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Inumaru Dashi 4

Exercise Big Bro is Here!! & Inumaru-kun and Playing Mama

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 11, 2009 00:03 | Go to Inumaru Dashi

-> RTS Page for Inumaru Dashi 4

I'd like to try to translate this more. I'm hoping the obscure references and hard-to-lookup things decrease as it goes on. Which I think they do.
Also since we're gonna use volume scans for this I'm just gonna skip the insert texts they only put in the issues. I guess I'll have to scan in the volumes, too. But someone else has to actually scanlate it...
The first volume is 15 chapters long, and has little profiles in between chapters, so I'll do the extras at the end of the volume.

[Inumaru Dashi 4 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1: Eeeeeeeeh!! This man!!
He's Big Bro Itou Michihiro , isn't he!!?
Magazine(Top): Coming to Matatabi Kindergarten!
(Right): The famous gymnast big bro
(Left): Don't tell[cut off] with[cut off] [This is the title of the show
a couple lines down]
He... He's coming to this kindergarten!?
超定番教育番組 この前の男の人のことはパパにはないしょ
The gymnast big bro from the high standard educational program "Don't Tell
Papa About The Man That Was With Mom Before!!"
The program super popular with not just kids, but also housewives, so much
that it even pulls up other programs, that super-famous guy!?
Principal: They were holding referrals for kindergartens for exercise locations
so I applied for it.
ていうか 言っといて
Tamako: E~~h, I'm nervous. So um, tell me what I should know before the
TV crew gets here.
Principal: Well, Tamako-sensei.
Even with the TV crew coming it's still the same as usual.
Just do your job as you normally would, and try try your best not to get
Tamako: Is... Is that so...
Principal: It's fine to just be yourself.
Michihiro: Yaa!! I'm Big Bro Michihiro!!
Let's have lots of energy today!! Together with our friends at Matatabi
Title: The 4th Time (1) "Exercise Big Bro is Here!!"

Page 2:
Michihiro: First, all of Matatabi Kindergarten's senior group are
presenting their drum and bugle marching band!
SFX: Piii pih pih
SFX: Don don shakaan
Inumaru: My~~ grandpa is~~~~~
tends to~~ have a super-low approval rating of like 8%~~
SFX: Dokodoko
SFX: Dondodoh
SFX: Paapaa zuncha
Michihiro: Just now, in the middle of the tambourines, was a DAIGO-
Principal: Just your imagination.
SFX: DON DON tatatatata
Note: This is a pun, tambourine is "taiko" which is similar in pronunciation
in Japanese to "DAIGO". DAIGO is a Japanese singer/songwriter whose grandfather
is the former prime minister of Japan, in the late 80s, whose approval ratings
went down to 8% after a sales tax he introduced which was blamed on his
grandson. [Based on me trying to translate the Wikipedia articles of these
people, so might be off a little bit if I misinterpreted. Japanese historical
scandals are not my forte.]
Michihiro: Thanks, senior group!!
Now, everyone gather round, for what you've all been waiting for,
Let's begin~~ animal exercises~~!!
Music, start!!

Page 3:
Michihiro: Stre~~ch your le~~gs
fa~~r apa~~rt~~!!
Tamako: Don't, cameraman-san!!
Cameraman: What happened to that child's underwear!?
Tamako: Eh,
ようで パンツっていうか羞恥心
Yes... he must have lost them somewhere... Underwear... you might say...
gives him shame...
Director Guy: It's a spiritual problem!?
Tamako: A-Anyway, just don't film that child...!!
There'll be some real complaints if you show a penis on a national broadcast
netwqork in the evening.
If you just focus on Big Bro Michihiro you'll get big numbers.
Director Guy: Yes.. but...
That child is staying near Big Bro and isn't moving away... He's right on
the mark.
Somebody: Eh~~ well... if we don't shoot Big Bro the ratings will...
Then don't film the child, just film right above him.
Somebody else: I-If we film there, we'll get the opposite result and get
lots of complains anyway, with that picture.
For a certain reason we'll get ratings but really we can't do that!!
Principal: I-It's okay. My Tamako-sensei will stealthily move Inurmaru-kun
On Page (SFX): Lion Pose GAOOH GAOOH
Elephant Pose PAOON PAOON
SFX: Sah

