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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Mushibugyo 11

Shirasakaki's dance.

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Nov 15, 2011 16:32 | Go to Mushibugyo

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Jinbee: .... !
Hibachi: What the fuck, it's a whole swarm! // He told us not to raise swords .. // against this many!!?

”3 night Gypsy Moth”
To protect itself, the larvas hair is sharp and poisoned. Once it develops into an imago the poisoned hair is attached to the wings. // They are called Three night Gypsy moths because after you have been in contact to the poison you'll live for three days and three nights in horrible pain, that ends in death.
Moth: Gaaaa // aaa.
Hibachi: !! // It's coming!

Hibachi: !! // They're.. // throwing their poison needles! // Where the hell is Shirasakaki... // Is the Temple patrol not ready yet!?
Shirasakaki: Our instruments need some time to prepare.. / You get that? At all cost you are forbidden to terminate them!
Hibachi: So get the fuck out already! // Gh, // from this side too!

Hibachi: .........!? // Tsukushima's movements are slow!?
Jinbee: .......!! / Gh...
Hibachi: (.. crap!! // Earlier he brought it on himself / the full fury of Shirasakaki-sama. / It looks like he is unable to see from the left eye, / that must mean he has no sense of dimension...!! )
Moth: Gaaaaaaa
Jinbee: !!

Jinbee: Aaaaaaah!!!! / ( Shirasakakisama.... / please hurry up!)

Men: Shirasakaki-sama, // The bugs have started to gather to one place!
Shirasakaki: Ho, ho, ho... // Right, got it. // Now then, everyone, // will you follow me. // This is the job for us, // Mushibugyousho Temple patrol.

Jinbee: !!? // Gh... We're surrounded! // What is holding Shirasakaki-sama!?
Hibachi: I've had enough... I'm not planning to wait for her!
Jinbee: Huh?
Hibachi: These bugs... // I'll scatter them all to pieces!
Jinbee: Wha... !!

Jinbee: You can't do that Hibachi-dono! / Shirasakaki-sama's orders were precise not to raise a ....
Hibachi: Shut up! // Why on earth should I / be punished for someone like her!!
Shirasakaki: Thats, // because I'm the best! // Ho, ho, ho ... // Now then, Bugs be prepared. // This is the power of Temple patrol...

Shirasakaki: Cannon corps!

Hibachi: (Wha.. !? // The big guns...!!)
Shirasakaki: Lets get to it everyone, / aim carefully at the enemies.
Jinbee: !! // ... huh, hold on. // You must be kidding ...
Shirasakaki: Ho, Ho, ho... so then, // lets bring on the fireworks!

Jinbee: ( !!!! // We're still here!!! ) // Ghh...!! // (I can't avoid them... ) // !!? // ( Crap... // I can't feel the distance...)

Hibachi: .......!! // Damn... // Get the hell out'a my way!
Jinbee: ....!?

Shirasakaki: Ho, ho ... // This is quite magnifficent.
Moth: Gaaaa
Shirasakaki: ! Oh ... // some bugs try to escape the cannons... !!

Shirasakaki: Thats no problem, // I'll take care of them myself.
Moth: Gaaaa
Shirasakaki: Ho, ho, ho. // Too slow!
Moth: !!!

Moth: !!?
Shirasakaki: .... Ho, ho, ho.... // What's it gonna be? // Care to see the power / of my beautiful Murakumo* gun! [*Murakumo - gathering clouds] // Now then, / lets do this!!
Men: Hey, // everyone, its starting! // Yumehisa-sama's // dance of battle!!

Men: (Such a / unbelievable grace!!)

Shirasakaki: Ho, ho, ho... I hope you all saw that, maggots and the run down Town patrol. // This is the power level we have in the Temple patrol! // These are ordered from the skilful craftsmen of the west for huge amount of money, // Cannons with improved fire power and functionality, these are my lovers! // The other patrols can only dream of these machines. // We can do anything we want! / Because we have the rank and wealth!! // ( When you look at it, / the Temple patrol is as powerful as one can get!! )

Shirasakaki: ! // Rain... // Ho, ho, ho ..... Just perfect for fired up bodies.
Jinbee: Hibachi-dono! Where are you!? // .....! / Answer me ! // Hibachi-dono! // ( Hibachi-dono was unable to avoid the hits, while I was... ) // Ghh...!!
Hibachi: ....argh, must you be so loud? / I can hear you fine...
Jinbee: !! // Thank god, you're safe...

