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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128



+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 24, 2013 14:18 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 67

Only for use by Illuminati Scans

And now, for some reason...

[Real 67 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 4-5:
Togawa: Let's go.

Page 6:
Guy: What's wrooong?!
Tired already, Ryou?!
Ryou: No.....
Guy: Huuh? I couldn't hear you...
Ryou: I'm not tired!!
Guy: All right! Goo! Three more laps!!

Page 7:
Ryou: HAH
Guy: Don't ease up, moroooon!
Ryou: !!
When did he...?!
Guy: But... it's been one month since he joined...
I'm still not really used to Hara-san's sudden change.
For real.
Keep it up, Ryou! Two more laps!!
Hara: ......
Bottom: ★This is a work of fiction. There is no connection to any real people, groups, or events whatsoever.

Page 8:
Hara: To slooow! Add three laps to that!!
Ryuu: !!
I'll kill you.
I swear to god I'll kill you someday, old man.
Guy: Okay, we've gotta give it our all, too.
Text: Hang in theeere!
Someone: So Kaneko and Meguro are taking off?
I guess we can't expect everyone to show up on regular weekdays...

Page 9:
Guys: Uoh!
You're not getting through!
Togawa: URAH!
Guy: OUH!

Page 10:
Guy: Ah, dammit!
Be more careful with your shots!
You just let that one slip away!
Togawa: Yeah!
Handwritten: Dammiiit.
Guy: Compared to how you were back when you used to gamble on basketball with Tom,
your movements have gotten way more basketball-like, Togawa.
Speaking of Tom, it's too bad about the tryouts...
Togawa: ...
I'm a totally different person than I was back then.
Of course my moves are better!

Page 11:
Guy: Reading the opponents..
predicting them
interfering with their timing
attacking where they're unguarded,
they're all the result of gaining experience with basketball.
How I can still anticipate your moves once in a while, as well...
Of course, having a height advantage is huge,
but it's mainly a difference in some experience points.
That's what they call knowledge from experience, mate.
Just having unequivocal speed
isn't enough for you to win.
Togawa: ......
Guy: It's just to make use of that,
there's one more thing you need to know......

Page 12:
Guy: Basketball
During my time at the first Japan Representative Training Camp I was called to be in
I tasted a sensation I had never been conscious of before then.
Being along among a basketball team----
a sensation tinged with what I felt in track and field club,
a feeling of inferiority.

Page 13:
Togawa: Looking back, I think how well I've done to make it this far.
Ryou: ZE~~~
Guy: 'Ll right, nice job, Ryou!
Togawa: It's two months until the Ooruri Cup.
There's been some time since we lost in the preliminaries, and now we're in a gap between them, right...?
We can't get everyone together, our motivation is low... Is there seriously nothing wrong with that?
Hara: No rushing allowed, Kiyoharu-san.
Being serious and rushing are two completely different things.
You mustn't mix them up.
Togawa: ......
Guy: There is some hope. Over there.

Page 14:
Ryou: Hm?
Guy: Your arms sure have gotten bigger, Ryou.
Ryou: ......
Handwritten: Have they?
Hara: Anyhow...
it's been one month since Gen-san got here.
And I haven't touched the ball at all...
Maybe rather than wheelchair basketball
I'd be better off with doing a wheelchair marathon or a wheelchair dash?

Page 15:
Ryou: Aah, there's nothing fun to do.
Handwritten: HAAAAH
Hara: Huhhu.
Despite how he looks, his personality is very honest.
We're adding stamina in order to freely be able to use the wheelchair----
We've been creating a foundation this month.
Due to boredom, it's extremely difficult---
He's doing well to endure this kind of course that most people would run away from.
Okay, now a special menu just for Ryou!
10 dash-and-stops.
Ryou: What, again?!
Hara: Do you want to be #1, or second rate, ah? You bastard?
Ryou: ......
Hara: Right.
Alright, gooo!
Ryou: ......

Page 16:
Hara: ...That boy sure is growing.

Page 17:
Hara: Okay, Ryou.
The time for you to touch the ball has come!!
Ryou: Huh?! Okay...
Handwritten: Ball? Where?
Hara: Not now, tomorrow-----
I entered you!!
It's three days long, starting tomorrow!
Paper: A Wheelchair Basketball Camp Being Held in Spring!! [The small text isn't readable.]
Ryou: A-Camp?
This is a camp?
Togawa: I signed up for that, too.

Page 18:
Hara: So go together with Kiyoharu-san!
Ryou: Huh? With Kiyo-san...?!
I don't want to...
Honestly, my goal is to reach Togawa Kiyoharu-shu.
But he's not really that personable.
I don't wanna hang out with him alone.
I won't know how to pass the time while I'm with him. [If you could think of a more succinct way to say this, go ahead. It means like he couldn't be able to carry on conversations and such.]
He's sorta scary. And somehow
he's hard to appeaoch...
Guy: Why're you going to this camp, Togawa?
Togawa: Hm?
I'm just sorta going.

