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Omoni Naitemasu 9

Let's Start from a Wound

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 17, 2012 04:45 | Go to Omoni Naitemasu

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[Omoni Naitemasu 9 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 117:
Title: Chapter 8 Let's Start from a Wound
[Really there's no... point to just write the Japanese word in English... But if you want, replace Wound with Kizu and write a note.]

Page 118:
Yana: ............
it has been a very long time since that incident.
I've heard rumors you're still in Mukoujima,
though in all these months, I've never seen you.
However, I want to see you again dearly
so I always spend my days of searching for you across the city of Mukoujima.
Box: In Disguise

Page 119:
Yana: On rainy days......
and windy days.......
Shirt: Sid and Nancy
Yana: and snowy days......
T/N: Izumi is dressed as a Komusou. A kind of Zen Buddhist monk.

Page 120:
Yana: I search for you every day.
T/N: Now Izumi is wearing a Tengu mask. A kind of yokai. Specifically, one in Tsuge Yoshiharu's style.
Yana: And yesterday...... finally.......
I finally met you on a meal delivery to Cattleya.

Page 121:
Woman: Eh?
Haven't you heard, Yana-san?
Izumi-san is working as a model at that drawing classroom.
Box: Yanagi Sushi - At an extra-special rate of 3480 yen
purchase complete
Yana: Is that true?
Woman: The middle school students she was here with yesterday were students.
One was the heiress to the traditional restaurant Midori.
Just don't tell them I told you.
Yana: I am in your debt.
Izumi-san, I
have something I want to tell you when I meet you again.
I'd like to choose a ring.
One with a huge gemstone.

Page 122:
Yana: Hm...
It sparkles like Izumi-san's eyes.
Komomo: Hellooo!
Yana: Hey.
Komomo: KYAH!

Page 123:
Komomo: Wh-wh-what do you want?!
Yana: Could I see Izumi-san?
Until I see her, I'm not moving from this spot.
Tsuneeeee, troublllllle!
Yana-san is here to kidnap Izumi-san!
Yana: I'm not kidnapping her. I just want to talk.
It'll be over in 3 minutes.
Tsune: Geh,
an enemy plane is attacking?
Komomo: Tsuneeee!
Help me, I can't get my head ouuut!
Yana: Hey.
You're the daughter of the Midori place, right?
Tsune: You can meet with the head chef of Midori in Tsukiji a lot of the time.
Nobody cares about your friendship record. Please leave.
Yana: Then I'll just be staying here until the class ends.
Komomo: No! This person is a real pain.
Handwritten: He-yup.
Tsune: I guess we've got no choice. Wait 20 minutes.

Page 124:
Box: 20 minutes later
Izumi: Wh......
What is it you want?
Yana: Izumi-san......?

Page 125:
Yana: Something..... about you has really changed......
Tsune: Good! This guy's a moron!
Izumi: Yes......
Quite a bit has happened.......
Now I have been able to become like this.......
SFX: HEKO HEKO (Pliantly)
Yana: It's true...... That's Izumi-san's voice.......
Tsune: So, what're you here for, Yana-san?
Yana: ......No, maybe next time......
I'll come back when Izumi-san is more normal......
SFX: OZUOZU... (Nervously)
Tsune: Is that all your love is?
So at the end of the day, all you liked about Izumi-san were her looks.

Page 126:
Yana: Wha...
That's not true! I was moved by the sight of Izumi-san working hard......
Tsune: Izumi-san, work!
(Handwritten): Help me~~
Tsune: There, she's working. She's wiping with a cloth.
C'mon, go ahead. Say what it is you wanna say.
Yana: Izumi-san, please marry me!!
Tsune: He said it!!
Yana: Please accept this!
I think it suits you. I chose the prettiest stone I could find.
I'm not sure if it will fit, but.......
Here, put your hand out.
SFX: SU...

Page 127:
Yana: What's this? Yana-san, your hands are like back scratchers.......
Tsune: Uh, that's because they are.
Tsune: Wow, you're really good, Yana-san. You really went along with that gag!
I've misjudged you!
Akamatsu: He hasn't realized it's a gag yet though.
(Handwritten): Is this guy all right?
Tsune: Okay, so, the ring wasn't the right side, so
please go ho~me.
Yana: Wait! Please go back to how you normally look, Izumi-san!
Tsune: You help out, too, Komomo!
Komomo: Okay!! Just leave it to me!!
I just need you to make this door disappear!!
Tsune: Hey, sensei, how 'bout some help?!
Akamatsu: Okay, okay, okay.
I...... I can't get him out...
Tsune: This is bad! Yana-san! Push from the other side!
Yana: O...... Okay.

Page 128:
Yana: Ah!
Tsune: And don't ever come back!
Yana: Shit!
You tricked me, dammit!!
Yana: Izumi-san!! I'll be back!
Please get over that illness by then!
Tsune: She's not sick.
This is the Okada Aamin system.
T/N: Okata Aamin is a female mangaka from the last 80's and early 90's. She wrote a comedic manga called Koitsura 100% Densetsu (These Guys are 100% Legends).
(Handwritten): I need time to prepare.
Tsune: Ya know, that guy actually had quite an unexpected sense of humor.
He left still going with the gag.
I'll lend him the series of "Koitsura 100% Densetsu" next time.
Akamatsu: It looks like he really believed it the whole time though... Do you think?
Woman: Huh? Didn't you know?
A long time ago Yana-san got into a fight with some Yakuza that came to his shop and got hit in the head with a whetstone. Ever since then he's been a little on the slow side.
Izumi: Is that so? I'm glad......
(Handwritten): Hew... That was hot...
Tsune: Huh? Where's Komomo.
Komomo: Oww.
You're really mean Tsune!!
Bottom: Chapter 9 Let's Start from a Wound The End

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