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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Beelzebub 20

Babu 20: Defeat

+ posted by KayalhawK as translation on Jul 11, 2009 10:51 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 20

Page 1
1: Oh yeah
2: Awesome
sign: Boy's Bathroom
text: At Oga vs. Aoi's fierce fighting...Natsume, what's he...?
3: ...//...Na
4: Natsume...
Natsume: Ah, that was refreshing
5: Scary

Page 2
1: !!
2: This is...
3: M...MK5!!
Natsume: Now then//How is Oga doing, I wonder

Page 3
Babu 20 Defeat
Left-hand text: Relaxing, privacy, babysitting, and the sandbox...have sufficient fighting spirit!!

Page 4
Miwa: What...

*Page 5
Miwa: Are you doing, fooooollll!!!
text: ohh?!
Miwa: Or should I say what’s with you?! You were just beaten to hell//Read the mood!//Your turn is already up!!//From here it’s supposed to be the Queen’s showdown, right?!//That’s the flow of things! Understand?!//Ahh Still!! I really can’t believe it!!//How dare you do this to my lovely face…/I’ll definitely kill you

Page 6
(sfx: plop)
Oga: Yeah, what were you saying?//You Okama [t/n: Okama, as all of you reading One Piece probably know by now, is an effeminate male or male transvestite]
Miwa: ......//Is that not horrible!!//Are you a demon?! Fricking mercilessly pounding a fair maiden’s face…

Page 7
(sfx: plop)
Miwa: ...
Oga: Seems you’re a tough one
Miwa: Arrghhhh!!//I’m in the middle of talking!!//I gotta say that baby’s face has been nauseating…!!
Oga: Shut up
Aoi: Uh...that's enough...
Oga: Whew--//It's finally become quiet
Aoi: ...

Page 8
Babu: Wheee
Oga: Oh//Baby Beel's mood also lifted//Alright, alright//No crying over a little bit of spilled blood, right?
Babu: Daa
Oga: --Now then//well//so//Where were we?
Aoi: ...

Page 9
Aoi: It's my//loss
Oga: Huh?
Aoi: ...no//That’s not it//I'm sorry I...//How should I put this...

Page 10
Oga: Is that so!!//Then here!!
Aoi: Huh?//hold...?
Oga: Yeah?//The reason I put up with your attacks//is so you can take this guy from me, right?

Page 11
Aoi/Nene: What? That rule…
Oga: Whew, that was pretty intense//For Baby Beel to cry
Furuichi: …um//I stayed here a bit to see what was going on, but…//This is an ugly development
text: They will make amends and be friends
Aoi: Sorry
Oga: It’s fine
text: Those two will be even closer…!!
text: Damn, why are all the good girls going to Oga…
box: Thought “go get beaten up” and watched
Furuichi: This is depressing!!

Page 12
Hilda: I’ve completely//Lost faith in that man//I thought he redeemed himself with cruelty//But he won’t raise a hand against a woman?//In fact
Furuichi: Hilda-san!
Hilda: He’s trash
Furuichi: …Um/Don’t tell you you’ve been back here this whole time?
Hilda: Yes/Your “Alright, alright, get him more” mutterings have been etched in my heart
Furuichi: Ahhhhh Stop it

Page 13
Aoi: Ho//Hold on...//Take what?//That kid, isn’t that kid yours?
Oga: Huh?//He’s not exactly mine//He’s been forced onto me against my will for me to raise, you know?
text: HUH?
Aoi/Nene: Eh?! Then that blondie that was with you is?!//She’s not your wif…
Oga: Completely wrong
Aoi/Nene: Then what?!

Page 14
Oga: In short, how should I say this…//Demon. She’s a demon.
Aoi/Nene: Demon!!!
text: A woman like a demon!!?
Hilda: Oohoho
text: Wha…Don’t tell me//She forces people to take care of her kids//An evil woman!?
Hilda: How long do you plan on continuing this foolish talk

Page 15
Hilda: We’re going home//That woman won’t become a parent
Oga: Eh?//No--But...
Babu: Aaa
Hilda: Then, young master, let’s go//Let’s take a bath when we get home
Oga: Hey…Wait…//I said wait//Hold on!!

Page 16
Aoi: You’re not embarrassed?//Forcing your kids unto others…
Hilda: --Hmph If you’ve got a problem//Improve your skills and come back
Oga: ?//?

Page 17
box: Then/The next day
Furuichi: --so in the end//it was a complete failure...
Oga: Yeah/Don’t worry Furuichi, I won’t give up
Furuichi: I wasn’t exactly worried
Oga: I also already have my next target!!
Furuichi: The next…is Ishiyama’s strongest…//Toujou…?
Oga: Yep!!!
Nene: Please…Please wait a moment!//Nee-san!!//What are you doing!!

Page 18
Aoi: That’s obvious//Everyone got in trouble because of my fickleness
Nene: But I mean, quitting is…//Chiaki!! You say something too
Chiaki: …//Well-matched
Nene: Chiaki!!
Aoi: --Also//I’ve been thinking for a while now//That is, wouldn’t it be fine to leave the Red Tails to Nene…
Nene: …//Nee-san…
Aoi: --All the same//Don’t misunderstand

Page 19
Aoi: This is my distinction of responsibility [t/n: Hard to tl, “Kajime”, like “Nakama”, doesn’t really have that English direct translation. It basically means the distinction between wrong and right. ]
Nene: Nee-san!!
Oga/Furuichi: ...
Furuichi: Ogaaaaa!
Oga: What

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#1. by rukori ()
Posted on Jul 11, 2009
thx!! It's always good to have another perspective of the translation...
Level [D] Translator

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