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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Inumaru Dashi 2

Inumaru-kun and the Physical Examination / Go to Pick Everyone Up

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 11, 2009 01:32 | Go to Inumaru Dashi

-> RTS Page for Inumaru Dashi 2

K, so this is my second translation for this. As usual with new series, the first chapters are longer than normal. The first was 25 pages and this was 16. For a gag manga, they're usually 9 or 10. The next one is about normal, it's 13. It takes a while to translate gag manga because of all the references and such.

But I'm trying to do these every once in a while. It seems it's getting scanned consistently now, so maybe we'll catch up eventually. Once the gap after the first 27 or so is filled in anyway when the first two volumes get scanned. Though this series is better suited to someone who knows a bit more about pop culture in Japan. Or what little kids do. I'll try to put in the bonus things in the volumes at some point, too. I bought the first one, haven't seen the second yet.

For whenever Noodles or whoever starts to scanlate this, make sure you put in all the notes, because they're necessary. If they're too long to fit in the margins put an asterisk and write it in the credits page. (If there's more than one put two asterisks on it and its explanation). Also make sure you put in the sound affects, I only put in the plot-relevant ones.

Inumaru Dash 2 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Kid A: My dream is to become a baseball player.
I want to hit lots of runs like Ou-senshu or Yamamoto-senshu.
Note: Senshu apparently is a suffix for a player. And these are probably famous guys...
Board: [Along right side]Writing [Top] My [Bottom, bigger] Dream
Tamako: Okay!! Be sure to practice a lot and you'll definitely become one.
Kid B: I'll become an announcer.
I want to do things like read the news on TV.
Kid C: I'll be an artist.
I want to draw pictures like the Mona Lisa.
Side: It's a writing presentation!!
Tamako: Then Inumaru-kun, are you done?
Inumaru: Yes!!
Box: Hasn't done anything
Inumaru: Umm
Title: Second time of the new serialization!! The mysterious butt color (!?) big expantion 16 pages!!
Inumaru: I'll... become a baseball player!!
Announcer Yamamoto...mona and..........
Ho-Homeruns!! On the news on TV!!
Tamako: On top of stealing other people's ideas, don't connect them in a dangerous way!!
Title: Inumaru Dash
Ooishi Kouji

Page 2:
Box: Yamada Tamako (22) novice sensei.
Tamako: Everyone, good job.
でも ちゃんとしゃべてて息継ぎするところには「・」を...........
But be sure to properly show where you take a breath in speaking with a "comma".........
From last week, she is the sensei of this "Matatabi Kindergarten"'s Sumire class.
Note: These are names so I'm not translating them, but Matatabi means silver vine and sumire means violet (flower).
Title: The 2nd Time "Inumaru-kun and the Physical Examination"
Box: Describing dreams is nurturing work. More than using the imagination, it's fun. But
Tamako: Where you want to end, put a "period".
SFX: Yeees
There's a bit strange sort of troublesome thing... that is
Inumaru: Tamako-sensei, in the lines in Jump they don't have "commas" or "periods" and stuff!!
Even though they have them in Sunday
Box: This Inumaru-kun... for various reasons he's a child to watch out for.
Note: These punctuation are the Japanese equivalents. The comma is a "ten" and period is a "maru" (circle). Inumaru refers to the magazine this runs in Shonen Jump, published by Shueisha, as well as Shonen Sunday, published by Shogakukan. And he's right, by the way. Jump only ever uses expclamation points or ellipsis. Otherwise just writes a space instead of a comma and nothing instead of a period (for the most part).
Takamo: Inumaru-kun, before that, put pants on!!
SFX: Doh
Don't "doh"!! No one's laughing, don't you see!!
Box: Today, in another danger and trouble...
Tamako: Everone, line u~~~p. We're going to measure your heights~~
Box: But a fun day is beginning.

Page 3:
Tamako: Inumaru-kun's body height is~~~...
93 centimeters, eh?
Oh, in the Sumire class Inumaru-kun is the littlest.
Whoever: Oka~~y, next is body weight!
SFX: Wa~
Tamako: I was always the littlest in my class, too.
Young Tamako's Shirt: Tamako
When we did "line up from from shortest going back" I was always in the hands on my hips position.
Note: This is a common way little kids in Japan are taught to line up.
Inumaru: Tamako-sense
Was there someone smaller than me!?
Tamamko: No~~ it's unfortunate, but being 93cm you're the little...
But my "height" is big, isn't it!!?
Note: Here he's making a pun, the Japanese word for "height" can also mean "back" (背).
Tamako: ......? What?
Sensei, don't pretend to be a Kamatoto!!
Note: Pretending to be a Kamatoto means: (1) feigning innocence, ignorance or naivety; (2) someone (esp. a woman) pretending to be innocent, ignorant or naive (to attract men)
Sensei, what's a Kamatoto!!?
Someone else: Like from before, what're you talking about all by yourself!?

