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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Inumaru Dashi 3

Inumaru-kun VS Pants / Mischievous Child Inumaru-kun / Inumaru-kun's Shadow Pictures Challenge!!

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jul 7, 2009 03:27 | Go to Inumaru Dashi

-> RTS Page for Inumaru Dashi 3

I decided to go with "Dashi" because they do really pronounce it, after hearing
the Vomic. It's just cutoff at the end, but you can hear the "i". I'm keeping it as two words, though. There's a thing about "how it's pronounced" making it supposed to be two words in here. They even write it that was on the volume covers. By the way I'll probably do the extras in the volumes at some point, too. I bought 1 and 2. Whenever Noodles scans them, I guess.

Also, you'll just need to look up the celebrities if you want to know them. If the joke about it isn't clear, I'll put in a note. Then I'll just be looking it up anyway.

Also, don't think I'm just gonna translate the new stuff. Because the introduce
a lot of other characters by that point. I'll maybe catch up later once I have free time in August. Or at least try to get a few our rather than one a month like this. Also this is the last "bonus pages" chapter. The rest have 9-11.

Ya can see the Vomic of this chapter here:
It's part 3.

[Inumaru Dashi 3 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Tamako: Why!?
What on earth is going on!?
How is this happening!?
Side: A disaster in the garden!!
Tamako: The always fully-exposed-penis Inumaru-kun is
wearing pants!!
But it's raining, isn't it...
It's rain
Everyone~~ hurry, come inside~~!!
SFX: Wa~~
Middle: The much talked about kindergarten gag manga!! The third time of the new serialization, a big 13 pages!!
Tamako: It's a drawing.
Insert Text: ☆Exposed
Note: The "It's rain", "it's a drawing" "exposed" all end in "dashi". To form a kind of rhythm to them.

Ooishi Kouji
Inumaru Dashi

Page 2:
Title: The 3rd Time
"Inumaru-kun VS Pants"
Tamako: Principal-sensei... What started Inumaru-kun not wearing underpants?
Principal: Eh?
Now you mention it
I've never seen that child wear pants.
On Page: Since the enrollment ceremony
Tamako: So his penis is exposed by default!?
Why don't you make him put something on!?
Principal: He says "Compared to putting on underwear, getting run over by an *Itasha would be better~~" and such and runs wild.
Top: *Itasha
*Note: An Itasha is a car with an anime or game character or maker's logo covered with it.
Tamako: Th... That far...
But at this rate, once he's reached adulthood...
it'll reach the level of a crime.
[Top] Graph
[Bottom, higher] Age
[Bottom] Direct Proportion
Inumaru (on Page): Wa~~i
On Page (middle): Middle School
Principal: I guess so.
Tamako: Before that happens, I have to do something.
Left (in caligraphy), columns go from right to left: If he will not wear,
I shall try to make him wear
Tamako: Inumaru-kun, look, looK!!
Underpants!! Don't they look nice?
Inumaru: Are they yours, sensei!?
Tamako: No!!
They're Inumaru-kun's!! Aren't you embarrassed not wearing them?
Inumaru: Yes!!
I'm embarrassed!!

Page 3:
Inumaru: That embarrassment feels good!!
Tamako: It's no good, he's already reached that level!
A frontal attack is useless...
On Page: Tamako-sensei's Trap
SFX: Doki doki (heartbeat)
Instead, he powered up, failure!!

Page 4:
Tamako: Inumaru-kun!!
Please look at this.
Side of article: Elite Company President, 2 years of penal servitude!! The Crime of Indecent Exhibition
井原木 政彦凝者
Ibaraki Masahikoyoukorisha (51)
Tamako: Understand? You have to wear underpants to be an adult.
Or you'll get arrested[arrested written big] like this man.
Inumaru: A... Arrested!?
Tamako: When he heard "arrested" I think he acted scared... Sorry... But now you'll understand...
Inumaru: This nice old man got...
Tamako: You know that person!?
Inumaru: Yeah... He lives near my house.
He wasn't the kind of bad person who'd get arrested!! This is strange.
Tamako: That sorta fashion is not good!!
After, he taught me a 9-kanji self-defense method.
Ibaraki: 臨・兵・闘
Confront Soldier War






Tamako: It wasn't "Line Exist Before"!?
Note: These 9 kanjis in a row is said to be a Taoist spell. Though he changes the end, changing two kanjis (one which appeared before) and moving one. It's normally how Tamako says it.

Page 5:
Tamako: Anyhow, please put on underwear!!
Inumaru: I do~n't wa~~nna
Tamako: No~~ please put them on.
Inuamru: N~~O~~
Inumaru: Why's it gotten Okinawa-like!?
Note: He's saying "Noo" with an Okinawa dialect.
Inumaru: I definitely do~~n't wanna~~~!!
Tamako: Please wai- UOOO
Principal: ......So? Didn't it go like that?
Tamako: It did.
Principal: W... Well... Don't get discouraged............
That child will put underwear on by himself sooner or later.
Tamako: No...!! I have to make him wear them!!
Principal: Speaking of a butt being completely exposed.............
It's the opposite, something got taken off.

