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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Konjiki no Gash!! 318

Further Allies

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 7, 2009 23:01 | Go to Konjiki no Gash!!

-> RTS Page for Konjiki no Gash!! 318

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[Konjiki no Gash!! Chapter 318 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 79:
Clear: Bas...tard...
Gash can use other demon's strongest spells?
Don't... screw with me...
Do you think...
SFX: Gurun gurun
I'll really let you do that!!?
SFX: Gyagoooooo
LEVEL.318 Further Allies

Page 80:
Kiyomaro: Gash, our aim is the same as before,
The center of that monster's brow, the sphere of power on the cast off skin Clear's forehead!!!
This time we can only get close with body reinforcement!!
If we're at close range, we'll be able to give that sphere real damage!!
Ted: If it's speed and power, it's my turn!
Kiyomaro: Ted! I'm counting on you!!!
SFX: Zuah
Kiyomaro: Shin Doragunaa Naguru!!!
SFX: Gah

Page 81:
Ted: Turn to the right side!!
SFX: Babah
SFX: Tatan
Ted: One-Two!!
SFX: Gyuah

Page 82:
SFX: Dopdopaan
Let's run up to that guy's head in one go.
With my body reinforcement and your mantle, you can do it.
SFX: Jyuaaaaa
Ted: Let's go!
Gash: Unu!!
Clear: Fn,
Like I'll let you get heeere!!!

Page 83:
Clear: Gash boy,
there's no need to stop going...
Kiyomaro: I'm counting on you...
Kiyomaro: Shin Guraado Ganzu Kofaru!!!
SFX: Zuaaaaaa
SFX: Gagagagagagaga
SFX: Babababababababa
Clear: You... bastard!!!
SFX: Dododododododo

Page 84:
Kiyomaro: Nice covering, Cherish!!
SFX: Gagagagagagagagagagagagaga
Clear: O...
SFX: Go go oh
SFX: Don

Page 85:
Clear: Dammit!! Even if you've gotten close,
Do you think you can destroy that cast off skin with your power!!!
Bari: Fn...
Someone like you doesn't want to underestimate my power...
SFX: Goooooooo

Page 86:
Gash: Bari!!
Bari: Gash... this weak spot is protected by a strong barrier called Clear's cast off skin.
SFX: Pitah
That cast of shell is hard.
複雑に合わす 正確 裂くことで表にだすこと
but if the joins complexly joined together like a puzzle are precisely split, it will be possible to reveal the surface of the weak spot!!
Kiyomaro: Shin Doruzonisu!!!
SFX: Zuah
Bari: First is to slice off the flesh around it!!!
SFX: Zobuuu
Then go around to the back side,
and then break it apart all at once!!!
SFX: Ba bah

Page 87:
SFX: Doka doka doka doka doka
SFX: Doka doka doka doka doka doka
Clear: STOoOOOP!!!
SFX: Gyah
SFX: Doka doka doka doka doka doka doka doka doka
SFX: Doka doka doka doka doka doka doka doka doka

Page 88:
SFX: Pitah
SFX: Gyabaa
SFX: Don
SFX: Zogyaaaaa
Kiyomaro: All right!!
The power sphere has been exposed!!!
SFX: Kaaaaa
Clear: FOoOOLS!!
I won't let you escape from there!!!
SFX: Shuooo

Page 89:
Kiyomaro: Shin...
Yopopo: Yopoi!
Gash: Yopopo!?
Kiyomaro: Yopopoi
SFX: Babah
Kiyomaro: Topopoi
SFX: Babah
Kiyomaro: Supopopooi!!!
SFX: Babaaan

Page 90:
Clear: Ka... My body is moving by itself...!?
Patie: Kay, now's your chance, Gash-chan.
Gash: Patie!!
Byonko: Yeah-gero, before a dangerous spell comes, get away for a moment-gero!!!
Gash: Byonko!!
Kiyomaro: Shin Suou Giakuru!!!
SFX: Jyabaa
Byonko: And...
Kiyomaro: Shin Nyurushirudo!!!
SFX: Poyo~~n
SFX: Dopo betan

Page 91:
SFX: Boyoyoyo~~n
Kiyomaro: All right... the final attack...
SFX: Zazazah
Tio: Before that, I'll have to heal Kiyomaro's weary body,
so you'll defeat him at the very end!!
Kiyomaro: .............
SFX: Koooooo

Page 92:
Kiyomaro: Shin Saifojio!!
SFX: Foooooooo
Kiyomaro: All right!
SFX: Oooo
Sherry: Power is filling my body...
Us, too... you restored our bodily energy?
SFX: Ooooo
Sherry: Brago will
be brought back to normal, too...
Gash: Unu, as expected of Tio.
Does this spell make everyone on your side healthy besides yourself?
SFX: Suuu

Page 93:
Tio: Yep, exactly, Gash.
You can keep fighting a little longer, right?
Gash: Unu!!
Of course!!
Clear: You... bastard...
That you've returned all my power...
Don't think you've... won...
Where I'm going, is "a place where those with flesh and blood bodies cannot go"...
SFX: Gogogogogogogogo
Kiyomaro: Wha!?
This is bad!!
We won't be able to go!!!
Gash: What is it!? Where on earth is he going!!?
Kiyomaro: Where he's going is a place we can't go...

Page 94:
Kiyomaro: Space!!!
In the void of space, he can recover that body, and he's planning to erase this world from space!!!
Clear: Hah,
this is... fine...
Store up power... Vino.
I'll release all my power at once... And make everything vanish...
SFX: Koooooo

Page 95:
Kiyomaro: Dammit!!
装備 真空 無茶苦茶な温度で生き
If we go into space without any equipment, in the vacuum of space, we won't be able to survive in the extreme temperature!!!
Koruru: I...
will protect Gash and Kiyomaro's lives.
Kiyomaro: ............
So you had... this kind of power?
SFX: Su...
Kiyomaro: Shin Raifojio!!!
SFX: Kah
SFX: Kooooooooo
Koruru: If you're inside that light, underwater our in the void of space,
it'll protect "life".

Page 96:
Koruru: Gash...
I don't just have spells that hurt people, I've had this kind of spell, too.
Gash: Unu, it's wonderful, Koruru.
It's a kind spell.
Koruru: Yeah.
Gash: Just wait a little longer.
I'll definitely become a "kind king".

Page 97:
Koruru: Yeah.
Umagon: Merumerume~~~!!
Gash: Umagon!!
SFX: Pooon
Gash: Can you tale me into space?
Umagon: Merumerume~~~!!!
SFX: Don
Kiyomaro: Shin Shudoruku!!!
SFX: Gah
SFX: Don

Page 98:
Gash: Now, let's go, Kiyomaro!!!
SFX: Doooooooo
Let's settle it with Clear now!!!
SFX: Koooooooo

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