Page 4:
Doctor or whoever: Inumaru-kun 14.0 kilograms...
Ah, 13.9 kilograms.
Inumaru: Right!
Doctor: Put it on your eye the right way.
Could you not go that far to avoid getting it normally!?
Note: That's the mascot thing from Jump
Tamako: Inumaru-kun, you're completely good with just the naked eye, right?
[Handwritten part]Just like that, the naked eye.
Inumaru: 79cm A-cup.
Tamako: He's too good.
Tamako: But hey, Inumaru-kun. Even if you're good now, so they don't get worse or anything, you have to be careful with them.
Look, sensei's eyes are bad so she has to put in contacts, but
they can have some things that are extremely inconvenient.
You're not Mao Zedong so you have contacts.
He was a hero in China, that person.
Note: There's no clear joke here. It seems be something like the Japanese word for "extremely" sounds like the Japanese word for "China". So Inumaru heard something like "because of some things that are inconveniences in China."

Page 5:
Okay, everyone, come in one at a time...
and we'll... immuninize.... you~...
SFX: Ye~s
Inumaru: Sensei, what's "immunize" mean!? Could it be something ecchi........
Tamako: Eh... um... It's... a.......
Sort of "injection".... you know?
統率のとれたフェイントで逃げないで!! 痛いの一瞬だけだから!!
Don't just take command to do a feint and run away!! It'll only hurt for a moment!!
SFX: Guuu guuu guuu guuu
Tamako: And pretending to sleep isn't good either!
Inumaru: Oda Yuuji-san, the dreaded injection is finally...
SFX: Heeeeeere!!
And pretending things like that to scare him is bad, too!
Note: Here both of the above bubbles are read the same way, "netafuri" pretending
to sleep and a sort of "give someone made up information as a prank".
Yuuji: Buwaaaaaa
Doctor: Lo~ok, it's already over.
Yuuji: Moooomyyy [On page]
Tamako: It's your turn, Inumaru-kun...
SFX: Doki doki (heartbeat)
Inumaru: I don't wanna!!
Tamako: It's all right, it doesn't hurt!!
Inumaru: R...Really?
When I was playing "person's names shiritori" with my family and without thinking I said an AV Actress' name, and the creator...
Note: Shiritori is a Japanese word game where you make chains of words by finding a new one starting with the last character of the last person. An
AV Actress is and adult video actress. Also, I have no clue what this has to do with anything.
Doctor: There's no need to be nervous.
Now, put out a hand, if you please.
Inumaru: Which hand!!?
Doctor: Hahaha, either is fine.
Inumaru: Then this one..
Doctor: Sorry, I didn't think of those two choices.
Put your arm out
Inumaru: I~~don't~~wanna~~
Tamako: Inumaru-kun

Page 7:
Doctor: All of the other children did it, you're the last one.
You're a boy, so you have to endure it.
Inumaru: I'm a girl.
Tamako: Without even having to think, I can see something peaking out the back.
Principal: I guess there's no helping it...
I'll stop him from moving.
Tamako: Eh... Principal-sensei...
Principal: Inumaru-kun.
SFX: Uwa~~
Sign: [In black]picture story show[in white] for good children [bottom]by Principal
Principal: A long time ago~~ a long time ago~~ in a certain place
Tamako: But he's not watching at all.
SFX: Gyaaa
There was a near and lovely sexy girl.

Page 8:
Principal: Now!!
When that girl went to the beach, this picture was taken.
But, those were in my young days.
Sign: August 13th
ナンパ待ち 江島にて
Flirting and waiting at Enoshima
I'll get a boyfriend next year
Keep trying, me!!
Principal: So? I look pretty good, don't I?
Box: The anxiety over the pain for the immunization had ended but the safe
quietness had ended.

Page 9:
Inumaru Dash
☆With two stories together
I want to see what's added!!
The 2nd Time 2 "Go to Pick Everyone Up"
Side: Really ☆ hurts!!
Principal: Yes...
I'll inquire for now, then.
Tamako: Good mo~~rning.
Side: Pickup Time!!
Principal: Ah, Tamako-sensei. Usagi, I think, Ryou-kun...
Tamako: .........
Will he be absent again today?
Principal: For now, go to pick him up...
And see how he is.
Tamako: I'd be happy if he could come today, but...
Truant to kindergarten~~...
If I come to see Ryou-kun, I haven't come see him before...
But as the sensei in charge of him I have to do something...
Inumaru: Sensei, where're you going?
Now, I'm going to pick everyone up...
He's here before I went?
Tamako: Why are you here already!? How'd you get here!?
Inumaru: Well, um, sensei
I woke up early today.
I woke up at 5 in the morning so I walked here.
Tamako: That's dangerous!! A child alone!! There are lots of suspicious people in the world!!
Well... Inumaru-kun is suspicious, too, though.
I guess there's no helping it... Inumaru-kun, you'll just come together to pick everyone up.
[On Page]I can't just leave you alone...
Let's go zail!!
That sounds kinda like exile.
Note: In Japanese this sorta works... Ikuzairu sounds like Eguzairu. However the first one doesn't make sense anyway...
Hey, hey~~ ca~n't we~ ea~t suushii on the way?
Tamako: We're not eating. And that's not quite business-type language.
Syysteem beetaaa, like that!!
Note: They're extending the syllables because buisness-type language is like words used only in business circles. Inumaru says "suushii" where Tamako says "shiisuu" which is business-type language for "system".
Inumaru: There are two! beeaaans~~
There are fo~r broken e~~~ggs
There's a fork stuck in the he~~~~ad
The ear hairs and nose hairs are two me~~ter~~s
A~~nd there we a~re, Noguyama-sa~~n
Tamako: Who is that!! What's with that drawing song!!?
Noguyama (on page): Oiiiiiii

