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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 414


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 6, 2012 04:54 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 414

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Here's your giant fucking wall of text.
I'm gonna go play Othello...

[Gintama 414 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert text: ☆The human drama goes on and on...
TV: And in other news,
Title: 「Gintama」
TV: The whereabouts of the Seii-Taishogun, Tokugawa Shigeshige-sama, have been unknown since last week.
According to the police investigation, it has come to light taht Shigeshige-sama had preciously snuck out of the castle to go on strolls.
There is speculation about the responsibility of the one who introduced the issue, Director General of the National Police Agency, Sir Matsudaira Katakuriko,
though Sir Matsudaira still denies any involvement in the case.
Though there has been mounting evidence that the crime was committed entirely by the unemployed man with no fixed address,
suspect Sakata Gintoki, whom has been detained for obstruction of executive officers.
Guys: I... I don't believe it.
I never would have thought Gintoki-dono would do that...

Page 2:
Guys: I knew we could count on the legendary Joui Patrior feared across Edo as the Shiroyasha!!
He just took the head of the Shogun for us like it was nothin'!!
C... Could he have still not forgotten the spirit of the Joui to worry about the path of the country?!!
Zura: Huhuhu.
The phrase "lantern at noon day" describes him perfectly.
T/N: This idiom means "someone who doesn't stand out" but it can also mean "useless".
Guys: Katsura-san!
Zura: In this world where the light of the sun shines down, his light is nothing more than a garbage fire that smolders aimlessly.
But on occasion, when dark clouds hang over the world and shadows of darkness are cast,
his light turns into a bonfire that wipes out the darkness!!
I knew you would come through, Gintoki!!
Tonight, we have a banquet!! And a celebratory drink to the return of Shiroyasha-dono!!
Guys: But Katsura-san, Gintoki-dono has been captured by the enemy.
Zura: Fuhahahaha! Who do you think he is? Before the awakened demon that is Shiroyasha, iron bars will end up like Pretzes. Salad-flavored ones.
T/N: Pretz are snack foods with pretzel like textures and have flavored dust seasonings, like "salad flavor".

Page 3:
Zura: Now, hurry! We must get ready before he returns!
Guys: Yes, sir!!
Zura: Huhuhu. But there's there's still something, Elizabeth.
Though the fact that he has reawakened as Joui should be joyous,
I do feel a tinge of frustration that the enemy supreme commander that we've so long sought to defeat was taken by someone on the sidelines.
I suppose this is what they call being a "cuckold".
Elizabeth: But it's still not a certainty that the Shogun is dead.
Zura: Hmph. Nonsense. That man Gintoki never misses his prey once he sets his sights on it.
Sign: Welcome Back Shiroyasha ["Shiroyasha" in white.]
Zura: At this moment, the Bakufu has lost their supreme commander and are wavering.
Now's our only chance to use that gap in defenses to remake the world.
We can't let Gintoki show us up.
Our fight begins now. Do not let up.
Right, Shou-chan?
Shigeshige: Yes, Katsura-san.

Page 4:
Guys: Um... Katsura-san.
Who is... that man?
Zura: ? He's Shou-chan.
Guys: ...Uh, no. That's not what we mean. Uh... Who is "Shou-chan" exactly?
Zura: Ah, right. I've yet to introduce him to everyone, haven't I?
This is Shou-chan.
Shigeshige: I'm Shou-chan.
Handwritten: Nice to meet you.
Guys: ...No, sorry. But the conversation hasn't progressed at all from before you said that.
Zura: Well, a few days ago I found him collapsed on the roadside and helped him out.
But it seems he had been struck in the head and lost his memories of everything that had happened previous.
So, with nowhere to go, I immediately invited him if he'd like to destroy the country together.
This style and refinement he exudes,
doesn't he feel like he's someone extraordinary?

Page 5:
Zura: He will surely become a man that stands above others.
I'm confident he has the caliber to someday stand at the front of us Joui Patriots and crush the Bakufu as a great general.
And that's why I call him Shou-chan.
T/N: Shou-chan contains the first kanji from Shougun which means "general".
Guy: Um... Katsura-san.
Excuse me, but could I have a word with you?
You said that someday he'll stand above others... Could this man perhaps
be someone who already stands above others?
Zura: I see. You all sensed it too, then? Even though he's a newcomer, he has a kind of ambition to him that makes you want to prostrate yourself before him.
Guys: No, that's not what we mean, actually.
Zura: I had wondered just what color "Haoshoku Haki" is, and I realized "it must be this color".
T/N: Haoshoku Haki (Color of the Supreme King Ambition) is a concept from One Piece.
Guys: Um, Katsura-san?
Don't you think that man
looks just like a certain someone?
Zura: I see. So you all realized it, too? If you put on this topknot-wig then pretty much all the characters in this manga look the same.
I had wondered just what "character design differentiation" is, and I realized "it must be this".
Guys: Not that!!

