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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Hunter x Hunter 336


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 15, 2012 14:05 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 336

So............. Whaaat do I do now... Might as well translate this...

[Hunter X Hunter 336 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Illumi: Playing dead and petting is far too light a compensation for the PC's "requests". [I'm just gonna go with "requests" I think, because it sounds much less awkward than "pesterings".]
That was the first feeling of discomfort I had when I received Milluki's report.
Insert Text: What is Nanika's "final rule"!?
Illumi: Furthermore, though the result two-choice "wish" was that it was satisfied with a kiss on the cheek,
the "request" as compensation for it of a fingernail was too severe.
If I suppose the possibility that the compensation for the PC was the fingernail,
even if we compare it to past experiences, the levels of the "wish" and "request" match.
If this supposition is correct,
this leads to the logical conclusion that the playing dead and petting were not Nanika's "requests" and the two-choice "wish" did not require compensation.
Why did it not need compensation? I can infer two possibilities,
Title: No. 336 Cancel
Author: Togashi Yoshihiro
[The two-choice wish was if they didn't like Kikyou would die, and if they did, then Alluka would kiss Killua on the cheek.]

Page 2:
Illumi: Either because the two-choice "wish" was so simple that it did not require Nanika's ability,
or else
because it was not a "wish".

Page 3:
Illumi: But in that case,
there is still an unsolved problem.
If the playing dead and petting weren't for Nanika's "requests",
the one who made the "requests" was Alluka, and not Nanika.
Killua said that "Nanika calls me Killua". When Killua was requested to play dead, she called him "Onii-chan".
Therefore it would be correct to assume that it is Alluka who calls him "Onii-chan".
If the one who made the "requests" then was Alluka, then Nanika was not awake
so the two-choice "wish" Killua made after that itself should have been impossible, but at that time it was actually Nanika that answered Killua.
A hint to the explanation of this seeming contradiction lies in Killua's speech patterns.
Illumi: For the two-choice wish, Killua didn't say "shite" he said "shiro".
(T/N- There's no real way to translate this with the same connotations as in Japanese, but "shiro" is a more forceful command form of the English verb "do" in Japanese, compared to the more casual "shite".)

Page 4:
Illumi: If it's a "command" then it works independently of a "wish".
then no compensation being sought for it is very reasonable, is it not?

Page 5:
Illumi: -----and that is my supposition, but
what do you think of it?
Illumi: I'll speak candidly. The one who can use Nanika's ability for the Zoldyck family
in a safe yet efficient way
is me.
The way things have stood, Alluka is a zashiki-warashi living her whole life in a locked room.
(TN- A Zashiki-Warashi is a kind of Japanese yokai, or demon, that appears as a small child with bobbed hair and a red face. They inhabit houses and bring it great fortune, but cause the domain to fall into decline if they should leave.)
Illumi: But if I manager her as you have,
at a minimum, I'll guarantee her freedom.
Killua: ......

Page 6:
Killua: I'll protect Alluka.
Illumi: Killu,
remember to share.
Killua: Nanika,
wake up!
Nanika: Aye.

Page 7:
Illumi: Killu, this is the last time.
Hand over Nanika to me.
Killua: Nanika,
make Illumi...

Page 8:
Killua: go home!!
Alluka: Aye.
Milluki: UWAH!
Illumi: OOH!
Milluki: Seriously...?!
Handwritten: You teleported.
Illumi: What's this?
You were all watching?
That was amazing, it's invincible.
With Killua's commands, there's no risk of the "requests".

Page 9:
Illumi: With this... even if it's Killua I completely turn into my puppet,
there'll be change left over...!!
Killua: Tsubone... Amane...
Could you... leave the two of us alone...?
If you don't go voluntarily, I'll have to order Nanika like I did just now...
Nanika: Killua---- Good boy. Be a good boy--
Killua: I just want to be......
someone Nanika admires.
I'd really rather not
use Nanika like that.
Someone: Killu?------

Page 10:
Killua: Nanika,
Nanika: Killua---- Pat me and tell me I'm a good girl-------
Killua: You... can't...
come out anymore.
Nanika: I like you... Killua.
Killua: I said you can't, Nanika!
Nanika: I like you, Killua.
I like you, Killuaaa.
Killua: No!!

Page 11:
Killua: Don't come out again!!
Nanika: Aye.
SFX: SU...
Killua: ..........
can be free.

Page 12:
Killua: Sorry......!!
Sorry, Nanika...!!

Page 13:
Killua: Hm...?
Alluka: ..........
Killua: Alluka...

Page 14:
Alluka: Did you make her cry?
Killua: Eh?
No, um,
Alluka: Even right now, she's crouching down and crying!!
Killua: Eh?
Alluka: Apologize to Nanika!
Killua: Uh...
Alluka: Apologize!
If you're a nice brother to Alluka,
you have to be nice to Nanika, too!!
Killua: ......!!

Page 15:
Alluka: If you're going to protect Alluka,
you have to protect Nanika, too!!!!
Any onii-chan that would be mean to Nanika,
I hate!!!

Page 16:
Killua: Alluka,
thank you.
It's like I was still...
being bound by Illu-nii.
It's... really okay now...!!
Could you... call Nanika for me?
SFX: SU...
Alluka: Nanika.

Page 17:
Killua: Sorry...
I was wrong!
I'm sorry!!
I've always been afraid of Illu-nii,
and somehow I ended up doing just what he said! And I really hate that, so,
now it's not just me, when I think of him forcing Nanika to do bad things,
I get really scared.
For Alluka's sake, I lied to myself
and said something terrible to you.
I'm truly

Page 18:
Killua: I'll protect you.
We'll always be together!!
Don't listen to other people's "wishes" or anything anymore!
I'll always pat you and tell you you're a good girl!!
So... one more time,
will you please... come out for me...?
Nanika: Aye.
Killua: Nanika...

Page 19:
Killua: Could you
possibly forgive
this failure of a brother?
Nanika: Aye.
I like you,
Side: Unbreakable bonds, strong...
Someone: Tsubone......
The lookout order on Killua has been canceled.
Please let him hear that from you.
Tsubone: Yes, sir.
Bottom: Hunter X Hunter
/ End
Next issue, on the other side of the fight that has ended, the people left behind are...

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#1. by prince immigrant ()
Posted on Feb 17, 2012
thanks there kewl0210. We appreciated!!
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