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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Omoni Naitemasu 7

Don't Get Excited

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 4, 2012 07:49 | Go to Omoni Naitemasu

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[Omoni Naitemasu 7 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 93:
Title: Chapter 7 Don't Get Excited
T/N: In the original, the subject of the phrase "Iro mekanaide" meaning "don't color" or "don't get excited" is written in all-caps romaji.

Page 94:
Akamatsu: But, man...
every time I look at it, it's like it's gotten taller.
What was it called again?
Komomo: "Sky Tree"
That's it. [Heart]
Akamatsu: Ah......
SFX: BIKUH (Surprise) Pyokon☆
Komomo: Soon it's gonna be that big~ ["That" in italics.]
Tsune: You goin' home already Four Eyes?
Go have tea with Komomo.
SFX: KYAH [Heart]

Page 95:
Akamatsu: Eh? Ah. Tea?!
Komomo: S-
Stop it! Tsune, I told you you didn't need do that. Something like that's actually really off-putting.
Tsune: How 'bout we all go for some enzyme juice?
Tsune: What about you, Izumi-san? Wanna go?
To Cattleya?
Izumi: Ah, okay. I suppose I'll go......
Tsune: It's okay. We're not meeting anybody. You don't need a disguise.
(Handwritten): Okay, are we going?
That must be such a pain, doing that for every little thing.
Tsune: I'll have enzyme juice.
Right Sign: Juice
1/2 Size Pea
Banana Celery
Fresh Squeezed
Perishable foods.
contained in a bi [This whole sign is cut off on the right side]
Left Sign: Fresh-Squeezed Juice 600 Yen
Aloe, lemon, apple,
honey, celery, parsley
asparagus [These flavors are next to the big parenthesis]
Hot Orange 500 Yen
Fresh-Squeezed Black Grape Juice [Stuck on]
Avocado Juice 600 Yen
Banana Shake 500 Yen
Komomo: I'll have the apple and celery. [Heart]
And you, Izumi-san?
Izumi: Tsu.......
Could you order a strawberry milkshake for me?
It's pretty expensive, 100 yen, though...... [Small]
Tsune: It's fine. Get whatever you want.

Page 96:
Tsune: I've got money.
Akamatsu: Eh?
Is Tsune-chan that well off?
Komomo: Yes.
Tsune-chan is the soul heir of the biggest traditional Japanese restaurant in Mukoujima.
Yeah. Sorry. I've got nothing but money.
C'mon, order whatever you want, poor college student.
Akamatsu: He-...... He~~h.
So that's how you're able to buy the straw raincoats, wigs, giant uniforms and all that.......?
Izumi: That's right...... I'm...... unemployed, so everything is bought for me......
(Handwritten): by Tsune-chan...
Akamatsu: ......
Wh...... What did you say just then?
Izumi: Eh?
Th...... That I'm unemployed?......

Page 97:
Izumi: Ah, yes.
I am unemployed.
Akamatsu: I...... Is that so......?
I can't imagine how......
Tsune: She's too beautiful so she can't work anywhere.
No matter where she goes, the men fall in love with her and the women reject her.
She always gets forced into quitting in less than a month.
Akamatsu: I can imagine that but......
Someone as beautiful as Izumi-san could be a model or an actress or anything like that, couldn't she......?
Tsune: All right you,
you've just been selected as the representative for Eastern-Japan for the national thoughtlessness championship.
Komomo: There's no way Izumi-san could do that. That world of people step on top of each other!
Only malicious women with bad personalities can survive in that world!
(Handwritten): That's impossible for her!!
Guy: Thanks for your patronage.

Page 98:
Guy: Izumi......
Komomo: Oh know! He's found her out!
Why did you get delivery from Yanagi Sushi?!
We told you that Yanagi was a no-no, didn't we?!
Woman: Huh?
Wasn't Kura Sushi the one I couldn't call?
(Handwritten): Hold ooon!
Tsune: Izumi-san!

Page 99:
Akamatsu; Eh? What?
Another former boyfriend?
(In Bubble): Is it?
Tsune: Izumi-san, let's go.
Guy: Gh......
Guy: W...... Wai......
(Handwritten): Sushiii
Komomo: This is bad! Really really bad!
It's Yana-san from "The Mukoujima Three Days of Bloodshed"~~~~
Akamatsu: Wh-
What? Three Days of Bloodshed?
Yana: Izumi-san, wait!
Yana: I.....
I'm still......
(Handwritten): Th... This guy's huuuge.

Page 100:
Yana: I'm still in......
I'm still in......

Page 101:
Yana: love with you......!!!
Tsune: Izumi-san!
Izumi: !!

Page 102:
Tsune: Y-
blond haired pig bastard!
Tsunbe: One-two-three go!
Jyanjyaaraaa Chanranranran Chachachara dararirariraa [Music note]
T/N: She's singing Fly-Day Chinatown, a 1981 single by Japanese singer Yasuha.
Tsune: Charararah, charararah,
charararah, charararah,
Izumi: It's
Fly-Day Chinatown! [Music note]
Tsune: This is piano.
She's playing piano.
In a crowd in the middle of the night~
It's Soooooooo Fly-Day!

Page 103:
Tsune: Hew, that was close......
I got flustered, running into an enemy totally exposed like that.
SFX: Huu...
Akamatsu: ......So
......what was all thaT?
(Handwritten): It was some passionate singing, though...
Tsune: That was Yasuha, dude. Yasuha.
If you're attracting men, Yasuba. When think of Yasuba, you think of the very idea of repelling men and pulverize budding love. But the song was Fly-Day Chinatown.
Izumi: I'm sorry, Tsune-chan......
I still don't quite know the lyrics......
(In Bubble): I'm not sure I sang it well......
Tsune: You were fine, just fine. We can watch it on YouTube later and practice.
Komomo: I didn't like that. It reminded me of the "Three Days of Bloodshed"......
I drank tea at "Cattleya" on that day, too~
And I could hear ambulance sirsn......
Akamatsu: H-Hey?
I've been wondering for a while, what is that?
SFX: BURU~~~ BURU~~ (Trembling)

Page 104:
Komomo: ......Do you want to know?
Tsune: It's a long story.
Izumi: H......
Komomo: It sure was an ordeal, that day on Mukoujima...
There were so many ambulances stopped in front of the shops......
At first......
I thought a terrorist attack had occurred on Mukoujima.
Title: Chapter 7 Don't Get Excited

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