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Enigma 56

True Ending

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 1, 2012 03:01 | Go to Enigma

-> RTS Page for Enigma 56

Ok, so, this came out first in December. Then the volume came out last month (Almost 2 months now). It got delayed because it's long as hell so I put it off a while.

I'm gonna be basing this translation off the volume, since it's been out for a while now. They're the same, but the volume also has an epilogue. The popularity poll results were only in the Jump NEXT issue, so I'll put that in as well.

The volumes had lots of the little sketches with a little gag of what the characters did between chapters like the one I have on page 2. They also had profiles and little 2-3 page extras at the ends. In case anybody wants to scanlate those so the series is done in high quality, Enigma had 7 volumes, let me know and I'll translate the extras, I have all the books (But you'll have to scan them if you want to do them. I have copies of all the issues' color pages as well, I'll send you those if you want). After this they also have a one-shot that Kenji-sensei did in 2006 that used a few concepts that eventually became part of enigma.

[Enigma 56 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top Insert: ☆Everyday life returned to them!! All mysteries have been broken through!! The 47-Page ending color page along with the popularity poll announcement!!
Middle Insert: Thank you for all the support!!
Here are the results of the popularity poll!!
Popularity Poll: 1st
Haiba Sumio

Suuki Kei

Kurisu Ryou

Title: Engima
Author: Sakaki Kenji
Title: e56. True End
Bottom Right Insert: Ranks of 4th and below are on the next page!! What rank will your favorite character be?!

Page 2: [This page isn't in the volume version. That just has a black and white version of the color page with no insert texts.]
Top: Enigma
Character Popularity Poll
Results Announcment
Box: This is the big announcement of the results of the character popularity poll taken when serialization crossed the 1 year mark!! These are the characters that ranked 4th and below!!
Popularity Poll: 4th Matsurigi Jirou
5th Mizusawa Aru
6th Imizuka Kirio
7th Sudou Takemaru
8th Kujouin Hiina
9th Kurumiya Shigeru
10th Hasekura Moto
11th Kijima Yuuta
12th Masked Gentleman
13th Enigma mark
14th Kuruiwa Gouzou
15th Cannibal
16th Yumikawa Ami
17th Otarai Kiyoshi
18th Nanafushi Mao
19th Haiba Mina
20th Akame Tsutomu
Bottom: Thank you so much for your many votes and all of your support!!

Page 2: [Volume]
Top: Popularity Poll
Sumio: I knew I could do it! I'm blushing!
Arrow: 1st [Arrow pointing to Sumio]
Suuki: I suppose sometimes you can celebrate without being cursed.
Arrow: 2nd [Arrow pointing to Suuki]
Arrow: 3nd [Arrow pointing to Kurisu]
Kurisu: What an honor. How about a toast?
Cake: Congratulations

Page 3:
Kirio: The third wish was
"For everyone's memories
to disappear"-----
Kirio: A cold autumn rain and a gloomy wind------
Among this darkness, his memories lay buried-----

Page 4:
Maid: Welcome to the Yuuyami Festival!
Shigeru: Welcome!
Kirio: -----That's odd.
Kurisu: There's a thunderstorm warning for after noon, huh......?
Matsurigi: Move the refreshment booth to the hallway.
Yumikawa: How unfortunate that it would be raining today.
Hasekura: Yoshida-sensei, we were gonna have a baseball club event, and----
Kijima: Hey, why such a sullen face?
You finally made it to the school festival. Enjoy yourself.
Father is coming, too. We can meet up later!

Page 5:
Kijima: Kirio!
Kirio: .........
Kijima: Hey, make sure you add a "sensei" to that when we're in school!
Ah, well I guess you are my little brother after all, Kirio.
Kirio: ------Don't touch me, prissy!
Just call me Imizuka like before!
Kijima: Before...? What're you talking about?

Page 6:
Kirio: -----It seems they really were all lost.
Everyone except me lost their memories of that side...! ["That side" in italics.]
He wished that once he escaped from the other side, for their memories to disappear.
But the result... was I alone was left without my memories erased.
Why...? Based on the memories I have, the wish should have been efective.
Was there some condition...?
Suuki: Shit... And the seven wonders display is still only half-done...
Where'd Haiba Sumio go...?
Kirio: Yes...... The other unsolved mystery is
I don't know where he is.
I've got a bad feeling about it... Why would he not be here just today, the day I came?
Maybe this is another condition for returning our memories?

