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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Steel Ball Run 95

Stars and Stripes Forever - OUTRO

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 14, 2012 01:11 | Go to Steel Ball Run

-> RTS Page for Steel Ball Run 95

Only for use by Jojo Project

[Steel Ball Run 95 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Title: #95 Stars and Stripes Forever - OUTRO
Valentine: All you need do is "lock" it.
The "shelter"
has an elevator that will descend only once. ...When it is "locked" it cannot be "unlocked".
The "corpse" stored deep below the earth's surface.
So even if enemies appear that wish to destroy it...
It would take them 80 years.
All of the good fortune in this world will begin with you.
Side Text: Dio has made it to the underground shelter...! [This is only on the color page.]

Page 2-3:
Title: #95
World of Stars and Stripes

Page 4:
[Horses running...]

Page 5:
Johnny: It's over......
...My own "infinite rotation"...
there's no longer anything I can do...
On this bridge..........
At this place..........
It's all over......
I’ll break down into "bits of dust" and disappear somewhere...
I lost......
.............And I don't think even a soul will be left behind.

Page 6-7:
Valentine: With the "corpse" being here in New York.......
Dio... You will become the center of the world.
Just spin the dials with your fingers and it will be "locked".
Dio: All right... President.
I believe you.

Page 8-9:
Dio: ...................

Page 10:
Lucy: AH
Dio: !!

Page 11:
Dio: "Lucy Steel"..............
Lucy: Ah
Dio: ?
Dio: What... What are you doing...?
What’s this?
You came here alone?
It doesn't look like that man "Steel" is outside.
Lucy: UH...
Dio: Why have you come?

Page 12:
Lucy: F...........
For happiness...
It was for “happiness" that I crossed this continent...
and came here.
Dio: .............
I see......
Stephen Steel already knows about the "construction of this shelter" and about "the existence of the corpse".
He knows too much.

Page 13:
Dio: Obviously I cannot leave him alive.
Once everything is over... I will have to shut Steel's mouth.
But Lucy... You're just so young and cute.
What shall I do with you?
It may seem like you will never get your happiness, but...
Lucy: I came in case "Johnny".....................
In case Johnny couldn’t take the "corpse" back from you, I came here......
I've been waiting at this goal-point church since early this morning, for your arrival.
Dio: ............

Page 14:
Dio: .............
Lucy: The "corpse" is not yours.
Dio: Is that right?
No matter how cute a voice you say it in, it's useless... Lucy.
Right now because of certain circumstances one of my legs is wounded and it hurts so much.
If you think that this technique of seduction will incite sympathy in me, then
just wait until my leg is treated, and we can play all we want.
I'll make you fall to the lowest a woman can go, and then while I'm playing with you I'll kill you.

Page 15:
Dio: ...................
What is this?
This "bundle"...?
It's not exactly a "present"......
More like something you "lost"......

Page 16-17:
Steel: Wait! ......Lucy.
Wait... Please stop... What are you intending to do......?
Lucy: I'm sure
it should be around here. It wasn't that far off...
At this rate, Johnny and Dio should reach Manhattan and get to the goal tomorrow morning.
If we go there now by train, we'll be able to overtake the racers and get there first
Before then, we have to find "that".
If we "find that" and then head forward...
Steel: Please stop, Lucy...
Throw away that blade.
Why do you need something so repulsive?
Lucy: ...........
In order to find "happiness".
If Johnny is defeated and fails... We're sure to be killed, too.
If the same "two" things meet, they'll be "annihilated".
I heard President Valentine say that when I was on the train.
"Something that came from another world"
and "something in this world."
If "two" of the same objects meet...

Page 17:
[Oh. Shit.]

Page 18:
[What a pretty face-OH MY GOD!]

Page 19:
Dio: "THE WORLD" GET AWAY!! STOP TIIiiiiiME---------!!!
G... Get away!
"THE WORLD"......
.....Far away, this is bad...

Page 20:
AAh... My leg...
How dare.............
someone like you.........Lucy Steel...
Who do you think I am?!!

Page 21:
Doing something like this to me......
The victor is I, Dio!! ...Stop!
I'm at the pinnacle of the world...
Stop this!! You're just a shallow scum of a little girl!!
How dare you do something like this to me! I won't let you live!

Page 22:
Dio: WRY

Page 23:

Page 24:
Lucy: Haaaa

Page 25:
Steel: It's me, Johnny!
Grab on!
You may have been disqualified from the Steel Ball Run race, but if you ride on this horse for a moment, you'll have a chance, won't you?!

Page 26:
Johnny: The rotation will be a "reverse rotation"!!
Using the horse's power...
An "infinite reverse rotation"...... on "myself"...

Page 27-28:

Page 29:
Johnny: ----This is a "Story of revival"----
How I literally was able to start walking again.................
And thinking back, I was constantly "praying" the whole journey...........
Even this cross-continental race by horse was a journey of "prayer".
"Praying" for the weather tomorrow.
"Praying" for when we wake up the next day there would be a road on the land.
"Praying" that we would have food and a place to sleep.
"Praying" that our campfire would light.
And while these common things would repeat,

Page 30:
Johnny: -------"Prayer" that my friend and the horses would be okay.
And we crossed each river one by one.
Now---- I have crossed the final river.------
As for the Steel Ball Run Transcontinental Race,
in the end there were 39 contestants to complete it. Pocoloco ended up as winner by default, and obtained 6 billion yen.
The special prize for the Final Stage went to Sloop John B, a prize of 1 billion yen.
The horse that matched Diego Brando's registered "nose print", Silver Bullet, was discovered on the side of the road.
And because the contestant himself could not be found, Diego Brando was "disqualified" without apology...........

