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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 14

End of the Pursuit


-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 14

Only for use by HWMN

I might work on that "25 years with Jojo" book a bit, but it's 100 pages and most of it are just dull insipid interviews with the creators of the game and anime. So I might like, do a little that we could release with the scanlation. I haven't totally decided yet.

[Jojolion 14 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top: The newest, volume 3, now on sale!!
Insert: Enemies, allies, one's self... When surrounded by mysteries, whom do you trust?!
Title: #14 End of the Pursuit
Right: The curtain is raised!!!! [The rest is in English already]
Author: Araki Hirohiko

Page 2:
Insert: ★At the TG Uni Hospital...
Holly: ..........

Page 3:

Page 4:
Yasuho: UOOOOH!!! You scared meee!
What is with yooou!!
H... Hey, don't tell me you're...!
Holly: You.......
look juuuust like her...

Page 5:
Yasuho: Huh?
Holly: You look... extremely similar.
Stay there a second.
Come on... you're really identical.
I was bored, so I was looking at this before.
I knew it, it's you! Right?
I'm sure of it...... It's incredible...!
Do your parents know about this?
Yasuho: ?

Page 6:
Yasuho: This is a porn magazine! What're you talking about
And why the hell are you reading iiiiit?!
SFX: EEH---!
Holly: How much did you get paid for this? Morioh is a small, country town! Don't you think there'll be rumors?
Yasuho: Shut uuup! That's so obviouisly not meee----!! You!! [First sentence big, second small, third bigger.]
Yasuho: How the hell do I look anything like that woman?! I won't show you, but everything is totally different!!
Th... That's a joke, right? I have someone I like, see...
Holly: ..........
A... Anyhow, 「Holly-san」,
My name is Hirose Yasuho.
I came here to see you.

Page 7:
Holly: Me~~~~?
You came to see me~~~?
Yasuho: Huh?
Ah...... Uhh...
Your son's name is
「Kira Yoshikage」, right?

Page 8:
Yasuho: Hey, 「Holly」 -san.
I know this is an odd thing to ask,
but your son is a 「sailor」, right?
Hang on a sec.
He's this man, right?
Nurse: Hey, you.
What're you doing in this room?
Who are you?
Yasuho: Um,
Uh... I have some very important business with this woman 「Holly」-san.
I want to just ask her two or three things.
Nurse: I hadn't heard about any scheduled visits today...
Are you a relative of hers?
Yasuho: What illness wass「Holly」-san hospitalized here for?
Nurse: What?

Page 9:
Nurse: You came for a visit without knowing a damn thing?!
Please, get out of this room immediatley!
I'm calling security!!
Yasuho: H-Hold on a second!
Don't push me.
I've got something really important I want to ask you!
Holly: 85 centimeters.
65 centimeters.
88 centimeters.
Yasuho: What?
Holly: I knew it. You have the same measurements as the person in this porno mag----
Your three measurements from top to bottom.
If you want, you can take this magazine with you.
Ah! I guess you don't need it~~~~
Since it's of you and all~~~
Yasuho: Huh.........?

Page 10-11:
Yasuho: What...? What... is going on with her...?! She's kinda similar to 「Jousuke」...!! I want to talk to her more...
I can find things out from her! I'm sure I can solve it!
P... Please! Let me talk!
Nurse: Security!! Someone, call security!
Yasuho: I'm sure I can solve 「Jousuke's mystery」!!
Holly-san!! Please, tell me the name of your son!!
Holly: ..............................

Page 12:
Holly: Thank you.
You did well to come here.
You said your name is Yasuho-san, right...?
Come again, okay?! [Heart]
Such a pretty girl... [Heart]
is already 「using it」 subconsciously, it looks like.
But if she realizes how to 「use it」 then...

Page 13:
Holly: If she realizes that, ["that" in italics.]
she will give 『strength』 to my son......
Surely, this is also 「fate」......

Page 14-15:
Yasuho: 『Holly-san』!
Jousuke: Dammit...
Right nearby me...
I have 「2」 Stand abilities pursuing me!

Page 16-17:
Jousuke: The 『pitch black rider』 is clearly an 『enemy Stand』...
Is it trying to kill me...? Or maybe---- It's trying to keep me from going to the TG University Hospital (at least with a healthy working body)----
GPS: Progress『downwards』!

Page 18:
Jousuke: And for some reason this 『other one』...
is protecting me.
GPS: Continue 15 meters straight ahead
Jousuke: What do I do?
WHere is the 「enemy's」 main body, and where is it watching me from? ["watching" in italics.]
It's tailing me...
The same with this 『GPS』 ability......
There must be two somewhere nearby.
GPS: 15 meters
straight ahead.

Page 19:
Jousuke: This 「GPS」 is my 『ally』...
If the 「GPS」 hadn't 「guided」 me before,
there's no doubt about it, I would've been beaten.
This GPS is trying to get me safely to the TG Uni 「hospital」.
Who is it?
GPS: In 3 meters
Jousuke: I'll trust in this 「GPS's」 guidance... and try to escape the 「pursuing enemy」...
GPS: turn right.

Page 20:
Jousuke: ............
Woman: ......
Jousuke: Continue
『to the
Jousuke: E...
Excuse me.
SFX: ZUZU .......

