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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 415

Being a Leader is Tough

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 14, 2012 04:29 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 415

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No... It's not Zura... Seriously... It's not...

[Gintama 415 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Sign: Welcome back Shiroyasha
Insert Text: ☆Katsura's fight continues...!!
Zura: Listen up everyone.
A few days have passed since our sword friend, Sakata Gintoki, took the Shogun's head,
but he has still yet to return.
I believed that he could break out of any prison the Bakufu could hold,
but we now must conclude that something has happened to hinder that.
Therefore, in order to rescue Gintoki, the greatest criminal under the heavens, from Edo Castle
I, Katsura Kotarou,
have made the resolution to enter Edo Castle myself!!

Page 2:
Zura: I know. It's a monumentally dangerous task,
I am fully aware of your deep concern for me.
But I simply cannot sit idly by
and watch our friend meet his death.
Zura: So please, don't try to stop me.
And by no means try to come with me.
I am going for the sake of my friend.
I could not possibly let you all get dragged into that fight.
Zura: Understand?
Do not come no matter what.

Page 3:
Zura: I will only say it one more time.
Do not come no matter what.
Zura: I will only say it one...
Guys: Umm, excuse me, Katsura-san?
We kinda can't concentrate on our game, so could you be a little quieter?
Elizabeth: Where are you going, Katsura-san?

Page 4:
Elizabeth: How could you just leave without saying anything? Haven't you forgotten something?
Zura: Elizabe...
Elizabeth: If you're going out, then could you drop off this DVD at Tsutaya?
TL Note: Tsutaya is a DVD rental place.
DVD: Joushima, Quit Being the Leader
Elizabeth: Geez. Gofer's should try to act like leaders all the time.
SFX: PEH (Split)
T/N: Joushima Shigeru is a musician and actor, and leader of the rock/pop band TOKIO. He has the nickname "Leader".

Page 5:
Zura: It's not Joujima, it's Katsura!
Insert Text: Nowhere to call home!!
Title: Lesson 415 Being a Leader is Tough
Zura: That's it, I quit being a leader!!
There's nothing good about being a leader anyway!!
Nobody listens to what the leaders have to say anymore!!
Guys like Matsuoka have turned leaders into an utter joke!!
T/N: Matsuoka Shuzo is a former pro tennis player that's become a commentator and appears in commercials and stuff like that. And he's an Internet meme...
Zura: They're all just Leader DASH Mura's in the middle of dramas and variety shows and such!!
I've not no place to go noooow!!
Would you consider quitting being a Joui Patriot again with me and perhaps forming a new unit "OED"?!
Gin: Who was a Joui Patriot when?!
TL Note: Okay, uh, DASH Mura is a corner of the TV Show "THE TETSUWAN DASH" and it's a variety program that TOKIO perform on, and Joushima commentates on. "Shin Unit OED" (Pronounced like Ooedo) is a joke on "Nazo no Shin Unit STA☆MEN" which is a band made up of popular seyiuu. I hate this fucking page.

Page 6:
Gin: Where the hell do you think you're shouting complaints?!
Did you come to help me or make it even harder for me to get out?!
Zura: I came to be helped.
Gin: You're asking somebody in this hellish situation for help?!
Aw, whatever I don't give a crap! Just open this thing!!
It's because you brought the Shogun home with you that you and I are having to go through this shit in the first place!
Zura: That's not Shogun, it's Shou-chan.
Gin: Would you just friggin' realize it already?! The guy you dragged into the Joui Patriots
is your own greatest enemy, the Shogun!!
And now you're saying you forced the Shogun to put his charismatic nature on display so he rose to being leader of the Joui Patriots?!!
Zura: What're you talking about? You already took off the Shogun's head, didn't you?
Anyhow, bring that Shou-chan or whatever back to here to Edo Castle.
Then I'll be acquitted and you'll get your position as leader back...
Guy: Hey, what's going on over there?!

Page 7:
Guards: !!
Hm? The guards, they're...
Y... You bastard! Villain!
Zura: Drat!!
SFX: PI...
Both: !!
Shigeshige: Sorry I kept you waiting.
Shigeshige: Katsura-san.

