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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Omoni Naitemasu 6

Komomo Glance

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 30, 2012 09:52 | Go to Omoni Naitemasu

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[Omoni Naitemasu 6 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 79:
Title: Chapter 6 Komomo Glance

Page 80:
Tsune: Ah.
So, wanna come see?
When can you come over? Today?
Ok, sure.

Page 81:
SFX: NIKO NIKO (smiling)
Akamatsu: Man, I'm so glad Izumi-san stopped wearing weird costumes......
Today we should finally be able to get some proper sketching done.
But she's a professional model, so it's only natural that she'd pose.
Yeah. She was that, what was it called, "I" from the "I Portrait" series, right?
It was thanks to that series that Professor Aoyama became famous, after all.
That collection of masterpieces of the Muse known as Izumi-san......
Good morniiiiing......

Page 82:
Izumi: Ah, good morning!
Akamatsu: HUHUHUHUHUHUH? That is not Muse-liiiiiiiiiike!!!!
(Handwritten in-bubble): What is this?!
Izumi: Ah, it's the guardian spirit of the Giants, Kroon.
Akamatsu: Who?!
Is that somebody well known?
Izumi: This is actually something Tsune-chan bought on the net for use in a Kijimuna costume, but......
T/N: A Kijimuna is a wood sprite in Okinawan folklore that look like human children covered in red hair.
Izumi: When I put it on, Tsune-san said it made me look like Kroon......
(Handwritten): I don't really understand it well, though......
Akamatsu: Huh?!
Speaking of which, where is Tsune-chan?

Page 83:
Izumi: Ah, Tsune-chan is going to meet a friend right now.
She said that her school friend is coming to play at the classroom today......
Akamatsu: Eh? Is that so?
Do you think they could be a new student?
Or something?
Izumi: Ah, I don't know...... I didn't ask her anything.....
Akamatsu: Well, it's true that if we only have one student, we'll really go into the red.
Ah, but this is a place that Professor Aoyama runs as just sort of a hobby, so it should be okay, I guess.
Izumi: Uh.
Akamatsu: Eh. Ah.
Sorry. Did I say something I shouldn't ha......
Tsune: Good morniiing.

Page 84:
Tsune: My friend's here to hang out. I'm gonna let him observe.
Akamatsu: Ah.
(Handwritten): Uh... U...
Tsune: Whadda ya think?
Guy: S-
Stop pointing.
Akamatsu: Eh?

Page 85:
Tsune: Ah, let me introduce you. This is my classmate, Komomo.
Komomo: No-
That's okay! You don't need to!
Akamtsu: S-So it was a boy.......
Tsune: Yeah.
I know he looks like Saigou Takamori on the outside, but on the inside he's the maiden Komomo Nobuchika-kun.
T/N: Saigou Takamori is a famous samurai in Japanese history during the late Edo Period and early Meiji Era. [Put a picture of him in.]
Komomo: No-
Don't say my last name.
Izumi: Komomo-chan, it's been so long!
(Handwritten): Ah, good. She stopped crying.
Komomo: Aah. Izumi-saan.
Iiit's beeen soooo loooong.
SFX: SUKUH Hirahira (Flutter)
Komomo: Ah, here.
I though everyone could have some of these......
Go on.
Izumi: Wah, cookies!
Did you make them, Komomo?

Page 86:
Komomo: I thought I'd make some cookie-cutter cookies, but I used a little too much egg, so the dough got too soft. So I mad them into pastry bag cookies.
(Handwritten): I only had large-size eggs....
E~h, amazing!
You're so clever~
Tsune: When I told him our new sensei was gay, he said he just had to come see. So I brought him along.
Akamatsu: Could you please not say that sort of thing to your school friends?
(Handwritten): Ya know, I really don't know how I'd categorize that boy's character.
Akamatsu: Anyhow, why is she in a costume again to......
Tsune: Okay, let's get sketching!!
Wind up, Kroon!
Komomo: Kyaa!
I wanna be wound uuuuup!!
Tsune: Speaking of which, even though you're gay, I think there's still a possible chance that Izumi-san's abundant beauty may turn you onto women, so I got this setup in a hurry this morning.
In such a situation, I'd rethink what to do.
Akamatsu: For being in a hurry, you did a great job!
Tsune: By the way, Komomo is still in middle school, so hands off.
Komomo: No-
Oh, Tsune, you're too straightforward.
(Handwritten): I'll report you.

