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Hito Hitori Futari 5


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jun 25, 2012 05:14 | Go to Hito Hitori Futari

-> RTS Page for Hito Hitori Futari 5

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[Hito Hitori Futari 5 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 113:
Riyon: Why're black balls flowing backin?
Title: Life 5 Declaration
Riyon: And what's more
as an actual entity.

Page 114:
[This guy's creepy]

Page 115:
Guy: You don't seem
able, either.

Page 116:

Page 117:
[This guy be's crazy.]

Page 118:

Page 119:
[I'm not wasting my time doing the background SFX because they're not being scanlated.]

Page 120:
Riyon: I thought my predecessor was just a huge moron.
Riyon: But if an entity like that showed up, I don't blame them for being taken in.
Unless I do something, the same thing'll happen to me.
But this isn' normal.
The reason I've been attack like this so far's because the old man is the Prime Minister.

Page 121:
Riyon: Enduring the jeers from the citizens of the country,
being hindered by back-stabbing allies,
and people lose faith in you.
I totally understand
why these black balls are getting in so easily...
The Prime Minister is a country's...

Page 122:
Riyon: loneliest person.

Page 123:
People: Minister, good morning!
There are many people that are concerned about your health. Any comment?!!
Your approval ratings fell another 2%!! Are the voices of the people reaching your ears?
Riyon: The Life Graph the old man's got ain't bad.
If he were living a normal life, he'd be pretty happy.
But as soon as he took the title of Prime Minister onto his shoulders, evil spirits came to possess him.
They're all ganging up, causing one human to break down.

Page 124:
Riyon: Old man Kasyuga,
why are you staying as the Prime Minister?
You'd think if it's this tough, you could just quit.

Page 125:
Kiyonaga: What is it?
You summoned me here. So I assumed it's important?
Kasuga: I just thought I'd let you know
I'm not quitting.
Kiyonaga: There's no longer anyone left to carry you.
Kasuga: I'm lucky to be alive anyhow.
So I'll continue at the risk of that life...

Page 126:
Kasuga: But you know, Kiyonaga...
on the verge of death, I realized.
In this battle for power with all of you, I forgot something important.
I became a politician because I wanted to make this country better.

Page 129:
Kiyonaga: Then you'd better resign right away.
Someone as incompetent as you as Prime Minister is nothing short of a tragedy for this country.
That bastard.
I'll fuckin' kill him.

Page 130:
Riyon: Wow, what a statement.
At the verge of death, the old man was finally able to turn defiant.
But if he's gonna rely on somethin' like fortune telling, then he'll get attacked by powerful black balls again.
Stopping that
isn't somethin' I can do alone.

Page 131:
Riyon: It might be against the rules,
but I need to get the old man to think that way.

Page 132:
Riyon: Would you go with me, old man?
Kasuga: ?!

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