Page 8:
Shigeshige: Everyone tried to stop me, but I was so worried I had to come.
You're not hurt, are you? Katsura-san, Gintoki-san?
Gin: The Shogun is raiding his own hoooouse!!
What the hell did you guys let him doooo?!
Shigeshige: All right, I've secured Katsura-san.
Just as we planned, group 1 and group 2 take the main gate and draw the enemy's attention.
Group 4, group 3, sneak out Katsura-san and Gintoki-san out the back. Group 5 will act as a flying column to support the others.
Guys: Yes, sir!
Gin: He's actually taking command!! He's manipulating those ronin like they're his arms and legs!!
He's actually way more lively
than he was when he was the Shogun!!
Shogun: You had better not die.
Guys: Don't you die either, Shou-chan!

Page 9:
Gin: This is bad!! Really bad!!
Hold ooooon! Calm down, Shou-chan!!
There's no need for all that! You don't need to go too into things!
You can't go any more wild than you already have!! Ya know, because this is your home!!
Shigeshige: It is true, the home of a patriot is the battlefield. I knew you would be prepared for this, Gintoki-san.
Gin: No, that's not what I mean!
You might've forgotten because of amnesia but,
By your nature, you're somebody who can't be doing idiotic things with these sorta idiots!
You're a person that just needs to sit tight in that castle!! With a single shout, you can get us out of here without any rough stuff going on!! You understand?!
Shigeshige: Are you saying I destroy this rotten country and save everyone as its new king?
Gin: No! Are you trying to destroy that rotten brain first?!!
Shigeshige: I understand. I've already resolved myself to carry the will of you and Katsura-san.
Gin: No! You don't understand!! Goddammit, why does nobody around here listen to people when they talk?! Somebody help me!!
Zura: That's enough, Gintoki. Any words you say will be a waste.
Perhaps it would be faster for us to head for the princess?
Gin: !! That's right! If we can meet up with Soyo-hime, maybe she can get this straightened out.
Zura: No, not that.

Page 10:
Zura: In the matter of determining whether you or I are fit to be the true leader,
shall we decide by which one can take the head of Soyo-hime first?
Gin: Why is that what you're doiiiiiing?!!
Shigeshige: I see. So the one next in line for Shogun is Hime-sama?
Gin: Hold the phone! That's your little sisteeer!!
Shigeshige: If we achieved that, the face of the Bakufu will be tarnished.
(Handwritten): Just what I'd expect from Katsura-san.
Gin: No, that would be like chucking feces into your own face!
Zura: This is the final exam, Shou-chan. Let me have a good look at your caliber as a leader.
(Handwritten): If I let you continue to run things anymore, my face as a leader will be utterly lost. And that, I cannot allow.
Gin: Zura, don't worry! Your face was smeared with crap ever since the moment you were born!!
Zura: Then let's go...... Ready~~~~ Firrrrrre!!
Gin: Waaaaaait! Somebody stop theeeem!! Stop those two moroooons!!

Page 11:
The Shogun is okay, but if it gets out that we made him do this stuff I won't be acquitted for shit!!
Guys: !!
Hey, look at that!
Villains!! Villains in the castle grounds!!
Don't attack! That's the Shogunn!!
Watch out, Shogunn!!
Zura: Piece of wisdom for being a leader number 1.

Page 12:
Zura: A leader must be
cool at all times.
Zura: No matter what dilemma presents itself, you must work things out with calmly
and protect your organization.
Shigeshige: Ka... Katsura-san
Zura: ...What are you so disturbed about?
You are our comrade.
It's only natural for me to protect you as a leader.
Zura: And a leader always has to be cool,

Page 13:
Shigeshige: Ah,
that's right.
Shigeshige: Okay, then let's get going.
Gin: Forget protecting!
That's something a lot worse than an arrow wound!!!
Zura: I... Impossible! I was sure that was my victory just now,
but he's able to act cool even in that state?! What a man!
Gin: Uh, I think at the point he had a fin growing out of his ass, he wasn't what you could call "cool".
Wisdom for being a leader number 2!

