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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hunter x Hunter 340

Special Mission

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 17, 2012 07:29 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 340

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OOok, here's this. I'll probably go back and finish 338 now.

[Hunter X Hunter 340 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Beans: Everyone!!
There's big trouble!
Insert Text: Emergency!!
Kanzai: Ooh, Beans. You came at the perfect time. Have a seat.
Cheadle's about to give a big announcement, apparantly.
Saiyu: Ya ain't gonna say you're quittin', right? 14th Chairman-sama?
Cheadle: That is about as likely as you cleaning that filthy mouth of yours. So rest assured -> Monkey.
Insert Text: ☆Movie Adaptation Decided!! Details on page 17!!
Cheadle: Inferring from your manner, it seems quite urgent -> Beans-san.
Beans: Yes!!
Anyhow, please watch this!!
Title: No. 340 ◆ Special Mission
Author: Togashi Yoshihiro

Page 2:
Guy: Voluminous resources!! An overflowing food supply!!
In other words, a bountiful future sleep there-hoi!
Kanzai: Who's this guy?
Piyon:Emperor Hokikouro of the Kakin Empire.
99% of all elementary schoolers would get that~~~~~~
Botobai: Voluminous...? Overflowing...? Hey, now.
Gell: Could the place he's talking about be...
Hokikouro: ----And so, my great Kikan Empire
will bare the burden of all of mankind's dreams!!
I hereby declare
that we will advance into the Dark Continent-hoi!!

Page 3:
Zodiacs: I knew it.
The Dark Continent!!!
Mankind's greatest taboo,
the untouchable zone...!!!
Kanzai: Uh, what is this Dark Continent place?
Clook: Are you for real?! Just what DO you know exactly?! What sorta Hunter are you? ["do" in italics.]
Gell: The world outside the world map.
Many different kinds of "other humanities" exist there. And that's where the Majyuu originally come from.
Mizaistom: Ancient documents and ruins chronicle how whenever mankind tries to enter that continent, they're met with catastrophe.
The present-day 5 continents, V5, signed a non-aggression treaty with regards to it over 200 years ago...!
Hokikouro: To be bound by superstitions that were spread by a certain large country in the past that was already in decline is nothing but nonsense-hoi!!
It is emerging country like us are what pull the modern world!! The here and now!!

Page 4:
Hokikouro: New doors!!!
Mizaistom: Are thee guys saying they actually have a chance of pulling it off?
Piyon: Young...? They're just a super-old country that changed their name, ri~~~~~ght?
Saiyu: Have they gotten so cocky from their economic growth that they think they can just ignore the treaty and act independently?
Hokikouro: The time to open them has come-hoi!!!
Clook: Was Kakin even affiliated with the treaty in the first place?
Mizaistom: It's the obligation of every country, isn't it?
Cheadle: They may not be affiliated.
Clook: ?
Cheadle: Around 30 years ago, in what was called "History's Quiet Revolution", Kikan took advantage of the Shinrinkan incident to shift from an imperial socialist state to a parliamentary democracy.
On that occasion, they removed the royal family's name from the country name and restarted as a completely different country.
If it at that time, they swept all treaties and secret agreements it had with other countries under the rug...!
Saccho: That can't be... Even beyond the moral questions it raises, you couldn't even call them a target for sanctions for this...!!
Botobai: This certainly is troubling news.
Brans: No..!!
There's more.
The really troubling thing comes next!!
Please, watch!!

Page 5:
Hokikouro: With us taking full responsibility for the expedition team to the Dark Continent,
we have successfully gained the support of the absolute most suitable people for the mission-hoi!!
I will now introduce them-hoi!!
Hokikohro: A man whom as the chief of the world's preeminent specialists, and while managing stalwarts trained by a lifetime of battles, made it through his active duty!!
The legendary Pro Hunter!! Isaac Netero-shi!!!

Page 6:
Hokikouro: That man's honorable son!!!
Captain Beyond Netero-hoi!!!

Page 7:
Zodiacs: Chairman Netero..
had a son?!
Mizai: But I had heard he didn't have a single living relative...?!
Gell: We should
investigate the authenticity first...!!
Beyond: My father, whom I love and respect, would always tell me,
"The moment you stop taking on challenges is when your life is over"!!

