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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Youkai no Oisha-san 9

blood curdling

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Oct 12, 2011 19:22 | Go to Youkai no Oisha-san

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Uragami: Hey, Kotoko // Are you dating Gokokuji?
Kotoko: wha-...?

Kuro: Just give up already!!
[note kuro: wait up]
[note ghost: eye inspection]

Kuro: Caught you!
Student: What on earth is he up to now...
Ayumi: Um?
Kotoko: What a... sad person .. // But he's not a bat person at all...

Ayumi: Just stop it! Seriously, stop hanging around with him !!
Kotoko: .. u-uh... // I'll stop // ( Hmm.. Gokokuji... // Indeed when I first met ghosts I wondered who on earth would hang out with them, // But after spending some time with Gokokuji-kun I can see that we can help each other... // Kotoko, be careful, don't get too close to ghosts. // Don't forget... They eagerly keep a keen eye on human lives. )// ..... //(Isn't it true?... But in contrary...// Gokokuji-kun...)


Kuro: Ohh☆ I'm pleased to meet you, Kasuga-san. // An unexpected meeting in a place like this... [small] destiny? [/] Stop, people are looking!.... !! // I didn't see a thing! I didn't see the blue stripes..!!
Kotoko: oh! // I am sorry! The button came off...

Kuro: ....
Kotoko: S...Sorry
Kuro: Its ok, I am the one who's sorry // Um, kasha.. // I have a little favour to ask
Kotoko: Wha-at?
Kuro: I was called to have a look at something in the neighbourhood... / Could I ask you to take care of todays medical examination for me?
Kyuu: ( Button. Delicios. )
Kotoko: Medical // Examination? // (bad // feeling)

Kuro: O-K! Line up! Line up! // We're starting the examination.
Kotoko: C-Can I really do this? ... [small] it looks impossible... [/]
Kuro: It'll be fine! I left you the manual!! // (Ittekimasu!)
Kotoko: Huge!!

Kotoko: How's your stomach, Yamawaro?
Yamawaro: Guga ... bad // It'd get better if I'd eat you
Kotoko: You got to be kidding
Amanojyaku: Kotoko!
Kotoko: Amanojyaku!
Amanojyaku: Kotoko you idiot!
Futakuchi: !
Kotoko: ..... // F-Futakuchi-chan! Aren't you brushing your teeth a little too much? [small] they're starting to get sharp~[/]
Futakuchi: Hee ☆ I tried my best.. ♡
Tosuke: Kotoko-neesan!! // A p-present
Kotoko: Wow! So pretty tofu! / You have improved Tosuke! // Its delicious!! // But still: mold~ // Dodomeki!
Dodomeki: ....
Kotoko: Your makeup is too strong!!

Kotoko: Somehow... / this makes me feel useful ... // ( It might be true that ghosts and humans have no connections... / But its still good to have someone / to rely on... )// ... ? // W-what is this? / Suddenly it got so cold.. // ( Is there ... // ... something .. // behind me?)

Kotoko: Gha~!! // Kyaaa~
Amanojyaku: Kotoko!
Ghosts: Its Buruburu! // Buruburu is upset // Seems like the Nurse will get devoured!! / I wonder if she is delicious...

Kotoko: Amanojyaku! // ( I'm so scared... )
(Tsuchikorobi text: Fighting)
Futakuchi: Please stop!! / Stop!!
Tosuke: Let go you stupid ass!
Buruburu: Gah- ! // ....
Kotoko: So cold ... !! // Everyone.. !!

Kotoko: Stop it! Its scary! // It's so scary!!!
Mata: The ghost Buruburu.. // can be troublesome, but once caught...
[The cat Mata]
[Buruburu. Also known as Zozokami, Okubyoukami. Mostly haunting at nights, sometimes event day time in dark corners. When you feel chills running down your spine, that means you have been caught by the Bururu. The effect on men and woman might be different.]
Kotoko: ( Please... stop... // I'll die this way )

Kotoko: Gokokuji-kun!! // Save... // ( ......... // "There are different types of ghost and humans..!" // "Among people there are also some with grudge thoughts." // But there are also those, // that are cute and cuddly. // ...... // This one...... // .... looks scared. ) // A.. // Are you..

