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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Omoni Naitemasu 3

Tsune goes on

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 24, 2012 05:33 | Go to Omoni Naitemasu

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And I'll just keep going.

[Omoni Naitemasu 3 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 41:
Title: Chapter 3 Tune goes on

Page 42:
Sign: Tokyo University of Fine Arts
Paper: I Portrait 2009 - Oil Painting

Page 43:
Text: The "I Portrait" series excited fans with the new motif of nudity, but this series had an image quality that was deeper than sensual physical beauty. Along with the tension of some inseparable "quality", the realism of the gently presented feeling

of being a person seeing "the woman herself" is so sharp it's as if it was cut with a knife. And with the expressive ability of Aoyama Jin and the achingly deep emotion, it achieves a peerless degree of perfection.
Aoyama went as far as using a technique called tempera to express the subjective realism of "I"'s beauty.

The concept of realism is to simply express the reality of photographs in the medium of a painting. An example being the "I" series.

Book: Spine: Aoyama
Paintings Collection [This is all on the spine]
Wrapper: Vivid beauty that shakes the soul
Aoyama Jin [Big on the cover]
Aoyama Jin [On the spine]
Modern Fine Art [On the black part]
A compilation of the artist's full collection from his earliest to his newest works. [Far left]
Akamatsu: I see...... That woman is......
The "I" from the......
I Portrait Series.......

Page 44:
Kitou: Oh, Akamatsu-shi!
Akamatsu: Ah. Kitou-san.
Doing a report on art history?
Kitou: Yeah.
It doesn't look good, I may have to repeat the class.
"I" series.
Akamatsu: I'm going to Aoyama Prefecture's classrom
because I'm short on credits.
Kitou: Eh?
SFX: BIKUH (surprise)
Kitou: A...... Akamatsu-shi, you're instructing there?!
Starting when?
Akamatsu: Ah, I already am. I went once. But there was only one student there.
Kitou: You've gotta quit that----
You'll be in big trouble if you go there hoping for credits.
Kawakami-san and Yoshizawa-san both quit college, right? Haven't you heard the rumors that that was because of "I"?!
Akamatsu: Eh?
Ah....... Yeah. "I", huh?
Kitou: Speaking of which, have you met her?
Akamatsu: Eh.

Page 45:
Kitou: What was she like? That beauty like in these pictures?
Akamatsu: Eh? Yeah, well......
(Handwritten): You're poking me with that.
She was incredibly beautiful,
Kitou: But?
Tune: Here we gooo.

Page 46:
Akamatsu: .............
SFX: DARADARA (sluggish) Karikarikari (drawing)
Akamatsu: Umm......
So what sort of costume is this, today......?
Izumi: Ah.......
Iss Mizuki Shigeru-sensei's soldier character......
Akamatsu: ......
Is she going to wear this the whole time
(Handwritten): today, too? [In bubble]
She has..... a thick paper in her mouth.......
Tsune: Yeah.
This is for you and for the classroom.
Akamatsu: .......
Tsune: Dammit.
I can't get the hat right......
Especially this drooping part on the side......
Akamatsu: Then let's take the hat off.

Page 47:
Tsune: E~~~h, are you sure about that?
But we made it this far without any bloodshed.
Akamatsu: Just what exactly has gone on in the past?!
Izumi: Uuh.
Tsune: Ah, look. You made her remember.
Akamatsu: HIIH
Izumi: I'm...... sorry......
It was my fault........
Everyone in this classroom was getting along so well......
and those things happened......
Tsune: It's okay. The lawyer said Haruta-san probably wouldn't be indicted.
And I heard Yokokawa-san will probably get discharged from the hospital in around two weeks.
Izumi: Uuh......
Akamatsu: Seriously, what the hell happe~~~~~~ned?!!

Page 48:
Tsune: Well, I'll just draw her crying.
Akamatsu: H......
How dry......
SFX: SUTASUTA (briskly) potapota (crying)
Tsune: Okay, Izumi-san, just stay like that.
Tsune: Okay, done.
Drawing: Aaah, an honorable defeat.
T/N: The character is meant to look like the main character from Mizuki Shigeru's manga "Aaah, Taiheiyou".
Akamatsu: Hey, are you making fun of me? Are you two working together to find ways to tease me?

Page 49:
Akamatsu: Um, if you really want to take an entrance exam for an art college,
you need to do things more properly.
You have such a wonderful model here to work with,
so you should do lots of things like human sketches and croquis sketch drawings.
And of course some oil paintings, too. You need all of those to put together a proper curriculum......
I'm only here for one month, but I've been put in charge of this classroom so I'll say this outright.
Do you think that art school entrance exams are that easy?

Page 50:
Akamatsu: Eh?
Tsune: I'm going home.
Akamatsu: Eh?
Tsune: Sensei, please go after her!
I know how Tsune-chan seems, but she's actually a normal middle schooler that is easily hurt.
Akamatsu: Eh?
Is that right?

Page 51:
Izumi: I'm sorry, Tsune-chan......
Hey, Sensei, you apologize, too......
Akamatsu: Eh,
I'm sorry. I was a little too harsh there.
Tsune: ............
Akamatsu: Uh-
Izumi: Tsune-chan...... Why don't we go back to the classroom and continue?
I, well, I have a feeling this sensei is going to be different from all the other senseis.......

Page 52:
Izumi: Today, I'll......
Izumi: model wearing normal clothes.......
Tsune: ............
You're blushing.
Izumi: HIH
Tsune: Private Anno!!
Face Sergent Akamatsu and salute!!!
Akamatsu: Um......
Just what kind of relationship do the two of you have?
Bottom: Chapter 3 Tsune goes on The End

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