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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Youkai no Oisha-san 3

Neck of scales

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Oct 3, 2011 22:30 | Go to Youkai no Oisha-san

-> RTS Page for Youkai no Oisha-san 3

[Kasuga: Hello, everyone // This is the Ghost doctor’s helper, Kasuga Kotoko.]
Teacher: Gokokuji... Gokokuji Kuro. // Is he absent?
Kotoko: Lately, Gokokuji takes a lot of time off... / has he caught a cold?
Kotoko: Hehe, even Gokokuji is able to get a cold... [small]Even though he's a little stupid [/] // .... thehe!! //Of course it’s so! Even though he is separated from humans a lot, he is still a human!! [small] Obviously he can catch a cold. [/] // ( Now that I think about it... there was this one time when our eyes met // and he looked just like a ghost.) // ..he! // It was just an illusion! / Even though he is separated from humans a lot, he’s still human...

Kasuga: Gokokuji-kun... / is really, really // [bold] A HUMAN??!!
Teacher: K-Kasuga...?

Kuro: mmmh.... // The transformation is still average. // My spiritual power is not good enough. // If I really want to be a Ghost doctor, I need my mind and knowledge to work on a higher level..!!

Kuro: K-Kasuga-san? How long have you been there...?
Kotoko: I came to bring you the homework printouts... / But no matter how many times I called you, there was no answer!
Kuro: Ah! Forgive me !
Kotoko: By the way, what is the spiritual power practice about? / How did you get such psychic abilities?
Kuro: Oh, well, it sort of comes natural to me.♪ [small] I somehow got carried away and ended up travelling [/][raw: いやー習慣みたいなものですね♪/つい調子に乗って何時も旅行しちゃいました]
Kotoko: hmmmmm~....... by the way .... // How can your address be in the Mountains?
Kuro: Ah, stop that~ // It’s not like I’m sleeping under the open sky, you know...

Kuro: I found a really good place! // Right this way!!
Kotoko: Eeeh??? // You were looking for a place? /By any chance, are you living alone, Gokokuji?
Kuro: Yes, my parents have passed away.
Kotoko: Um... but you know... / this forest... It’s awfully loud around here, just like a jungle or something. // I didn’t know there was a forest with so many animals around here...
Ghost: *squeezing* // Hey, you ugly thing, I’m not the floor, you know!
Kuro: Oh no, most of these sounds come from ghosts, [small] though I am sure there are bound to be animals here [/]
Kotoko: Ghosts... heheh... // It’s a little dark here, isn’t it...? Hehe...
Kuro: Well, anyway...

Kuro: We have arrived!!
Kotoko: Rather than on a mountain, it’s a cave!!
(sign of rocks on the ground: "Gokokuji")
Kuro: Oh, I am sharing the room with some other folks... [small] it seems to be popular[/]
(sign on the cave "Quest room")
Kotoko: H-Hello... // (Why is there a cow and a crocodile in the forest...? ) // I wonder how much the rent is ...

Kuro: Here, have some milk
Kotoko: Ah! Thank you.
Kuro: (I got it myself?)
Kotoko: (Oh, it’s delicious)
Kuro: (It's from the calf // Kyuu-Kyuu) // Wrong!? // !? // Should it had been goat's milk instead!?
Kotoko: [small]Not even a mailbox ... [/] Gokokuji-kun... // I didn’t ask this earlier, but.. // Why.. // Why did you suddenly decide you’ll become a ghost doctor?

Kuro: ...
Kotoko: ?
Kuro: You mean... how it started?
Kotoko: !

Kuro: That’s my mother
Kotoko: Heh?! // Hehehe, is this your drawing? You made it when you were small? / It looks a little like a snake, green and all~
Kotoko: I feel sorry for your mom...
Kuro: She was a snake.
Kotoko: A snake?
Kuro: Snake.
Kotoko: Oh but she looks thin! [TN: Japanese for snake is "hebi" what may be confused with the english word "heavy"]
Kuro: No, not heavy... / a snake.
Kotoko: ...

Kotoko: (HAAAAAAA?)
Kuro: She was a stepmother, just a stepmother!! // I was a lost child... // Shall we go? It has gotten dark already. // I'll tell you about it while we walk // .. I .. // Used to // hate people.

Kuro: But also // ghosts // ..but above all, // I hated myself...

Ghosts: Bahaha, it’s Kuro!
Kuro: *flinch*
Ghosts: The human child!! // What the heck is he up to now? // Stinkin' humans, seems like they like to lie on their bellies! // You're gonna' die, You're gonna' die!! [small] There-there. [/] // Are you trying to mimic mommy? That’s futile! Well, aren’t you the ugly duckling?!
Kuro: YOU !!!!
Ghosts: Oh oh! want to fight!?

Kuro: I'm back!
Mother: Welcome back, Kuro!
Kuro: Mom, can we eat these? / They're just some guys trying to pick a fight.

