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Translations: One Piece 923 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Youkai no Oisha-san 7

The expert of muscles.

+ posted by Kettuk as translation on Jan 6, 2012 19:47 | Go to Youkai no Oisha-san

-> RTS Page for Youkai no Oisha-san 7

students: Wow! // No mater how many times I look Uragami-san is still so amazing // There is almost no one who could give her competition. // She even has so many friend. // She's even praised by the teachers
Kotoko: She hold's the schools record! Isn't she perfect!
Kuro: Oh... // But still Kasuga-san
Kotoko: uh?

Kuro: that woman is hosting the Dodomeki spirit
Kotoko: ... ha!? // do..dokimeki? dogimagi?
Kuro: dodomeki. (small: or also todomeki)
Kotoko: What is that Gokokuji? .. could it be .. // That Uragami-san is a demon?
Kuro: No no.. it just a a ghost named dodomekemi is holding on to her. // Part of her name means the birds eye, that symbolises money. So it means the Dodokemi is someone who is under the influence of money. // The ghost seems to be attacked to only females. (small: The symptoms are visible on the arm. )
Kotoko: There's no way I believe it.. That the so kind Uragami-san .. // could be a theft.. no way .. no way. // I'd like to confirm that.. (Small Under that wristband... ) // K-Kyaaa~!!

Kasuga: I stumbled!!!
Uragami: e? // K-Kasuga?
Kotoko: ...
kook: Empty!
Uragami: ?
Kotoko: S-Sory!! Sorry! (small: I'll return the wristband)
Kotoko: There can be no mistake!! I should get back to Gokokuji-kun quick
Dome: ....

Dome: That was a close call Yayoi!
Uragami: You got that right, Dome!
Title: The expert of muscles.

Sign: Womens showers
Uragami: come here Dome // lets make you nice and clean! ♡ // You did well today!♡
Dome: Yayoi
Urugami: yes?
Dome: What are you goals in life after graduation?
Yayoi: Hmmm... something with cosmetics perhaps? (small: its something everyone wants, right) // Today I also have to steal something, / thanks to your observation and my quick hand we can do it with no problems

Dome: Oh yes, there is no blind spot in my vision. // Its easy for me to spot the goods and even the movements of the staff.
Yayoi: You're really a genius of lookouts! (small: I'm counting on you on the test also!) // You're the best partner one could wish for♡
Kuro: Uragami Yayoi!

Yayoi: You must be... our classes... (small: what was it again.. ) / D-Doumyouji? ...Sensouji?
Kuro: (small: its Gokokuji~ ) You have a ghost on you right?
Yayoi: !

Yayoi: ... // what are you talking about?
Kuro: that ghost is dangerous! // It has to be removed !
Yayoi: ... what are saying? ... // I really have no clue
Kuro: I can do it // just let me

Yayoi: hah // oh my golden fingers ...// [.. but.. what are these photos?] // !
Kasuga: !? // was that you Gokokuji!?
Kuro: mhmh. To domeki is..

Kuro: right here.. // huh? // This'll turn into dodmeki? .. Or make your heart pound! [ TN word play: dodomeki - the ghost tokimeki - heart pounding]
Kotoko?: No need for that kind of throbbing!
Girls: Iya, its the new Wacoa model! Its 5980Yen! // I know I know!
Yayoi: Thank god they're stupid
Kotoko: Urigami~! / This guy has got to be the worst! // 'committing such a crime....
Yayoi: eeh~
[text: getting rid of the perverse]
Kuro: If you keep this up // It'll be dangerous!!

Yayoi: Who those two think they are? I have heard that Kasuga can sense supernatural things, but .. // .... Dome is not dangerous at all! You're my friend! // Oh! This would look good on Keiko.
Dome: The air is clear Yayoi!
Yayoi: Ok! Dome!
Kuro in disquise: Thank you Coustomer!
Yayoi: !!
Kuro in disquise: Oh! customer.... // ... caught red handed
Kotoko: ....
sign: book
Kuro in disquise: Welcome!
sign: CD
Kuro in disquise: Come on in!
sign: beauty products
Kuro in disquise: Have you decided?
Sign: Taxi
Kuro in disquise: Come again!

