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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Youkai no Oisha-san 10

Silent voice

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Oct 26, 2011 04:44 | Go to Youkai no Oisha-san

-> RTS Page for Youkai no Oisha-san 10

Kuro: (Kasuga-san // At all cost) // do not // look him // in the eye..!!
Teacher: I'm introducing the exchange student!
Kuro: ( That man is ... // a demon-!! )

Kotoko: A demon.. !! // What do I do... // Our eyes... met....
Classmates: Hey, isn't he kind of cool? // Right? // Mh-mh... but he's a little.. // scary... / Plus, the tattoo on his neck is weird..
Kaie: .....

Teacher: Whats wrong? Did you get scared? You hulk of a man- // There, there! Just introduce yourself.
Kuro: .. !
Kotoko: Sensei!!
Teacher: Huh? What is it Kasuga?
Kaie: [ gibberish - casting a spell]
Kuro: !? // He's ... casting a spell!?
Teacher: Huh? I can't hear you.
Kuro: .. he's up to something...!
Kotoko: Oh right! I have a protection tag in my bag... // Run, everyone! That guy is ...


Girls: Huh!? // What the- // How could this have happened--- !? // Wait a minute !? // Kyaa-! Don't look!!
Boys: What is this!!! // It's a meat fair---!! // It's a gift from the gods!!!
Kotoko: Is this the demon's work!? / Gokokuji-kun- ....
Kuro: E-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he
Kotoko: I knew it! (small: this guy's useless!!)

Girls: Huh?
Guys: It.. It turned back..? // Was it a mirage?
Teacher: A dream.. ?
Kaie: ... I am ... // ... Homura... Kaie ... // ... First of all... // what I hate the most are....

Kaie: Girls... // Nice to meet you..
Kotoko: WHat a hillbilly!!
Boys: H-He fainted from nosebleed... // Was that it for a self introduction? // what a weird guy.
Girls: But he looks handsome ♡ // He's impression wasn't all that bad ♡ // Oh, Kaie-kun~ .. ♡
Ayumi: Maybe I should take a look to the nurses room ♪ 
Classmate: Thats unfair! I was planning on that-
Kasuga: Just a minute everyone!!

Kasuga: Don't approach him! // He is a ... !!
Ayumi: Kasuga?
Kasuga: Demon....
Kuro: Kaie? // It's you Kaie!! // DO you recognise me?... // It's me !!

Kaie: Oh, Kuro!!
Kuro: Kaie!! Its been a while!!
Girl: Huh? ... Gokokuji's acquaintance?
Kasuga: Even he had friends.. ? // How ... // Whats going on? // WHAT!? // A Childhood friend from the Demon world?
Kaie: .....
Kuro: Thats right!!
Kaie: .. sort of...
Kotoko: Oh, I see... / It feels like he hates me...
Kuro: Don't be bothered Kasuga-kun.

Kotoko: Kaie has always been a shy guy who's bad with words.
Kyuu: Jii-
Kotoko: .....
Kuro: Just try to relax.
Kotoko: Gokokuji-kun is the one who can't relax......
Kuro: I'm sorrry...
Kaie: ....
Kotoko: ANyway, Kaie-kun.. What kind of a demon are you ...?
Kuro: !!?

Kaie: I am a demon, who fulfils human wishes... // Zashikiwarashi.
Desc: [Zashikiwarashi - A child demon who appears in houses. The household living in that house will be gifted with great fortune. He has red face and bobbed hair, he likes to play pranks. If the Zashikiwarashi leaves the house, good fortune will cease. When counting your friends while playing. And there seems to be one person counted too much, then at those times, Zashikiwarashi must be playing with you.]
Kotoko: This Zashikiwarashi is unbelievable...
Kuro: Good job Kaie!!!
Kaie: When I can sense what other person is wishing for / I can fulfil those dreams. // If you disapprove then it turns back.
Kotoko: Oh!
Kaie: In the morning it was the wish of the old man next to me. // He wished: "I'd like to see all the young ladies here naked".
Kotoko: What a pervy homeroom teacher!!! ( Small: He was actually thinking that!? ) // ( Unforgivable! ) // ....! // But somehow its a relief. / Kaie-kun turned out to be a good demon.
Kaie: !
Kotoko: Because Gokokuji-kun panicked I was sure it'll be a vicious demon!

Kuro: I'm sorry it's my fault I jumped to a wrong conclusion! // I never imagined to meet someone I know in such a place!!
Kaie: ..... // You revealed yourself.... / to that woman, didn't you ... Kuro
Kuro: Mh-mh. // But Kasuga-san is a good person who understands demons.
Kaie: Heehh.... Is that so....

Kaia: .. I still hate all humans besides Kuro. // Still human "things" are interesting and appealing to me...
Kuro: ..... / You haven't changed one bit... Kaie
Kaie: Though, this forrest awfully resembles the forests back in the demon world.
Kuro: Doesn't it! I love it also. // THere are also quite many ghosts living here. // Remember how we used to fight with ghosts.
Kaie: Nearly took they'r lives. // ! / Oh thats right, I nearly forgot. // He also wanted to meet up with Kuro.

Kuro: Miss Kyuukan!! (small: It's been a while.)
Kyuu: Mises- !!

Kaie: You have changed... // Kuro....
Kuro: You too!
Kaie: ......
Kuro: Are you happy? Zashikiwarashi.
Kaie: ....... // somewhat..

Kaie: ....... // Kuro ... // Why are you not asking me? // About why, / did I come all this way to meet you...
Kuro: .... Ooh! // So it wasn't just a coincidence. // Well I really don't care what the reason is- // I was just happy to have met.
Kaie: Kuro...
Kuro: Mh?
Kaie: Well actually... // I have become... // "ill"...
Kuro: What!?

Kaie: I am sorry, Kuro... // ... Forgive me...
Kuro: ( ----!! // This is bad!! )
Sfx: Bang

Kuro: Kasuga-san!!
Kasuga: Oooooh- // Today was tiring- / Gokokuji-kun really scared me at noon. // Saying stuff like "Don't look him in the eye" and so on.. // But he still turned out to be a good person ... // "000" ... !? // What a weird number.. ?

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