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Hunter x Hunter 319

Lot Drawing

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 4, 2011 20:39 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 319

Ugh... So much boring political dialogue...
I was gonna write out the entire script in Japanese, because I'm such a nice guy.
But... I realized how long that would take, so I stopped after like 2 pages. I filled in a few lines that I needed to look up parts of, too. Because the logic in this is so confusing... I might transcribe the rest later.

[Hunter X Hunter 319 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Narration: Hunter "Jyuunishin"
会長がその実力を認めた12人 有事の際に協会運営を託す他 ヒマな時 遊び相手になってもらったりしていた
12 people whom the chairman had recognized the strength of, and in emergency situations would entrust the association to. He also uses them as sparring partners in his free time.
それぞれに仇名(コードネーム)が渡され 会長に心酔するメンバーのほとんどはその名に合わせ 改名したりキャラ変するなど涙ぐましい努力をしているが例外もいる
They have each been given a codename. And most of these members, adoring the chairman, have touchingly put in the effort to change their names and characters to match those codenames. But there are exceptions.
Insert Text: ☆The TV anime is airing every Sunday at 10:55 on Nihon TV!!
Insert Text: Who has gathered at the association...!?
Title: No.319◆Lot Drawing
Author: Togashi Yoshihiro

Page 2-3:
Mizaistom: I thought all of the "Jyuunishin" were here, but the rat still hasn't shown up.
Description: Mizaistom

Piyon: Vice Chairman is real busy even at times like these~~~~
Description: Piyon

Gehl: It's because it's a time like this, isn't it? He's surely be putting in quite some effort to secure votes.
Description: Gehl

Description: Ginta

Clook: Oh, shut up, Ginta! It's hot and it stinks!!
Description: Clook

Saiyuu: Even Ging, who's always shirking on his responsibilities showed up... The rat really is scum.
Description: Saiyuu

せづらって何だ 殺すぞサル
Ging: What do you mean "even"? I'll kill you, monkey.
Description: Ging

Saiyuu: Ooooh, you just try, you idiot scum!
Bodobai: I am not satisfied...!!
Description: Botobai

Why did the chairman call on us?
Kanzai: I agree.
Are Morau and Nov too important for this?!!
Description: Kanzai

自分で狩りたかったから->辰 役不足の使い方間違い->寅
Chidol: Wanted to go hunting himself -> Dragon. Uses the "above this kind of work" method -> Tiger.
Is that right?
Description: Chidol

Sacchou: The chairman told us to do this together.
Description: Sacchou

Sacchou: So let's wait until then.

Page 4:
Pariston: Yaaaa, sorry to keep you waiting.
I'm truly sorry!!
Description: Pariston
Rat (Exception)
Pariston: Things relating to East Gorteau have been real hectic.
Man, I'm beat.
(On page): Scum
Mizaistom: Hurry and sit down.
Pariston: Ah,
pardon me.

Page 5:
SFX: NIKO NIKO (grinning)
Pariston: Now then, let's get down to business.
Let the meeting regarding the election of the next chairman begin!
Kanzai: Hang on a sec!
Why are you acting like you're suddenly in charge?!
Pariston: Huh? Would you prefer if I weren't?
Piyon: Don't just butt in when you come late, okaaaaay?
Clook: Pariston, shut up!! You're gross!! Just disappear!!
Pariston: Well, I thought it was a bit forward as well.
But what can I do? I mean,
I'm the vice chairman!!

Page 6:
Pariston: By just a little, I'm higher ranked than all of you.
Also I'm a fairly able mediator.
And you'd all like to get this done as soon as possible, wouldn't you?
-----That's all I thought!!
In terms of seniority, the one with the most is Botobai-san!!
In terms of practical progressive ability, the best is Chidol-san.
You two are both certainly more competent than me!!
Would either of you like to lead?
Chidol: Holding back -> Rat.
Harrassed anyhow -> Rat.
Botobai: I concur.
Saiyuu: Whatever, you just keep on leading the meeting.
And if you wanna be in charge, just say it straight out, you scum.

Page 7:
それでは不肖ワタクシ パリストンの進行に異義ある方
Pariston: Then is there anyone that objects to me humbly moving us forward?
A show of hands, please!!
Clook: No way in hell!! No way in hell!! No way in hell!!
(On Page): Uguah Eguh Ouh
Pariston: That's 4 against.
That's a minority, so I'll continue as meeting leader!
もちろん不満が出たらその都度 審議にかけましょう!!
Of course, if any dissatisfaction in my leading comes up, we can deliberate over it at any time!!
I'll step down at any time!!
Now then,
I have a proposal.
I'm announcing my candidacy as chairman.
So how about we skip the election?

Page 8-9:
[Ging just doesn't give a fuck.]
Ginta: I'll fucking kill you......!!
You little brat!!