Page 7:
Kirio: I'm taking on destiny "alone".......
Like how I was trapped in that cold darkness long ago----
-----Fine, then. In the end, he listened to my wish.
This time it's my turn---- He chose me as a guide to the memories.
I'll take everything back.
Sumi, the memories, everything...!!
...I'm meeting someone. Don't come with me.
Kijima: Oh! A friend?
Kirio: ...No, shut up.

Page 8:
Takemaru: Whadda you want? What is this...
Matsurigi: The student council has work to do... Is this urgent?
Kurisu: Is he... um, a friend of yours?
Hiina: Eh... no....
Shigeru: .........
SFX: ZAWA ZAWA (Talking)
Kirio: So, I've assembled all of the people from that day together...
They're they key to regaining the memories... but
----So them seeing each others faces doesn't do it either?
Are these the bonds you all talk so much about?
The relationship you formed on that side confronting life and death,
you even forgot the man that was in the core of it all...?
Haiba Sumio...?!

Page 9:
Kurisu: ...? Who is that?
Suuki: ...Haiba Sumio is a friend of mine since childhood, but... Who're you...?
Kirio: ------A friend of his from middle school.
Suuki: ...You liar. I've never met you.
Matsurigi: ...? Is he lying?
Kirio: ...As I thought, they won't just blindly accept it.
And on top of that, these people hate me... I suppose it's to be expected.
...So after all that, you were just pretending to be good friends?
Takemaru: You bastard... Would you shut up and listen to us?
Kirio: Relax... As soon as my business is over, I'll disappear.
Because I cannot be in a place like this. ["Cannot be in a place like this" in italics.]
He is everything.
For his sake, remember your "bonds"!!

Page 10:
Takemaru: ...I don't get this guy.
Aru: Sorry... It's getting late.
Shigeru: ..........
...Are you okay? You seem kind of upset.
Kirio: ......Shigeru.
Shigeru: I don't really understand what's going on, but cheer up.
I'll do anything I can to help!
Shigeru: -----For some reason, I can't just leave you here.
I feel like if I went away from you, I'd regret it again------- ["Again" in italics.]
Kirio: Come here!
Shigeru: Eh...

Page 11:
People: Hey, are you okay?
A freakin' pipe fell from the ceiling...
SFX: ZAWA ZAWA (Talking)
Kirio: ...Shigeru?
Shigeru: Kushi... Zashi...
The dining hall...

Page 12:
Shigeru: Help... me...
Sumio: Shigeru...
Kirio: Shigeru!!

Page 13:
Shigeru: Sumio!!
Kirio: Shigeru... Could it be...?!
Shigeru: Ki... Kirio!!
Kirio: !
You... understand?
Shigeru: H... How could I do something like this...!
To forget who you are, Kirio... How could that ever happen?!
Kirio: ......
Amazing, you're...!
Shigeru: Hey, where's Sumio...?
Why isn't Sumio here?!

Page 14:
Kirio: ...Calm down, Shigeru.
There is a hint in the restoration of your memories... What happened?
Shigeru: ...The e-test... When that pipe fell, I saw the time from when we were going after the 6th password.
In the dining hall covered with spears, Sumio and I were stabbed...
Kirio: The one you all worked together in to clear?
But that should have been a success... Nothing happened to you...
Shigeru: .........
I think I've... heard this before...?!
Kirio...! Come with me.
Kirio: ...!
Kirio: -----It's odd. All that's back is Shigeru,
but I feel like the darkness has thinned somewhat----

Page 15:
Kirio: The 1st rumor... "The Stabbed Students"...
Shigeru: Sorry, um----
Dad: Look, Shimei! It's those seven wonders!
Shimei: Woah... These really take me back Haiba.
Kidou: Evidence tying into Yuuyami City's historical background, eh...? Truly interesting!
Suuki: Thanks... Professor...
Gidou: I like you , Suuki. If you're interested, feel free to stop by my laboratory.
You can be my assistant instead of these guys.
Both: Eh?
Shimeui: How could you be so cruel, sensei!
Dad: Quit while you're ahead, Suuki-kun. Or you'll be made into Gidou-sensei's servent...
Suuki: ...?
Kirio: ...What're you old idiots doing?
Gidou: Oh, there's Kiri!

