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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Omoni Naitemasu 5


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 28, 2012 00:57 | Go to Omoni Naitemasu

-> RTS Page for Omoni Naitemasu 5

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[Omoni Naitemasu 5 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 67:
Title: Chapter 5 Yavai-Yabai-Yabai
T/N: Yabai is an interjection meaning "dangerous".

Page 68:
Akamatsu: E~~h?
To: Akamatsu Keisuke
Subject: Painting Classroom
From: Aoyama Jin
Body: How is the classroom? Going well?
For the time being, please take digital photos of the students' sketches and send them to me. Each week.
If you don't do it, I'm not giving you credit, okay?
[There's really no point in me translating all the menus in the email program. But if you want, I can later.]
Akamatsu: ............
This isn't good.......
This is seriously not good......

Page 69:
Akamatsu: Yeah.......
I keep getting shaken, and they're looking down on me because of it.......
I should keep up a composed face......
Anyhow, I'm gonna get them to do some serious sketching today!!
Even if it's of a costume!!
If it's drawn realistically, even if it's of a Konaji Jijii or of Ratman, it'll be a great learning experience!
Today, no matter what strange cosplay model-san is doing, I won't balk and say this sternly......!
"Okay. Model-san, please pose for us."......

Page 70:
Izumi: Ah...... Sensei......
Good morning......
Akamatsu: There's no way she can poooooose!
Box: Sarashi Mohican.
T/N: This doesn't seem to be any kind of character. A Sarashi is a kind of bleached cotton used to make long clothes. [I honestly don't know what this means. I spent like an hour looking over the internet to find some explanation but there isn't one really.]
SFX: Shinken (serious)
Izumi: Ah, I'll go pour us some tea, shall I......?
Tsune: Ah, watch the packing tape......
Akamatsu: HIH
Tsune: I'd like some ginger tea~
Use the ginger grater~
Izumi: Okaaay.
Akamatsu: How's she gonna do that?
How can she grate ginger?!

Page 71:
Tsune: This is our first time going away from Mizuki in a long time, but I'm starting to think it really is too weak......
(Handwritten): Haa...
I don't really like this sort much...
Akamatsu: No what're you getting depressed for?!
Izumi: KYAH!
Akamatsu: I told yooooou!
SFX: PURU PURU (Shaking)
Tsune: A~Ah.
So in this age of plastic bottles, you don't even know how to pour tea?
Izumi: I'm terribly sorry for making you have to do this, Sensei......
Akamatsu: Hot!

Page 72:
SFX: KOHON... (cough)
Akamatsu: Um,
I'm got a really earnest request to ask......
Can we do this seriously today?
(Handwritten): Sunday Japon!!
T/N: Sunday Japon is a variety talk show. Abbreviated Sunjapo.
Akamatsu: Turn Sunjapo off!
Um, ok then I'll just come out and say it......
Today I got an email from Professor Aoyama.
Izumi: Eh?

Page 73:
Izumi: From Ji...... Ji...... Jin-san......?
Akamatsu: Ah, yes. That's right.
Professor Aoyama Jin
said that I need to take photos of all of the students' sketches that they do in the classroom and email them
to him.
Tsune: Students?
(Handwritten): Huh?
Akamatsu: That would be you. ["You" in italics.]
I came here to be an instructor!
Akamatsu: And if there's any question about me falling in love with Izumi-san...... or anything,
you have absolutely no need to worry.
Tsune: How can you be so sure?
Don't tell me you've got a girlfriend?

Page 74:
Akamatsu: I...
I do!
Tsune: Yeah, that's a lie.
Akamatsu: ......
Tsune: Don't try to show off. It's disgraceful for someone your age.
Akamatsu: Then,
I'm gay.
Tsune: Eh?!
Tsune: F......
For real?
Akamatsu: Why did you believe that one?
Tsune: This is amazing... I've gotta email Komomo!
Akamatsu: No, no!
That was a joke......
Izumi: Komomo-chan is Tsune-chan's one and only school friend.
Tsune: All right, all right! If he's gay, we're okay, Izumi-san!
We've finally got someone with no risk!
Izumi: I see. If he's gay it's okay, huh......?
Akamatsu: No, no, no, no...

Page 75:
Tsune: Then,
pose for us for 20 minutes, pleaase.
Izumi: Okaaay.
Akamatsu: Okay, fine.....
Gay, then......
(Handwritten): If that'll get the classroom working well, let's go with it...
Tsune: Sensei.
I think I really can't get the form right. Show me an example.
Akamatsu: Eh?
I can draw?
SFX: KIRAAAN (sparkle)

Page 76:
Tsune: .............

Page 77:
Akamatsu: .............
Izumi: Akamatsu-sensei......
Akamatsu: Eh?
Izumi: Um...... Excuse me for asking, but......
Akamatsu: Y-Yes? What is it?
Izumi: Um...... In Jin-san's...... email from Italy.......
did he write anything about me......?

Page 78:
Akamatsu: Eh......
Well, nothing in particular......
Izumi: --Kh
Izumi: Uuuuu
Tsune: Hh!!
Don't tell me, you're also into Ji......?
(Handwritten): Are you gonna be Izumi-san's rival?
Akamatsu: No! No! That is not, not, not true!
Akamatsu: Aaah, yeah.....
I guess this one----?
Tsune: It's okay, Izumi-san!
This guy's a shotacon! Older men are out of his range!!
Izumi: Nothing......
Nothing about me at all......?
Magazine: Energetic!! Motivated!!
Barneys Jr.
Limited Edition Issue!!!
Bottom: Chapter 5 Yabai-Yabai-Yabai The End

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