Page 6:
Inumaru Dashi
Insert: The intonation is "Inumaru Dashi"! [Indicating there's a separate emphasis on the Dashi part. So that's part of why I'm writing it as two words.]
Title: The 3rd Time 2 "Mischievous Child Inumaru-kun"
Side: The standard of mischief is...!?
Futoshi: He~~~y, Inumaru~~!!
Inumaru: Bully-child Futoshi-kun!!
Futoshi: I thought of something interesting~~!!
If you're not interested I won't forgive you!!
Inumaru: Bully Futoshi-kun!!

Page 7:
Inumaru: Are you okay, bully Futoshi-kun?
Futoshi: Ow~~!! Who'd put something like a pitfall here~~
That's dangerous~
And they put dog poop there, too.
Inumaru: It's not dog poop, it's my poop.
Futoshi: Eh~ Why is your poop in there?
Could it be... You made this pitfall...
Inumaru: It wasn't me, but more importantly, it sure was made well, bully Futoshi-kun.
Futoshi: Oh~~~ what's that mean~~
Inumaru: Let's surprise Tamako-sensei!!
Futoshi: Eh~~~~ what sorta thing?
Inumaru: Something like that pitfall just now.
Futoshi: From just now? I knew it, it was you who...
Inumaru: It wasn't me, bully Futoshi-kun!!
Futoshi: So you know from now, it's not Futoshi, it's Takashi.
Inuamru: This way, bully Futoshi-kun!!
Futoshi: Oh~~ Jus- wait~
Inumaru: Futoshi-kun!!

Page 8:
Inumaru: We'll call Tamako-sensei here.
She'll get caught in this jump rope, and
the swing will shake-
and the ball on it will fly off with a "bohn"
The ball will land on the slide and roll down-
and end up hitting the fan with a "gohn"--
like that.
Note: "Oh Macching" is a reference to Maicching Machiko Sensei.
Inumaru: And with my left hand I'll eat potato chips.
Futoshi: That's not like Death Note.
Not to mention it'll never work. It's full of places where something could mess it up.
First, I don't think an adult could get tangled in a jump rope.
And even if they do, the ball will just fall off the swing.
And even if it flies off, it won't go down the slide easily.
On Page: Relatively-wise bully

Page 9:
Inumaru: Then what do you think we should do, together?
Futoshi: It's not "what we should do"~ by the way,
Isn't that principal-sensei's fan? She'll be mad that you just took it on your own.
Inumaru: A~~~~~
Futoshi: HEEEEEY
Principal: I knew it was you two!!
You pulled my electric fan all this way on your own!!
Futoshi: I didn't do anything wrong, it was all Inumaru-kun...
Principal: Ah, hey, in kindergarten you shouldn't eat strange things!!
SFX: Pih
SFX: Pohn

Page 10:
SFX: Bain
SFX: Gorogorogorogoro
SFX: Gon
SFX: Batan
Insert Text: ☆A dream come true!!

Page 11:
Inumaru Dashi
Insert Text: ☆With 3 stories,
it seems like a great value!
The 3rd Time 3 "Inumaru-kun's Shadow Pictures Challenge!!"
Tamako: What's thi~~s?
Kids: A dooog!!
Inumaru: Sensei, I'll do one, too!!
Tamako: Oh!! Can you do it, Inumaru-kun?
Side: What will he show?
Inumaru: What's thi~~s!!? A butt!!
Tamako: Even without doing that, you show us a butt normally...
And also, it's not a shadow picture.
Try doing one with a shadow!!
Inumaru: Okay!
What's thi~~s!!

Page 12:
Inumaru: How about a hint!!?
What now
Please walk on the edge more!
We won't get it if you're mimicing the face!!
On page in the bubble: That's old
Box (words written upside down): Answer [I'm doing them in the order of looking at the page rightside-up]
美川 憲一
Mikawa Kenichi
Inumaru: Dankan, you bastard!
On Page: Green Soybeans!!
Box (upside-down): Answer: Beat Takeshi
Inumaru: I'm telling you, it's not that!!
Inumaru: A poop is poop, but coming out of a butt-hole it's wha~t!?
Box (Upside down): Answer: Poop
Tamako: That's just a simple riddle, it's poop!!
Tamako: Um, without trying to imitate something~~
make something we could guess with the shape of the shadow!!
Inumaru: Okay!! I got it!!
Kid: Ah, it looks like that.
Answer: Mobile Phone Signal
Inumaru: Then, wha~~t's this?
On Page: A dog
Tamako: Well, just as it is... It has that kinda feeling
Inumaru: Kay, for the next one I'll just use my hands.
Okay!! U~~m, like this~~~~~

Page 13:
Inumaru: What is i~~t!!?
Tamako: How did you make that wit hand shapes!?
However you did it, isn't it kinda like Ronaldinho!?
Tamako: Inumaru-kun, it's about time,
how bout you switch with a different friend?
Inumaru: One more time!! Sensei, just one more time!!
With this mushroom I'll make it look like my penis got bigger.
Tamako: You can't do that!!
Inumaru: I wa~~nna~~
Kids: Inumaru's penis is!!?
Insert Text: ☆It fell off!!

Inumaru Dashi
...The 3rd Time / End
Next issue, wanting to meet the man you can only see at night, Inumaru-kun is...!?

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