Page 16:
Gidou: Daddy's been looking for ya. Where's Yuu?
Shimei (handwritten): So you're Kiri-bou, huh?
Suuki: Geh... You're such a liar.
Dad: Liar...?
Kirio: Hey bearded giant. Where's your son?
Dad: Sumio...? I haven't seen him since he left the house, but...
Shigeru: Hey, Suuki-kun, please...!
Tell us about this school's seven wonders!
Suuki: Huh...? Aren't you the one from before...?
Gidou: Hmm...
Are you interested in them, miss?
Yuuyami High School's Seven Wonders... There are seven place within the school where seven ghosts will appear before you.
There's a rumor that if you meet those seven people, "something forgotten" will come back to you in the gymnasium.
But this is unconfirmed, no one's been able to clarify it... I suppose it's because if someone did meet a ghost, there'd be quite a bit of confusion.
Kirio: "Something forgotten" will
come back...?!

Page 17:
Shigeru: Um... Are there any rumors that one of those places is the cafeteria?!
Gidou: Dunno.
What do you say, Suuki?
Suuki: ...There is. The first rumor "The Stabbed Students".
As the story goes, there were two students eating lunch when iron pipes fell from the ceiling, killing them...
Shigeru: Stabbed... Two students...
Was what I saw before... a ghost Sumio and me...?! ["ghost" in italics.]
Kirio: The ghosts of the seven wonders are the Shigeru and the others of the other side----- If we take this as fact,
if we uncover the other seven wonders, we should restore everyone's memories!
Shigeru: Su... Suuki-kun, please help us!
We need you to show us around other Seven Wonders!
I... have something important I forgot!
I want to see Sumio!

Page 18:
Shimei: Doing field work is integral, Kei-bou.
Suuki: ...All right.
I've got a bone to pick with that loafer as well...!
I'll tell you the seven wonders!
----The 2nd Rumor "The Drowned Body of the Shower Room"
When a female student was bathing, a pipe broke and she drowned----
Mao: Hey, Hiina. Who was that guy in the gakuran before?
Hiina: It seems he had mistook me for someone else. I wonder if he's all right...
Mao: Who cares! You can't give boys an inch.
It was probably just an excuse to invite you there. The first year brats have lurking around this afternoon.
Hiina: First year students...?
Mao: Hey, hey, it's all right. Mao-chan is here to protect you!
Hiina: Kyah!

Page 19:
Mao: Ah... Sorry!
Hiina: It's okay. Could you go back ahead of me?
Sign: Shower Room
Hiina: ..........
First year boys, huh...?
Hiina: ...ere
Hiina: Where...?!
Where is that person going...?!

Page 20:
Hiina: Eh...
Hiina: No... Someone-----
Sumio: Hiina-san!!
Hiina: ..........
Hiina: I... Imizuka...

Page 21:
Shigeru: Hiina-senpai! You remembered, didn't you?!
Hiina: Kurumiya-san...!
I... Here...!
Kirio: ...It's the stage of the second password. As I thought, you guys are on that side...!
Shigeru: Senpai... I met my own ghost as well!
Hiina: That's probably why I got my memories back from that side!
At the end of the seven wonders, "something forgotten" comes back...!
If all of us remember, we may get to see the actual Sumio along with our memories of him!
...Which means,
Suuki-san... the next rumor.
Suuki: ...Are you okay?
Hiina: ...I'm fine.
More importantly, Haiba-san...!!

Page 22:
Suuki: ...Okay. The Third rumor, "The Disappearing Student".
At the mirror in the boy's bathroom of the club building, he saw the version of himself reflected in the mirror disappear without a trace...
Guy: Wh... What is this...?
It... It's disappearing...?!
Guy: Wh-Wh... What's going...
Someone... SUUUUUUU
Guy: ...He is no longer here... ["He" in italics]
I hate it... I want to disappear-----

Page 23:
Moto: ...This is
This is a talent!
This memory-----
Hiina: Are you all right, Hasekura-san?!
Moto: I-Imizuka...? Kujouin-san...?!
Hiina: !!
That's right... You remembered?!
Kirio: Fraidy cat... Don't forget people who heavily relied on you.
Hasekura: ............
Hasekura: You're right... How could I...!!
Sumio... Where's Sumio?!

