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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Inumaru Dashi 1

Inumaru-kun and Tamako-sensei

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 12, 2009 04:44 | Go to Inumaru Dashi

-> RTS Page for Inumaru Dashi 1

I'm gonna take a shot at translating this manga. Really, since it's not scanned weekly, at least right now, we're better off at just waiting for tankoubon raws to come out to scanlate them. When someone scans the raw and puts it up I'll edit this and add in the opening stuff, covers, etc. The tankoubons have usually 20 chapters for a short gag-manga like this, so they come out infrequently. V2 comes out in June.
The chapters are normally 9-11 pages long, since it's a gag manga (after the first 3), which is the only reason why I'm willing to translate it, really. Also the vocabulary is all pretty basic. It does have some really good jokes once in a while, and gets better after a little while.

Promfret did a pretty good job, but did get a bunch of things wrong. Including the main character's name. The title is a pun on his name "Inumaru" and "丸出し" marudashi, which means bare/exposed. There's a small tsu on the end which indicates a glottal stop, and the shi at the end of a word is whispered pronounced anyway, so "Inumaru Dash" or "Inumarudash" would be correct for the title. I'm going with the former since it's more well known, plus it separates the name from the pun, second half of marudashi, so maybe it's more clear this way. I thought "Dash" was his last name, but that seems to be wrong. He would have Japanese name order anyway.
What we got as the title of this manga page is wrong no matter what because it's two words, but the second isn't captialized. If anyone has any other comments on the name, post it here or something. If we pick something we should ask an admin to change the manga's page title.

Note to Scanlators: Make sure you put in everything I write. It's especially important for this manga which has a lot of pop-culture notes. And there are things written on page, or things as sound affects that are plot based. I'm only gonna do those and skip the unimportant ones. Anyone is free to use this. I'll try to get more translations done when I can. Even for volume scans you should try to include the color pages, it's more complete that way.
New lines indicate new bubbles (if the lines' really long you'll have to figure it out if it takes more than one line.) And things in []s are contextual notes, not meant to be in an actual scanlation or anything.

[Inumaru Dash 1 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top in Red: Expose all!! Finish disclosing!! The possibility of "manga"!!
The basis for a severe earthquake in this world, the second shot of new serialization!!
Middle of page: Inumaru Dash
The heart pounding for various reasons,
New Serialization!!!
Center Color
25 Pages!!
Side: [orange]The tiny bit [blue]strange, [pink]"Inumaru-kun"
[Greed] From today, [yellow] let's have [blue]fun [pink] playing together!!
Bottom: The 1st Time
Inumaru-kun and Tamako-sensei
Ooishi Kouji

Page 2:
Sign: Kindergarten
Tamako: Grandma,
Why do you have such big legs?
Of course, that's to run all the faster.
Title: Little Red Riding Hood-chan
Tamako: Grandma, why do you have such big ears?
Of course, that's to hear you all the better.
Then why do you have such large eyes?
Of course, that's to see you all the better.
Inumaru: Why is it even though this manga is getting a new serialization, Eyeshield 21 got the opening color pages?
Of course that's...
to directly influence how much Jump is soooooold!!!
Tamako: Inumaru-kun,
It's not that kind of story.

Page 3:
Insert Text: The 1st Time
"Inumaru-kun and Tamako-sensei"
保育士 描いていた夢の職業
Box: Yamada Tamako (22), child care, that's the dream job I've always pictured.

Somebody: Hey, hey, new onee-chan.
Note: Onee-chan, means big sister, often used affectionately and not literally.

出勤した 喜びと期待でいっぱいの中
Box: It's my first time going to work at a kindergarten. Lots of my joys and hopes are in this day.
That child... I came across Inumaru-kun.
Tamako: It's not onee-chan, I hope you'll call me sensei~~[heart]
Somebody: Tamako-sensei