Yayoi: W-what is this!!?// what should I do... I definitely must take something today... // hey, Dome.... what should I do? ... Just this once.. // !? // Do-dome...?

Yayoi: Dome!! What happened!? .. Dome?! // Open your eye! // Open your eye!! / DOME!! // DOME!
Kuro: Are you all right? // Uragami-san!!

Kuro: I told you it's dangerous!!! // let me take a look // I am the ghost doctor after all
Yayoi: ....!
Police: Ok, don't come to the girls restroom again.
Kuro: Um... I am the ghost...
Doctor: Stop saying that.
Kuro:...... // Dodomeki ...

Kuro: seems like it has a extreme asthenopia.
Yayoi: Asthenopia?!
Kuro: well since its a eyeball ghost you could also say that its just stressed.
Yayoi: it can't be .. why...
Kotoko: Isn't it because You kept shoplifting with that naive face? / This little thing didn't even thing you could be up to anything bad ..
Yayoi: You're mistaking Kasuga-san... / Its the other way around...
Kasuga: e?
Kuro: Its all broken // Uragami's heart... // truth to be told Uragami has long ago wished to give up... // When she was shoplifting she loathed herself more than you could ever imagine. // The girls mentality seems to be on the were of breaking into pieces... Just like this Dodomeki ...

Kuro: You see.. Dodomeki is a peculiar ghost... // It should not steal things.. // stealing will create problems.. great problems. // Because its the law it automatically means you can't do it right. // But above anything else.. // To the person working as a theft it'll shatter their hearts. // If you think about it .. ghost like Dodomeki .. // If their keepers get hurt also they them selves will get hurt. // A very peculiar, kind hearted ghost, // right.. dodomeki.. // You're a ghost who can live only by not stealing. // Why on earth did you chose to live inside a shoplifter then?

Friend: Are you sure Uragami? .. its such a expensive item
Yayoi: yes... I don't need it anymore
Friend: thank you ! // Urigami is such a nice person. // why don't you join our group ! // Why are you shoplifting? //Seems like I am stuck on you now... // Were you lonely? // hey~ // hey don't you cry! // HEY....
Yayoi: Only Dome knew the dispiteful side of me..
Dome: Oh I see.. if you don't steal then you'll gradually lose all your friends. // You seem somehow pitiful... / oh! You know what.. I'll be by your side from this day on.
Yayoi: It only wished me good. // And still I was the one to torture it...

Yayoi: I'f I'll stop shoplifting is there a way to save it?!
Kuro: There is
Yayoi: I'll return everything I took .. I'll even go to police!!
Kuro: It's likely // .. however.. You'll lose the sight of Dodomeki
Yayoi: ..... Thats fine.. // If thats the case.. I'll give up shoplifting // Forgive me.. // I want to do all I can, // to help Dome

Kuro: ..Ok.. // there is a medicine you can put on eyelids that lowers stress. // I'll also subscribe contact lenses soaked in eyedrops. (small: The Mascara is a bonus service. )
Kasuga: ...
Yayoi: ...
Kasuga: Um, Urigami-san.. were you not scared when Dodomeki was getting exhausted? (small: its a ghost after all.)
Yayoi: Oh .. well I was surprised at first but.. How to say..... // ... If you looked closely ... // she was so pretty...
Kuro: ....

Kuro: .. um! // I don't know, // if it is appropriate for me to say so but, // In this world there are also things, // that are waiting to be stolen..

Kotoko: Wow! Uragami has gotten even more powerful...
Kuro: Oh! indeed!
Yayoi: Gokokuji! // thank you for last time. / Thanks to you Dome is also much more energic now!
Kuro: That must mean you're stealthy heart has been restrained right?
Yayoi: Of course! I completely gave up shoplifting. / I don't have the expensive stuff anymore and...
Text: I also felt bad for the store staff...
dome: ...
Yayoi: there won't be a next time!! // Plus I don't even have time for that ! / There is something completely different I want to steal! // Bye!
Kuro: If its different Tennis techniques then no matter how many you steal it'll be all fine. // Keep doing your best in Tennis Uragami-san !
Kotoko: ....
Yayoi: Lets do our best! / At stealing Gokokuji's heart!
Dome: Maybe we should give up.....

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