Page 11:
Inumaru: Sensei, look, look, woo~~!!
Tamako: Wai... Don't jump up and down on the bus!!
There's such hiiiiiiiigh tension today!!
Inumaru: Sensei, I got tangled!!
Tamako: Hey~~~ Ow~~~
Driver: Tamako-sensei, we've arrived at kenta-kun's~~
Tamako: Oh... Okay, okay!!
Ken's mom: Ken-chan, be sure to study hard!!
Ken: Okay!
Ken's mom: If anything happens, tell mama right away.
Be careful on the bus, go have fun!!
Ken: Okay!
And don't go near strange vehicals!!
Ken: Okay!
Tamako: Good morni~ng!
On Bus: Matatabi Kindegarten
Tamako: I'll take good care of Kenta-kun~~
Ken: Mama~~!! I'll see you later!!
Ken's mom: Just now, could it be...
my son just got onto a strange vehicle...

Page 12:
Ayuki: Hey, papa, it's embarrassing so don't wait here with me.
It should've come already!!
Dad: B-But I should greet the new sensei.............
Ayuki: I said it's fine!! You'll be late for work!!
Dad: O... Okay, sorry...
Could you be more emotionally attached...
Tamako: Ayuki-chan, good morning~~
Ayuki: A~~!! Why is Inumaru-kun already riding~~!?
Tamako: Let's go.
My work is far away from my family, so she really didn't care much.
Eeeeeeeeeeeh, my daughter is showing that guy with his penis exposed a smile she wouldn't show her own father!!
沖縄の シークワーサー 送ってくれたんだ
Ken: Yesterday my grandma from Okinawa sent me a shekwasha~~!!
Ayuki: What's a shekwasha?
Inumaru: The one rumored to be with Adachi Yumi a while back!?
Tamako: Wasn't that Kuroda Arthur?
Note: A shekwasha is a citrus fruit, also called a Taiwan tangerine, flat lemon, hirami lemon, or thin-skinned flat lemon. Adachi Yumi is an acress and was rumored to be with an american actor named Kuroda Arthur and later broke up.
Tamako: Ah... next is Ryou-kun's house...
I wonder if he'll come today...

Page 13:
Ryou's mom: It's not that he doesn't like kindergarten. He's getting ready, but...
Tamako: What is it exactly?
Ryou's mom: But in the morning he says "It's just so fun to play games alone.
Tamako: What... But surely playing together with friends is...
So just talking to the mother is of no use...?
Could you let me talk to Ryou-kun?
It's sensei... but I'm coming it...
Tamako: When did you start playing games together?
We're on the way to kindergarten, aren't we!!?
Ryou: Inumaru-kun, let's play one more time!!
Inumaru: Sensei, one more time.
Tamako: No!

Page 14:
Inumaru: Then, how about we play soccer at the playing field?
Ryou: Okay!
Tamako: Eh? Ah...
...I see, Ryou-kun.
You remembered how fun it is to play with friends.
Box: Since became a sensei... this is the first time all of the children in the Sumire class have been present.
Thanks to Inumaru-kun............
Taking attendance...
Where's Inumaru-kun...?
Box: He wanted to sleep so he went home.

Page 15:
そろった あらためて
Tamako: I'll add Inumaru-kun to being present...
Good morning...
Um...... Inumaru-kun!!
SFX: Kuuu kuuu
It's obvious he drew on his eyelids, but
the style he drew seems kind of wrong!
Wake up properly, okay!!?
Inumaru: Okay.
Tamako: Okay, let's sing the morning so~~ng
I picked who would be the person in charge before.........
It's obvious you put on a mask!!
There are no tengus in my class!!
Note: A tengu is a kind of long-nosed red-faced goblin in Japanese folklore.
Couldn't you at least put it on your face?
Why is that the only thing in color!?

[Volume version only]Though the whole comic's in black and white.

Inumaru Dash ... The 2nd Time / End
Next time there are also extra pages, completely exposed!!

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Nice!!Thanks kewl!!!For that I'll fav you ;) keep em coming!!
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Sorry this is taking me so long to begin, my copy of volume 1 still hasn't arrived yet. thanks for the hard work though and I'll be on this as soon as
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