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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 1

Welcome to Morioh


-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 1

Only for use by HWMN.

As soon as I think I'm out, I get pulled right back in.
Ah well. I guess it's my fate to translate Jojo for all eternity. Originally I wanted to let other groups do Jojolion but I've ended up translating it. So we're doing volume scanlations now and I've gotta redo these first 6 chapters I didn't do originally.

[Jojolion 01 Translation by Kewl0210]
Title: JoJolion
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8
Welcome to Morioh [Below the "volume 1" part]
Author: Araki Hirohiko

Back Cover:
Morioh, S City. After an earthquake, nearby protuberances formed by tectonic uplift called "Wall Eyes" that appeared in the town, a high school girl names Hirose Yasuho discovered a mysterious young man. Yasuho has decided to determine his identity, but inexplicable phenomena a start to happen around the two of them...!

Author Flap:
Author: Araki Hirohiko
Text: Hello. This is the beginning of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure "Part 8". I made the stage the ficticious town of "Morioh" from part 4, a story I wrote a long time ago. But this, "Part 8" isn't linked to that story at all. The stage is the same "Morioh" of Japan, but this is a story about different inhabitants. Therefore, even if you haven't read "Part 4" or don't really remember it, or have mo memory of it whatsoever, you'll be all right.
I really hope you enjoy it. And I send my regards and best wishes to all of you.
Side: ●This is a compilation of comics which were printed in the Ultra Jump 2012 June~August, October, and November issues.

Inside Cover:
[Everything's in English pretty much, so no need to do anything.]

Page 1:

Page 2:
★This is a work of fiction. All similarity to real-world people, groups, or events are purely coincidental.

Page 3:
Title: Welcome to Morioh

Page 4-5:
[It says Morioh Chou map in English already so no need to translate the Japanese below it.]
Black Box: Uplifted faults (Wall Eyes)
Key: 1 Lover's Cape
2 Location where the boy was discovered
3 Higashikata Family House
4 Hirose Yasuho's House
5 Kira Yoshikage's Mansion
\/ Central S City
Lower Left Map: S City
Pacific Ocean

Page 6:
Contents: #001 ☆ Welcome to Morioh
#002 ☆ Soft & Wet Part (1)
#003 ☆ Soft & Wet Part (2)
#004 ☆ Soft & Wet Part (3)
#005 ☆ Soft & Wet Part (4)
Below Contents: Contents ☆ Welcome to Morioh

Page 7:
Yasuho: Should I hide?
Or shouldn't I?
I was a little unsure,
but I think holding out here, hidden, is the safe thing to do after all.
But this is so awkward.
Title: #001 Welcome to Morioh
I've only even ever kissed someone once...
Hurry and go somewhere else......
Oh man.
Squatting like this is making me dizzy...

Page 8-9:
Title: #001 Welcome to Morioh

Page 10:
Yasuho: Well, if I'm being exact,
『safe』 probably isn't the right word.

Page 11:
Yasuho: Uh! Uoooh.......... Ooh!!
Wh...?! What?!
Man: .......
................... Ku......
Yasuho: Huh...?

Page 12:
Yasuho: The 『location』 here is important.
They're at coordinates that indicate only one thing in this world.
The great river's name is Class A River 「Ichio River」.
T/N: In Japan, government give rivers rankings. The name of the river is the kanji for "Koichi" from part 4 in reverse order.
Yasuho: And spanning across it is 「Hagi Bridge」.
Sign: Hagi Bridge
Yasuho: If you cross that bridge from the South to the North side...
you'll arrive in S City, Momiji Ward, 『Morioh-Chou』.
Sign: oh Chou
[For the purposes of separating it from S City and such, I'm writing Chou here. Chou indicates a town, within a larger area. Like Kabuki-Chou in Tokyo.]

Page 13:
Yasuho: The town has a population of 47,228 people.
This is the "town symbol".
The town's specialty is 「Beef Tongue Pickled in Miso」.
Sign: -Morioh's Famous- [Left, handwritten]
Beef Tongue [Middle, droopy]
Pickled in Miso [Left, smaller]
[An alternative is to just write "Misozuke" and write a note about what it is.]
Yasuho: Financially, the town is supported by
by the area for holiday villas that extends out to the coast, as well as tourism. Both of which have been around since the age of Date Masamune.
And recently, the extraordinary microchip component manufacturing industry.
But as one would expect, the great earthquake that happened on March 11th greatly hurt 『Morioh』 as well.
T/N: This is a reference to the Touhoku Earthquake that happened in Japan on this date in 2011.

