the 9th day…)
Takemoto: Maybe he was delayed?

Mayama: I think we should just do it.

Takemoto: No…We should wait a while more!/ He looks like he really wants to join in the fun. What’s more….

Takemoto: Morita-san is actually afraid of loneliness.// He must be really looking forward to this event. So if we start it first, he will be greatly disappointed. / So let’s wait for him.
Mayama: O…….Oh. Okay. (Morita-san is scared of loneliness?/ I didn’t expect Takemoto to be that mature?!)
SFX: A big blow (His thinking is still very childish.)

Morita: Ugh…
SFX: Dirty, dirty// drags, drags

Woman: Wel….// Welcome….
SFX: walks hurried // drags, drags

SFX: grabs// digs out// shocked

SFX: digs, digs, digs
Woman: Oh! Mister?!// Wha…What are you…

Morita: This…/ The size for this foot.// Give it to me.
Woman: Ple… Please wait for a moment.

Woman: Ah…Um…/ I got the shoes for you.
Morita: How much?
Woman: Eh… This pair costs *32 000 yen./ Are you paying by card or…

Mayama: Ah, I’m in the rush so…/ not need to wrap it.
SFX: A hand full of cash.

*{T.N= 32 000 yen is like US$295. It‘s too bloody expensive for a shoe. So that means he brought a luxury good. And no one really pay by cash(the money is too thick for you to carry around) when shopping for luxury goods, so that’s why the staff are so surprised.}

Women: Tha…// Thank you so much!
SFX: walks hurried

Takemoto: Senpai,// When are you coming back?~

SFX: Opens violently

SFX: Feeling dizzy
Morita: Ugh…/Takemoto…The Teppanyaki party…~// Is it over already?
Takemoto: Not yet. We’re waiting for you!/ You must be exhausted!
Morita: H…here…Gift…

Takemoto: WAH!! SENPAI! MEAT?!// You specially brought it for us?
SFX: nods

Takemoto: 1 kg beef for *650 yen…// Senpai… You’re calculative as usual. It’s just what Senpai will always be./ Ah. But Senpai! Everyone will be so happy when they saw these. I’m very happy too!
SFX: nods
Mayama: Don’t tell me they’ve formed such a trusting bond with one another?! (Feeling lonely as he was left out.)

*{T.N= 650 yen is around US$6.}

(Hagu: Enemy!)
SFX: shivers, shivers// Peeks…

Takemoto: Senpai?
SFX: moves

Morita: Take it.

Hagu: HEELS.// It’s a pair of sparkling pink heels!

Mayama+Takemoto: MORITA-SAN?!
SFX: falling asleep

Takemoto: MORITA-SAN?!

Takemoto: ……..Uh…//He’s sleeping?
SFX: Snorts~~~~~~~

Takemoto: I guess that’s it for now…… I shall shove Senpai back to his bed first.//
He looks very pale…// So I think he needs to sleep around 48 hours till he gets up again….
Mayama: Takemoto, you are really such a nice person…(He bullied you so much, and yet you still treat him so nicely!)// You reminded me of my dog back at my home…//
Chacha(Loyal dog)
Akita Dog/ 4 years old
SFX: Woof…Woof// Sparkling…

SFX: Spins, spins, spins// tap, tap, tap, tap ,tap
Hagu: Pink heels!★ // Cute heels!★
Shuji: I see. It’s from Morita…// However…I wonder where the heck did he gotten such a pair of retro heels?(Back in my student days, those girls love this type so much!)

SFX: Astonished--------
Mayama: Miu…*Miu Miu?// Indeed how much did Morita-san has spent?!

*{T.N= No wonder it costs so much. Miu Miu is opened by Miuccia Prada. Although it‘s cheaper than Prada and aimed more as the daily-oriented, it‘s still *cough* too expensive. Well, to me, it is. T_T That’s why I still sitting here translating works. Well, it’s not like I would stop translating even if I’m rich though.)

Takemoto: So…/ Heavy…// It’s only meat, so I should have put them in the school’s freezer in the first place…
SFX: drags, drags

SFC: Snore--------
Takemoto: Senpai, Hagu-chan…// looks really, really happy./ She would definitely forgive you about the internet’s incident too.

