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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hunter x Hunter 337


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 22, 2012 14:51 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 337

Ok... I'm in fuckin' translation purgatory right now. I don't even know what I'm doing. How'd I get guilted into translating this again? I guess no one else is doing it... Ok uh... would some decent group who can do a good job scanlating this on Wednesdays please volunteer so I can reserve it for you guys if I'm gonna keep translating this... Just randomly sticking it up here and it getting done randomly by somebody I don't know who isn't good. And I don't have time to do it with my own group because I'd need to typset it and manage releasing it and stuff every week and I barely have time to be translating it. I can give you raws and stuff. PM me or whatever.

Update: Ok, I think I got somebody. Thanks for volunteering, people.

[Hunter X Hunter 337 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: An ant recounts the memories of a soul...
Koala: She had red hair.
Just like you.
Title: No. 337 ◆ Confession
Author: Togashi Yoshihiro
[As far as I can tell, this Koala guy never got assigned a name, so I'm just gonna call him Koala.]

Page 2:
Koala: The one
I shot to death.

Page 3:
Koala: Because I knew that the group that was chasing that girl
were scum that would thoroughly have their way with her while she was still alive.
She'll be reborn
as an ant.
Ah... the same thing
is repeating itself, I thought.
Before I was like this
it was my job to erase people.

Page 4:
Koala: I was ordered
to pull triggers.
In the rest of my time, if I could yell at somebody I was happy.
It was a job anybody could do.
And even after I was reborn,
it repeated.
That idiotic cycle.
This girl... I want to
"let her escape" from this cycle, I thought.

Page 5:
Koala: I don't understand complicated arrangements... but
as things stood, she'd be captured by them
and after they made sport of her, she'd die and it would repeat.
In a remote area where nothing happened and living an actually peaceful life... but then
all of a sudden that life would be subject to senseless violence and be cut short.
That kind of cycle.
I prayed "run away"
as I shot her.
Even if I hadn't done that, the queen was eating hundreds of humans. And among them, the number that was reborn with their "previous existence" in them was few.
Perhaps most human souls safely "escaped" to "somewhere".
But what I wanted to do it.
I wanted to give proactive help in them "escaping".
The fact that you're here there in place of that girl means that she probably did "escape".
By some blessing, I have not met an ant with a previous existence that told me "You shot and killed me".

Page 6:
Koala: Everyone
"got away" well, it seems.
Before I was like this,
I never believed in a thing like a soul.
To me, we were beings with fundamentally the same value as fleas or flies. We just lived and died.
And the idea of pride
was a "bug" due to the fact that our minds were just slightly more complicated.
When we die, it ends.
We decompose and turn into dust
and were scattered all over.
I had thought that there was no meaning in that bunch of tiny particles.
But I became like this here.
And it repeated.
Even though I took on a completely different form,
the "me" I was
was the same kind of idiot, and it repeated again.
I thought...
I'm an idiot, but I won't deny what I know now. I don't want to let things I don't understand to pass by.

Page 7:
Koala: I died.
I died and broke apart
and split into smaller pieces.
it didn't end there.
Though I thought "Having become this small, it's really over." In my substance,
I had a power I couldn't even have imagined.
From our perspective, substances that seem incredibly tiny like the size of pollen
can continue to release energy to the degree where it can affect our health for tens of thousand or hundreds of millions of years.
And even smaller is DNA,
where the enormous amount of information that is what forms most of us for the is backed into a double-helix shape.

Page 8:
Koala: and even more limitlessly small,
some absurdly small things are
the conditions that gave birth to the enormous space
known as the universe.
The concept of small is
a thing does not equal the aggregate amount of energy that it can release.

Page 9:
Koala: The soul is probably "small" but
it held enough energy to repeat.
So was I reborn in order to repeat?
I don't know what will happen next... after all.
All I have are my senses and imagination, but
something deep down is telling me
"You mustn't repeat."
I think that probably
the reason why we have to repeat and redo
is because while we're alive, we're missing something that should be given to our hearts.
Even with the body, if its heart doesn't have a firm determination, it doesn't move well.
In my case, both before and now, I thought "I'm not on the right track."
I think that this isn't good.
I will... surely repeat again.
While I'm thinking I'm not on the right track,
it means I made a wrong choice.

Page 10:
Koala: The one I really should've shot
wasn't that girl, it was the guys chasing after her...!!
It was no big deal, it just meant the worst scum was me.
The price to purify my stained soul was too painful, so I avoided it.
While praying that selfish thought "run away"
I was desperate to avoid myself getting hurt.
In order to protect myself,
I shot her.
And by confessing to you, who just looks like her,
I'm just trying to save myself again.

Page 11:
Koala: Geez... What an unsalvagable story.
Thanks for listening until the end.
Kaito: Wait.
Don't run away.
Come with me.
Stay by the side of the me you shot,
Starting now, live thinking "this is the only way".

Page 12:
Kaito: This is your mission.
There is no room for choices.
Who would allow you to kill yourself and reset?
Keep living apologizing to me every day.
Work so hard you don't have time to think the shitty idea "Am I on the right track?".
While apologizing to me, work as I say, and live for my sake.
If even a little of the resolve you have now degrades, I'll kill you.
Like at peace.

Page 13:
Guy: Kaito! You have a guest.
Kaito: Let them in.

Page 14:
Gon: ......
Kaito: Yeah.
Gon: ..........
Kaito: ......

Page 15:
Kaito: What is it?
Gon: ..........
We couldn't
fight together.
I wasn't
strong enough.
But next time
I'll protect you, Kaito.
Kaito: ......
I heard in order to defeat Pitou you went really overboard.
Gon: Yes.
I risked my life.

Page 16:
Kaito: Even so, it's true that you defeated the enemy I couldn't.
Are you here to make the excuse "In the end I wasn't wrong."?
Gon: ...But
if Killua... and everyone weren't there, I wouldn't be here.
I didn't get here on my own.
Kaito: We both
didn't have enough training, I guess.
So, I heard you met Ging-san.
Gon: !
You spoke with Ging?
Kaito: Yeah.

Page 17:
Kaito: Hurry and go back.
I know what you want to say.
I'm delighted you came to see me.
When I need help, I'll definitely contact you.
And Killua, too, if he'd like.
We're already comrades.
So now,
go back to where Ging-san is.
Gon: ..........

Page 18:
Koala: Sorry...
Kaito: .....
About what?
Koala: ...Wanting things to be easy and
trying to run from everything.
Even if it's painful, I'll try to live.
So when I die, I can say "I gave it my all".

Page 19:
Ging: I'll wait at the top of the World Tree.
Gon: ......
Beans: I tried to stop him, but......
Gon: It's true...
he never said he would wait for me here----...
Side: You can't go just using normal methods!!
Bottom: Hunter X Hunter
...No. 337
/ End
Next issue... Ging and Gon, with many years of time passed, what was exchanged was...

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#1. by Josear XIII ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2012
Pls continue translating
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