Page 4:
日曜日 パパとポケモンの映画行ってシェイミゲットするんだ
Somebody: On Monday I'm going with Papa to see the Pok蜊on movie, and I'm gonna get Shaymin!
フラチナ スカイフォルム
I'm gonna get Platinum soon, I want the Sky Form!!
Tamako: Huhu... I know all the Pok蜊on kids like...!! From Bulbasaur to Shaymin. [I'm using English names because I couldn't care less]
SFX: Get 'em!!
Somebody: Tamako-sensei, who's your favorite in Pretty Cure?
Tamako: It's got to be Milky Rose.
Somebody: Which member of SHIPS do you like better?
I guess I like Hiroto more than Seiji.
Tamako: Huhuhu... I'm perfect with Pretty Cure and Kirarin☆Revoluion!!
...In some other company it would be inexcusable, though.
Tamako: Ah, hey. There's a *Chirarin☆Revolution on the side of your pants, Kentarou-kun.
*Note: A pun on the Japanese word for penis.
Bus Driver: Say, new sensei~~
You've properly memorized where your pupils houses are, right?
Tamako: Y-Yes, sorry.
He sure is flashy, this driver.
It looks like that child's last.
Sign: [Big]Inumaru [On the right side]4 years old
I'll definitely find real love~! [Definitely is in that { part on the bottom]
Insert Text: New Member---Discovery!!
Why are we riding together this way?

Page 5:
Tamako: What...?
I'm feeling a distinctly different aura from this child than from the other kindergartners.
Like how he so composedly drinks demi-tasse coffee...
Inumaru: Demi-tasse is super-delicious!!
He's like *Shokotan's mmtsgzkwys!!
*Note: Idol and procution company.
Tamako: Umm...
It's Inumaru-kun, isn't it?
Inumaru: Ye~~s!!
Tamako: Didn't you forget something?
Inumaru: My stuff's in this stuffed animal.
Tamako: Ah... That...
turns into a bag.
No... Um...
Did you forget something more important............?

Page 6:
Inumaru: Nope!!
I've got everything!!
Tamako: That important thing for hiding things!!
Inumaru: I brought that!!
Tamako: I don't mean a bra!!
And you're still a kindergartner, you don't need that, right!?
You definitely don't need that!!
Tamako: Ah... This is childish of me...
To shout towards a child...
Don't shout anymore...
Don't shout!!

Page 7:
Insert: 8:50 Free Playtime
Tamako: Fu... Which child was he again...
Kid: Tamako-sensei, le~t's pla~y!!
Tamako: Aah... They're so cute!!
I was getting anxious but it's all right... I'll do fine.
Child: Next, Inumaru-kun is it!!
Tamako: Wha~t's wrong... Inumaru-kun can look like this, too.
He's a cute pupil no different from the other children.
SFX: Kyaah Zutata
Tamako: There's something strange though...
That's just tag, right, yeah......

Page 8:
His eyes are so serious!!
Principal: How are things? Kindergarden sensei?
Tamako: Principal-sensei...
Principal: It's harder than you thought, isn't it?
Tamako: No, it's completely more fun than I thought.
Everyone even accepted me right from the beginning.
Principal: Is that so... I'm glad.
Girl: Hey, Tamako-sensei, why did you become a sensei?
Tamako: Nn, that's...
Inumaru: I want money for playing.........
Principal: That sort of criminal-like reason!!
Tamako: UOOOO
Something's on my back!!

Page 9:
Tamako: N―― There's no big special reason but
I just like lively cute kids like all of you.........
And I thought if I were a sensei I would be able to see all of you every day.
Inumaru: And in the heat of the moment...
Principal: That's such a criminal-like reason!!
Tamako: UOOO
There's something on my back again.
Tamako: Hahaha... I just like children, nothing else...
If I had selfish reasons like that for becoming a sensei,
I wouldn't be qualified for the job, right!!
SFX: Niko (smile)

Page 10:
Tamako: Inumaru-kun is some mysterious child, isn't he?
Somehow he's different from the other children, wouldn't you say...?
Principal: Ah, it's nothing like that.
If you're with him a little longer, you'll understand, though.
He's a super-problem child.
Now, now, today's snack will be~~~
Ah!! Pudding!!
SFX: Niko
Tamako: E―――h!! She has the same level of smile about the pudding as she did when she looked at me just before!!?
Children (on page):Good morni~ng
Principal: Just for today I'll be with you.
Tamako: Thanks for the help.
Principal: O~kay, now, let's sing the morning song!
SFX: Oka~y
Principal: We'll sing the morning song in rounds!
The child in charge will singe first,
It's Tamako-sensei's first time so she'll be after them!!