Page 24:
Sign: Incineration Room
Kurisu: Matsurigi...! I'm really apprehensive.
Matsurigi: You, too, Kurisu...?! It's what that boy was saying before, right?
Kurisu... I've been feeling a sense of unease every day for a while now!
Kurisu: I know what you mean...!
Even though it's a festival today... For some reason I can't enjoy myself at all...!
Moto: -----So? What's the 4th rumor?!
Suuki: The 4th rumor... "The Incinerator Student". While being bullied, a certain student was locked in the incinerator and burned to death...
Suuki: And the 5th rumor... "The Disappeared Murderer". The person who burned the student to death disappeared from inside the school-----

Page 25:
Matsurigi: That bastard
he deserted me...!!
Matsurigi: Wha...?!
Kurisu: --------Matsurigi...?!
Kurisu: ...Heh. What a disgrace!

Page 26:
Kurisu: If he were here...
nothing like this would have ever happened to us...!!
Kurisu: Y...
ou.. are...
Sumio: President, Kurisu-----
Get yourselves together!!

Page 27:
Both: Haiba!!
Moto: Matsurigi-san! Kurisu-san!!
Are you okay?!
Matsurigi: ......Hasekura...
Kurisu: Kirio... You, too...?!
Kirio: It would seem... you've remembered. Little honor students.
Matsurigi: ...Sorry, Imizuka.
Senpai... Let's go!!
Kurisu: Yeah... We've got to find Sumio!

Page 28:
Suuki: ----The 6th rumor. "The Dismembered Corpse on the Roof". It's the story of a student whose arms and legs were ripped off as a resulting of the impact from a fall----
Kijima: ......Hm?
Who's that, in all this rain...?
Kijima: What's wrong? You're getting wet... Do you know that student?
Aru: I... I don't know...
Aru: But... For some reason...
M... My body isn't moving properly-----

Page 29:
Aru: ...He is down there.
If you go right from here you can meet him right away...
Aru: No... No...!
It's thanks to that person that I got spirited... I got this healthy and spirited...!
Aru: I want to see you...

Page 30:
Kijima: Watch out, Mizusawa!!
Aru: Ki... Kijima-sensei...!!
Kijima: Eh... Huh...? Why do I know your name...?
People: Mizusawa, are you all right?!!
Aru: G... Guys...?!
Kirio: So you stopped him...? Pretty good, Kijima...
Kijima: Kirio...?!
Just one more...!
Just one more until Sumi!
Kurisu: All that's left is Takemaru-kun!
Matsurigi: Sudou... That means---
Aru: Kijima-sensei! Is Take-kun in the former school building?!
Kijima: Ta...?!
Are you friends with Sudou? I think he's probably fooling around there, but-----

Page 31:
Suuki: The former school building...!!
Takemaru: ------Hey, wait!
Who is that guy...?!
It's like he's been hanging around all the places I am!
Takemaru: that guy...
Where is he...?
SFX: Zu... Zuru...
Takemaru: Where's the exit...?! I have a feeling that something like this happened before.
We were looking for the exit and----- ...We?!
Sumio: It's here...

Page 32:
Takemaru: ...!!
You bastard------
Don't try to run away!!
Suuki: The last rumor... "The Maze of the Former School Building"
It's a story about a male student who couldn't get out of the former school building and went mad...
Takemaru: Imizuka... You guys...
Aru: You remembered! You contrarian...!
Takemaru: --------...

Page 33:
Shigeru: We did it, Kirio!
Kirio: ..........
Kirio: Astounding... All of them got back those days for Sumi's sake.
So these are their bonds...?!
-----Now we've done all seven!
We've uncovered the seven wonders.

Page 34:
Girls: KYAA!!
People: ---Attention all students. There has been a blackout due to a bolt of lightening.
Please follow the instructions of the teachers and gather in the entrance hall.
Suuki: ...?!
Kijima: These memories...?!
Suuki: Haiba Sumio...!!
Kijima: Haiba!!

Page 35:
Gidou: ----This is
Dad: Sumio...?!
Shimei: Ah.. Aah...
Gidou: Kouda...!
Shimei: W... What have I done...
To Sensei and Haiba... and to those kids...!
Dad: You're wrong, Shimei... It wasn't your fault, it was ours!
Shimei: Sensei.. Haiba...!!
Gidou: ...Well, it looks like we're a pretty hopeless bunch of adults.
But rest easy. I'll tell you how to solve everything!