Page 14:
Zura: A leader must never show others weakness
Gin: Er, isn't that your weakness?! ["your" in italics]
Zura: in order to set an example to his subordinates at all times!
Even in the abyss of death,
you must hide that weakness.
You must never let that firm attitude crumble!!
Gin: Forget weakness, his lovliness, dearness, and reassurance are on full displaaay!!
Woman: KYAAAAah

Page 15:
Women: Perveeeert!! There's a pervert heeere!
Gin: Forget Shogun, he isn't even a Joui Patriot at this point!!
Zura: I... Impossible! By exposing everything, he threw out the concepts of strength and weakness altogether!
Has this way of leading always existed...?
Gin: No, that was pretty much all because of what you did. That's the sorrowful monster you made.
Zura: There's no doubt in my mind... you're the genuine article.
You were concealing the real caliber needed to become a true leader.
I never thought it could be to this extent... You are truly a worthy opponent.
As for which of us is the true leader that will create a new world,
how about we finally settle it?!!
Gin: WAAAAAIT! You've already settled it!
Neither of you are fit to be leaders!!
Both: The hime's head
is miiiiiine!!

Page 16:
Gin: HEEEEEEEEEEY! Shogun, Zuraaa!!
These guys... These guys are...
Zura: ......It seems the secret is out.
Shogun: Hmph... Nonsense. You said it yourself, didn't you?
The third piece of wisdom for being a leader.
A leader should
guide his organization to victory using any means necessary.
But unfortunately, having fooled each other,
it would seem it's a tie.

Page 17:
Gin: H... Hey, don't tell me. You guys
you realized about each other a long time ago?!
And on top of that... You've been putting on monkey shows in order to get into the heart of your opponent's organization?!
Shigeshige: If there's been a play, then it's still ongoing. Right, Katsura?
If you truly intended to take my head, you've had countless chances to do it.
Zura: I could say the same thing about you, Lord Shigeshige.
I couldn't believe you would be this shorthanded on guards for the main palace, the tail and wings of the Shogun.
Shigeshige: We're the same, Katsura.
If either of us felt like it, we could have taken the other's head.
But we have no interest in that.
While that head was still attached,
we wanted to see what kind of man the enemy general was like.
So what did you think of your enemy general?
Zura: ..........
Honestly, it was boring.
There was really no need to see him.
Whether it's of the Bakufu or of the Joui Patriots,
leaders are the same all around.
There are many lines of care on their faces.

Page 18:
SFX: SU...
Shigeshige: Katsura,
the next time we meet, one will lose their head, but...
Zura: Yes, I know.
The one remaining must create a new world.
I have no objections.
Now, let's go, Elizabeth.
While the guards are graciously shorthanded.
Soyo: Umm, excuse me.
Could you be a bit quieter?
Gin: ?
Soyo: My friend who's sleeping over was just finally getting to sleep.
Gin: Ah, sorry. We'll get going real soon.
Um, Shogun-sama, is it okay if I leave, too? It is, right?
Shigeshige: Yes, my apologies. I've caused quite a bit of trouble for you as well, haven't I?
Gin: No, no. Just treat me to a meal or something and we'll be all square. Or even just cash would be fine.

Page 19:
Gin: Hey, let's go, Zura.
You should be thankful you're still hangin' on to your life.
Let me go.
Gin: !!
Kagura: ..........
We told you to be quiet... did we not?
Zura: Huh......? L... Leader?
Gin: Huh? Why are you...
Kagura: Would you give it a rest with that "leader" stuuuff?!!
Gin: Hold on a sec, what're you doing?!
Gin: Huh?
Hold on...
Hey, let me gooopoo!!
Kagura: FA~~~~. Now we can sleep.
Soyo: Uhuh.
I knew you were the real leader, Kagura-chan.
Insert Text: ☆It's important for a leader to have attractive force!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 415
/ End
This manga will be on hiatus next issue.
It will continue in issue 44.

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