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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Mushibugyo 13

Under the falling flowers of Edo night.

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Nov 20, 2011 20:29 | Go to Mushibugyo

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Man: .. Bugyou-sama*[TN:Magistrate], // Please accept this feast. // As always the chef put all his skills into making it. // We hope you can appreciate it.

Bugyou: .... today, isn't it the Boating festival? // Therefore you are all free from your duties for today. / Feel free to go to the Sumida river and relax.
Men: ! // ..eh.. // Bugyou-sama...!?
Bugyou: Please let all the Bugyoushyo members know. // Go and enjoy the fireworks with your family and children.
Men: Thank you! // Mushibugyou-sama!!

Bugyou: ...... / ....hum... // .. the fireworks... // ....... // humph.

Koikawa: ...gh, // who gives a fuck.
?: Other Bugyousyo members // seem to have left already.
Hibachi: Humph, Lets get going also then. // To the Ryougoku bridge!

Jinbee: Wow, everyone's really excited!
?: Mwahahaha, But of course! / The fireworks of two countries is the moist magnificent view of the whole Edo!
Koikawa: Mwahahahaa, its the night to get waisted and let the pretty girls wait on you!!
Jinbee: Whats that Hibachi-dono?
Hibachi: Mwahahaha, Its a good thing!
Tenma: I'm gonna' scoop some goldfishes, and drink sweet syrup, and play Dogyuu*[TN: a game with bow and arrow] And then ... and then...
Koikawa: Lets get this shit on bro!
Hibachi: Yeah!


Jinbee: ....a girl? // ( What is she doing inside the Bugyoushyo...?
Hibachi: Tsukishima, whats keeping you ? / We're leaving!!
Jinbee: Sorry, I'll catch up later. // ... um, excuse me misses. // How did you end up here? // ? // um....Misses?
?: .... fireworks...

?: I wanted to see the fireworks... // Do you think I will be able to see them from here..?
Jinbee: ...Fireworks? // ... If thats so then you're in the wrong place, / Its better to go outside the Bugyousyo to watch it...
?: ..That can't be done. // I am not allowed to leave the premises of Bugyousyo.
Jinbee: ( ????? Can't leave? // She looks pretty fancy... Could she be someones doughter in Bugyousyo, waiting for her parents... ?

Jinbee: Oh! // ( the fireworks... // are huge! // Everyone's waiting for me.. // I have to hurry up! // ........ // .....however...

Jinbee: Well then Misses, // Lets go look for a place where you can see the fireworks from!

Koikawa: Mwahahaa! We're here! Ryougoku bridge!

Koikawa: Mwahahaha, this is nice~! // Can't keep away form the he fun district!
Tenma: Oh, oh my... so many people... // Plus, so many vendors..!
Koikawa: ? / Jyou-chan, whats the mater?
Hibachi: Never mind. // .... Tsukishima, // Isn't coming after all, is he?
Koikawa: Oooo, whats this!? / You wanted to hang around with the little bro?
Hibachi: ... mh, I was worried maybe he's got lost, obviously.
Koikawa: Go ahead and whip that ass! // Mwahahaha, well now then!!

Jinbee: Sorry, but, could you wait here for a moment.
?: .......
Jinbee: Um... When you think of things you need to enjoy fireworks... // Dango (for eating) // Sake (For drinking) // Less clothes ( For waring) // Just like this, preparations finished! // Lets go!!

Jinbe: hmmm... , / there aren't any places where you can see the fireworks from, though.
?: ........ // ....... // Its ok. // I have seen fireworks before, // to me it would just have been a way to get away.
Jinbee: Oh!!!! Look there! // If we get there, we'll definitely see the fireworks!

?: Oh I see, the bug patrol tower...
Jinbee: Yes! You know it well. // Lets climb to the top then. / Give me your hand!
?: ....... // Stop that. // No one has ever touched me, // Besides the general ...

?: Would never // forgive you ....
Jinbee: ? / ? // I don't really follow....// Anyway, // Lets go already!


Jinbee: ... it is so beautiful... // Thats the real fireworks !
?: Had you never seen them before? ... the fireworks.
Jinbee: Yes! // I'm from the countryside. // I had never even left the village before coming to Edo... // Thats why, when my comrades invited me to the Boating festival, // Actually I was overwhelmed with joy!
?: What a disappointment it must had been... // being stuck with me instead...

Jinbee: Not at all! // Thanks to you I was able to watch fireworks from this amazing place! // Also, I am happy to just see the fireworks... // I'm not lying. // Anyway the boating festival will come again, // So it is absolutely no problem for me!

?: Is that so... // You're a little bit lacking in the knowledge.
Jinbee: heh?
?: Sumida river's boat festival continues for 3 straight months starting today.
Jinbee: What!?
?: If there is enough supplies, fireworks will also continue every night.
Jinbee: What!? What!? // So... Boating festival... The fireworks... they weren't something special for just today...?
?: In this Edo, fireworks are not something you see rarely. // ... thats why, / all the prizes will never be taken from this place.

?: I'm giving you this.
Jinbee: A bell?
?: Don't get too attached to it, its just a humble thing from me. // You can sell it... // Give it to a girl... // do what ever you please.
Jinbee: .......

Jinbee: Oh thank you very much! // I will take a good care of it!
?: ...... // ... is that so.
Men: Wow--!
Koikawa: .... Next, the fireworks ship is next to the bridge... // The jewellery shop---!!
Hibachi: You drunken ass!
Koikawa: *kick* !?
Hibachi: ..Mwahahaha, // Lets get this show on road...

Hibachi: Now then, for the final, // Here comes the big one!!
Tenma: Uh, um.... // I still haven't gone to all the vendors I wanted to...
Hibachi: Stop complaining and get to it!
Tenma: Ah-! // ......! // I .. // Got it already !!
Men: W-whats that!? A person is flying!?

Hibachi: ... humph, // What jewellery shop! / What keyshop! // When it comes to fireworks, I'm the best!!!
Jinbee: ! // Oh! What's that!


?: ........ // .. your name... // To think about it I didn't ask for your name... // Who are you?
Jinbee: I'm called // Tsukishima Jinbee.
?: .. is that so... // You're .... // Tsukishima..

Jinbee: ......... // The fireworks... / looks like they ended. // They were really moving, weren't they. // How about again tomorrow! // The fireworks are going to be again tomorrow night, right!? // !! // huh, Misses!? (small: She's gone!) // ........ // Where did she...
Jinbee: ! / Yo, Tsukishima~~!
Koikawa: Yo, bro! What the fuck are you doing up there?
Jinbee: ......

Jinbee: I forgot to ask her name....
[Next day]
Jinbee: Um...? // What is this?
Matsunohara: Oh, yes. You don't know about this. // Thats the carrier // the Mushibugyou-sama uses for transport to the event. //

Jinbee: Carrier...??
Matsunohara: Yeah, Every year during the 3 month boating festival, // No mother what, Mushibugyou-sama retreats to a separated place in the mountains, alone.
Jinbee: ( .......!! // Alone for 3 months....? )
Hibachi: Its the worst even ever.
Koikawa: At the time of the return the summer has already ended.
Jinbee: .. indeed. // ( During such a beautiful flowery season, // Also not being able to see the fireworks... )
Matsunohara: They're here! // Lower your heads!

Jinbee: .......! // huh?
?: ...... // huh.... // Tsukishima... // Jinbee, was it... ?

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Posted on Nov 21, 2011

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