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Kimi no iru Machi 64

The Pro's Taste

+ posted by kenji_37 as translation on Jan 30, 2010 18:35 | Go to Kimi no iru Machi

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Kimi No Iru Machi Ch 64

Page 1
Q. Live in Part time Job! What is the thing that you must be aware the most?

Hey, wake up Takashi~~
It’s already morning. We got to work

Ah~ my whole body is in aching
Well, yesterday was very busy…..

But, this is all for Eba’s sake
Only 4 days left, I must endure it


Page 2
A. Knock the door before entering the toilet


Title: The Pro’s taste

Page 3
Sign: Rest Lounge

You peek on Akari while she’s in the toilet…. What a fetish hobby you got there.
Just cut the crap out. Who will make toilet peeking as their hobby huh?

Didn’t they tell us yesterday?
Two rooms share the same toilet. Knock first before enter….
I’m sorry, I totally forgot about that

This is not a proper topic while we were eating, but….

What a tasty Side dish you’ve made there, Haruto….
You pervert!
TN: Side Dish = fapping material XD
Page 4
Hey, how long do you take to eat?
The break is already over

Ah! Sorry, we will finish it immediately

What? Takashi Kun….

Ah, nothing… if a beauty like Shibo San works in reception instead of kitchen,
I think the number of customers will increase!

Page 6
Stop saying nonsense and get out from here.

What… all I did was praise her……
It’s not like she wants to hear it from you…..

And then, finally, take a pinch of honewort and put it on top. Now the katsudon is ready to be serve
TN: katsudon is a bowl of rice with pork cutlet on top. There is also some egg and other condiments
Yeah, I got it

Then, do the Ramen and Udon as I told you before….
If you got some time, don’t forget to wash the dishes

The cooking is a lot easier than I thought….

Page 6
Then, I can master this in a short time!

Eh? Baito Kun is already doing the cooking today?
Yeah… she teach me how to just now

Then, 2 curries and one katsudon Please…

Erm.. First, put the dashi and onion in
TN: dashi is a kind of soup stock (made from soya if I’m not mistaken) and considered the most important thing in most Japanese dishes.
When it simmers, put in the ham slice and the egg….
Finally, put some honewort on top of it.

Page 7
Wah… you did a very good job for a first timer…
Did you work as part time chef before?
Ah, no…. I’m used to this at home

Haruto’s cooking is very delicious you know….
He cooks all sorts of thing for us since we were kids…
Hooo…. That’s great isn’t it….

It’s a relief isn’t it, he is one hell of a chef….
yeah, you’re right

ah, no no, this is just like a hobby to me.

Oi… the katsudon customer did not have much time, make it fast
Ah, I got it

I never thought that my hobby can be useful in a place like this…

Page 8
Hey …what are you doing

Did I tell you not to put in ham slice and the egg before the soup simmer?
Did you hear me right?

Ah, I’m sorry
But the customer said he want it fast…

So, your cooking’s taste change depends on the situation?
So, are you saying that it is ok to make it taste bad because the costumer is in hurry?

Page 8
I don’t think the taste will change that much if I do that….
Besides, the soup is almost simmering to begin with….


Can you make the katsudon faster?

What with her, suddenly….

Page 10
Taste it and compare it
The right one is yours

Sarcasm huh, she didn’t need to go that far

Hey can you make it faster
The customer is already lost his patience
This is not a cooking manga…. The taste must be…….

Page 11
Th.. the one that Shibo San made was clearly got a softer egg
The one that I made, since I put it too early, the egg is already harden too much.

No matter how you see it
The one that I made is awful

How is it?

How is it?
I don’t think there is any difference

Is it?

Page 12
Looks like I overestimate you
For these 4 day that left, you just need to wash the dishes

She is strict as always….
That is cruel, forcing him to do all the dishes
Ah! He’s mad and already left

So, your cooking’s taste change depends on the situation?

Say, haruto… today’s goya chanpuru is a bit bitter
Just bear with it, there are days like that….
TN: Goya Chanpuru is a Japanese dish that made of Goya (bitter gourd) and stir-fried fish with some vegetable and meat
I thought that was a natural thing.

Page 13
Applying the hobby of cooking into business means that
I can’t tell the customer to bear with it if the food tastes bad, not like when I’m with my family

That’s why, even if I do it thousands of times or ever millions of times…
I can’t afford to make the taste change!

Page 14
Then, I think I’ll go first, I leave it all to you
Thanks for the hard work
Ah, thanks for the hard work!

Shibo San….

Hey, Shibo San!
What? You’re Noisy!

Page 15
It’s about the katsudon incident this morning
Im sorry

Ah… you don’t really need to apologize,
It can’t be help since you didn’t notice the difference

Actually, the moment I taste it, I can tell the difference
And what was wrong with mine

But it was painful too admit it
I got confidence in my cooking for a long time
Everyone said it was tasty….


Page 16
Shibo San’s cooking is a lot tastier…..

Is that so….

I’m sorry for saying such a rude thing
Even if you put your heart into it for a little, the taste become a lot tastier isn’t it

Page 17
It’s good if you already understand it,
Then, do the cleaning quickly and just go home!
Ah, Shibo Sa…


Who the hell put the bowls here!!
Eh… I think you put it there yourself

You’re noisy!
Haruto Kun, clean this up!

See ya!

Page 18
After she forcefully barge in and trample Haruto’s heart without ever knocking it, now the cool headed Shibo is starting to become disordered?

What’s wrong with her suddenly?
Did I say something weird?

What a weird boy!

You, knock first before enter
nooo! I forgot….

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