Kotoko: Are you hurt?
Buruburu: .... Vmmmph...
Kotoko: Are you in pain ...? //( Are you ... // Lonely..?) // I am a friend...

Buruburu: .....Vmmmph. // I am ... always ... shivering. // Shivering ... of the wind. // No one ... understands.. me.
Kotoko: I will ... // I'll give you the medicine!

Mata: ...You did pretty well, for a human. //Bururu is a ghost living on the fear of humans. // Mostly people freeze when hear its voice.
Kotoko: .... You're... [small] Mata-san...[/] // ...you're too kind.. // I'm just mimicking what Gokokuji-kun did.. / If you're kind to the ghosts, then they'll understand your feelings... and they'll be nice to us also.
Mata: Nice? .... / I wouldn't say that.
Kotoko: ?
Mata: Why do you think you have been able to live all this time, // without getting killed?

Mata: It's because // Kuro is protecting you. // This school, / your home, // All the places you go to // are surrounded by a strong spiritual barrier. No one can enter without Kuro's permission.
Kotoko: ...Why something like that? ...
Mata: Kuro might be kind to the spirits... but they do not return the favour. // He's terrified of them.
Kotoko: ...!?
Mata: ... the reason:

Mata: Out of the whole ghost world, 2 out of 3... No, maybe even more, // conceder Kuro as an enemy.
Kotoko: ..... // W-Why!? // How-come!? He's not causing them any pain... rather...
Mata: The elixir of life, / all the "good things", are limited.
Kotoko: .....
Mata: If you're scared why don't you just leave him. // For the sake of both of you. // See-ya.

Kotoko: ..... I still can't fully comprehend it all... // Gokokuji-kun... // .... // ( ..... It can't be helped, / some people are just bad with words / .... but I ... ) // [I do feel a little bit uneasy but, // I'm sure that,]
Kuro: ( I'm back!)
[text: Souvenirs ]
[Kotoko: We just don't have the power to completely understand // the comparisons between humans and ghosts. // No one should forget the fact that they are "mysterious" and "dangerous". // But, // The truth is even they / have bodies and hearts that get scars. // Also, ]

Kotoko: ( The desire to save them even a little // is overshadowed by fear... / Thats... ) // [Untill the day] // ( That person // came... )
Kaie: ! // .... // Barrier ... ? // .... / Hehehehe.. )

Kaie: Hehe... // Hehehe. // Hahahhahaha // Ahahahhahaha

Kotoko: What was that.. / Gokokuji-kun? // ...... // ( Gokokuji-kun... ? )

Teacher: Get your seats!
Kasuga: ! // ! // .. a letter?
Teacher: We have a new transfer student!
Students: huh! // For real!? // Listen to the teacher!!

Kuro: ( Kasuga-san, / listen carefully. )
Students: I wonder who it is. / could it be a girl?
Teacher: Come one in.
Students: Isn't it rare at this season.
Kuro: ( No mater what.. // do not // look him in the eyes. // You must not.. // Do not look. )
Teacher: Ok now, // calm down, you all!
Students: Oh wow it's a transfer. // No school uniform. // Holy crap! // Oh, look! Look! / Isn't he handsome♡
Kotoko: That guy is ... // !? // ( A ghost.)

Kasuga: ( crap..)

Mangaka: There are pages left over. // What should I do... / Perhaps pure white would be more stylish... // ... Oh I know!! // I'll let them make a sidestory. // Listen up!
Workers: WHAT?
Mangaka: We're adding a side story!
Workers: What kind of?
Mangaka: A interesting one.
Workers: Ok.
Mangaka: Thank you. // Now that I think about it, everyone wears glasses... // ( ITs such a hassle to draw glasses... )
Mangaka: THe tile should be-.... // "Tsyuchi's adventures"!
Tsyuchi: Tsyuchi
workers: Yay! Lets get to it!

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