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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Mushibugyo 12

The pride of Shirasakaki

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Nov 20, 2011 12:08 | Go to Mushibugyo

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Jinbee: Everyone, // Just leave this to the backups!!!

Shirasakaki: .......!! // Wha... // What on earth! Coming and going as you please, waving your sword around! // Are you the idiot of the Town patrol!!? // Your duty has already ended! // Don't interfere with the Teple patrol's work!!
Jinbee: Uh-huh! I'm very sorry for coming out here suddenly. / Shirasakaki-sama! / Its just that, extermination, // Is also "my" task!
Shirasakaki: And so!? We're not accepting your help!!

Men: !!
Larva: ..... gu.... // Gugegegegeggege!!!
Jinbee: !! / What is that ... !?
Shirasamami: It's the larva of gypsy moth! / They obviously laid the egg to the holy tree!
Larva: Gege....

Larva: Gugaaaa!!!
Jinbee: !!!// Huh!? // The larva can throw the needles!
Men: Ghh! // Kyaa!
Shirasakaki: Tsk... You guys...!!

Men: .. body... getting numb... can't... move.. // Ghh... it feels like... burning...
Larva: Gegegegegegegege!!
Jinbee: !!
Shirasakaki: Is it planning to eat the men who are paralysed due to the poison!?
Jinbee: Like I'd let something // like that happen!!!!

Jinbee: !!!? // Uoah! // ( What was that, just now? // Something came flying from that direction... /// !!!

[Larva of the gypsy moth - For its safety, the larva has sharp needles all around its body. // .... Actually, for the humans who contact the poison needles, don't get attacked directly by the moth or larva itself. The victim is stabbed by the needles thrown into the wind.]
Jinbee: ( ... damn, // They're scattered in the wind... )

Jinbee: (Just like... )
Shirasakaki: Ghh, get a hold of yourself! Where the hell did all these needles come from? Even with just this many needles.. // Its going to be very difficult to get to the larva! // The rain has stopped, can't we use the cannons already!?
Men: The gunpowder will not dry this fast ! // Uh oh ... !!
Jinbee: Shirasakaki-sama, I can't stand here do nothing!
Shirasakaki: Stop it! We can't do it without these guys. / You should understand at least that!
Jinbee: ... But, if it was Mugai-dono here...

Jinbee: If it was Mugai-dono he'd dodge all these needles easily, // he'd kill that larva off without even a scar! // All by himself! // Ghh... // Fua, ha!!!

Larva: Unghh... /// Bghuuu-----uu!!!!
Jinbee: !!! // What the'!? // Now it's spitting needles into the air...!! // Hmph!! // Again!
Shirasakaki: ......
Jinbee: But, if it was Mugai-dono here----

Shirasakaki: ( ---- Again with the Mugai..!? )// Stop fucking around! // Don't you even try to raise your hand! // I'll take care of this myself!!
Jinbee: !? // Shirasakaki-sama!?
Shirasakaki: ( Are you looking, Mugai!? // There is nothing on this earth that I can't do at least as well as you can ! // I will not.. // lose... // For the // second time now...

Shirasakaki: There has never been a day when I could forget the feeling, of losing to you!
[----5 years ago]
Men: Wow! // Isn't Shirasakaki-sama the most graceful fighter you have ever seen!!? // Our Temple patrol's new yoriki, Shirasakaki-dono's strength is shocking!
Shirasakaki: Ho, ho, ho, my- thank you.
Men: Look! Mugai is on a mission over there!
Shriasakaki: ... Who's Mugai? // ( I was curious about the Town patrol's Mugai... // However--- )

Shirasakaki: ( With just one glance... // He stole my heart. // So strong... His fighting pose so relaxed.... )

Shirasakaki: ( But then.. for the first time to stand beside him, I felt such a defeat, // Still I couldn't stop admiring him. I didn't want to be humiliated by my own pettiness...!! // I promised... // Never to feel that kind of shame again! // I will not be defeated by you for the second time!!
Larva: Bhu---uu!!
Shirasakaki: Hmph, // Too slow!

Men: !! // Shirasakaki-sama...!!
Shirasakaki: ( Damn it! I was careless... ) // Crap...! // (....Humph, // Up until here... )

Shirasakaki: !!!
Jinbee: Guuu!!

