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Mushibugyo 10

Shirasakaki's smile

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Oct 25, 2011 20:12 | Go to Mushibugyo

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Shirasakaki:Thehehe .... Matsunohara Kotori, / I have a request to you.
Kotori: .... yes? // What is it Shirasakaki-dono?
Shirasakaki: Um. This evening, we, the Temple Patrol group have a certain "task" to carry out. // It seems though, that we are a little short on men...
Kotori: .....
Shirasaki: So to say; // lend me one of your men-

Shirasaki: Lend me Tsukishima Jinbee.

Jinbee: ... all right, // lets do this! // Bring it on!

Jinbee: !!! // Hmph.. // Hyaaah! / Here!! // ( Ok! / I can do this.. ) // !! // Ghaa!? // Ugh!!
Hibachi: .......

Hibachi: What on earth... // Stop fooling around.
Jinbee: Oh! Hibachi-dono! // Its a practice to sense enemies coming from all four sides. // Ugh!!
Hibachi: So it's not for fun after all. // !? // Oh, Mugai-san is coming!

Jinbee: !

Hibachi: Somehow,... compared to you Mugai-san is way more handsome!
Jinbee: So true!
Jinbee/Hibachi: ♡

Jinbee: !!! // ( What..!? // Just now... He dodged with no problems a leaf, // falling without a sound in his blind spot... // How on ... // earth... // ..he did it so casually... // he is truly amazing. )

Jinbee: (My goals are still ... // far too distant!! )
Kotori: This way! This way! Hey! Jinbee-kun!
Jinbee: !?

Jinbee: Wow! So all these people, // are the Mushi Bugyousho temple patrol members. // So then Hibachi-dono! Brace yourself for your civil duties!
Hibachi: .... Do it yourself.
Kotori: Ohhh...
Hibachi: ..heh, we are following the Temple patrol orders again, right?
Jinbee: What! By ourselves!?
Kotori: Yes, The temple patrol‘s yoriki* Shirasakaki Yumehisa-dono personally invited us all. [TN: *Yoriki- Edo police rank]

Kotori: Just to make sure you know, .. // The temple patrol ranks much higher than the city patrol. // They are the same rank as the Hatamoto*.// To be accepted as a temple patrol is a great honour for any first grade samurai.
[TN: *Hatamoto - high Edo police rank]

The chart from top right to left : [ Shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune, 8th year] [Guards] [Wakadosiyori - the officials who help the council of elders in Edo period] [Council of elders] [Town magistrate] [Mushibugyou*Bugs magistrate] ( Shinnakamachi's office) [The Temple patrol] [The Samurai patrol] [The Inner City patrol]

Kotori: Therefore, I'm begging you, // do this for me!
Jinbee: ... Theh, // leave it to us, Matsunohara-dono. //I have been trained since birth, // father diligently tough me the proper behaviour of a samurai.

Jinbee: I have full confidence, / when it comes to understanding higher ranks!! // Well then, // I'm off!
Hibachi: ...aaa-h, and he's off. // Anyway, they're planning the same as always, right? / It'd be nice to come back in one pice you know.
Kotori: Yes! / Thats why I am sending you with him!
Hibachi: ..... Ha?
Kotori: I'm begging you!! / You know how Jinbee can be-!!
Hibachi: H-Hold on, stop crying! // ..... I'm out of luck today.

Jinbee: !
Hibachi: ... she's here. // The Yoriki of the Mushibugyou's Temple patrol... // Shirasakaki .. // Yumehisa.

Jinbee: (So that person, // is Shirasakaki Yumehisa-dono.... !! // I wonder what kind of a person she is!? ) // Somehow she looks like a loner.
Hibachi: Hmph、You're still a punk who feels for people, aren't you.
Shirasakaki: Hey-hey! You guys....

Shirasakaki: I'm always telling you to liven up a little! // Our tasks are serious enough as it is!
Jinbee: !
Shirasakaki: Sabee, / The tea ceremony the other day was splendid! Don't forget to invite me next time also.
Sabee: Yes, thank you!
Shirasakaki: Ooo Kansuke, How is your newly-wed wife doing!?
Kansuke: Yumehisa-sama. My wife had just a regular cold. / Please don't worry about it. // Also, Yumeji, who we named after You, has learned to walk already!
Shirasakaki: Ho-Ho, / I should also show more determination, just like that little child!

Jinbee: (Wow...!! // Shirasakaki-dono is so popular and warm hearted person! ) // Great!
Hibachi: You, idiot....
Jinbee: Shirasakaki-dono! // I am Tsukishima Jinbee of the Town patrol! // I am at your service!
Shirasakaki: .. hm, I see. / You're the Town patrol's Tsukishima...
Jinbee: !

Shirasakaki: Theh, // I knew I could smell the shabby odour of a low rank.
Jinbee: ........ // .......huh?
Shirasakaki: Oh my, this stinkbug's smell... // It gives me the nausea. // Apologise for ruining my mood!
Jinbee: Y-Yes! I sincerely apologise! // ? // ?
Hibachi: ... Hmph, // It's so like her, to to bully a lower rank.