Page 11:
Principal: I'll be playing the piano today, but
learn the song and the piano soon, okay?
Tamako: Okay! I'll do my best!!
Principal: Oka~y, today, the child in charge is who~~?
SFX: Baan
SFX: Doki doki (heartbeat), tan tarara ranran ta~n
Inumaru: Today we'll give a lively greeting―
Tamako: Today we'll give a lively greeting―
Children (on page): Greeti~ng
Inumaru: Right now we're just little kids, but―
Tamako: Right now we're just little kids, but―
Inumaru: We'll all become find adults―
Tamako: We'll all become find adults―
So~ everone, o~ld man!
Tamako: So~ Heh... Everyone, o~ld man!
SFX: Suih suih

Page 12:
Inumaru: Searching for freedom, when we change from briefs to trunks we will be adults~~
Tamako: Searching for freedom, when we change from briefs to trunks we will be adults~~
SFX: Gurun gurun
Inumaru: But there will also be times when we go from trunks back to briefs~~~
With too much freedom, this time you'll go tighter~~~?
Don't be embarrassed, You!!
Come on!
Kid: Inumaru-kun...
What song is that?
Kid: That's not the morning song, is it?
Principal: And there's no dance...
Box: And so my kindergarten life began.

Page 13:
おてて 会わせて
Tamako: Put your hands together~~~~~
Thermos: Tamako
Everyone: Itadakimas
Insert Text: 12:00 Lunch
Tamako: Wah
Kid: Tamako-sensei, look at my bento.
Today is paella――
Other kid: Mine is a character lunch.
Tamako: What's with this amazing spirit moms have these days.
Wah... Inumaru-kun, yours looks good, too.
Inumaru: Yeah! Today's is Beyoncé
It's *bibimbab, isn't it?
*Note: A Korean rice dish. Inumaru mistakes the name.
Tamako: Ah, look at rice grains got stuck to you.
Inumaru: Sensei, I have a rice grain stuck to me, too.
Ah, that was my penis.
Who has a rice grain sized one!!!!?
Someone: Who are you saying all by yourself?

Page 14:
Kid: Tamako-sensei, you can eat some of mine, too.
Tamako: Waah, thank you.
You can have some of mine, too.
Kid: Swap with me, too.
Inumaru: Tamako-sensei, you can have some of my Beyoncé too.
Tamako: Ah, thank you, Inumaru-kun.
It's bibimbab, isn't it?
Inumaru: Is it good? That *Watanabe Naomi!!
Tamako: It's Beyoncé, isn't it?
I mean, bibimbab.
*Note: A Japanese comedienne who does an impression of Beyoncé
Kid: A~~ Ken-kun put juice in his water bottle.
On page: Give me some
Give me some
Tamako: Hey now, you're not supposed to bring sweet things, you know.
Inumaru: I properly only brought not-sweet things.
Even so, this isn't Ukon!!
SFX: Kuru kuru (turn)
Bottles: Ukokon
Kon uko

Page 15:
Bottles: Un
Box: No matter how much he struggles, he couldn't make it say *unko.
*Note: Unko means poop.
Tamako: Wh-What is it, Inumaru-kun, all of a sudden!!?
SFX: Buee
Tamako: D-Did you get hurt?
What on earth happened, so suddenly............
If I think about it, I do nothing but shout at Inumaru-kun...
That's it... To Inumaru-kun I'm just a new teacher that just showed up suddenly, so he would be nervous, too...
Even so, I've just been shouting at him... I'm sorry... Inumaru-kun.
Inumaru-kun... If that's bitter, you can have some of my tea, too.
Inumaru: Bueeeeen
Jars: U n ko
SFX: Ton bita

Page 16:
Principal: Today's man in charge~~~
Give out everyone's pudding snacks~~~~~~
Inumaru: Oka~y!!
Tamako: Ah.
On Page: It's pudding―
Inumaru: One each, okay?
On Page: Wa―
Inumaru: There's one person absent today, so...
There's one pudding left over, but...
Tamako: Uoooh
SFX: Mokomokomoko
Devil Inumaru: It's left over so secretly take two.
Tamako: He-He's hesitating, the devil is tempting him.....................!!!
I... Inumaru-ku...
...No. Here I have to believe in Inumaru-kun's good heart.
I'll just watch over him!!
An angel came out!! Do your best, Inumaru-kun
With physical strength!!?

Page 17:
13:30 Exercise Time
SFX: Buwah
Tamako: Ama~zing, Ken-kun!!
SFX: Sutah
Tamako: Okau, next is Mari-chan.
Mari: Okay.
Tamako: Ah, too bad. Next time, try to jump higher.
Next is Inumaru-kun.
Inumaru: Okay!
Tamako: Why!?
A-Are you okay!? Did you get hurt!?
Inumaru: Aww, I failed.

Page 18:
Tamako: Somehow the situation got like this...
Inumaru: Sensei, one more time, one more time.
Tamako: O... Okay, but don't get hurt.
SFX: Tatatatata
SFX: Ban
Tamako: Why!?
Um, are you okay!?
Inumaru: Sensei, one more time, one more time.
Tamako: How did he get like this!? It was too fast, I don't know how...
I'll have to watch re~ally carefully...

