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Translations: Gintama 600 (2)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 15

Way to the Hospital


-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 15

Only for use by HWMN.

Nothing plot-wise really happens, but it's still good atmosphere.

[JoJolion 15 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: "Jojo Exhibition" goes to 11/4 (Sun.)! Make sure you see it if you haven't yet!!
Title: #15 Way to the Hospital

Page 2:
Jousuke: Things like my「eyelids」 and..........
.........「lips」seem to be okay, but...
If something is closed
and I open it
I'll be automatically pursued and attacked by that mysterious enemy rider...!!
Right Insert: He's understood the rule to the enemy stand manifesting, but...?!

Page 3:
Jousuke: This started happening after I left the Higashikata house.
Somewhere in this landscape is a mysterious 「enemy」 with some goal!
Though I doubt the 「enemy」 is at a location very far away from me!!
Unless I find him and defeat him myself... I'll eventually be beaten...!!

Page 4:
Jousuke: ............
In people's houses...
they have photos like that, decorating their rooms.
The child in that picture is that boy from the second floor.

Page 5:
Jousuke: I wonder if......
even I have
photos like that decorating someplace...?
I'm sure there isn't.
If there were... the people in it would be looking for me...
But no one is...
There's no way there's anyone picking up or looking at a photo like that or anything... either......

Page 6:
[And so he leaves.]

Page 7:
Jousuke: Excuse me, sir. Could I ask you for directions?
Do you know which way it is to the university hospital?
Guy: Hospital? That'd be...
Oh, right.
I just happen to have a map of Morioh here. Grab that end.
Jousuke: Ah!
What're you trying to get me to hold?!
Open your own map!!
Get back!
Forget it, I don't need to know!
Now just back away from me slowly...
I'll figure out the way there somehow.

Page 8-9:
Jousuke: Yasuho...
Where is she?
She should be coming somewhere nearby.
Where's Yasuho......
Sign: Ophthalmology Department
Rehabilitation Department
Surgery Department
Internal Medicine - Pediatrics Gynecology ["Pediatrics" small on the top right, "Gynecology " small on the bottom right]
Jousuke: HAH!
Door Sign: Automatic
Jousuke: Ugh.
Sign: Automatic
Jousuke: Th... That was close.

Page 10:
Jousuke: So I guess I need to wait for someone else to open that door
and go in with them...
Jousuke: ......

Page 11:
Jousuke: .....................

Page 12-13:
Jousuke: Th... This is bad!

Page 14-15:
[Weren't there other ice stands? I feel like there must've been some somewhere...]

Page 16-17:
[That's a cool shot. But nobody standing around there cares...]

Page 18:
Jousuke: Kuh. Th... This guy!
He's trying to keep pushing me so I crash into that wall!!
He's serious! He trying to...
He's seriously trying to kill me!!

Page 19:
Jousuke: UGH KUH
OOOO [These last three are in the same bubble, arranged like that.]

Page 20:
[Course, those guys couldn't see him before because most of these are all Stands.]

Page 21:
[Man, this chapter's easy.]

Page 22:
[Lookit that wheel...]

Page 23:
[Jousuke's not having the best of luck with this guy.]

Page 24:
Jousuke: Where is it...? I need to find that main body that's nearby!
In this position... in these circumstances... my 「soap bubble」 freezes the moment I send it out...

Page 25:
Jousuke: This is bad... He... He's gonna kill me!!
I'm not gonna make it to 「Holly Joestar」!
That 「form」... It's 「exposed」 right now, isn't it?
I broke apart this guy's helmet...
...Is that... a face? ...The Stand's face now bared.
Side insert: Weakness discovered?!

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