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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Omoni Naitemasu 2

Crazy Muta ~You Are Invincible~

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 24, 2012 03:10 | Go to Omoni Naitemasu

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[Omoni Naitemasu 2 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 28:
Title: Chapter 2 Crazy Muta ~You Are Invincible~

Page 29:
Izumi: Hogyaaa.
Hogyah hogyaaaah.
Tsune: Oka~y, that's enough of that. Come he~ere.
SFX: NOKONOKO... (stroll)
Tsune: Okay.
So like I was saying, this is the model, Izumi-san.
Izumi: Ah okay, I'll......
pour some green tea.
Tsune: Black tea is fine~
Akamatsu: ............
SFX: ISOISO (cheerful)

Page 30:
Izumi: Akamatsu-sensei......
what sort of drawings do you do?
[They really don't work hard on the covers for this manga.]

Page 31:
Akamatsu: Um......
are you...... um...... are you planning to wear that outfit the whole time......?
Izumi: What do I do, Tsune-chan......?
Tsune: If you're confident you're not going to fall in love with her, then it'll be okay for her to call off the Konaki thing.
How about that?
Akamatsu: ......So...... So you're saying she's cosplaying as a Konaki Jijii so that I don't fall in love with her......?
(Handwritten): Is that it?
Tsune: Yes.
By the way, on a scale from level A down to E, this is a level D.
I made this wig. Good, isn't it?
I bought it at Hands. It's a bald wig used for parties. And I made these parts bulge out and put padding on the inside to try to recreate the Mizuki Shigeru touch.
Izumi: Tsune-chan can make anything.
Akamatsu: Heh.
T/N: Hands refers to the Tokyu Hands, a Japanese department store. Mizuki Shigeru is the author of GeGeGe no Kitarou, a classic youkai manga that also had several adaptations.

Page 32:
Tsune: I bought this straw raincoat at Rakuten. You can really buy anything on the Internet these days. It's a crazy age we live in.
T/N: Rakuten is the largest online business site in Japan.
(Handwritten): The straw craftsman's shop said "Great for use in a Konaki Jii cosplay", and was pretty expensive.
Izumi: Tsune-chan really knows everything.
She has great decisiveness and is good at taking action. She even has a black belt in karate, is good at drawing, and gets good grades......
She's truly, truly, a supper middle schooler......
Akamatsu: Ah.
So she's in middle school.
So you're here at this classroom to study sketching for taking exams, huh?
Tsune: Ah, yes.
I mean, that's all anybody does here.
Akamatsu: I heard from Aoyama-sensei
that there was a child here aiming to go to an arts school. So I should work hard to guide her......
Tsune: Ah.
Akamatsu: Eh?
Akamatsu: WAAAAAH

Page 33:
Izumi: Uuuh......
Tsune: Ah, ah,
the straw.......
Akamatsu: A......
Are you okay?!
Tsune: Hey, Four Eyes,
you talking about Jin-sensei in front of this woman is absolutely forbidden.
Akamatsu: Eh......?
Oh, you mean Professor Aoyama? Why?
Tsune: Because she cries.
(Handwritten): This woman.
Akamatsu: Wh...... Why......?
Tsune: Are you an idiot?
Just look around this Atelier.

Page 34:
Tsune: See?
Akamatsu: Eh?
Tsune: You students of Jin-sensei all know this, right?
He's a popular artist that represents Japan.
Aoyama Jin's "I Portrait" series.

Page 35:
Akamatsu: Eh......?
A-Are you saying......?
Tune: Yes. This woman is that "I".
Konno Izumi-san.
Do all you can not to fall in love with her.
She's Aoyana Jin's model slash lover.
Akamatsu: I......
I see.......
SFX: KOKU KOKU (Nodding)
Akamatsu: It's okay. I......
know my place.
I'd be afraid I wouldn't get credit from the professor.
(Handwritten): I'm a shrimp. And I'm poor.
Tsune: Okay.
All right, you can get changed, Izumi-san.
(Handwritten): Your straw is getting all over.
Box: 10 minutes later.

Page 36:
Izumi: Sorry to keep you waiting......

Page 37:

Page 38:
Tsune: Izumi-san!!!
Tsune: Mutou!!!
Izumi: O.......
Tsune: Hurry!
Izumi: Okay!

Page 39:
Akamatsu: Ugh...... I ......
I...... hit...... my stomach......
Tsune: Apologize.
You were dangerously close to falling in love, so I tripped you to stop it.
Akamatsu: Wh..... What are...... you? Are you always like that?
Tsune: Yes. Despite how I look, I'll do good deeds without expecting any compensation.
I'm sick of having trouble.
Any more of this and I'd be worried you'd quit as instructor. And I've got exams net year.
Akamatsu: Th... This doesn't count as trouble......?
(Handwritten): Being an instructor is so violent.....
It... It's fine, it's fine. I won't do something like that!
It just surprised me that she was so beautiful......

Page 40:
Tsune: SUWAH!
It's Heisei Era Mister Pro Wresling, Mutou Keiji!!
Tsune: WAAH
Mutou-san, please give me your autograph!
Tsune: Ah, amazing! It's a The Great Muta Version one!!
That's ultra-rare!!
T/N: Mutou Keiji is a world famous Japanese pro wrestler, and has an alternate persona called "The Great Muta". He's bald, has a beard, and uses that hand signal.
Akamatsu: You guys have a surprisingly elaborate plan setup, don't you?
Tsune: So then, Sensei, today she'll be wearing these clothes in the classroom.
Izumi: It's nice to meet you......
Akamatsu: P-Please stop it with the hands.
Bottom: Chapter 2 Crazy Muta ~You Are Invincible~ The End

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