Page 6:
Zura: Anyhow, I have no doubt in my mind that someday he'll be an outstanding Joui Patriot that will change the world.
So until that day comes, I very much hope that everyone does their best to support him.
Guys: Hey, this ain't good! That's definitely the missing shogun!!
He's alive!! The shogun's alive!!
Where the hell did he find him? And why the hell doesn't he know the face of his own enemy general?!
What do we do, dammit?! We need to stop him, fast!
Or else we'll end up performing Joui activities with the Shogun!!
This is gonna be hard! There're all kinds of problems here! For the Shogun and for us!
Anyhow, we need to hurry and make Katsura-san realize it!
Where'd those two go?!

Page 7:
Insert Text: ☆Gintama Volume 46 & the novel (Ginpachi-sensei) both go on sale October 4th (Thurs.)!!
☆Starting at 6PM on October 4th (Thurs.) the TV Anime
Yorinuki Gintama-san + New episodes are set to be broadcast!!
Lower Insert: An unbelievable two-person portrait!!
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Title: Gintama
Lesson 414 Fool!!

Page 8:
Zura: Understand, Shou-chan?
As someone born to be a leader that stands above others, I've prepared training for you.
I'm going to polish that quality of yours in the hopes that you become another leader that can support us all.
In order to do that, I'm going to beat into you the knowledge I gained while serving as a leader up until now
and teach you what it is to be a good emperor.
Joui: Hey, he said he's gonna teach an emperor how to be an emperor.
He's saying he's gonna make the Shogun into a Joui Patriot leader or something! Somebody stop him!!
We're screwed! Whenever that guy gets in high spirits over something, you can't talk to him!
Zura: The first things a leader needs
is to always be cool.
If in times of emergency, if a leader panics the people below him will become uneasy and the morale of the organization will diminish.
No matter what dilemma presents itself, a leader must think with cool composure and support his organization.

Page 9:
Zura: On that note, in order for you to maintain the thoughts on how to coolly gauge the operations of an organization,
you'll be playing Jenga with me.
Joui: That has nothing to do with the organization!!
Zura: What's important for operating an organization is the same sense of balance that's required for Jenga.
You must demote the subordinates that don't serve a purpose and send them out the window.
But in order to avoid collapse, you must follow up by doing things like give the roof canned coffee. For the most part, if you can remember this much, the company will keep moving.
Joui: Hey! Has he been operating us with a philosophy that simple?!
Zura: But this alone is not enough. While we are playing Jenga
Elizabeth will be pelting us with dodge balls.
And what's more, behind us a black teacher will be calling out
TV: You fool.
Zura: repeatedly to us. Under these annoying conditions, it is important that you maintain a cool thought process and prevent the Jenga tower from collapsing.
Joui: With that idea you're already clearly not cool!!
T/N: This is a reference to a 2012 TV Drama with that catch prase called "Black Female Teacher".
Zura: Now then, I will go first.
You'd best take a good look at the coolness of a true leader!!

Page 10:
Joui: He went for the organization straight for the beginniiiiing!!
Joui: That person's the coolest one!!
That's right! This is the natural result!!
Zura: Hm. I see. I suppose we're starting from 0.
But a leader doesn't panic in a situation such as this.
Joui: !! Hey! He's not getting mad! He's keeping his cool even though the organization collapsed!!
Zura: A true leader uses a tricky situation to turn it into a new opportunity.
If your heart and mind are captured by the phenomena in front of your eyes, you'll never find that means of survival.
Not by the leader's enemy that approaches him with a drawn sword,
nor by a ball striking you.
TV: Fool!
Zura: It's not Fool, it's Katsuraaaaa!!
Joui: Is that the leader's eneemyyyy?!

Page 11:
Zura: Did you think that would catch on? Did you? Were you so sure?!!
Joui: He lost his cool on the first move!! He's totally ignoring the organization now!
Shigeshige: It seems it's my turn.
Joui: Turn a troubling situation into an opportunity, eh?
Then I...
Will do this.
Joui: Does Jenga have rules like that?!
Joui: Ain't that dominos?!! Isn't that the one where at the end the organizations fall to destruction one after another?!!
Zura: Oh. He's building the organization not vertically, but horizontally.
Could it be you intend to annul the leadership organization system and create a horizontal, linear, and impartial organization?
Joui: Just how deep is he reading into this?!! And what's going on anyhow?! How do you tell what makes somebody win now?!

Page 12:
Zura: Do you think such an idealistic philosophy will move an organization?
Unless there is someone to stand at the front of an army and direct, the organization will lose sight of its direction and if one person falls, as will everyone.
Even if he must use a comrade as a stepping stone, a leader must always stand above to the bitter end
Zura: And protect the org...
Joui: Forget protecting, the leader destroyed the organization!!
Someone: !!
Joui: It stopped!!
Shigeshige: I have no intention to abolish the leadership organization system.
However, in an organization where the leader sits above all the others, the higher the organization piles, the less the feelings of those on the bottom get through.
Having said that, if lined up horizontally, everyone collapses.
Then I...
will make myself the foundation
because I want to support the organization... the people.