Page 87:
Akamatsu: But, you know. I'm not actually gay or anything.
If you had to categorize me, I'd be in the Yamazaki Tooru-chan box.
T/N: Yamazaki Tooru is someone known for acting like a stereotypical homosexual as a comedic character, but claims he actually isn't one. [I hate researching this... it's so hard to figure these weird jokes out.]
Komomo: No-
You don't know that~ You've still yet to ever really fall in love.
(Handwritten): Um... That's enough...
Do you think you could change into... something normal...?
Izumi: Ah, yes... Sorry...
SFX: CHIRAH... (Glance)
(Handwritten): Hey, Tsune-chan, I also need you to continue the drawing we started the other day.
Tsune: Eh?
You think you might have a crush him?!
SFX: HISO... (Whisper) HIH
Komomo: NoO!
What're you saying, Tsune? You idiot!
Tsune: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! It's okay, he didn't hear me.
Komomo: Oooh, honestlyyyy, Tsune......
(Handwritten): Idiot! [This is small between the bubbles]
I... I'll just pretend I didn't hear that... I'll just move on...

Page 88:
Akamatsu: Aaand,
once you've got the form, don't worry about the details, first draw in the large parts......
SFX: SHAKA SHAKA (Scratching)
Akamatsu: Okay, now give it a try drawing on your own from here.
Tsune: Eh?
Komomo, why don't you give it a try?
Komomo: Eh?
No, no, no. I've only taken two years of art.
Akamatsu: D...... Do you want to try?
Komomo: .....
(Handwritten): Just a little for now...
SFX: KOKUN... Mojimoji... Moji (Fidgeting)
SFX: SHAKA SHAKA... (scratching)

Page 89:
Tsune: Hey, Four Eyes, guide him some.
Akamatsu: Don't call me Four Eyes.
And you should be drawing, too.
(Handwritten): This is your sketch in the first place.
Tsune: I don' wanna. She looks like a female Matsuzaki Shigeru.
T/N: Matsuzaki Shigeru is a singer and actor that has a trademark dark tan.
Akamatsu: You're the one who put that on, aren't you?!
Komomo: Ahn. What's this? My hands are turning black......
Akamatsu: Eh?
(Handwritten): Ah, the charcoal...
Tsune: Run, Komomo! Or he'll lick your hands!
Komomo: Noo! [Heart]
Akamoto: Like hell I am!
(Handwritten): I'm being... yelled at...
Akamatsu: Stop going "tokun"!
Tsune: So?
What're ya gonna do, Komomo?
Komomo: Hm......
I'm join......
Tsune: Okay! We got another student!
Akamatsu: Huh?
SFX: KOKU... (Nod)

Page 90:
Tsune: You must be glad, Izumi-san. Now I won't have to keep sneaking rice from my kitchen into ziplock bags and sending it to Izumi-san's house.
Izumi: Uh.....
I'm sorry...... I'm sorry for everything.......
Akamatsu: Eh? What do you mean?
Tsune: Don't you know that her pay for being a model is the students' monthly fee?
Akamatsu: Huh?
Hang on a second, Izumi-san gets paid plenty from Professor Aoyama, doesn't she?
Tsune: So naive.
Jin-sensei's wife manages all of the money he made from the "I Series", so Izumi-san hasn't seen one yen of it.
Izumi: Uh.
Tsune: So in other words, Izumi-san is a lover that doesn't get an allowance. A "pauper lover".
And I am her patron.
Izumi: Komomo-chan......
Thank you...... The monthly fee is 10,000 yen a month......
Komomo: Okaaay.
Here. I have it leftover from my new years envelope. [Heart]
Akamatsu: EEEEEEEEH?!
Bottom: Chapter 6 Komomo Glance The End

T/N: Tsune, although female, use the masculine first person pronoun "ore" or the arrogent "ore-sama". Whereas Komomo uses the feminine "atashi" or the neutral "watashi".

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