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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Mushibugyo 9


+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Oct 3, 2011 18:56 | Go to Mushibugyo

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Jinbee: Well hello everyone! // Full of life, as I see.
People: Oh my, Tsukishima-san! Thank you for always coming all this way to patrol. // Are you alone today?
Jinbee: Yes. I was planning to come with Hibachi-dono but...
Hibachi: I'm sleepy today so I'll leave it up to you~ I am sure you'll be all right alone!
Jinbee: This mission was entrusted just to me!
People: .....
Jinbee: Have there been any changes lately?
People: .... hmmm, // Now that you mention it....


Jinbee: What is that?
People: Hmm, lately he's coming and going / he keeps listening to the ground every day like that. // .. tsh, he looks kind of suspicious to me. // Even if you talk to him, he won't answer! // That bastard.
Son: ....... // ....... // ...ji.... / ..ji...ji... // ... Found it! / The Mountains...!

Jinbee: ....mmmm..... / I can't hear a thing.
Son: ...Who the hell are you?
Jinbee: My name is Tsukishima Jinbee, I am in the employment of Mushibugyousho.
Son: ( Mushibugyousho..!? // .. tsk, how troublesome ... ) // Is that so, bye.
Jinbee: Ah, please wait.
Son: !

Jinbee: What you were doing here?
Son: ............ Picking wild plants.
Jinbee: You listen to the earth to pick wild plants!?
Son: That way you can hear the plants grow.
Jinbee: For real?
Son: You didn't know? It's the basics of collecting wild plants.
Jinbee: What kind of!!
Son: The unknown kind.../ ( Such a obvious lie... )
Jinbee: In that case, I'd gladly offer my services to the young explorer.
Son: .............. what? // ........If I turn him down clumsily It'll arouse suspicion...// .... Suit yourself.
Jinbee: Yes, I'll do my best!
Son: ( Heh... meantime I'll quickly escape from him)

Son: .......! // (.... can't be... I was brought up in the mountains, how can he still keep up... // what's up with that guy.. ) // You're still following me?
Jinbee: Yes! // Of course! // So, what kind of wild plant are you planning to gather, this deep in the mountains?
Son: Fu, anything will do.

Jinbee: Well in that case there are some right here! // What is it then? / Is this not it? / Witch ones you want? / What kind? / What does it look like?
Son: ......... // Aaa--aagh!!! // For gods sake, do you know the Purple Caterpillar fungus!!?
Jinbee: ?
Son: A rare plant... // Doctors say that it'll cure anything, / its really amazing as a potion... // ( It healed the emperors grave disease; ever since, // It has been called the "Purple caterpillar fungus".)

Jinbee: But still, why are you..
Son: Aren't you the noisy one! // ..... // ... My mother is sick...
Jinbee: Wow, // For your mothers sake...
Son: I've had enough!! // From here on I'll go alone, / don't you dare to follow! // Where'd you disappear to!!? // He really left!?
Jinbee: This is huge! Look there!!
Son: Whoa!?

Jinbee: .... This is all the "Caterpillar fungus", right?
Son: True, but this is the ordinary one... // However the Purple Caterpillar fungus grows on huge, alive insects...! // Probably these are its... // !!?
Jinbee: What the...!? The ground is .. !
Son: ..........?

Son:It's the mole cricket's den!!!

Jinbee: How to deal with mole crickets...!?
Son: (Mole cricket / Its a bug who lives under the ground in the canals it has dug, just like a mole. // Due to it's omnivorous nature, it eats the underground parts of the farm crops. That makes it a harmful pest. // .......!! // ... also, // It's said that they also eat other bugs that live in the ground...// Could it be... // The Purple Caterpillar fungus!! // (... if I could only get my hands on it ... )
Jinbee: Understood! It'll get dangerous, so please stay back!

Jinbee: I'm in charge, // from here on!
Son: You punk, don't joke around! // You want to steal it from me!? // I said, // I have finally found it, after a year of searching. // .. its here, // I will absolutely not let you escape my hands this time! // (But... // A monster of this size... // What do I do... !?)

Son: ( I can only attack it!! ) // Gaaaaah! // !!
Jinbee: .......... I recognise that enthusiasm quite well.

Jinbee: I'll take care of the bug、once you get a chance、try to grab for the purple caterpillar fungus!
Son: (... Just a second ago... // He was a complete different person... !! // This must be the true magistrate office...) // What!! // Its gone... Where did it go!?

