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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128
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Kimi ni Todoke 18

The Day Off

+ posted by KayalhawK as translation on Jan 21, 2010 05:16 | Go to Kimi ni Todoke

-> RTS Page for Kimi ni Todoke 18

Could not read a lot of the small text...I did this a long, long time ago and don't remember where I finished but heck, I'll put it up anyway. Whatevaahhh...

Episode 18. The Day Off

Page 1
Box: Kuronuma Sawako’s day off starts with scattering feed for the small birds//After that is jogging at the same level as gymnastics’ self-training//Then it’s return home for a shower//The morning usually ends with some cleaning and breakfast,/but today is--
Calendar bubble: 21 Chizu-chan Ayane-chan Play date
Sawako: fufu…
Text: Complacent smile…

Page 2
Episode 18. The Day Off

Page 3-4
[no text]

Page 5
(sfx: Ding-dong)
Dad: Oh?/Don’t tell me that today was the day Sawako’s friends were coming over!?
Thought bubble: Come on in//I’m Sawako’s dad//Nice to meet you!
Dad: Yeeesss/Yes/Ye…

Page 6
Chizu: …//…you Sawako’s dad…?//
Dad: A delinquent!!
(sfx: Gyaahahahahaha)
Chizu: You’re the spitting image/of Sawako!!
(sfx: Slap)
Ayane: You’re so rude!!//(tch) Greet him!!
Chizu: Y…Yo
Dad: (How strange…) This child is surely proper…/her make-up is heavy, but…//Sa…Sawako’s friends…? Meeting…?/Welco…
(sfx: Ha)

Page 7
Ayane: Good afternoon/I’m Yano from the same class as Sawako
(sfx: Sparkle)
Dad: So many piercings!!!//Wha…What kind of friends are they!!?? (Are they for real!!??)
Sawako: Chizu-chan, Ayane-chan!!//We…Welcome…!!//Right now I’m not done making the cake yet, sorry…!!
Chizu: Homemade cake!!
Ayane: Eh no way, seriously?!/Ah, we’ve got another one right here
Sawako: Cake?!

Page 8
Sawako: I should’ve…/I should’ve made a salty dish or something, why did I not think of it…
Ayane: It’s alright, I like homemade cake
Chizu: It doesn’t matter, I’ll eat it all anyway!!
Ayane: Watch what you’re eating! It’s fattening!!
Mom: My oh my!!/What are you all doing at the door, come in, come in!!
Sawako: Ah…this is my mother, and this is my father
Mom: Good afternoon!
Ayane: If it’s alright, please accept the gift
Sawako: This is Yano Ayane-chan and this is Yoshida Chizuru-chan…
Mom: Oh! Oh, I’m so pleased [small text]//We’re always very grateful!! [small text]
Sawako: …//Truly grateful…
Chizu: Hah, what’s that/It’s more like we’re grateful towards you
Ayane: This kid hasn’t failed after all
Chizu: Oh, shut up, you’re making me embarrassed

Page 9
Mom: I’ll bring up some tea later//Is coffee, black tea, or Japanese tea okay?
Sawako: Thank you, mother… (I like green tea…)
Chizu: Coffee!!
Ayane: I’ll have the same
Dad: (Is…) Is this alright…?
Mom: Is what?
Text: Oh, I love this kind of cake//[can’t make out]
Chizu: Oh?!/What a surprisingly colorful room!! (wow!!)
Sawako: …For the inside of my room…/[I’d rather have it not match me than see any problems…]
Chizu: You…
Ayane: You put excessive thought into this, huh
Chizu: Ah, what’s this--!!/You have pictures put up!! (lemme see!!)
Sawako: Ah… (those are…)//…they’re from that other time, and I wanted to have some memorabilia with Chizu-chan and Ayane-chan together…
Text: Wah--I’m so shy--
Ayane/Chizu: Are…Are these ghost pictures? This…

Page 10
Ayane: We got a small/present for you
Sawako: Ahhh!!
Chizu: They’re from that launch party
Ayane: Aren’t they good shots--<3
Sawako: Wow!!
Box: Awesome! These pictures!!//They’re not like ghost pictures at all!!/We’re so close together…
Sawako: …//I’m so happy…
Ayane: (fufufu…) Look further closely
Sawako: Y…/Yeah!