Page 36:
Gidou: We apologize to them!
Come, my assistants!!
Shigeru: Sumio!!
Kirio: Sumi... All that's left is you.
Now hurry and get out here!!

Page 37:
Guys: Haiba!!
Where's Sumio?!
Takemaru: Dammit. It's so dark I can't see anything.
Hiina: He's not replying, does that mean that...?!
Shigeru: No.. That can't be...!!
Kirio: ......
Sumio: ......The rain stopped.
I've been waiting...!!

Page 38-39:
Sumio: Yo, everybody!!

Page 40:
Shigeru: Su...
Sumio: ----Huh?
What's with you guys?
Sumio: Heeey. Why so cold?
Do you still not remember who I am?

Page 41:
Shigeru: Sumio!!
People: Sumi-kun!
You came back!!
Takemaru: What the hell were you doing?!
Suuki: You got everyone worked all up... I'm gonna curse you...!
Sumio: W-Wait, I'm sorry!
I just went around to the seven wonders alone-----
in order to get back "something I'd forgotten"!
Kijima: Eh...?
What do you mean?

Page 42:
Sumio: ...Ever since I met Kiri on that embankment
I've been investigating strange senses in this world...
And today---- I witnessed an accident that almost befell Shigeru.
I also saw my own ghost, and my memories came back to me.
Shigeru: ----That time?! Well I do remember there being a ghost of Sumio, too, but...
Matsurigi: Before we completed the seven wonders, you received the memories you had lost?!
Moto: Then... Why didn't you show up along the way?!
Sumio: ...I wanted to meet with all of you guys... But I thought it was my duty to just believe and wait.
This is his test... He had to get it back on his own. ["Him" in italics.]
The one who had always had "something forgotten" was him...! ["Him" in italics.]
Isn't that right,
Kirio: .........

Page 43:
Kijima: Imizuka...? But he already had his memories-----
Sumio: ....He forgot one thing.
Kiri, after this, don't disappear from this city.
Shigeru: Eh...?!
Sumio: Here, Kiri is a maverick that had his memories from the beginning.
Kiri: .........
Sumio: An example of that is the seven wonders. You sensed your mission, and tried to bear the whole burden so no one else would get mixed up in it.
That very thought is proof that you forgot your promise!
You really shouldn't do that!
Kirio: ......Promise?
That's what I forgot...?
Sumio: You uncovered the seven wonders... So you should be able to remember now.
Remember, a long time ago, when said that when we became high school students we were going to meet again here again----

Page 44:
Kirio: Yeah...
That's right...
Kijima: Imizuka... Are you going?!
Gidou: Daddy and Yuu won't allow it!
Hiina: You can't Imizuka-san!
Moto: I mean... It was thanks to you that all of us...!
Aru: Don't go, Kiri-kun!
Takemaru: Hmph... Don't run away.
Suuki: Yeah. That'd be no excuse...
Matsurigi: A lot happened to you, but...
Kurisu: We'd like to say something first.

Page 45:
Shigeru: We're fine with it!
This is the place you belong!
Welcome home!

Page 46:
[No text here]

Page 47:
Sumio: Ah.
Bottom: [7] True End (End)

Page 48:
Narration: Epilogue
Mom: Ah, there you are!
Sumi! Dear!
Guy: Sorry we're late, Kijima-san!
Kijima: Oh, Matarai-kun!
Sumio: You came, old lady!
Gidou: It's been quite a while, miss Mina.
Shimei: You're as beautiful as ever. Man, I wanna get married soon...
Sumio: Hm? You know them?
Mina (Handwritten): Oh, come now...
Thank you
Dad: Of course. We all met when I was a student here.
Shimei: We were in that position, too.
Sumio: He~~h.
How'd you meet?
Dad: Eh.
Mina: Oh, Sumio, do you want to know?

Page 49:
Mina: It was the school festival of our third year...
Sign: Occult Research Club
Shimei: Big trouble, Haiba!
Shimei: A girl's in a tussle with a delinquent... What do we do?!
Dad: Huh? That's pretty tame, actually.
Gidou: Hey, servents! Are you abandoning your post?
Dad: Gidou-sensei! Folklore has to do with people, doesn't it?!
Gidou: ...! It is an odd story...
Why would a delinquent get violent...? Was it caused by his living environment...? Or perhaps he is possessed by an evil spirit that lives here.
Gidou: All right assistants, time for field work!
Both: Yes, Sensei!
Mina: And so they all saved me.
Sumio: Just what I'd expect of my old man!
Kirio: That's just stupid. I can hardly listen.
Mina: And that was our fated meeting.
Shimei: Eh? Huh? What's wrong, Haiba?