Hibachi: ... geez, // totally unlucky today.
Jinbee: ...!!! // H-Hibachi-dono, are you hurt!?
Hibachi: Wha'? Nothing even like that. / But I was really happy with my hairdo today...
Jinbee: ......!!
Shirasakaki: Oh my, // you guys are still alive?

Shirasakiki: Ho, ho, ho... well look at that, // you must be decanted from cockroaches.
Hibachi: ....... // What...! // Standing all puffed up like that, // after aiming your cannons at us!!
Jinbee: ..... Shirasakaki-sama... // Somehow.. I'm begging you.

Jinbee: please... / apologise to Hibachi-dono...!!!
Hibachi: ( Tsukishima.. )
Shirasakaki: Hmph-? // Why on earth should I do such a silly thing?
Jinbee: Back then, didn't we stay behind facing the storming bugs, / while you guys left us?
Shirasakaki: .. even so, // I had no idea you were human cockroaches / that just won't die!

Shirasakaki: I have no more tasks for you. // You may leave!
Jinbee: (..... D... // ... Don't you // screw / around!!! )
Hibachi: Hey!

Hibachi: Thats enough Tsukishima.. // We're heading back.
Jinbee: ....! // Hibachi-dono....
Shirasakaki: Ho, ho, ho. Magnifficent! Magnifficent! // Just look at those miserable figures! // Wanting some gratitude. // Even if they'd be treated for their weakness, they'd still be no match to me!
Men: Yumehisa-sama, your actions were as perfect as always!
Shirasakaki: Ho, ho, ho. All for the sake of the masters safety!

Hibachi: ... with this, // Its done!
Jinbee: .... I beg of your forgiveness, Hibachi-dono.
Hibachi: ? / Whats wrong Tsukishima?
Jinbee: Because I was unable to help, Hibachi-dono got injured..
Hibachi: You idiot! What on earth are you rambling about?
Jinbee: Huh?

Hibachi: For someone as strong as me, // it is only natural to save someone as weak as you! // Well, In my eyes, besides Mugai-san // everyone is lacking. // Talking about abilities. // Say that you'll become as good as Mugai-san! //.. Hey! // lets go home now.

Moth: Guaaa!!!
Hibachi: !?
Jinbee: Wha-!?
Shirasakaki: Th.. this is // the gypsy moth's larva!?
Men: Aaaaaaaahh...
Shirasakaki: Gh, whats wrong with the cannons!?
Men: T-They're ..

Men: Because of the rain all the gunpowder got ruined!
Shirasakaki: ..........!!
Hibachi: ... Hmph, // It's because they act so noble they become careless. // Lets go Tsukishima, Our task here was finished. // They brought it on themselves. // ......!! // Hey, you can't be... !?
Jinbee: ....... // ... Sorry, Hibachi-dono. // They indeed did gravely insult Mugai-dono and the whole Town patrol, / I don't even feel like doing my duty anymore...

Jinbee: thats why, I must look inside me, // And listen to the samurai in me! // .. even though they caused Hibachi-dono to suffer, / ... forgive me!
Hibachi: Hmph... do as ever you please!
Jinbee: !! / .. Yes! // You also said it earlier Hibachi-dono!

Jinbee: It is natural // for the strong people, to rescue the weak.
Hibachi: .... Keke. // Thats right!

Hibachi: Take it on, Tsukishima!
Jinbee: Rodger that!
Men: Ugh!!
Shirasakaki: Gh... // Men! // Runnn!!

Shirasakaki: !!!
Jinbee: Mushibugyousho Tsukishima Jinbee, // fight on!!

Hibachi: ! // .. seems like the rain has stopped. // Fufu... I'm leaving the rest to you. // Tsukishima!
Shirasakaki: (....... H... // He is ... )
Jinbee: Mushibugyousho Town patrol, // Tsukishima Jinbee...

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