Mom: Oh, stop that already! They're bad for the stomach~ // You're a human after all.

Kuro: You're wrong! // I thought these were good for mommy!
Mom: Let them go.
Kuro: How about fish? You can eat fish, right?
Mom: Kuro...// Don't you want to eat? // You should eat well... // Kuro?
Kuro: Is it my fault? / That mom.. // can't eat anymore?
Mom: Kuro?

Kuro: I was told by the swamp people today... // That mommy has gotten weak // Because she has stopped living in the sea... // Mommy met me... Then, started to live a life on land with me... // there is one more thing ..
Mom: ...
Kuro: The reason behind that scar... // That’s also...
Mom: Kuro // Come here... // ドロだらけじゃないか

Mom: What on earth were you playing?
Kuro: I Hate being Human!! // I don't need legs // I want my body to be like mom's ... // A ghost who can fly in the sky, // A ghost who can swim among the fish, // A ghost who can disappear like the smoke. // They’re all.. All of them are better... better than humans... // They always possess tremendous powers!

Kuro: But the power I wish to have the most... // Is one that... // I could use to protect mother.
?: Wow.. / it’s so rare for a human child // to be in such a place!
Kuro: !!?

Mom: Kuro..
Kuro: MOM!! // Are you okay?! // I have something really interesting to tell you! // Do you know Hakutaku?!
Mom: Haku ...Taku ..?
Kuro: YES! He's a ghost who knows a lot about the human realm! // He told me about something good that’s in the human world! // It's called ... // a doctor!

Kuro: The “Doctor” will fix weak bodies and help people who are about to die. // Mom! I'll go bring you that "Doctor"!!
Mom: Kuro.. // There is no need // for that. // Mother does not wish for it
Kuro: Why... // Why not mom?!
Mom: Kuro, // It seems as if you are // a true human after all....

Mom: All the humans // have “desires” // I want to fly in the sky, // I want to have webbed feet to swim better, // I want to become rich, // I want to live a long life... // Instead of obeying the laws of nature, // they have the desire to control it.
Kuro: ...That’s right // ... I am a human!!

Kuro: That’s why.. // ... // ... Please don't die!!
Mom: Kuro... // I will always be alive..

Mom: Kuro, are you crying...? // Don't cry! / It’s such a human-like thing to do // to cry. // That’s really heartwarming, isn’t it?
Kuro: .. Strength ... / gasp... / IT gives strength .. gasp
Mom: Kuro, // Take pride in being a human. // In this time, under this star, they will prosper. //Their biggest desire; to change their weaknesses ... // It is possible only because they have "Dreams".

Kuro: .... // .... dreams?
Mom: That’s right. // Humans have dreams // Kuro, are you able to have dreams?
Kuro: in that case... // my dream is // to be able to heal mother....!!

Kuro: Because Mom is a powerful ghost... A Nure-Onna* [T/N: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nure-onna] // You don't want anyone else to touch you right? // BUT IF IT IS ME!! // [Bold] IT’S OKAY IF IT’S ME, RIGHT?![/] // You wouldn’t hate it if it was me, right? // I'll heal you... // I will definitely heal you!!
Mom: .... // ...That’s right. // If it’s Kuro... // It might be ok to be healed by you... // Live // Strongly

Kuro: Mom..?
Mom: Stop fighting with the other ghosts all the time, you hear me...?
Kuro: mhm
Mom: You can’t see in the dark, so don’t wander around in the middle of the night, okay?
Kuro: mhm
Mom: And make sure your stomach is never empty, okay?
Kuro: mhm

Mom: Chew well when eating, okay?
Kuro: mhm
Mom: Do you remember how to catch fish? Do you remember the place to collect herbs?
Kuro: mhm
Mom: I wonder... // Was I able to guide you well, // as a mother?
Kuro: ... // mhm

Mom: That’s nice to hear. // I have lived for nearly 3,000 years... // I had never imagined that when the day comes... // I would regret dying. // Thank you ... // Kuro..

Kuro: ...I .. // Was unable to save my mother... // That’s the // reason. // WAAAAH!
Kotoko: What a amazing mother you must have had Gokokuji-kun ...
Kuro: Eeehhh?!
Kuro: ....

Kuro: ... // Thank you. // My mom used to say that.. // Both humans and the demons are the same. //They have the same // joys and sorrows.
Kotoko: Joys and... // sorrows?
Kuro: Even though I was unable to save my mother, // I still want to protect all the lives // that are as important as my mother’s was.

Kotoko: Me, too!! // I also want to help you, Gokokuji-kun!
Kuro: Kasuga.. // Didn’t I scare you...?
Kotoko: I have gotten used to many unusual things already! [small] and came back safe every time [/] // Oh, so Gokokuji-kun is still a human after all... / What I saw must have been an illusion then!
Kuro: Huh?
Kotoko: Never mind, never mind! About saving lives, let’s give our best!

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