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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 17

Nijimura the Maid and Holly Joestar


-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 17

Only for use by HWMN.

And another one bites the dust...

[Jojolion 17 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Side: In this town where "mysteries" are born...
Title: #017 The Maid Nijimura and Holly Joestar

Page 2:
Yasuho: Oww!!
Maaaaaan, that hu~~~rtsss!
Insert: Yasuho has been chased out of Holly's hospital room...!!
Narration: I'll just pretend to cry...
It's okay, it's not the hospital's fault or anything,
by my foot really hu~~~~~~rts!!
Right heeere!
Policethugs: ..................

Page 3:
Yasuho: Okay, I get iiiiit!!
I'm going home nooow!
No need to watch me...
I'm leaving now, so go ahead and go back to doing your jobs!
So,『Holly Joestar』......
She's Kira Yoshikage's mother.
Just what weirdo sorta hospital did she get checked into...? It looks like it's gonna be hard for someone like me to investigate her.

Page 4:
Yasuho: Ah, that's... Jousuke!!
You made it here?!!
It started hurting again...
Maybe around the 「Wall Eyes」...... it got infected...

Page 5:
Yasuho: Jousuke......?
Where'd he go?
Woman: Don't get up!
Please, lie down!
You're being brought in for emergency care, huh? ......Everything's okay now.
All right,
Get back on there!
Yasuho: Huh?
Woman: So you cut your orbicularis oris muscle?
We'll get that back to normal in no time, okay? ......Try to hang in there!
[You can see the real guy in the background on this page and the last one. He seems to be bleeding pretty badly.]

Page 6:
Yasuho: ?
Woman: Does the bleeding hurt bad?
Yasuho: ?
Uh, no. Just look at me, and you can tell. I don't have any, like...
I'm, uh, not inju~~~~red.

Page 7:
Woman: Please try not to talk, oka~~~~~~y?
It sounds like the bleeding is pretty bad, so please press this onto your mouth while we get you to intensive care.
So you've waken up, have you~~~~?
Please move her into this wheelchair....
Yasuho: ......

Page 8:
Woman: By the way, did you drop your 「cell phone」 at the entrance?
Yasuho: AH [Big/handwritten]
...........It's gone!
Woman: If you dropped something, it'll be in the guard's room. So we'll get it later.
Would you please bring her in to a treatment room on the 2nd floor?
Yasuho: ?

Page 9:
Woman: They'll be here to treat you soon.
Just wait here, please.
Yasuho: ?

Page 10:
Yasuho: !!

Page 12:
Yasuho: Over there......
That's Holly-san's room where I went before.............
It looks like somehow... I made it back here...
Doctor: How are you feeling today, Holly-san?
How is your physical condition?
Holly: Well... It's been just a wonderful day.
Such nice weather and I feel so bright and cheerful, too...
Doctor: Did you remember to take your medicine?

Page 13:
Holly: Yes.
Just like I always do...
I remembered. [Heart]
My boots seem kind of... small, somehow.
I can't get them on.
Doctor: Were you finding your boots too small?
Holly: The material!
The leather was such a nice material. It was very soft and warm.
But the size needs to be 25 centimeters......
Boots are really something that have to fit just exactly right...

Page 14:
Doctor: We'll get you a pair that fit perfectly next time.
Holly: Get some bigger ones next time, please.
I do really love the design. Like the stitching and the shape of the heel here is just to die for!
Doctor: Holly-san.
I know we've visited this subject before, but did you really never have any surgery of any kind before you came to this hospital?
Perhaps for an injury or some such thing...?
Especially any in your ear...
or in your mouth, anything like that?
Holly: Inside my mouth...

Page 15:
Holly: Surely you can tell that by a medical examination, can't you?
There isn't an operative scar anywhere on my body...
I've never had any kind of surgery.
Yasuho: Surgery......?
Holly: AA~~~~H.
Another one of these porn magazines, hu~~~~h?
You always bring these with you, don't yo~~~~u?
This is that one I've already read a million times.
But this cute little porn star... I met her before. I was so surprised to hear she lives in Morioh!
Doctor: I don't understand......
This tendency to see humans as 「things」that she has...
Yet generally she lives a normal life... like nothing is wrong at all.

Page 16:
Doctors: She lost them.
I don't see how it's possible.
And in several places...
I can't describe it as anything but that she somewhere she 「lost parts」 of it............
This doesn't seem like a disease, but rather an man-made shape...
But there isn't a single trace of any surgery.
Inside her body...... In addition to her brain, there are sections of her kidneys, her lungs... and her gall bladder that are missing.

