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Steel Ball Run 93

High Voltage Part (4)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 14, 2012 01:10 | Go to Steel Ball Run

-> RTS Page for Steel Ball Run 93

Only for use by Jojo Project.

[Steel Ball Run 93 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Title: High Voltage
Part (4)

Page 2-3:
[I appear to have burst into flames.]

Page 4:
Johnny: ...........................
Johnny: .............

Page 5:
Dio: !!

Page 6-7:

Page 8-9:
Announcer: Here's the lead group!!
They're approaching the "Brooklyn Bridge"!
Crossing over the East River, with a total length of roughly 2 kilometers, once this "Brooklyn Bridge", completed in 1883, is completely crossed over,
The course turns left in front of City Hall!
Then goes in a straight line south down through Broadway and finally to "Wall Street"!!
Map: East River [Far right]
Brooklyn Bridge [The bridge]
Brooklyn [Lower right]
Broadway [Upper middle]
Lower Manhattan [To the left of Broadway]
Hudson River [Upper left]
Goal [Above the G-flag]
Wall Street [Below the G-flag.]
Narration: And then after five months and 6000 kilometers crossed, they'll have finally made it. The final site of the Steel Ball Run Race!
The "Trinity Church" will be in sight!!
Map: Trinity Church
Announcer: Diego Brando has caught up with the top 3!
Following him are Georgie Porgie and Nellyville!
[Who the fuck is Nellyville? That guy I think placed back in the results for the first stage and that's the last we heard of him.]
But the contestant who should have started in fifth is nowhere to be seen!
What could have happened to him!?

Page 10:
Dio: Johnny.
That guy..........
Announcer: Has he slowed too far behind!? Or did he choose a different "route"!?
The one who has risen to become favored to win, Johnny Joestar, is nowhere to be seen among the top group!!
Dio: "He's below"......He's running "below"...
The fire I lit on him,
he's not just down there to put it out!! ......Dammit!
If he's underground, I have no idea when Johnny will shoot me!
Th-... This is bad!!
He's kept me from having the right timing for when to stop time!

Page 11:
Johnny: I know exactly which hoofbeats are yours!!
Johnny: Dio!!
I've figured you out...

Page 12-13:

Page 14-15:
Announcer: WOAAAAAH, I don't believe it, what an incredible performance in this situation!! "DIO"OOOOOOO!!
His fangirls have rushed over to him and stopped his horse!
They're climbing up on top of the horse!!
Is being a topic of the mass media more important to him than the battle to the goal!?
Or is he so confident in his victory he feels he has time to spare!?

Page 16-17:
[Buddy, I thought I was your best friend?]

Page 18:
Johnny: !!
Johnny: ............

Page 19:
Dio: Hmph!
Hey now, hey now,
How awful.
That wasn’t my crime, Johnny.
The one who killed them was you..........
Such pure and cute girls......
Such a shame...
They broke apart and died...
Seems they’re off to another dimension.
You killed them.
That'll do... You girls, get off the horse.
Announcer: And what is happening now!?
I can't see what happened exactly......

Page 20-21:
Johnny: It's no good..........
......I didn't hit him......
Narration: There's 3 kilometers remaining until the goal!!
Each horse, while looking at the "Statue of Liberty" off to their left shoulder, they're rushing onto the Brooklyn Bridge!!
Spectators are filling the walking section of this bridge!

Page 22:
Arrow: Johnny
Johnny: Like I thought at first, the only way to finish off "Dio" is at close range.
Based on the sounds of his horses' "hooves",
at this distance he's impossible to hit...

Page 23:
Arrow: Dio
Johnny: I need to get as close as possible to him...
before I "shoot" the nail bullet.
my chance will be "before" we finish the crossing. Before the number of spectators on the course increases again......
Announcer: And now Johnny Joestar, who is thought to have taken a different route, is back on the course!!

Page 24:
Arrows: Higashikata
Sloop John B
Announcer: But......
However! Just what is he anticipating!? What could he be thinking!?
"Johnny Joestar" has suddenly gained a second wind to catch up with the lead group!!
At this site of the Brooklyn Bridge, he's gained a spurt that seems to be his full speed!!
At this point with only 3 kilometers to go before the goal!!
Arrow: Johnny
Announcer: In to the untrained eye, that acceleration will eventually make the horse break down and requires good timing!!
He's slowly drawing away from rider Nellyville in 5th place.
And drawing on Diego Brando, currently in 3rd place!!
Arrow: Johnny
Announcer: WOOOOAH NOW! It seems that now Dio is also suddenly beginning to accelerate!
Arrow: Dio

Page 25:
Arrow: Johnny
Announce: Is this an act to of suiciiiiide!!?
Or a calculated judgment by two genius jockeys!!?
Arrows: Dio

Page 26:
Announcer: And here, at incredible speeds, Diego Brando and Johnny Joestar have broken away from the lead group!!
Arrows: Johnny
Announcer: They're pulling away!
They're pulling away!
The other racers aren't taking the invitation!
At this point, the two racers are going at their max speed!!
2nd! Johnny Joestar is following!! And 1st! Dio is trying to escape him!!

Page 27:
Johnny: "That time stopping ability"..........!
of "Dio"'s..........
Arrow: Dio
Johnny: Judging from what I've sensed up until now, from Dio's point of view there's a "length of time" that Dio can stop time.
I'd say that it's probably "within several seconds"..........
The max length he can stop is maybe "within 5 seconds"...
Dio can only move in stopped time during that interval...
In that case, I'll get to a position just barely "5 seconds" away from him... and shoot!

Page 28:
Dio: ....................................................
Are you coming... Johnny...? Then come shoot me...
Just try and shoot your "nail bullets" of infinite rotation at me...
Because it's all progressing "according to my plan"...
Johnny will predict "The World"'s range and try to get as close as he can to that before shooting!
He should predict around "5 seconds"...!
I, too...... must make a sacrifice and payment equivalent to that...
I am certain to win.
I'll impale you.
I'll skewer you..........

Page 29-30:
Dio: Come!! Johnny Joestar.
The conclusion will come "faster" than if time were stopped!

Page 31-32:
Dio: "5" seconds left!!

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