*Page 11
Sawako: ?!
Chizu: That’s a photo from Yanochin’s spying
Sfx: wahaha
Ayane: You two make a rather good couple
Sfx: fufufu
Sawako: When was I this inconvenience!?//Impor…/Important…
Sfx: fufun
Chizu: Haha, watch what you’re saying
Sawako: I’ve really…

Page 12
Sawako: I’ve gained one more treasure…//…//Thank you…
Ayane: Don’t be so satisfied with a picture/A face-to-face confession is better!!
Text: Huh?
Sawako: …confess/what?
Ayane: That you//Love Kazehaya
Sawako: Love!!
[small text]
Sawako: …For what purpose would I…
Text: ?
Ayane: How else would you get a date with him?

*Page 13
Sawako: No, that’s not possible!
Text: Definitely not!
Ayane: …why so certain…
Sawako: 1/2//3/4
Sawako: 1/2//3/4
Chizu: [My bad!!/Sorry, it was my bad!!]//Man…that’s right isn’t it//4
Ayane: Poor Kazehaya…
Chizu: Hm?

Page 14
Chizu: What is this!! (hiii!!)
titles: Super Scary Movies
Sawako: Ah…I went to rent those yesterday [small text]/Ah…You want to watch…!?
Ayane: Ohh sure, sure
Chizu: Stop it!!

*Page 15
Kaze: Ryuu!
(sfx: woof woof woof woof)
Ryuu: …Pedro…//cute…
Kaze: 1/2
(sfx: ring ring ring ring ring)
Kaze: Oh/It’s my phone
(phone: Pin)
Kaze: …
Kaze: It’s from Pin

*Page 16
(sfx: ring ring ring)
Kaze: Ah/It cut off
Kaze: What!?/14 missed calls?! (so many--)
(text: They’re all from Pin!!)
Ryuu: Ah
Kaze: This time it’s his cell
Ryuu: […didn’t answer?]
Kaze: Yeah, [reality for a while ago heard, however]
Ryuu: Troublesome…[blah] I think
Kaze: …
(sfx: ring ring ring)
Kaze: Hel…
Pin: What have you been doing all this time!!!
Kaze: My business has got nothing to do with you!!
Pin: You/Go bring Kuronuma right now!!
Kaze: Huh?!
Pin: The sooner the better…

*Page 17
Pin: …tch/2/…I’m counting on you…//C…Can’t stop shaking… (cough cough cough)
Kaze: …fainthearted…?
(text: abruptly)
Box: The truth was, last night/Pin met Kuronuma at the video rental store
Sawako/Pin: Ah
Text: Good evening…
Sawako: …Teacher [something]

*Page 18
Pin: That’s right, it’s research!!//…research…?
Sawako: Those are adult videos…
Sawako: 1/Documentary…//As expected of teacher…
Box: Adult = adult
Pin: Y…You…
Sawako: …
Pin: Why…Why is she looking!?

*Page 19
Pin: Why is she looking through me like that!?
Sawako: Um…Teacher…/When you go home…
Pin: Huh?
Sfx: Ba-dump
Sawako: …please wash your hands clean and gargle with salt water//Watch your health…/to keep away illness…
Pin: Why is she making me purify myself!?
Sawako: Teacher…/seems a little
[small text]
Text: Yippee
Pin: …so that’s why…
Kaze: Um…//2
Pin: …somehow…/…please, I’m counting on you…

Page 20
Ryuu: What’s that?
Kaze: I…/I understand well, but how did he become so fainthearted…
Ryuu: Eh-- (that’s odd)
Kaze: …//He wants me to go get Kuronuma
[small text]
Ryuu: Kuronuma?//Ah, didn’t Chizuru go to Kuronuma’s place today?
[small text]
Kaze: …//Maru…wants to see her, huh...

*Page 21
Dad: Is Sawako…/doing alright…?//De…Delinquents…
Mom: Ara ara, look here, Dad!//Cake!/Five pieces!//[From the beginning we ]
(I’m so happy--)

*Page 22
Chizu: Thanks for the food!!
Mom: My oh my!
Chizu: Yeah, they’ve started with the ghost stories so I’ve escaped down here for a little bit [small text]//2
[small text]
Chizu : Ah, for auntie to do dishes!!//Washing stuff is my specialty (It’s fine if I do it, right?)
Text by Chizu: Watch!! I clean quickly!!
Mom: Oh my, it’s true!
Chizu: Yup!!
Mom: Thank you, [something]
Chizu: Nah, I’m rather proud of it!!//Sawako’s/ eyebrows and mouth and nose are like dad’s!//The facial contours and mouth are like mom’s!!