Page 10:
Pariston: My, you're scary. Please calm down.
I mean, wouldn't it be a waste of time and money?
The result would be obvious, anyhow.
Gehl: Not one person here
would let you take that position.

Page 11:
Pariston: 11 votes.
All together, you make 11 votes at the most.
Do you know how many Hunters are in the association?
Former President Netero
was too strong.
So he couldn't understand the feelings of the weak.
In that aspect, you all are the same.

Page 12:
Pariston: But I know the pain of being weak!!
And that's the kind of President I'll be!!
Piyon: Those weaklings are becoming slaves by the name "Temp Hunters"~~~~~~~~~
どの位 私服を肥やしたのしら~~~~~~~~?
Just how little have you worn civilian clothes~~~~~~~?
Kick-back prince~~~~~?
Pariston: No, you misunderstand, those are pooled funds.
It's a system for money to fund the association to grow larger!!
Mizaistom: 18 people.
Do you know that that number represents?

Page 13:
Mizaistom: It's the number of Hunters
that have gone missing in the 3 years since you've become Vice Chairman,
We're pros because we risk our lives, so we can't afford not to have a vigilant grasp of the situation regarding the people we trust.
Hunters going missing is even more abnormal than dying strange deaths!!
And by the way, before you took the position, the yearly average was 0.6 people.
(On Page): And the one time it happened in 2 years was comprised of Ging.
It's 10 times that now.
Is there anything you'd like to say to that?
Pariston: ..........
It's an unfortunate number. It pains my heart.
But I'm sure if I become President
that number will decrease.
SFX: ZU...

Page 14:
Ging: I'm announcing my candidacy.
I'll carry on the Chairman's will.
All: I don't want
it to be either of them~~~~~~!!

Page 15:
Pariston: Ging-san, your son.
He's been through some trouble, apparently?
Ging: Apparently.
Pariston: Maybe I should go pay him a hospital visit?
Ging: Sure.
That'd make him happy, wouldn't it?
Pariston: Ahahaha, did you not know?
I heard he's in a critical near-death condition, yes?
I guess I shouldn't.
If I went and he died, it'd be a waste of time, right?
Ging: Go.
He (Gon) won't die.

Page 16:
Pariston: Um,
might I say one thing?
I think first perhaps we should re-think the process of announcing candidacy?
Kanzai: But you're the one who started that in the first place!!
(On Page): What's going on?
What's wrong with your head!?
Pariston: Why don't we decide a systematic way to announce then
as to best cut down on time and monetary expenses?
Kanzai: Here it is...!!
Mizaistom: We've been sucked into his pace.
Now things are going to get more and more complicated...!!
Chidol: Then, how about drawing lots? -> Everyone.

Page 17:
Saiyuu: Huh?!
Quit screwin' around! The most important responsibility should be chosen by lottery? Are you scum, too!?
Chidol: The 12 of us will be given a paper -> Except the monkey.
And on those papers we will write the voting methods we think would be best, like major premises that must be fulfilled such as "Everyone must vote" or "voter turnout must be at least 95%"-> Except the monkey.
And then a third party will draw one of them at random. ->Except the monkey.
(On Page) She's ignoring me...
That pisses me off most of all.
Bodobai: Third party...?
Gehl: Well... We'd use Beans for that, yes?
Chidol: Each will have a fair 1/12 chance.
Then there will be no hard feelings, yes?
Kanzai: That's true!!
Sacchou: Not quite.
If the 10 of us think of and write a method that will put Pariston (And if possible, Ging, too) at a disadvantage, it's 5/6!!
Not bad.
Chidol: If we use a system where one puts their name on the vote it so we know who the voters were, it would definitely put Pariston at an advantage.
So maybe a method where we have unsigned votes and divide points among many candidates?
Could the slaves (Temp Hunters) somewhat betray us out of fear and guilt?
Pariston: All right.
I bet I won't lose.
Just, how about we write our names on the lots so we know whose suggestions they are?

Page 18:
Kanzai: Huh...? What were the kanjis for election again?
Someone: ----So without further ado,
We've placed 12 papers in here.
Please take out one.
Those will become the rules for electing the new chairman.
Beans: Me...!?
That's an important responsibility, isn't it?
These are...

Page 19:
Beans: Okay,
I'm pulling one out.
SFX: SU...
Beans: The one chosen...
These are [Middle]
Hunters!! [Middle]
is Ging-san's!!
Rule #1.
All Hunters
are both candidates and voters!!
Side: It begins... The far sight and deep design sly fox whirling election campaign!!
Bottom: Hunter X Hunter
...No. 319
/ End

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#1. by Freecs ()
Posted on Oct 4, 2011
It is far complicated than just complicated xD!, I had a Head ache just reading it.

Thankz 4 the translation :D
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