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Hito Hitori Futari 28


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Oct 27, 2012 05:45 | Go to Hito Hitori Futari

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[Hito Hitori Futari 28 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 167:
Title: Life28 family
Kasuga: Yuzuki-kun, Emiri-chan, do you two like meat?
Emiri: Yes.
We do.
Kasuga: Is that so? I'm glad.
Because I got a big meal of it for us ready today...
So just for now, let's try to forget about uncle Hajime and eat all we want.

Page 168:
Emiri: WAa
Woman: Amazing.
Isn't this nice, Yuu-kun...?
Riyon: Could I talk to you for a sec, old man?
Don't get to close to those two.

Page 169:
Kasuga: You idiot, what're you talking about?
Those are the kids Hajime was looking after.
Riyon: I know that.
But if you get involved with them
they'll be bigger targets for the enemy.
If you get close to them, he'll go after them.

Page 170:
Kasuga: But Riyon,
I don't want to become the kind of politican that can't save children.
Nor can I ignore
my son's emotions.

Page 171:
Kasuga: I'm so glad you two could come here today.
It's been a while since I've felt so at ease eating a meal.
Woman: Thank you so much.
Jyun: This old man's having a good time, too.
Did you know? I used to be the prime minister a long time ago.
Emiri: Well,
no, not really.
Really? You didn't know, eh?
Looks like it'll take more than that to impress her, Jyun-san.
Jyun: This girl is only in the 4th year of elementary school, right?
It's been over 5 years since I quit.
Of course she wouldn't know.

Page 172:
Jyun: But you're bigger, so you know who I am, right?
Kasuga: You really hate to lose, don't you,
Yuzuki: I know about Prime Minister Izumi.
I saw him on TV.
Jyun: Oh, really?
That's a good memory you've got.
Kasuga: ............
Yuzuki-kun... Are you nervous? You seem so gloomy...

Page 173:
Kasuga: Oh, right.
I have presents for you two.
Go on, open them.
Emiri: Okay.

Page 174:
Emiri: WAah!
It's a smart phone!
Kasuga: Those phones, they've got a number that'll go straight to me.
So if you've ever got a problem, feel free to call me any time.
Emiri: Is it really okay for us to call you, mister?
Kasuga: Perfectly okay.
Woman: Um... are you really okay about this?
Jyun: Aw, totally. If it's a girl calling, I'll pick up even if I'm answering questions at the Diet.

Page 175:
What's wrong, Yuzuki-kun?
You look a little disappointed.
Yuzuki: ..........
I'm okay.

Page 176:
Kasuga: Yuzuki-kun.
To this old man, you don;'t look okay at all.
If there's anything else you want, please, go ahead and tell me.

Page 177:
Kasuga: It's okay, you can be honest!
It's this old man's job to make everyone happy, after all.
Yuzuki: Is it really
Kasuga: Absolutely!
Yuzuki: It'll probably
bother you mister.
Kasuga: I don't mind! Go ahead.
Yuzuki: What I
really want is...

Page 178:
Yuzuki: a family.

Page 179:
Yuzuki: See?
I knew you'd be upset.
WOman: Yuu-kun, what do you think you're saying to the Prime Minister?
Kasuga: No,
I don't mind.

Page 180:
Kasuga: If Hajime becomes your dad,
then I'll be your grandpa, won't I?!
Then we'll
be family!

Page 181:
Kasuga: I guarantee you Hajime will get better.
Just leave it to me.
Woman: Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.

Page 182:
Jyun: You feel like if you can't save these kids,
then you can't save this country either... huh?
Kasuga: That's how I feel.
Jyun: Kasuga...
Jyun: I'm moved.
No matter what happens from here on out, I'm sticking with you...
I'm heading to bed.

Page 183:
Riyon: Old man.
You went really overboard.
Kasuga: Sorry.
I couldn't do what you said.
Riyon: Do ya know what's gonna happen now?

Page 184:
Kasuga: Yeah...
Riyon: No, ya don't.
Sometimes kindness invites misfortune.

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