Page 4:
Michihiro: Dolphin Juuump!
SFX: Tatatata surih
People: Its gotten worse......
Th-This is bad! Big Bro hasn't noticed!! He's making a huge smile!
Principal: What's the possibility that he'd smile if he knew his butt was
Person: ZERO!! What kind of pervert is are you!?
Michihiro: Now!! Let's get even more intense!!
Somebody: No, don't get more intense!!
This ain't good, we're gonna get the most complaints in the show's history.
Director: Reshoot it!
Tamako: Gyaaa
Principal: What are you doing, Tamako-sensei!!
SFX: Burun burun
Director: Again from the beginning of the exercises.
Principal: Um... but there's no time left.
It's already time to close the school. As soon as this ends the students
have to go home.
Somebody: Eh!? *Ketsukacchin!?
Asterisk that's there originally: *Business lingo. It means being out shooting
Note: It's also a pun because "ketsu" means butt.
Principal: That's true. Big Bro's butt is rock hard.
Note: A pun on her mishearing them. She literally says "Kacchikachi"
Director: That's not what I meant.

Page 5:
Director Guy: Okay, it's fine, just only show Big Bro in face shots!!
Cameramen: Got it!!
Director Guy: And when you're facing his back cut to the kids!!
Cameramen: Okay!!
Michihiro: Okay, kids!!
SFX: Gururih (spinning)
SFX: Gururuin
Kids: Okay, Big Bro!!
SFX: Kurukuru
Somebody: Okay, the kids... Nooo... not that kid!!
SFX: Kuruh
Michihiro: Well today I made friends with everyone at Matatabi Kindergarten!!

Our time was short, but everyone had lots of energy and had fun!! So see
you tomorrow!! Reaaaady!!
Kids: See ya lateeeeeeeer!!
Director guy: It's finally over, somehow.........
Teachers: We're really sorry.
SFX: Fuuuu
On Page: There was a little too much footage left on.
On Screen: The End

Page 6:
Title: The 4th Time (2) "Inumaru-kun and Playing Mama"
Yuki: I'll be the kind mom!!
Boy[Never says his name]: I'll be the cool dad!!
Inumaru: I'll be the dog that can never get emotionally attached to humans!!
Boy: Why'd you give it that kind of condition!?
Yuki: Dear, I've made dumplings for you.
Boy: Time to ea~~t, musha musha.
Inumaru: WAN WAN WAN!!
Boy: Can Poochy have a dumpling, too?
Inumaru: WAN!! WAN!!
Inumaru: HAHHAH!! HAH!! HAH!!
Yuki: D... Dear, are you all right...?
SFX: Tatta tatta zuru zuru
Inumaru: UOON!!
Kids: That dog's really messing things up...

Page 7:
Yuki: Not really the dog, Inumaru-kun, don't mess up our fun!
Boy: That's right, that's right! Just as Yuki-chan says!!
Inumaru: Sorry...
Yuki: No... Um... If you just be a normal dog it's fine!!
Boy: Yeah, as long as you don't do anything weird.
Inumaru; Um, but,
The dog, it
I, like
don't get to do anything, right,
so, mm,
Yuki: Ah, he's about to cry!!
Boy: Then, then you can be the dad!!
Inumaru: Is that okay!?
SFX: Pata pata pata
Then I'll wear that suit~~ and be the father~~
Boy: Eeh, the dog's gonna be the dad!?
Then what am I gonna be with just underwear on...?
Inumaru: You can be the dog.
Inumaru: The dad has the smell of perfume on him and he's exposed as being
Boy: What's with that kind of dreadful scene!?

Page 8:
Mom: Welcome back, dear[heart]
You're a bit late, I'll go heat up dinner,so...
And right after take a bath...
...That's not your smell...
You've been unfaithful again, haven't you...
Dad: I'm wearing perfume.
Mom: I don't believe that... It's different from how you smelled this morning.
And this is the smell of a woman's perfume...
Mom: Wait, why don't you say something!!?
Dad: You're a woman with a nose stronger than a dog's.
Mom: So you're admitting it!!
Why!! While you have me here...
Mom: Be quiet, Poochy!

Page 9:
Inumaru: A-And what kind of hobbies do you have!?
Kids: What is this...
Yuki: Inumaru-kun, this feels kinda creepy.
Boy: Let's do something else.
Yuki: Wouldn't pure love be better!!?
It's like a Korean drama!!
Dad: Kamsahamnida
Note: Kansahamnida is "thank you" in Korean.
Mom: Wan-sama!! I've already left you!
Why are you chasing after me!!?
Dad: It's because I~~~
*Love you.
*Note: Here he says "chuki" the Korean word for love.
Inumaru: Kamsahamnida!
Tamako: How long are you all going to play out here? Everyone's already
gone inside.
SFX: Gah
Inumaru: Hasamnida your mouth!
Tamako: Hasamnida!?
Note: Here Hasamnida in Korean this seems to mean "be quiet".
SFX: Uru uru uru uru

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