Page 19:
Guy: Hahaha.
How about I answer for you?
Up until this point, you've only been working on your senses and motion ability, but...
it looks like you've hit a wall somehow.
You're missing something needed to get past it.
And you're going in order to find that-----
Togawa: Don't go explaining other people's business.
Anyhow, I
learned at representative camp,
though a whole bunch happened there...
I learned that I won't lose to anyone as an athlete.
Guy: ...!!

Page 20:
Togawa: I just don't know enough about basketball.
At this A-Camp, I want to learn basketball fundamentals.
as well as knowledge and apply them.
It's like climbing Mount Fuji.
I get exhausted at the 5th station.
Handwritten: Senses and Motion Ability
Togawa: So I make a foundation of knowledge
and theory.
If I have that,
how about this?!
Mountain 1: Senses and Motion Ability
Mountain 2: Senses and Motion Ability
Theory and Knowledge
Mountain 3: Genius
Senses and Motion Ability
Theory and Knowledge

Page 21:
Togawa: I'm still climbing...!
Guy: That's right. You're just getting started, mate!
Though he might be somewhat off...
Guy: Daaammmit! I wanted to be in that, too, but... my job...
Me, too.
Togawa: Ah. Azumi is working at A-Camp, too, as staff.
She took off today to get ready for it.
Handwritten: You and me aren't gonna be the only ones there.
Guy: Oh, that reminds me. There was a girl who came here earlier saying she wanted to become the manager.
I guess she's not coming now.

Page 22:
Girl: Ummmmm, hello.
Sorry I'm late.
Guy: Ah, isn't that her?
Ryou: Huh? Azumi-san quit?
Togawa: Ah, no, er... What was it...
She's studying abroad...
Girl: I was going to come with a friend of mine, but she didn't show up...
And I was waiting for her, see...
Nice to meet you. I was introduced to this club through Azumi-senpai. My name is Kanbayashi Yoshie.
Sign: Takashima Medical University

Page 23:
Somebody: Um, you...
I'm sorry, what was your name again?
Azumi: Yes,
it's Azumi.
Girl: Azumi-chan.
I'm general manager slash interpreter, Eri.
Nice to meet you.
Azumi: It's a pleasure.
She probably thinks it's my last name.
Okay, Azumi-chan.
Could you come over this way?
Write the campers' names
and their tag numbers on these bags.
That person's participation award are in them.
This is the register of names.
Okay, thanks.

Page 24:
Azumi: Got it.
Eri: Whew, it's finally starting tomorrow.
I'm so pumped for i~~~~t.
Azumi: Okay.
Let's get excited.

Page 25:
Sign: Rehabilitation Center for the Physically Handicapped
Nobu: Guh...
Guy: You're doing good, Hisanobu!!
You're trying with less fear than you were before.
So there are going to be failures!
Hisanobu: Huu.
Guy: Okay, from the beginning.
You're learning how to do it purely on your own.

Page 26:
Nurse: What do you think?
Woman: It's true... the look in his eye has changed...
The attitude he's taking towards rehab is changing.
Even his expression is looking fearless. Uhuhu.
Originally, he was a very good looking boy.
He takes after his mom.
Nobu: HAH

Page 27:
Nobu: 15
Woman: Your arms are getting cramped up.
You can stop now, if you want.
How about it?
Nobu: KUH
I've gotta do more!

Page 28:
Nurse: Maybe he made a goal for himself.
Nobu: HAA
Dad: Goal.....

Page 29:
Nurse: I happened to hear he tried to ride in a wheelchair designed for playing basketball.
And he couldn't get into it at all------ Apparently he was pretty humiliated. See, he does have quite some pride.
He made a goal.
For the first time since the accident.
Dad: Wheelchair basketball...

Page 30:
Dad: ......

Page 31:
Book: Sports Science
The Truth About Wheelchair Basketball
Mitsuma Haru

Page 32:
[No Text]

Page 33:
[Good 'ol Dad.]

Page 34:
Guys: Okay, done!
That's all for today.
Whew, that was tough.
Having 5 people really is relentless.
What do you think, Kanbayashi-san?
Do you think you can handle manager?
Kanbayashi: Huh?
Guy: Speaking of which, that other person never showed up, did they...?

Page 35:
Someone: I guess she must've forgotten.
Well, we'll meet up again next week.
Good luck at the camp, Togawa.
You, too, Ryou.
Guy: Yeah.
Good hustle today, guys----
Togawa: Hm?
Girl: HAA
Aw man, I knew it.
It's already over?!
I'm sorry I'm late!
I just couldn't decide on my makeup.
Guys: ...?
Is that.......?
Girl: I heard you were taking applications for a new manager.
I work part time at the same place as Kanbayashi-san.

Page 36:
Honjou: My name is Honjou Fumika.
Do you think we could just extend it 30 minutes or something?
Handwritten: No?
Guys: ......
Honjou: Nice to meet you. Are you all the players on the Dragons?
Guys: Tigers!!
Honjou: Eheeh.

Page 37:
Handwritten: Former Dreams
Hara-san 40 Years Old [Right of Head]
Experience [Left of Head]
Sometimes he works as a coach... for Ryou [Bottom right]
Ryou: Shiiit.

Page 38:

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Oh yes.
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Slam dunk Shifu.
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