Page 13:
This isn't good! Katsura-san lost!!
Even though he said he'd beat the ideas of being a good emperor into him, but he's the one who really got beat one ippon!!
Zura: Y... Yes. A-hem.
W... Well, I suppose that way of thinking exists as well. Both are correct, I suppose.
Yeah, it's not a question with just one answer. Really, winning or losing in this kind of situation is more or less nonsense.
TV: Fool!!
Joui: He's getting worked up! Hey, who was it who was talking about how important it was to stay cool just a while ago?!
Zura: Well, I knew you had that much of quality of a leaders from the outset.
The real test come next, Shou-chan.

Page 14:
Zura: The second things a leader needs
is to never show weakness to others.
A leader is an image and a symbol for an organization.
When he's in front of his subordinates, he must act perfectly as to set an example.
Therefore, in order to hide your weakness, act in a way you seem flawless, and polish your toughness,
you'll be playing Othello with me.
Joui: Seriously, what's with the games?!
Zura: Now, as you know, having written some earlier,
these Othello chips have insults written on both sides.
On the white sides are insults you wrote about me and the black sides have insults I wrote. In order to avoid showing our weaknesses, we must flip over our opponent's.
Joui: What the hell does that polish?! This is an exposing game that just dirties everyone!!
Chips: Long hair is a bit sweltering {Top right}
Unfasionable briefs {Top Left}
Mob character face {Bottom Right}
Stiff {Bottom Left}
Zura: If you think you can expose the weaknesses of Katsura the leader, just give it a try!!
Here we gooooo!!

Page 15:
Hey, what's wrong?! Your weaknesses keep getting turned up one after another!!
Joui: Uh, which are you talking about?! The bad parts of your personality are what keep getting turned up!!
Chips: Too serious {Top right, white}
Had morning breath {Top left, black}
Farted this afternoon {Far right, black}
Had nose hairs showing this afternoon {Center right, black}
Unfasionable briefs {Center Left, Black}
Mob character face {Bottom Right}
Stiff {Bottom Left}
Zura: Hey, hey, hey! I'm taking the corners~~~ I'm taking the corners~~~
You okay with that? It'd be better for you if those were flipped, wouldn't they? Eh?!
Joui: Hey, hang on! His weaknesses are already being shown!! The fact that he's taking this game seriously is showing kinda blatantly!
Zura: Aw geez. Game already over~~?
Joui: It's all black!! Can that even happen?! Can the game board or a human really be that pitch black?!
Shigeshige: I give up.
It is my defeat.
Zura: That's too bad, Shou-chan. You fought bravely, but
this is the difference in leadership ability between you and me.
A true leader must never show weakness.
Shigeshige: Yes, you're right about that.
The truth is, I meant to write insults about you, Katsura-san,
but I couldn't find weaknesses... in such a perfect leader...
Zura: !

Page 16:
Shigeshige: So left with no choice, I painted the white sides black as well
and wrote my own faults on them.
Shigeshige: But thanks to that, I had a valuable opportunity to face down my own faults.
Before one can hide or conquer their weaknesses, they must first face them, yes?
He won the game but he lost in terms of humanity!!
Heeeey! Our general just lost two in a row!! Rather than teaching, he's the one getting taught everything!!

Page 17:
Joui: Speaking of which, the Shogun ain't half bad!!
Even though he's the enemy general, I guess he really does have a different level of caliber!
Even though he has amnesia, it looks like that quality hasn't been lost!
Hey, what if the Shogun really isn't a bad a guy as we thought?
He kind of seems like a much better leader than our own lea...
You idiot!!
You're quite something, aren't you, Shou-chan?!! I never thought you'd do this well!
You make a good point!! Deepening your own weakness is also a kind of strength!!
TV: Fool!
Zura: That's right, I am a fool!!
Zura: On that note, let's head right into our third and final test!!
A leader must use any means at his disposal to guide his organization to victory!!
So you'll be playing UNO with me!!
Why? Because I'm good at UNO!!
Joui: Now he's finally just thrown out the whole idea of teaching!!

Page 18:
Shigeshige: Draw 4.
Joui: He lost in a perfectly normal waaaay!!
You're amazing!!
Forget the past and forget status!!
You have the caliber to stand above other!! A true leader!!
We'll forget the past just like you!! So please!!
Guide and teach us!! I'm sure with you in the lead, we can change this country!!

Page 19:
Joui: But what about Katsura-san...?
Ah, he'll be fine. He really needs some time to cool his head. Anyhow...
Zura: .........
Zura: Elizabe...
Elizabeth: Fool!!
Insert Text: What will happen to this country?!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 414
/ End

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