Page 8:
Beyond: If you decipher myths and explore ruins,
it is obvious that our ancient ancestors came here from that continent!!
Zodiacs: .....
Saccho: Chair... man...
Saiyu: I don' think...
we need to investigate this, do we...?
Beyond: Before I set foot on our native ground!!
Ginta: He looks just like him... it's like
the chairman is speaking right now...!!
Beyond: the many obstacles that stand in our way...
will be cleared away
by me!!
Age!! Gender!! Nationality!! Occupation!! Race!! I don't care about a single one of them!!
By all means, everyone should have an equal chance!!

Page 9:
Beyond: I won't deny any person who has the spirit of facing challenges in their hearts!!
Anyone who seeks a new world are our precious family!!
There's certain to be a role for every individual!!
You just need the courage to take a step forward!!
Gather!!! To Kakin!!!
Let's go!!
To a new world!!!

Page 10:
Beyond: I'll definitely
take you there!!!

Page 11:
Beans: Everyone...
is shaking.
I can't blame them...
Even I... could see the image of the chairman giving a speech superimposed on him...!!
the truth is,
the chairman left behind
two DVDs.

Page 12:
Saiyu: So the chairman knew in advance that this would happen...?!
Beans: Yes.
"If someone appears publicly naming himself as my child"
"show this to all of the "Zodiac Twelve", he said...!!

Page 13:
Kanzai: For real?!!
C'mon, let's see it.
Clook: Are you an idiot? He said "all of the Zodiac Twelve"!! Two aren't here.
Saiyu: Are you kiddin' me-----?!!
It'll take years to find that idiot Ging, moron!!
Botobai: Pariston is sure to be in his office at this time...
Saccho: No.
He's no longer the Vice Chairman anymore, right?
Ginta: Oh, that's right.
We need to decide on a Vice Chairman.
Mizaistom: Was your important announcement
about the Vice Chairman, Cheadle?
Gell: Then leave it for later.
Hearing this message takes priority!!
Piyon: Regardless of Paris,
I don't think Ging will even pick up his phone~~~
Cheadle: Quiet down!! -> Everyone
Now then... I will be making my announcement first.
Because I don't think it's unrelated to this case...!!

Page 14:
Someone: In just one hour after the announcement, it's already gotten over 100 million plays on I-Tubeh.
And 100,000 lines going in full operation can't keep up with all the inquiries and applications for the migration to the new world.
Beyond: Good!! Good!!
Keep accepting them nonstop!!
Someone: I've gotten word from the king that he's been officially notified by V5 to revoke the announcement and is requested to sign the treaty.
Beyond: Tell them to leave us alone.
Geez. How many years have they been spouting bullshit?
What do we need to do to go to the "outside" while stilly obeying V5, again?

Page 15:
Guy: First, you would have to submit an application to the external travel permission board directly managed by V5.
But before that, in order to apply to the permission board, you would need to have the process for requesting an application filled by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of every V5 nation.
For the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, you would be diverted to the special travel department or "tokkou", but there you would be restricted to one month of contracts, explanations, and the like.
For five countries, it's roughly half a year.
By the way, in order to meet the heads of the tokkous, you need three letters of introduction from members of that country's national Diet.
And even if you do all that, there's no guarantee the application will be approve, furthermore
Beyond: I don't care!!!
My god, quit yapping on and on like there's no tomorrow!!
Guy (Handwritten): You asked me a question. I was just giving you the answer...
Beyond: Even if the application passes, we'll just be waiting around for years to find out if we can participate in an "investigation".
And in that time after spending a shitload of money, even if we are taken along for an "investigation", we won't be able to act freely at all. It'd be just under surveillance doing a sightseeing tour, right?!

Page 17-18:
Beyond: I'm going to places no one's been before!!!
Meeting people no one's met before!!!
Obtaining things no one's ever touched!!!
Without being restrained by anyone!!! [Bottom right]
And by my own choice, flat out
licking the unexplored!!!
I won't refuse anyone who comes. I won't chase anyone who leaves,
but I'll crush anyone who gets in my way!!!

Page 18:
Cheadle: Pariston and
Ging have
requested to withdraw from the "Zodiac Twelve".
And I have acknowledged them!!

Page 19:
Therefore, the 10 "Zodiacs" that are currently here are all of the members.
I feel that we fulfill the conditions for viewing the message, but what do you think -> 9?
And one more thing.
Actually, this one is more important. [Top left]
I have received
a special mission from V5.
To hunt
Beyond Netero...!!
Insert Text: This prey is dangerous!!
Will they hunt?! Or be hunted?!
Bottom: Hunter X Hunter
...No. 340
/ End
Starting next issue, this manga will be on a hiatus from print for a while. As soon as resumption is decided, it will be posted in the magazine. Jump Comics Volume 30 goes on sale on 4/4.

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