Son: !!? // Gaaaah!!! // !!! // ...Seems like a huge task....

Jinbee: Lets get it on!
Son: .......! // !?

Son: (....I // It's... // How can it be so strong....? ) // Eek! // .... I'm... // In the end.. its not worth it....
Jinbee: What !?
Son: ... Its enough. No mater how much I try, there is no point... // ..... Actually ....

Son: .... My mother... // She died a year ago already. [ Our family was really poor. // Still she did all she could, to have her only son attend the school. // But I had a really thick head.... Compared to my classmates I was a complete idiot. ]

(Teacher: What, you still can't write more than one kanji!? // Get up your ass and learn something else!)
(Son: What are you saying!? // Why, its perfect enough as it is!!)
(mom: Oh my you write letters so neat and excellent! )
Son: [ ... But, // only my mother // praised me.... ]
(mom: By the way, how do you read this?)
(son: ..... Its a secret.)
[TN: the kanji reads "Mother"]

Son: [... Still, / to such a kind mother... // One day this awesome show tent came. // Musicians, dancing monkeys, sword-fighters... // Of course I had no money to go... // But everyone was talking so enthusiastically about it, I just had to go // I ... Stole the extremely precious hairpin my mother had used only on her wedding day. // And I sold it for money. // I never even apologised. // I couldn't even face her anymore.. // But a year ago, my mother got really sick... I told the doctor it was a crisis and... // restlessly rushed out of the house...]

Son: ......... // ...Hee-heee... // I'm a idiot even now... // What am I doing ... // My comrade is going to get killed... // and there is absolutely no point to it... // Thats why.. lets stop...
Jinbee: ......... You think? / I understand you, but...

Jinbee: Instead of making up some excuses to hide in the corner,
Son: !?
Jinbee: Just take a look at your mission!
Son: ...Hey, // you're wrong... I'm...
Jinbee: There is something, // I often heard my dad say to me. // In this world, // There is no action without a meaning! // Look,

Jinbee: The reasoning // Comes from within you!! // Try to think it over once more. / Why did you continue looking for the Purple Caterpillar fungus for a whole year... // Take it to her. // I am sure your mother is waiting.

Son: ( Its an emergency! // Your'e a doctor, do something!! // .... mother, // I've ... I've got something I must apologise for... // .. t-the.. // the hairpin you kept so dearly, I stole it...)
Mom: ( You worthless son!!! // ほげぇ!? )
Son: ( M-Mother...? )

Mom: ( That was well said. )
Son: ( Hang on there! // Mother... )
Jinbee: Ghaaaaa

Son: ( I am coming home...! )

Son: .... mom, // Sorry it took me this long to return... // Here you go... // It's the most powerful medicine, to cure all illnesses. // If I only could, // have brought it while you were still alive... // ....... // Hey,

Son: Why the hell are you crying...?
Jinbee: So inspiring...
Son: ( ... Without your help, // I don't think I would had made it all the way back.. ) // .......... // Thank you. // Well then, I should go home now.....
Mom: Ah-! // So at last you came back!
Son: ...... uh?

Mom: Where on earth did you go, it's been a year already!? // You stupid son!
Son: ......... huh? // M-Mother? // How-come you're alive!!?
Mom: Huh!? Why on earth did you think I was dead!? // That memorial plate is for Matsu-san who passed away half a year ago!
Jinbee: (? ? ? )
Mom: ....a year ago, I told the doctor that there was no hope, / but after you had run away the house already... // A really good doctor came and fixed me up just like that!

Mom: .. Oh you, // Calm down, you got scolded at school again didn't you!?
Son: ...... You.. were alive.... // .... Ooh... // ... I am so glad. // Mommy!
Mom: Whoa!? // wait... // You're not a child anymore, what are you doing in front of people...
Son: Waaaaaa!!

Mom: You're hopeless... // Still a little child...
Jinbee: Mommy--!!
Mom: Kyaaa! [small] Who on earth are you!?
Son: Hey, hey! That's my mother you're talking to!!

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2011
Nice work. :) It's nice to see the series get some love.
#2. by neitan666718 ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2011
Great!! Thanks!!
#3. by Kettuk ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2011
:) I tried my best, lets hope it passes the official approval also :)
Then I'll get to chapter 10 ;)

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