Jinbee: .....!! // Are you ok, // Shirasakaki-sama?
Shirasakaki: ...why? // Why would you do such a thing... // Were you planning to save us out of pity!? // We're.. It is none of your business what happens to this patrol group....

Jinbee: It is my business! // We're all members of the Mushibugyousho after all!
Shirasakaki: (... what, / is this? )

Shirasakaki: ( .... Why is this little brat, // captivating my interest...? // .....!! // By any chance... // Is it the same, // as back then ...!? )
Men: *crying* // we're done for it...
Larva: Gegegee....

Shirasakaki: Hold on, guys!
Jinbee: Ghh... The enemy is right in front of us...! // Shirasakaki-sama use the opportunity to escape! // I'll take care of him myself! // !!? // Ghhh....
Shirasakaki: You idiot! // You're the one with deadly wounds!
Jinbee: ......!! // .....I will.... // not be torn down by these wounds and a enemy of this level....!!

Jinbee: I will defiantly become like Mugai-dono, // A warrior who loses to no-one!!! // ( ....Crap! // I still can't get him out of my mind. // The way I am now, // I am no way near to Mugai-dono... )
Larva: Bhu---u!!!

Jinbee: Ghaaaaaaaaa!!!
Jinbee: (Now then, // I just need one more step!!)

Jinbee: Uh.... I can't move...! // Right now, it is aiming at defeating me instead of the Temple patrol... // ( Now is my only chance! ) // Ghhh ... !?

Larva: Bhuu-----uu!!!
JinbeE: !!!
Larva: Gegegegegegee.... // Gagagagagagagaga// gagaaagagagaga
Jinbee: .... fu...

Jinbee: Just a little.... // bit more....!! // Only.. // a little bit .. more until I get // to the larva...
Shirasakaki: ( wha-.... // What is this... // Such a indecent way of fighting.)

Jinbee: ( He's weapon handling is not as overwhelming / as Mugai-dono's // .. So then.. why am I captivated by him? // .. why... // just by.. //looking at him... // I get the feeling.. )

Shirasakaki: ( Somehow / I can't overlook that, my warrior's pride is wavering!!! )

Men: Ghaa!!
Shirasakaki: ... humph, // Tsukishima, as you said ... // Fight on!!
Jinbee: !! // Got it!!!
LArva: gegegegegege!!!
Jinbee: Aaaaaah!

Jinbee: Youjuu Senjin!!!* [TN: battle cry: constant battelfield]

Jinbee: Shirasakaki-sama, // Thank you for supporting me!!

[The next day]
Shirasakaki: ...Ho, ho, ho Now then, Jinbee,
Hibachi: .....
Shirasakaki: This is a Manju made from Wasanbon by Matsuya, / And this here is, freshly caught this morning, baby salmon. // There are many many more so if you don't like something, / then just tell me and I'll let something else to be prepared, Jinbee!
Jinbee: Don't bother yourself! / This is more than enough to show your gratitude, Shirasakaki-sama!
Shirasakaki: Ho, ho, ho, Don't be so humble Jinbee. // Please call me Yumehisa!
Hibachi: Wait a second, // why on earth would Temple patrol come here for!?

Shirasakaki: Ho, ho, ho, My comrade Jinbee, was near to death. // It's only natural to pay him a visit!
Hibachi: .... gross! // ... Not that I really care. // ! // What the-...!?
Shirasakaki: Don't touch that, maid! / The town patrol is completely different case!!
Hibachi: In that case get the hell out of here already!
Jinbee: Stop fighting you two!

Jinbee: .....
Bug: Gaaaaaa!
Koikawa: Come here you pice of shit!
Tenma: T-this is as far as you go!!
Hibachi: Ok then! This is your end!
Koikawa: All righty! Check this out you pice of shit!
Jinbee: ......// [Doesn't get a turn] // .. everyone, / you're quite over heated today aren't you?
Tenma: huh!?
Koikawa: What the fuck are you going on about, bro!?
Hibachi: After all you're still a country boy!

Koikawa: Today is the // Sumida river's boating festival!!
Jinbee: ( ....Sumida river's / Boating festival.... !? )

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