Page 21:
Jousuke: Ah.

Page 22-23:
GPS: Please immediately make a U-Turn......
Please make a 『U-Turn』...
Please make a 『U-Turn』...

Page 24-25:
Jousuke: 『Please turn left ahead!』
Jousuke: Again!
This 「enemy Stand」! What method is it using to keep getting ahead of me and ambushing me?!!
But where's the enemy's main body... He's not watching me from some location or something!!
He's 『locking on』to me from somewhere!

Page 26-27:
GPS: 『Continue straight ahead』!!
and within 2 seconds』

Page 28:
GPS: Immediately 『turn right... please.』
Jousuke: Ugh.
GPS: 『Continue in the upwards
and to the left.』

Page 29:
GPS: 『Within 3 seconds..... immediately
turn upwards.』
Jousuke: It looks like... it wants me to go up these stairs............?
Snow's already started to fall on the 2nd floor.
This looks bad... How can that bike be heading me off......?

Page 30:
Jousuke: There's some 『method』 the enemy is using to 『lock on』 to me.
And then appear somewhere...... For some reason it can't pursue me right away......
But if it ends up ambushing me on the 2nd floor...
and I end up on the roof, there's a high risk of actually running out of places to run.
I've got no doubt that this 「GPS」 is on my side, but
could it be that......
the enemy is listening to this GPS' 「voice」from somewhere...?
Is that possible?!
『Turn upwards immediately.』
Jousuke: The GPS' 『voice』.

Page 31:
Jousuke: It's probably hearing it...
Shit!! Unless I do something, I'll get cornered! ...The second floor is dangerous!
In horror movies, the characters that run to the 2nd floor always die!!

Page 32-33:
Jousuke: That 『black rider』............ It's not the Stand, it's the 『main body』 I've gotta beat.
It's 『locking on』 to me from somewhere...
Unless I find the 『enemy's main body』...!!
There's a 「window」 in this bathroom.
It's small, but I think I can get outside through it.

Page 34:
Jousuke: UGEH

Page 35:
Jousuke: Shit! You bastard!!! Who the hell are yooooou?!!

Page 36-37:
Jousuke: 『Soft & Wet』

Page 38:
Jousuke: UOAAAAH

Page 39:
Jousuke: UUAH

Page 40:
Jousuke: Dammiiiiit!
I... I accidentally came to the 『2nd floor』!
When I had looked through the window to the bathroom, there wasn't any snow or anything stuck on it... this can't be!!
It looks like it can't be hearing the GPS. It's totally being 『locked-on』 to!!
I don't get this!! ............ Wh... What do I do?
GPS: 『Make a U-Turn.... please.』
『Make an immediate U-Turn and continue forward.』

Page 41:
GPS: 『Please make a U-turn!』
Jousuke: Aah.
Wh... What the hell?!
It suddenly disappeared and reappeared again.

Page 42:
Jousuke: This doesn't make any sense!
『It's getting ahead of me limitlessly..........』
I don't have a chance to look for the main body in the first place!

Page 43:
Boy: Uee~~~h
Jousuke: Hah!
Boy: ueeh.
It's... It's cooold......
There's snow...
falling inside the hou~~~se.
And there's a stranger in the house.
S... So cold.
Jousuke: Ah.
Boy: There's a stranger~~~~
Jousuke: D... Don't come this wayyy!! Don't open the door!!
Close it!
Get back and close the door!

Page 44:
Jousuke: 『Close the door』...
『Open the door』.
『Opening』 the notebook......
『Closing』 the notebook......
The back door was 『closed』...... And the back door was 『opened』.

Page 45:
Jousuke: Sorry to yell, but close the door! .......
Hurry!! You need to close it! Close the door!!
D... Do it!
Close the 『Door』------!!

Page 46:

Page 47:
Jousuke: ..........It's gone.
.............It's not there............It's gone!
There's no more 「snow」!!
Here, next...... Come here!
Could you open this window for me?!!
Boy: UEE~~~~~N

Page 48:
Jousuke: It's not there. It's not outside the window.
Boy: UEE~~~N.
Jousuke: Hey... My name's Jousuke...
I've got just one more favor to ask...
I'll give you a gummi, so please stop crying.
Just one more time, try opening that 「door」 for me......
Sorry. I never had a gummi to begin with.
ButI would like you to open the door.
Could you please open it with your hand?
I knew it.
I've got it!
It happened with the 『doors』
and with the 『cell phone』 and the 『notepad』.
I opened the 『notepad』,
and the 『door』 and the 『backdoor』.

Page 49:
Jousuke: I closed this cell phone, too... and 『opened』 it.
When I opened it, that guy appeared!
The「lock on」to a target happens with me!!
This boy is an unrelated bystander, so when he 「opened」 and shut the door, nothing happened.
It's only when I 「open」 something and move forward
that the Stand appears and attacks! ............ That's how it's 「locking on」!
It 「locks on」 when I open something!
Where's the enemy? ..........I'm being 「locked on」 to by someone somewhere.
Who is it I 「met」 before I came here?
Insert: Is there... an enemy among the "few people" Jousuke knows?
Bottom: To be

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