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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Konjiki no Gash!! 323

Final Chapter Letter From Gash

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 29, 2009 01:20 | Go to Konjiki no Gash!!

-> RTS Page for Konjiki no Gash!! 323

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Last chapter, enjoy it.

[Konjiki no Gash!! Chapter 323 -- Final Chapter Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 171:
Final Chapter
Letter From Gash

Page 172:
Kiyomaro: N!?
Mother: What is it, Kiyomaro?
Getting all excited after getting home from high school...
Kiyomaro: This... This!!
Mother: !?
That... An envelope?
Kiyomaro: It's a letter from Gash!!!

Page 173:
Kiyomaro: That it came to my place means...
Surely the other people got one from their demons...
SFX: Bah
Kiyomaro: Oh...
It's Demon World characters, but the meaning is sent to my heart.
Gash box: Kiyomaro, are you doing well? It's Gash.
It's been about a month since we separated...

Page 174:
Gash: I gave a body back to all of the demons who had been just souls.
Everyone in the Demon World now is living in peace.
Gash: Uuumagooon,
Umagon: Meeerumeeeru,
Gash: Uuumagooon,
Umagon: Meeerumeeeru,

Page 175:
Tio: Gash... Even though you're the king now, what're you doing?
Gash: Nu!? Tio, Koruru.
I'm just going to school with Umagon, since it's reopening today.
Tio (on page): Is it okay to not call you Schneider?
Tio: Eh!? You're going to the same school as me? Even though you became the king?
Gash: Unu...
It’s still fine if I go to the same school as everyone else, isn’t it...?
Gash Box: All of the children are going to school.
Gash: And I've made lots of new friends.
Belugimu EO: My name is Beligimu EO!!!
Se-Sensei!!! Is it song time yet!!?
Gash: That guy... He's in the same grade as me...?
SFX: Ban

Page 176:
Patie: Iya~~~~n, what a coincidence!!
I'm in the same class as Gash-chan!!
Gash: Unu!? Patie!!?
Byonko: It's not a coincidence-gero... Patie's parents asked it as a favor-gero...
Tio: I heard Reira and Pamoon are in two grades above us...
Gash: What...
I guess we weren't all in the same grade...
Gash Box: Everyone isn't at the same school, but...

Page 177:
Gash Box: Everyone seems to be living enjoyably.
Sign: Melon

Page 178:
Gash Box: And I had a thing called a coronation...
Zeon: Gash, your broach is crooked.
Gash: Unu, sorry, Zeon...
Zeon: Pretty good...
Father and Mother are waiting in the ceremonial hall, they’ll be pleased.
Yuno: Fufufu... Magnificent, Gash-sama.
Zeon: Yuno, don't lollygag around at a time like this.
How about you keep cleaning?
SFX: Biku
Be grateful you're just working.
Zeon: Considering how you treated Gash, it wouldn't be too strange for you to be living in a jail!!
Yuno: Y...Y-Yes!!
I won't be rude to Gash-sama or Zeon-sama!!
SFX: Gata gata gata gata gata

Page 179:
Guy: You shall be, for these next 1000 years...
leading us, the people of Demon World, to happiness, as...
SFX: Su...
Guy: the Demon World King,
Gash Bell!!!

Page 180-181:

Page 182:
Gash: After that ceremony ended, I've started to learn the work of the king bit by bit.
I'm studying laws now.
It's hard, but Earth is teaching me some things.
When all that business had calmed down a bit...
For us 100 children who had been chosen to decide the king...
this letter set appeared.
It said that if we wanted, we could send a letter once to the Human World.
Kiyomaro, I've been thinking now,
this battle against fellow demons to
determine the king is a
righteous thing, isn’t it?

Certainly, in this fight there were many difficult and terrible things.
But in this fight I became friends with you, Kiyomaro.

Page 183:
I knew the joy of working together.
I knew the importance of making bad things better and being able to talk together.
No matter how horrible a reality we faced,
I was able to see the form of brightly shining hearts.
In this battle called "God's trial",
in order to live for these next thousand years,
we learned these kind of important things, didn’t we?

Page 184:
Gash Box: And in borrowing power from the humans like Kiyomaro,
The humans were taught the same kind of things, weren't they?
And the final enemy, Clear,
said he was like Human World's "nuclear weapons".
Demons and humans created those sorts of terrible powers.
What protects us from those kinds of terrible powers is
the strong power of the hearts we have, isn't it?

Page 185:
Gash Box: Nu, oh yeah, Kiyomaro, the truth is, Clear is alive.
Our Baou ate his bad annihilation power, so...
Having lost his power, Clear no longer has his previous memories, character, or appearance.
There is a demon with the name "White" going to our school.
On Page: White
(Former Clear)
Gash Box: It would be nice if he lead a happy life from here.
SFX: Mugyuuu
Gash Box: By the way, that this White the reincarnation of Clear,
is a secret no one knows but me. Fufufufufu...
SFX: Fufufufufu
Gash: Kiyomaro, someday we'll meet again.
It's unfortunate, but with the books gone the path to the Human World is closed,
Even using Faudo's transfer device, we can't go to the Human World anymore.
SFX: Suu...
Gash: But someday I'll find a way to get to the Human World,
and come to see you, Kiyomaro.

Page 186-187:
Gash: For when we meet again,
we'll grow into adults able to meet each other with our heads held high.
It's a promise, Kiyomaro.

Page 188:
Kiyomaro: Yeah,
it's a promise.
When we meet again I'll be bigger...
SFX: Koooo fuwah
SFX: Suuuu
SFX: Oooooooooooo

Page 189:
Kiyomaro: We'll be big enough to save the Earth,
I'll surprise you!!
SFX: Kooooooooo

Page 190-191:

Page 192:
Kiyomaro: We'll meet again!

---Konjiki no Gash!! - End---

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#1. by damane08 ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
oh man, it's finally done. It should have been longer.
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