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Omoni Naitemasu 11

Night of Departure

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 17, 2012 07:32 | Go to Omoni Naitemasu

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[Omoni Naitemasu 11 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 143:
Title: Chapter 11 Night of Departure

Page 144:
Tsune: Oka~y then,
I guess a night flight?
Akamatsu: Night flight......?
Where're we running?
Tsune: It's okay. Granny Toki always manages something with her Granny Network.
Toki: Don't call it Granny Network!
Abbreviate it as Grannet.
Tsune: Or Grannet Kou.
T/N: A few internet services with "net" in their name have "kou" meaning "light" after them to indicate fiber optics.
Granny Toki, we've already decided to do it tonight, so we're hoping you can get a room setup.
Just enough space to spread out one futon would be fine.

Page 145:
Toki: Then, I think I'll try calling Zuka's friend Yone-chan~~~~~~
(Handwritten): Using an iphone
Tsune: Okay, we'll go get a trailer cart.
Akamatsu: Trailer cart?!
Tsune: I've got an old one I used to use at my house.
Komomo: The safest way for Izumi-san to do a night flight is by trailer cart.
We asked a night flight arranger before, and he ended up falling in love with her. It was a lot of trouble.
Tsune: Okay, what we're going with is go in the dead of night.
Izumi-san, until then, get packing.
Akamatsu: Is, is this really gonna be okay? So suddenly like this......?
Izumi: Yes. It may be "packing", but all I really have is a futon, a pot, and a suitcase, so......
Toki: What are you, Nagareita Ryuuni?!
T/N: Nagareita Ryuuni is a 1997 manga by Kasa Tarou about a wandering chef.
Tsune: Sorry, but we're gonna need your help out, too, sensei.
Izumi-san is an important model to our classroom, you see.
Akamatsu: Help out......?
What on earth can I do......?

Page 146:
Tsune: Okay, pull!

Page 147:
Akamatsu: Could you guys get off?!!
Especially that Saigou Don-looking guy!
Komomo: Hih.
You're so mean!
Tsune: That was low. You called somebody who likes you "Saigou Don"? Don't you understand a maiden's feelings?
Akamatsu: Ah, sorry, sorry...
Tsune: As punishment, you've gotta close your moth and pull the cart.
You'd better bit on a hand towel or you'll ruin your teeth!
Akamatsu: I'm not doing that!!
SFX: GARA GARA (Wheels turning)
AKamatsu: So? Where's she moving to?
Tsune: She said it was 3 Choume, Nagata, Beiten.
Apparently she was able to rent a 4.5 tatami mat room.
Akamatsu: That sure is something. She already managed to arrange a roo......
Tsune: Ah!
Akamatsu: Huh?

Page 148:
(Handwritten): Hic...
SFX: FURA FURA (tottering)
(Handwritten): Hic...
Yana: Goddammit!!
I ain't gonna give up!! No way no way no way in hell am I giving up!!
I'll keep proposing as many times as it takes until Izumi-san accepts this ring!

Page 149:
Yana: Okay, I've made up my mind!
I'm going over to Izumi-san's place again and giving her this ring!!
Tsune: Hew.
I'm glad we decided to do the night flight right away.
Akamatsu: Yeah.
Tsune: Okay, here we are.
It should be unlocked, so you can just go in from the outside stairway.
Okay, we've got her bags in for now.
Sensei, bring in the futon.
The lights are on. Granny Yone might be here.

Page 150:
Guy: Hih.
Toki: I'm sorry~~~~ That Yone-chan, she forgot her grandson was being a hikikomori on the second floor, apparently~~~~
T/N: A hikikomori is a Japanese word for someone who shuts themselves off from human contact and stays in doors for extended periods of time. A Japanese cultural word for a shut-in.
Toki: She hadn't seen him in about 10 years so she probably accidentally thought he was dead.
She's gone a little senile. Yone-chan's already 75.
Tsune: That was a surprise. When we opened the door, that guy looked like an extra from one of Mizuki Shigeru's works.

Page 151:
Toki: So did Izumi-san start living together with that NEET?
She's not doing that, right?!
Tsune: For now, she's taking shelter in a safe place for the night.
There are chefs around my place, so there's a lot of danger there.
(Handwritten): Haa...
Izumi: I'm terribly sorry about this, sensei......
I never would have thought I would have to lodge at your home......
Akamatsu: N-No......
It's no trouble at all......

Page 152:
Izumi: I'm really glad......
Seeing as you're a homosexual, sensei.....
Akamatsu: Uh, yeah. Hahaha.
Man, I just really like guys so damn much.
Izumi: Wah...... It's already 4AM......
Why don't you go to bed, sensei? You have to go to college in the morning, don't you?
AKamatsu: Ah,
yes. Well, in the afternoon......
Ah, I can go to that net cafe nearby, so yo can sleep here, Izumi-san.
Izumi: Really?!
Ah, then, I'll sleep here and you can take the bed, Sensei......
This is kind of fun. It's like a sleep over at a friend's house......
Don't have a single adult friend, so it's my first time doing something like this......
Akamatsu: Y...... You don't have any friends, Izumi-san?
Izuki: No.
Just Tsune-chan and Komomo-chan......
And Tsune-chan is more of a patron than a friend......
I'm quite penniless, so Tsune-chan always treats me to expensive drinks at Starbucks or Cattleya......
Akamatsu: Ah......

Page 153:
Izumi: L-Let's try to get a little sleep, Sensei!
AKamatsu: Ah, I'll sleep down here, then.
O-Okay, I'm turning the lights off.
Izumi: Okay.
It's already light out......
Akamatsu: Yeah, it is......
SFX: DOKI DOKI (Heartbeat)
Izumi: Today we have off from the classroom, don't we......?
Izumi: Yeah, we do.
What do you usually do on days we have off?
Izumi: .......
Yes...... I spend those days......

Page 154:
Izumi: ............
mostly crying....
Yone: Thank you~~~ Toki-cha~~~n!
You got my grandson to come outside for the first time in 10 years~~~
Love sure is amazing!
Boy: P...
Please let me meet that beautiful woman!
Toki: Izumi-san cured him of being a hikikomori!!!
Bottom: Chapter 11 Night of Departure The End

Page 155:
Continued in Omoni Naitemasu Volume 2

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