Page 17:
Doctors: Maybe we should make a report to the police that they were 「stolen」?
We don't have any proof of that.
Yasuho: Holly-san isn't 「sick」?..........
She had things 「taken」........ they said?
By whom?

Page 18:
[Jousuke, look what you've done. You handled Nijimura too roughly and you broke her.]

Page 19:
[Family tree's the same one it always is.]
Jousuke: You're 「Holly Joestar's」『daughter』
and 「Yoshikage Kira's」 little sister?
Say I believe that... Do you
『who』 I am?
Who am I?!

Page 20:
Nijimura: The 『Higashikata Family』......
That family has secrets.
In order to find those secrets...
And in order to protect my mother...
I infiltrated that house as 『Nijimura the maid』.
The only living members of the 『Kira』 family left are my mother and I...
Jousuke: No, that's not what I asked you!!

Page 21:
Jousuke: The question I want you to answer
is 「who」 am I!
Nijimura: Don't forget...
You've been taken in by that man Norisuke in order to be 「watched over」 by the Higashikata Family...
The Higashikata Family's 『secrets』 are important.
We've got to... move to a different place......

Page 22:
Nijimura: This place is no good...
I can't explain it here...

Page 23-24:
Jousuke: This place is......
Jousuke: That spring over there...
This is...!!
Nijimura: Don't take any posture that will draw attention... We don't want to be seen by anyone here.
[Nijimura's hobby is tilting her head for no reason. And she's saying "don't take weird posture".]
That big pine tree over there.
It's said to be the 「pine tree」 that Ishinomori Shoutarou meditated under.
T/N: Ishinomori Shoutarou is the mangaka that wrote Cyborg 009. I don't see why this line is here.
Nijimura: And past there is the site of the 『Higashikata house』.
「Higashikata Jousuke」... You have no memories from before the 「Wall Eyes」, yes?
Jousuke: Yeah.
Not one.
Nijimura: I brought a 「Lemon」 and a 「mandarin orange」.

Page 25:
Nijimura: I'll bury the two of these together under the ground.
I found out this fact after March 11th.
After the protuberances appeared in the ground here.
But there's always been someone in the 「Higashikata Family」 that's known this fact since long, long ago.
It's been handed down generation after generation in the Higashikata Family...

Page 26:
Nijimura: Now I'm going to take the 「lemon」 and 「mandarin orange」 I buried
out of the ground.
Jousuke: ....................
Nijimura: You have no memories from 『before』 you were in the ground here...
But... I think you're my 『ally』, so I'll tell you.
Higashikata Jousuke,
Calm down... The fact that you're about to witness..................
Calm your heart and accept it......
Because it's the truth......

Page 27:
Nijimura: I'm cutting the 「mandarin orange」 in half.
And the 「lemon」, too.

Page 28:
Jousuke: ...
Nijimura: When they were put in the ground, parts of the 「lemon」 and the 「mandarin orange」 mixed together with the other......

Page 29:
Jousuke: Uuh.........
Uh, ugh.
Who am I?!
Hurry..... tell me!
You'd better hurry and explain......
Nijimura: Calm down......
This is the beginning.
No one can know about it.
Jousuke: I'm me............!
I'm definitely here right now!
There's no way I'm anybody but me................!!
I'm sure as hell that I'm me!
The me that's thinking right now... is definitely me!

Page 30:
Nijimura: That's right.
You are you...
I know that.....
It's the same for everyone in this world......
You are your own self.
Jousuke: Who the hell am I?!
Answer meeeee-------------!!

Page 31:
Nijimura: I can say this decisively.....
I'm sure of it.
Your true identity is my older brother... 「Kira Yoshikage」... There's no doubt about it.
Jousuke: ..........
Nijimura: But that's only part of you.
There's another person.
You are a 『fusion』 of your and Yoshikage's bodies.

Page 32:
Nijimura: Your minds are fused as well.
Your 『spirit taken form』,
your Stand, it's 『different』 from the shape of Yoshikage's Stand.
Your Stand is also a combination of two...

Page 33:
Nijimura: Let me explain Kira Yoshikage's 「Stand」......
Big Brother's had 「bubbles」 that would just explode when they touched something... That's all... Yours takes something.
When you fused, the Stand had a new form.
The ability changed as well.
[And somewhere out there there's a guy with a Killer Queen stand that makes things explode... This is the best page of the whole series so far...]

Page 34:
Nijimura: Then, who is the other one......?
Where did you come from............?
Those are the next things for us to find out.
That 「Higashikata Family」 knows something.
Insert: Kira Yoshikage is part of Jousuke...!!
Bottom: <-To be continued

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