Takemoto: The heels you brought for her,/ really suits her so well.//
She was really very elated…

(A Sharp Pain…)

Takemoto: ……..// It hurts?//
……..// Huh….? Why do I have a stomachache?// Did I ate something spoil?

Takemotot: …Or is it because….//
I overstarved myself?

Wake up, Takemoto-kun!!
What you’re feeling painful now is not the stomach, but it’s the chest!]

[------------Pitiful is, Takemoto-kun haven’t realized his ever-increasing love towards Hagu, which is slowly spouting within his heart…]

[And certainly he wouldn’t even possibly realized that the man he is carrying now will soon become his love rival……]

[This kind of thing, he has never ever thought about it before…Not even a tiny little bit of it…★]

SFX: Sinking
Takemoto: Too…heavy…// The more I slow down, the heavier the weight it feels to be!// I have to hurry! (Do I look like Godzilla?)

Chapter.2 -The End-

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#1. by Kaiten (Harasho)
Posted on Sep 6, 2008
Thanks. I'll get started soon!
#2. by kaya ()
Posted on Sep 6, 2008
Quote by Kaiten.Sama;1016758:
Thanks. I'll get started soon!
Thank you! I can't wait for it:tem
#3. by AllenWalked ()
Posted on Sep 6, 2008
Nice translation, kaya :). Gonna start working on this soon.
#4. by kaya ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2008
Quote by AllenWalked;1016861:
Nice translation, kaya :). Gonna start working on this soon.

Thank you. I will look forward to it soon.:tem
#5. by Morty ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2008
Thanks for the trans.

I am at the page 13 and got a little problem for the panel 2 :

I think there is no script for the 2 little bubble (I could peek on my first volume version, but sometimes, the meaning is different, so I prefer a real translation).

Page 17 Panel 4 Bubble 1 : the translation is "Oh! This customer?!", I think it is a little strange, perhaps "Oh! Mister?!" could be better ?
Page 18 Panel 1 Bubble 3 : 320 000 yen is impossible for shoes, I think it is rather 32 000 yens (still expensive, but possible) (3 man (man = 10 000) 2 sen in the bubble)
#6. by kaya ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2008
Quote by Morty;1017673:
Thanks for the trans.

I am at the page 13 and got a little problem for the panel 2 :

I think there is no script for the 2 little bubble (I could peek on my first volume version, but sometimes, the meaning is different, so I prefer a real translation).

OH.MY.GOSH. :yelling
Thanks a lot for the corrections, Morty

I always get a little confused when there are too many speech bubbles over here and there.

Here's the two missing speech bubbles:

Morita: My guarding genius is Bill Gate!
Man: Senpai, that man is still alive!!!

Quote by Morty;1017673:

Page 17 Panel 4 Bubble 1 : the translation is "Oh! This customer?!", I think it is a little strange, perhaps "Oh! Mister?!" could be better ?
Page 18 Panel 1 Bubble 3 : 320 000 yen is impossible for shoes, I think it is rather 32 000 yens (still expensive, but possible) (3 man (man = 10 000) 2 sen in the bubble)

Yup, "Mister" sounds better for the English context. Go ahead and change it.

And opps.:o Typo error for my part. I'm bad with numbers. HAHA, 320 000 yen is really too bloody expensive.

Thank a lot. I'm going to edit it right now!:yelling
#7. by Morty ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2008
Ok, I have done the corrections, my version can be found here.
#8. by kaya ()
Posted on Sep 8, 2008
Quote by Morty;1018604:
Ok, I have done the corrections, my version can be found here.

I saw it. Thanks a lot. Now take a good rest. :wtf
#9. by VASSiLi ()
Posted on Sep 9, 2008
thank you!
#10. by Outwork ()
Posted on Sep 10, 2008
#11. by kaya ()
Posted on Sep 11, 2008
Quote by VASSiLi;1019909:
thank you!
Quote by Outwork;1021133:

You're welcome.:)

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