Page 14:
Yasuho: Central Morioh, which according to the map by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan is 3 kilometers long and located on a plateau 15 meters above sea level,
so when the Tsunami hit, there weren't as many victims nor as much damage as the other coastal areas, but as you would expect, it was still quite a severe ordeal that forced some changes.
We learned the number of deceased and missing people, the lost houses and industries, and the number of evacuees on the news.
That was Morioh's most serious problem.
But now, a second problem has arisen.

Page 15:
Yasuho: Late at night on the day of the earthquake, 『protuberances』 suddenly uplifted from the ground.
These are known as 『Wall Eyes』.
A few hundred meters inland from the coast,「walls」suddenly rose up out of the ground without warning.

Page 16-17:
Yasuho: They're normally 1 to 3 meters tall and 5 to 8 meters wide, but the tallest 「walls」are up to 15 meters.
The fault line stretched 10 kilometers from North to South, as if protecting us from something that would be coming from the sea.
But it actually blocked roads, waterways, electricity, and fuel gas from getting through.
「Wall Eyes」 are
a name originally given to them by the town's grade school kids.
A researcher that appeared on TV explained about faults and other forms of tectonicuplift.
「Faults」? That researcher could see these as cliffs or something?
He hadn't done any prior investigation or had any estimation to make of them, despite being a researcher... The things he said were not reliable.
But it wasn't just that researcher,
there wasn't anyone who could explain 「these Wall Eyes」.

Page 18:
Yasuho: Where things are coming out of the ground
the place where I currently am, is that『location』----
Are you okay......?
are you doing there?
Guy: ......

Page 19:
Guy: ......
Yasuho: .............
No wa~~~~~~y. He's reaching his hand out to me................... My mind is telling me 「not to touch him」...
He could be sick... Maybe with something 「contagious」.
I won't touch him... I mean, there's water coming from a string right nearby.............
And this could be some perverted thing... It's possible he might attack me if I get too close.

Page 20:
Yasuho: Hey?!
You're wounded? Are you okay?!
Where are you in the ground?!
Do you want me to call somebody?
Man... why isn't he here...?
He must've went off somewhere... Despite the fact that he wouldn't stop following me around before!

Page 21:
Yasuho: Hello?
This isn't the police? It's the fire department?
I must've dialed the wrong number... Well, either one's fine! Anyway, I need somebody to come down here.
A person's collapsed... And he's wounded. A man, half buried in the ground.
His name?
I don't know it.
Guy: ......
Yasuho: .........My name......?
Hirose Yasuho...... Yes, this is my cell phone. Um, my location----
I'm near the 「Wall Eyes」 and 「Lover's Cape」. Thanks a lot.
A star-shaped birthmark...
That around it...............

Page 22:
Yasuho: 『Teeth marks』?
Are they...? That wound... did you get it from being bitten? ............Was it an animal?
They look like 『teeth marks』... But they sorta......
They sort of look human...

Page 23:
Yasuho: Hey! Say something!
Are you all right...?
Guy: You are......
Yasuho: ............
Guy: Hirose
is that what you said...?
Your name......

Page 24:
Guy: Then, who am I?
What am I doing here?
Yasuho: Huh?

Page 25:
Yasuho: H... Hey!! Are...
He's not all right...
This guy!!
Say something back!
This is bad! He's sinking underground... There's some kinda hole in the ground over there.

Page 26-27:
Yasuho: C'mon! Grab on!
I'll get you out!!
I'll pull!
Try to kick your legs to bring yourself this way!I
I know I 「shouldn't touch him」. ----Inner monologue---
But I touched him anyhow! Oh... This is ba~~d, what do I do...
But that's fine... should I keep touching him...?
Put your hand around me!
Come on!
Come on!
Hang in there!!
Just what is this 「hole」?!
Why were you in a place like that? What happened?
I can't see it too well, but it looks deep...

Page 28:
Yasuho: !
? Hm?
It's transparent......

Page 29:
Yasuho: ....................
Ah, uh oh... This boy isn't wearing anything down below, either.
He's seriously buck naked.
Yasuho: Huh?!