*Page 23
Chizu: [Calm down~]
(sfx: Pirorira Pirorira [ringtone])
Chizu: Ah, phone (hm? Kazehara? That’s weird)/Later then!!
Chizu: Ehhh~ah alright, I’m going I’m going/yeah/yeah/4
(sfx: Gyahahaha)
(sfx: Door open)
(text by Sawako: the phone…)
Chizu: Here
Sawako: Huh?
Phone: I definitely have a bad feeling about it//Pin keeps saying “Please help me” and stuff

*Page 24
Phone: KARAKU SHINPAI (looselips/easeup worry) Maru is also here, so…
Sawako: …/Maru-chan…?//…//Kazehaya-kun…?
Kaze: …//Yeah…

*Page 25
Kaze: Kuronuma…?
(text: [can’t make out])
Sawako: …/yes…!
Sawako: Arai-sensei?/…Ah!! I thought so!!//How did it go…/4
Kaze: Huh?
Sawako: I’ll go immediately
Kaze: …Yeah//Come

*Page 26
Kaze: Maru wants to meet up too, I think, so
Sawako: …yes…!
Ryuu: It worked out?
Kaze: What?
Ryuu: You didn’t say that you also wanted to meet up with her
Sawako: …Today has been/so good
Kaze: [I didn’t say that!!]
Sawako: In addition to everything I can do things like meet Kazehaya-kun also

Page 27
[Kaze?: …Hey…/You came…]//I’m still not doing well…(I’m dying…)
Group: [small text] What a dirty room…

*Page 28
Pin: …Please…/How am I doing…
Sawako: It’s bad
Pin: As I thought…
Sawako: Stay in bed for now
Ryuu: A cold?
Chizu: A cold.
Ayane: It’s at least a cold…
Sawako: For the time being, um…various

*Page 29
Pin: Hey…/Will I really be okay, I wonder…//Will this room be okay, I wonder…
Text: Ahahaha! Where’d you see it? Pedro’s growling!!/ It’s trash! Trash!!
Pin: Last night…/2
?: It’s alright/2//3/4
Sawako: I…/2
Pin: 1
Ayane: Hey…[something]
Pin: Oh…What did you do…
?: 1/2/3/4
Sfx: GYAA!!

*Page 30
Sawako: …Ah//It’s little Kazehaya-kun!!
Kaze: Whoa!!
Sawako: Ah

*Page 31
Sawako: So…I’m sorry [something] [small text]
(sfx: Eeeeek!!)
Kaze: [No!/There‘s nothing to be sorry for!!//3//…/5]
Sawako: (I…) I want to look once more
Kaze: (N…) No way!//

*Page 32
Pin: Yeah//2
Kazehaya: 1//2
Pin: Huh?!//2
Pin: You’re…amazing!! [small text]//

Page 33
?: [second time!!] (We’re going home!)
Sawako: A…a serious matter…
Pin: Hey//2/3
Text: Huh…/?
Pin: After…[aagf]
Sawako: Eh//R…Really…?
Pin: 1/2//3

Page 34
Sfx: slam
Text: Let’s go home, go home!!
Pin: 1//2
Sfx: GYAAA--!!

Page 35
Chizu: Sawako’s cake was [great]
Sawako: Yes, come!//Please come!!//3//4//…/6//…heheh//8

Page 36
Text: 1//2
Sawako: Well/I’m here so//Everyone stay healthy, okay
Chizu: Go escort her, Kazehaya!!
Ayane: Yeah, [something]
Sawako: Eh?!//It‘s alright!!/That/3
Text: Don’t worry!! Nothing’s going to happen!!
Kaze: I’ll escort//…I’ll escort you

Page 37
Sawako: …/but…
Kaze: [Reluctant?//Just say it!]
Sawako: …//2

Page 38
Chizu: Yoohoo//You’re with us!//Later then!!/Best regards to your mom and dad!!
Sawako: Y…/Yeah!
Kaze: …Let’s go

Page 39
Sawako: …yeah…//…It wasn’t unpleasant
Sawako: It can’t be unpleasant//I’m happy
?: …yeah…
Sawako: …Because I’m so incredibly happy…

Page 40
Sawako: I want to express gratitude//KOTOBA MO DETEKONAI//…//KAO MO MIRENAI…

Page 41
Kaze: …

Page 42
[no text]

Page 43
[no text]

Page 44
Sawako/Kaze: Uu//Ahh!!
Sawako:[ I/I’m/Wahhh!!//Eh/Wai?! ]

Page 45
Sawako: Kazehaya-kun
Kaze: That bastard!!!//I don’t care!

Page 46
Kaze: You see!//Next //Truuuullyyy
Text: eehh??
Sawako: …ah, still//2

Page 47
Sawako: If we’re together//If I see his face…//…It’s true//As expected, I’m in my own world
Kaze: It’s…//It’s been a while since we’ve gone this way…
Sawako: Someday//Will I be able to explain these feelings?

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