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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Konjiki no Gash!! 317

Gash's Allies

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 5, 2009 23:46 | Go to Konjiki no Gash!!

-> RTS Page for Konjiki no Gash!! 317

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[Konjiki no Gash!! Chapter 317 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 61:
Danny: Now... stand firm once again... Gash...
Gash: Dannyyyyy!!!
LEVEL.317 Gash's Allies
Gash: You... how?
Danny: I heard your voice...
No... In the Demon World we're just souls. I think "sensed" would be closer, right?

Page 62:
Danny: This fight...
That idiot...
Your form...
Your strong feelings towards us...
The form of you trying to hard to save us reached us in the Demon World.
"I want to help Gash"...
I thought that, so I came here... No,
I was in that golden book...

Page 63:
Clear: What...? What happened...?
Why did Gash, who was at death's door, recover?
Just what...
the hell is Gash talking to?
Kiyomaro: I can see it...
The image of Danny...
Clear can't understand it...
In this fight of 100 demon children to decide the Demon World King...
The demons who became Gash's allies...
that became Gash's friends!!!

Page 64:
Clear: Well, fine...
Whatever happened, you'll just be erased by my power no matter what!!
I've already accumulated the heart energy!!
Now I can make everything disappear!!
SFX: Don
Danny: Of course...
The ones lending you power aren't just me...
SFX: Suu...
WOnlei: I won't let you...
hurt Gash again...
SFX: Su...

Page 65:
Kiyomaro: Shin Goraiou Dibauren!!!
SFX: Zubaaaaa
Clear: Wh...at?
It's... blocking it!?
SFX: Gooooo
Rein: Didn't I say I'd do anything for you?
SFX: Suuu

Page 66:
Kiyomaro: Shin Garubadosu Aborodio!!!
SFX: Gah
SFX: Doh

Page 67:
Gash: Wonlei!?
Rein: Hah, don't cry, Gash...
Isn't it obvious we'd come to help you?
Clear: Bas...tard...
What is...
What is happening!!?
SFX: Bun
Earth: That tail certainly is a hinderance...
SFX: Chah

Page 68:
Kiyomaro: Shin Varusere Ozu Maaru Sorudon!!!
SFX: Dokakakakakakakakakakakaka
Gash: Earth!!!
SFX: Bunh
Kid: Hey, don't just break something like that up!!
It sure is hard to get rid of everything, right!?
Kiyomaro: So you came, too...?
Same as ever...

Page 69:
Kiyomaro: Mikoruo Shin Zegaruga!!!
SFX: Boshuooooo
Gash: Kid!!
Kid: Don't lose focus, Gash, that guy's still trying!!
Clear: AAAAAAA!!!
SFX: Bobobobobobobobo

Page 70:
Clear: How about this!!?
I'll change my horns into countless bullets,
and erase Kiyomaro and the others near death!!
SFX: Zaaaaaaaaaa
Reira: Here we go, Gash.
SFX: Su...
Kiyomaro: Miberuna Shin Miguron!!!
SFX: Baaaaa

Page 71:
Gash: Reira!!
Pamoon: Dis-purse!!!
SFX: Ba ba
Kiyomaro: Faruseeze Baaron!!
SFX: Gah
SFX: Buooooooo
Gash: Pamoon!!
Victoream: And
Glorious Revolution 3-6-0!!!
SFX: Kyarurururu
Victoream: Assume the V stance, Gash!!!
Gash: !!?
SFX: Ba bah

Page 72-73:
Kiyomaro: Shin Chaaguru Imisudon!!!
Victoream: Hahhahhahhahha!!
SFX: Dododooon Viii Bobobobon Bagagaaan
Victoream: Hahhahhahhahhahhah
SFX: Bakaan dododo doon
Victoream: Hahhahhahhahhahhahhah!!!
SFX: Babaaan Gaaan boboon daan

Page 74:
SFX: Shuuuuuuuuu
Gash: You, Victoream!!?
Victoream: Nice V, Gash.
Okay...? Gash...
When I returned to the Demon World, I returned with a melon seed I had...
SFX: Pon
"One seed gives birth to one million melons."
Don't forget that...
We'll be waiting in the Demon World, Gash...
Gash: Vi...
SFX: Suuuu

Page 75:
Clear: O...Oo...!?
Then... power...
SFX: Gakon
Clear: Don't think you'll be able to get away with a few little attacks!!!
SFX: Guaaaa
SFX: Don
Ashuron: Clear...
I still haven't given you a taste of the true dragon's breath...
SFX: Su...
Kiyomaro: Shin Doragonosu Buroa!!!
SFX: Gah

Page 76-77:
SFX: Gah

Page 78:
Clear: Th... This spell...!?
Ashuron!? Are you behind Gash!!?
Ashuron: Fn... That fool, controlled by power...
He remembered me?
Now, stay focused, Gash...
Clear will come here, sense his body is in danger, and fight with all his strength...
Kiyomaro, is my voice reaching you? From here you can't just rely on power.
Kiyomaro's power, our power, Gash's power...
will guide the way to the answer to defeat Clear...

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