Page 31:
Johnny: People all over the world waited for United States President Valentine to arrive to give the speech for the closing ceremony, but
with the explanation being "security reasons", the mayor of New York made a speech in his place. (The president did not appear.)
the people's praise of President Valentine would never stop.
According to a newspaper report, the approval ratings for the President rose to 91%.
And it was announced that the heads of every nation sent distinctions to him.
Because of the many resulting dead, criticisms that the race was inhumane came from all sides.

Page 32:
Johnny: It was announced that the economic result of the race was 7 trillion yen.
And it was also announced that the promoter, Mr. Stephen Steel, donated everything he earned to various different causes.
And all of the criticism stopped immediately.
The final results of the Steel Ball Run race are shown below.
Chart: 1890-1891 Steel Ball Run Compiled Overall Results
Rider Name | Nationality | Acquired Prize Money (Yen) | Results | Time
Champion 1st | Pocoloco | USA | 6,000,000,000 | 398 Points | 116 Days 06:33:16
2nd | Norisuke Higashikata | JPN | 1,000,000 | 353 Points | 06:33:16 (By a neck)
3rd | Sloop John B | USA | 1,000,500,000 | 314 Points | 06:33:16 (By one horse length)
4th | Georgy Porgy | FRA | 250,000 | 123 Points | 06:33:21
5th | Nellyville | USA | 120,000 | 122 Points | 06:33:23
Johnny: And so, after spanning 4 months,
the curtain fell on the "Steel Ball Run Race".

Page 33:
Steel: What the President wanted..........
"The right to being fortunate"
-------Even if the law of the "napkin" is within the "corpse",
I think that after all, the only thing that can decide that is the will of God.
Ultimately... the "corpse" does not belong to anyone...
Not to be the possession of one nation... or one person.

Page 34:
Steel: This way is best...
The corpse must be stored somewhere, but
this way it will not belong to anyone......
Dio has locked this shelter shut, but..........
"Dio" has been annihilated.
This way is fine.
It no longer belongs to anyone...
I was afraid the one who owned it when it was locked would be given the "napkin", but..........
Dio was not "qualified" to be the owner... as it would seem.
Lucy: ......"Qualified"......

Page 35:
Lucy: ............
It was locked...
the "corpse" has been stored deep within the earth.

Page 36:
Guy: !!

Page 37:
Johnny: Oh.
Johnny: It's you...
Are you doing well? What're you doing?
On a boat like this...?
This boat is going to Europe, right?
Guy: And what am I doing...?
My original job was a customs officer...
The officials in the Steel Ball Run Race were hired for temporarily jobs......
By the way, Mr. Johnny Joestar, what's that crate you have with you?
Johnny: A "corpse".

Page 38:
Johnny: It's the "corpse" of my friend.
And my friend's beloved horse, Valkyrie.
I'm going back to his homeland on this boat.
And handing them over to his family.
Guy: U~mm...... The horse is fine, but according to the boarding rules, I cannot permit you to bring a "corpse" on board.
I'm sincerely sorry, but I'll have to ask you to have him cremated and bring only the ashes, or have him buried in this country.
Johnny: I see.
Then let me tell you a nice solution for that. You... go get me authorization to bring him on board.
I am definitely going to bring my friend back to his native country......No matter what!
If you want a bribe, I'll pay you.

Page 39:
Guys: Hey!
Come here, everyone!
Everyone gather around! Right over here!
Get this crate off here by brute force!
Johnny: What are you trying to do...? I told you, no way am I taking this off the boat....
It's already impossible.
Guess you've got no choice but to bug off.
And if necessary, you go get authorization! ...Got it?
We don't have any problem here, right?

Page 40:
Higashikata: ...................

Page 41-42:
Flashbacks: Hey, look! "Sandman" is running!
First, the most dangerous one will is the favorite to win, Mountain Tim.
You still can't let them drink, here. The horses have to last 3 days without drinking.
That brat! I'll never forgive him!
Those guys are the Boomboom family. Creepy, aren't they?
What the hell's that? Is it alive?
How many times have we taken this path?
That guy knows. He's part of the royal guard, Wekapipo.
Johnny, this is Lesson 4.
[If someone wants to go look through the whole manga and copy them as they were written there, be my guest. I just translated them, basing on what I thought the context was.]

Page 43:
Johnny: Why don’t we "pray"..........?
That we have a safe voyage..........
crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and get you back home..........

Page 44:
Johnny: Let's go home...
Several years later----
On the other side of the Atlantic---- the "Kingdom of Naples" had had a revolution, and the monarchy had been abolished, and it had become a republic's dependant province.
As for Boy A, who had been imprisoned with a death sentence, along with the abolishment of the monarchy, he was given amnesty and set free. He would later die of a cold.
I heard that the "Zeppeli Family" who were patrimonially employed as the official royal executioners of the "Kingdom of Naples" had moved to a different country.
But no one knows exactly.

Page 45-46:
Narration: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Part 7
"Steel Ball Run"
The End
Bottom: [24] Stars and Stripes Forever (End)

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