Hibachi: Seems like it has started. // The yearly torture of Town patrols rookie!
Shirasakaki: Oh, aren't you the housemaid! / You are still alive?
Hibachi: Yes, thanks to you. // I will never forget last year!
Shirasakaki: Listen up Tsukishima! You must always follow my orders!
Jinbee: Yes!
Shirasakaki: You must always address me with a "-sama"!
Jinbee: Yes, Shirasakaki-sama!
Shirakaki: Turn around 3 times and bark like a dog!
Jinbee: Woof!

Shirasakaki: Ho-ho-ho, very nice! Very nice!! // This suits you pretty well!
Hibachi: Hmph, I can't wait to get home.
Shirasakaki: Ho-ho-ho... Tsukishima, you should thank the heavens every morning to be able to work under me.
Jinbee: Yes, Shirasakaki-sama!
Shirasakaki: ...thats nice. // No mater what I say... // The Town patrol is nothing // but a humble breeze!

Jinbee: (Humble / breeze...?)
Shirasakaki: Assassins ... Failed warriors... Farm-samurais... Bug hunters. / A bunch of hands gathered, / where not even one member has a real social rank. // Isn't that so Housemaid?
Hibachi: Yes, thats true. // On my way back I must buy some good luck Daifuku! // ! // ... Theh, she's torturing you pretty well. // Do you still have the confidence... ?

Jinbee: ........ // ........... // Stop talking shit! / ...... // .... That everyone's ... // just / a insignificant breeze of air....
Hibachi: That's not good! // Its all pouring out...
Shirasakaki: Hmm, Tsukishima? / What's the problem? // Did I say something wrong?
Jinbee: ! // .....!!!....!!

Shirasakaki: ... Well anyway, // lately "he" has been bugging me the wrong way...!
Jinbee: "He"?
Shirasakaki: Hmph, Mugai of course!
Jinbee/Hibachi: !
Shirasakaki: Among you weirdos, the so called "Bug hunters" // There is one who is rumoured to be the most talented in the world. // My goal is to guard the temples, // so I don't get to face the crowd that often ... // But looking from far, to a man such as me, // his so called "incomparable" strength is just plain absurd!!

Hibachi: Haaa.... // A social outcast got jealous...
Shirasakaki: Um, Tsukishima. Don't you agree?
Jinbee: !
Shirasakaki: You can honestly say "Yes", can't you? // Compared to someone like Mugai I am way stronger you know...!
Jinbee: ....!!! // .......!!
Shirasakaki: .... hmph? / Whats wrong Tsukishima? // Hey, // Quick, what's it gonna' be?

Jinbee: Please forgive me..!
Shirasakaki: Huh-? // Tsukishima, what's with that... ? // Didn't you promise to reply with "yes" // to everything I say?
Jinbee: ......... // Please forgive me. // !!?

Shirasakaki: Whats it gonna' be!? // This stinking bug!!!!
People: ...um... Yumehisa-sama, .. // aren't you a little over doing it? ...
Jinbee: ........ // Please forgive...

Hibachi: ... well, about the mission earlier concerning "those fellas" ... // There seem to be some bugs who gather every night near the holy tree... // Some of the monks have been injured by them.
Shirasakaki: We need some time to set up the tools to stop them, so in the mean time // if you see the bugs come, please try to hold them back. // You got that? Don't you dare to kill them! Thats our mission!
Hibachi: .. what a pain in the ass! // .. moreover, // aren't you the idiot.

Hibachi: You're still obediently replying "yes,yes". // To everything she sais!
Jinbee: Yes!
Hibachi: You really can't help yourself can you?
Jinbee: Yes! // Yes!!
Hibachi: ...... hold on.
Jinbee: Yes!
Hibachi: Are you mocking me?
Jinbee: Yes!
Hibachi.... Hibachi-dono is a vulgar woman.
Jinbee: Ye...
Hibachi: Hmph, give me a brake.
Jinbee: .....

Jinbee: I do not say things I do not mean! // I Am a samurai!
Hibachi: Hmph... // Trying to look cool...
Jinbee: ! // The wind got stronger...
Hibachi: ! // ..... // Thery're here!

Hibachi: It's the poisonous..// Gypsy Moth.
Jinbee: According to Shirasakaki-sama's orders we are forbidden to exterminate them, right? Just hold them back.
Hibachi: It's a hassle. Though if there is just one, it would be a easy victory!
Jinbee/Hibachi: Wha-!?

People: Yumehisa-sama!! // The bugs are here! What do you want us to do!?
Shirasakaki: Ho-ho-ho, don't be hasty. // That's not elegant. // We, the Temple patrol, // complete our work in ultimate grace!

Hibachi: .....
Jinbee: Are you kidding me?

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#1. by neitan666718 ()
Posted on Oct 25, 2011
Great!! Thanks!!

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