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Translations: One Piece 897 by cnet128 , Gintama 674 (2)

Beelzebub 17

Babu 17 You Are Unforgivable

+ posted by KayalhawK as translation on Jun 20, 2009 18:07 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 17

Page 1
Nene: Oga Tatsumi
[text: confrontation...!!]
(Nene?): You are//such a hindrance

Page 2
Babu 17 You are unforgivable
[right column text: Win every battle! Stand! Kill! IAORE(can't read)! Strike! Smash! Challenge! Defy! Rage! Burn! Then embrace the path of a man!]

Page 3
(This person is...//Oga Tatsuki's wife...!!)

Page 4
(Eh?!/What does she want with me...!?//Don't tell me that this time his wife wants to defeat me, a member of the Touhoushinki?//Or that//the wife knows about that time...)
[In the box: Will you please//be the baby's mother?]
Hilda: So you're Kunieda, huh...//I see.//It certainly seems you can do it
Kunieda: I'm not!!

Page 5
(I'm not doing anything at all!!)
Kunieda: Why is this person bent on the wrong idea//Uh...um, yeah//Apart from me...
Hilda: Talking is sluggish.//May I//ask you for a small contest?

Page 6
(In this case...//Talking is//useless...//I will calm your anger)

Page 7
(--she's gone...!!)
Hilda: I'm above

Page 8
Kunieda: ...ts (unfinished sound)
(wha//what movement...
Hilda: Hmph

Page 9
Hilda: Your reaction is good//!
(It can't be helped)
Kunieda: SHINGETSURYUU BATTOUJUTSU//SAN SHIKI (name of attack, third form)

Page 10
Kunieda: Wha

Page 11
Hilda: Interesting//You should be proud//For me to draw my sword

Page 12
(How magnificent//She just managed to dodge that//Definitely strong)
Kunieda: What's with this person...//A hidden sword...?

Page 13
(--Then//It's too bad//that she's not on par with that guy//huh...)
Red Tail: Aoi-neesan!

Page 14
Red Tail: It...It's terrible!//Nene-san and Chiaki-san are...!!//Because of Oga...!!

Page 15
Red Tail: Aoi-neesan
Red Tail: Neesan!!
Kunieda: How are those two?

Page 16
Red Tail: They haven't opened their eyes yet//Right now we've brought them here to care for them...//Nene-san said they were going to end things with Oga

Page 17
Student: Oii...Didja hear//Oga beat up two of Kunieda's underlings!
Shiroyama: !!
Student: Really//Yeah/He was fighting women--and didn't even hold back!
Shiroyama: That guy...?
Student: An angry Kunieda is taking revenge, facing Oga up on the roof!!

Page 18
(no text)

Page 19
Kunieda: Oga Tatsumi
(text: Time to compete...)
Kunieda: I can't forgive you [t/n: it's still "You Are Unforgivable" like in the title but this has more of an impact]

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#1. by Doragon ()
Posted on Jun 20, 2009
Thanks a lot, but are you going to continue translating Beelzebub for the public?
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