Page 19:
On Page: 14:30 Sketch Time
Tamako: Now we'll go outside and draw sketches.
Did you all bring your drawing paper and crayons~~~
Inumaru: Sensei, I didn't bring any!!
I thought we were going to the pool so I got ready to go to the pool!!
Tamako: Even for going to the pool, you really don't have enough!
Inumaru: *Etch sketch
one touch~~!!
*Note: This is a children's rhyme.
Tamako: Hehe,
When I was in kindergarten boys used to say that, too.
Inumaru: It's old!?
Tamako: Yes, it's old...
Inumaru: Then I definitely won't say it anymore!!
I'll have a fashionable sensibility,
don'cha get it?
Tamako: That's old, too...

Page 20:
Drawing: Blue Sky
Boy: Why are there faces on the clouds and mountains~~!!?
Other Boy: Erase 'em~~~!!
Tamako: Hey, hey, they're okay. Don't erase then, Mayu-chan.
You can draw them as you see them.
Certianly, to Mayuri-chan everything in the world must show a smiling face.
なくなる感覚 大事にして欲しいわ
These senses will disappear when you becomes an adult... I hope you'll keep them dear...
Box: Has a bit strange sensibility.
Tamako: Huh... Inumaru-kun, you're unusually quiet...
Do you really like drawing...?
Picture: *Aoi Sora
*Note: This name of a Japanese AV actress is homophonous with "blue sky".
Tamako: He's so good
Inumaru: It's the blue sky you can only see at night!!

Page 21:
Somebody: Sensei, goodbye!
Tamako: Goodbye everyone!
Inumaru: Goodbye to the me from yesterday who was afraid of love.
You don't have to have that office lady kind of self-enlightenment!!
You'll be late for the bus!!
On Page: 15:30 Going Home Time
Tamako: They've all gotton on.
Bus Driver: Okay.
Inumaru: I need to poo.
Tamako: Did you wipe your bottom properly?
Inumaru: That, only god knows.
Driver: He~y, hurry it up.
I have a date with my girlfriend after this~~~!!
Does your girlfriend look like someone from *Nadeshiko Japan?
Driver: Why is it limited to Nadeshiko Japan!?
Note: Nadeshiko Japan is Japan's national football/soccer team.

Page 22:
Tamako: Next is just the last, Inumaru-kun...
Ooh, I was wondering why he was so quiet...
Did all the running get him tired?
His sleeping face is just like a normal child's!!
SFX: Suu suu
Tamako: I wonder what kind of fun dreams he's having?[Heart]
Inumaru: Muni, muni...
Tamako: Eh...!? Could he be dreaming about me...!?
Doesn't have balls~~
SFX: Muni muni
Testicle, balls...

Page 23:
16:30 After Sending Off
Principal: Thanks for toda~y
Tamako: Thank you very much~~~~
Fu~~h, somehow the first day's over. The children took to me more than I thought, I'm so glad.
終日 振り回されつぱなし
I got messed around with by Inumaru-kun all day, though...
Somehow or other
it was fun
Principal: I appreciate the effort.
Tamako: I sent everyone home.
Why're you here!?
Didn't you get off at your heart!?
ノークレーム ノーリターン
Inumaru: No claims, no returns, please.
Tamako: That's like in a net auction!!

Page 24:
Inumaru: I forgot something―
Tamako: Ah, wai...
Hey... Please, wait!!
I-I'm gonna chase after him.
Principal: Sorry, it's always like this.

Page 25:
Tamako: Sorry, I completely lost track of him~~...
Principal: Don't cry so seriously.............
Tamako: Bu~~t it's so late, a child alone is in danger~~
SFX: Buwaaa
I'll go look again~~
Principal: Aah, it's fine, he'll eventually come back by himself.
Tamako: ...But if you're this beaten it'll be hard from here.
He's the kind of kid who will just do more and more outrageous things, you know.
Tamako: It's like that...?
But, hey
He's not a bad child.
The thing he forgot... it was this...
The extra pudding from before... So he could give it to a cat...
He didn't plan on eating it himself...!!
SFX: Mogu mogu (chewing)
Tamako: Ah, he ate it.
Side: He's really a good kid... right!?

Inumaru Dash
...The 1st Time / End
Net Issue, also an exposed rebellion!?
The mysterious butt (!?) appears in color!!

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