Page 50:
Dad: And so, we headed to a small church.
Shimei: Ah, hey!
Dad: Father, we'd like to take marriage vows!
Shimei: Marriage?!
Sumio: Awesome, old man...!
Dad: I... I guess so...
Gidou: But it was the most interesting wedding I'd ever been to.
There were only four people there, but everyone truly wished them well from the bottom of their hearts.
Dad: It caused a bunch of problems, but I don't regret it.
Mina: Love is the best!
Shigeru: How beautiful!
Sumio: I see...
I've gotta find somebody soon, too!
Shigeru: .......

Page 51:
Shigeru: What...?
Do you not remember from before you got your memories back?
To me, Sumio, you----
Hiina: Hey, Haiba-san...
Sumio: Hi-Hiina-san?!
Someone: We were talking about how whoever loses this game has to treat everyone to something from the food cart...
Kurisu: And then Kirio-kun...
SFX: ZAWA ZAWA (Talking)
Kirio: How about the king (and pig) game?
Takemaru: No way I'm doin' that!
Suuki: That so dull... We're playing curse shiritori, of course.
Moto: Why is you're so scary?!
Kirio: What's so bad about it? We used to do it to kill time in my cell, right?
Kijima: You always played the king roll!
Aru: Sounds fun. Tell me how it goes, Sensei!
Sumio: Uh, how about not, okay, Aru?!
Shimei: Things sure got exciting with Sumi-bou here.
Gidou: ......

Page 52:
Gidou: ...I see.
-----He's a bit slow. Could I borrow your son to go for a little walk?
Dad: Sensei?
Gidou: Hey, Haiba 2. Come with me for a bit.
Kirio: What do you think you're doing, you stupid old man?!
Sumio: -----This is
Yuuyami Temple?
Sumio: Ah... Is this where you're lodging?
Gidou: There's a graveyard on the hill behind it. We're going there.
Kirio: Graveyard? You're going to visit a grave?
Gidou: ......

Page 53:
Gidou: Haiba 2... On the other side, I failed to deal with the skull. ["the other side" italics]
To take responsibility for that, I am taking care of this grave.
Below this stone is the final secret room----
I am protecting a lovely lady's paradise.
Grave: (Unreadable) Family Grave
Kirio: Paradise? Whose grave are you saying it is?
Shigeru: And this place... is similar to a place I saw in a prediction.
Gidou: This place should ring a bell with you, Haiba 2.
On that side you met that person. ["that side" in italics.]

Page 54:
Sumio: ......So that person
Gidou: It was a peaceful death.
With his beloved wife.
When I was a child, I met those two when they were alive.
During their lifetime as well as after their death, they walked harmoniously together.
Well, as long as the two are together, there's nothing bad.
Sumio: ...I see.
Gidou: So, Haiba 2? Why do you think the skull chose you as the person to end it?
Sumio: WAH!
I-I dunno.
Kirio: Do you know, old man?
Gidou: No one knows for sure, but we can make an educated guess.

Page 55:
Gidou: Someone charming like you who doesn't know the other person's history very well,
is also an idiot can still have passion for them.
----On the other hand, the skull is a tool that can be used to grant any wish.
It symbolizes the desires of this world.
It is something that Tyrants that cause others unhappiness and go only after their own happiness----
and even cause wars where is blood to be shed to obtain.
You completely
threw that away.
Passion stronger than desire.
There is no more magnificent idiot than this.

Page 56:
Gidou: They probably thought that you would be able
to get back the passion that they lost.
Sumio: I'm nothing like that.
Someone: Sumioo!
Where'd you go?!

Page 57:
Shigeru: Guys!
Sumio: Yes. It's thanks to everyone
that I was able to make it here.
Mina: We're about to head home!
Sumi, Kiri, let's go!
Sumio: See you later.

Page 58:

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#1. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2012
Hm, in page 16, wouldn't "ウソつき男" be rather something like "If it isn't the liar"? Just saying.
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