Page 30-31:
Yasuho: ............
Joushuu: Yasuho~~~~~
What're ya doing~~~~?!
Hey, you~~~......
Yasuho: ......
Huh...? Aw geez. [Yare yare da wa]
It's 『Higashikata Joushuu』---- (Where's he been this whole time?)
He finally shows up...
But I'm a little reassured now...
for until the ambulance gets here in a bit...
Joushuu: Hngh.
Mngh, [He's saying the onomatopeoia for mumbling. So I'm just making mumble-sounds up.]
Ngh. Bgh. Mngh.

Page 32:
Joushuu: Bugh. Mngh. Kgh. Ngh.
Yasuho: Huh?!
Joushuu: Why~~~~ How could this happe~~~~n?!
Just try to come up with an excuse!
H... How could you do that......
To... my Yasuho...
Ngh Kgh.
Yasuho: 「My Yasuho」? ...You're kidding, right...?
What the... is he...?
Hold on a second...!! Since when am I 「his Yasuho」...? I told you I don't like you, 『Higashikata Joushuu』!
I seriously hate him... He's such an idiot.

Page 33:
Yasuho: N... No!
Let me explain!
You've got it all wrong!! Wait! This person is...!!

Page 34:
Joushuu: Out of the way, Yasuho!
Yasuho: Aaaah!

Page 35:
Joushuu: !

Page 36:
Guy: UGUEH!!

Page 37:
Yasuho: KyaAAAAaAAAAAh--------
Joushuu: It's all over for you, bastaaaaaard!!
Shiiit! Shiiit! Uuuuuugh! I can't take it..........
I can't hold back my feelings!

Page 38:
Joushuu: 'Cause I'm gonna kill you.........

Page 39:
Joushuu: I'll kill you and then myself!

Page 40:
[And then, suddenly, his eyes exploded.]

Page 41:
Joushuu: ....................

Page 42:
Yasuho: ..............................
Joushuu: Uh
My eyes...
My eyes!
Yasuho: ?

Page 43:
Joushuu: Hih...
It's pitch black! My eyeeees...
M... My eyes are...
「Something」was taken from me..........
..........I can't see anything!

Page 44:
Joushuu: UGEH
.......Thank goodness.... Aaah...
It's my vomiiiit... GEUGSHGA
Yasuho: ......
SFX: GUGHSHA [Or... whatever vomit sounds you wanna make up.]

Page 45:
What... just happened?
My childhood friend... Higashikata Joushuu......
Wh... What did this boy do to him?

Page 46:
Yasuho: This is a story about breaking a 「curse」-----
The beginning of it----
As explained by one person,
a「curse」 is an 「impurity」that has been handed down to because of a sin committed by a distant ancestor you know nothing about.
Some describe it using the example of-----
「hatred」 that continued to exist after Sakanoue no Tamuramaro subjugated the Emishi.
T/N: The Emishi were a group of people who lived in Northern Honshuu Japan in the that resisted rule of the Japanese Emperor. They were conquered in the 8th Century by the general Sakanoue no Tamuramaro.
And by yet another interpretation,
when mankind first came into existence and things were firmly classified as 「black」or 「white」, the 「friction」 that grew between them is what a curse is.

Page 47:
Yasuho: But whichever it may be, a 「curse」 is something that must be broken.
Or else, you'll be defeated by the 「curse」...
This mysterious boy who was buried in the ground----
Who in the world is he?
Where did he come from?
It doesn't look like he's sick, but......... And why does he have that wound that I can only see as being teeth marks?

Page 48:
Yasuho: And... Those... They might have just been a hallucination. ["Those" and "They" in italics.]
Or maybe a trick of my imagination because of my excitement from being overly self-conscious?
Let me just confess, it's not something I know much about at all...
I'm not quite sure how to say it..........
But I saw those. ["saw those" in italics.]
Maybe after the ambulance gets here I should have the doctors check...?
Seriously, what do I do...? What do I say......?
At his crotch...
There were 「4」......
I'm sure of it, his 「balls」...

Page 49:
Yasuho: He had 「4」.
His genitals.
He only had one penis,
but he has 2 x 2 「balls」.
That can't be true, right......?
The image is burned into my eyes......
Maybe I'm better off not saying anything?
Bottom: To Be Continued

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