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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 18

trouble with the curve


-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 18

Only for use by HWMN

My theory is that Giorno survived the universe looping and now he's going around messing with people.

[Jojolion 18 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 0:
Top Insert: Comics Volumes (1)-(3) are now on sale with great popularity!!
Title: #018 trouble with the curve
Side:「Higashikata Jousuke」=「Kira Yoshikage」+「X」...?
Author: Hirohiko Araki
& Lucky Land Communications

Page 1:
Narration: The sun rises
and a new day begins.
Insert: He has found a clue in the search for his origin, but...
Narration: People head off for work, commute to school, play, and jog.
Some go to cafes or restaurants... and meet with someone.
But those are all
activities for those that know their "place to return to".

Page 2:
Jousuke: Where do I go? Where should I go back to...............?
I don't know.
I don't know of any parents that gave birth to me or any place I have...
My 「true identity」 is 『Kira Yoshikage』.
Although I don't remember it, it seems that for some reason, Kira Yoshikage snuck in to the 「Higashikata House」 and searched it
in order to hide the name of his little sister (Nijimura Kyou) from the family tree.
He has some... feelings for his family... So in some ways, he seems like he's not such a bad guy.
[The Family Tree is the same one as before, the Kira family section. It just has Nijimura Kyou on the bottom right.]

Page 3:
Jousuke: Just what sort of person was Kira Yoshikage?
But that is 『one part』.
There is also one more person.
There is 「someone else」 inside me...
Is... the mind that's thinking right now, that of the 「other person」?
Or is it Kira Yoshikage's 「mind」?
If someone knows the answer to that question,

Page 4:
Jousuke: I'll have to get it from 『him』...
No matter what his goals may be!
No matter how much they try to obstruct me... ["they" in italics.]
I have to determine where my 『place to return to』 is!
Nijimura: ............

Page 5:
Hato: Good morning........................
Jousuke: ....................

[The raw I'm using scanned Pages 4-5 twice, so that's why there's no 6-7 here.]

Page 8:
Daiya: Morning Jousukeeeeeeen!
Norisuke: Yeah?
Daiya: HAaa~~~~A~~~~~
Hato: Huu~~~~~~~~~~~
Norisuke: HAaA~~~
Jousuke: ..............................
Daiya: 『A morning in Morioh』..........
『Eating pancakes in swimsuits』...
There's never been such an unfortunate event since the beginning of the Higashikata Family~~~
Jousuke: ............

Page 9:
Daiya: We had to cancel our family trip to Hawaii~~~!
So today we put on our bathing suits just so we'd have the feeling of having a poolside breakfa~~~~st!
And it's all because Big Sis Hato
didn't get a passpoooort! So we can't leave the country~~~~n
Hato: Like I said, nobody told me that Hawaii was in America~~~~
Stuff like Pearl Harbor are written in Kanji, aren't they?
And Kamehameha and stuff~~~~~
T/N: In Japanese, Pearl Harbor is written in kanji (真珠湾). Hawaii has strong cultural ties with Japan, so she got confused. Kamehameha is the attack from Dragon Ball. Its name originally comes from a Hawaiian king.
Hato: Papa, won't you get us back into a good mood, please?
Norisuke: How am I supposed to do that?
I just learned how much of an idiot my daughter is...
Hey, Joushuu!
How come you didn't change?
Put on a bathing suit and eat some panca~~kes! ["Eat" is big and bold. You could just make the whole end of the sentence "eat some panca~~kes~" big though, so it matches.]

Page 10:
Jousuke: I didn't because I don't believe in God......
There's no way in hell I'd get on something insecure like an airplane in the first place.
So there's no way I'm going to Hawaii. Not now, not ever.
Norisuke: What're you talking about?
Joushuu: Nijimura-san.
This is past the expiry date.
Norisuke: Milk is fine if it's just one day past the date.
Joushuu: Like I said, I don't believe in God...
You can't blame me for not wanting to walk that tightrope of "it's just one day" without having any basis for thinking it's okay.
Nijimura-san, did you happen to make the pancakes with this milk~~~?

Page 11:
Hato: Huh... There's tooootally a God!
I mean, the cow that made this milk and us humans exist because God made us.
Joushuu: There's no way I'd be friends with any cow!
So you can't blame me for being uneasy about grouping humans together with cows~~~~
Norisuke: You guys are such pains in the asses.
Nijimura-san, is there any new milk...?
Jousuke: Norisuke-san,
I want to go to school.

Page 12:
Jousuke: I would like to go to school.
And I'd also like a cell phone.
Joushuu: You bastard.
Even if you've got a cell phone, who the hell are you gonna call?
The underground mole people or something~~~~~?
Joushuu: Somebody who ain't in the family registry can't have a cell phone, fucktard.
Norisuke: Wait, Joushuu!

Page 13
Norisuke: I'll have to think about the cell phone, but... Jousuke...
You're right that going to school is necessary.
Joushuu... I'll need you to handle that...
Bring him to school with you.
Joushuu: Huh?!!
Why do I gottaaa?! I ain't his frickin' babysitter!
And I don't even know what grade this guy's in in the first place!
Hato: I'm a university graduate~~~~
In Bubble: Uhuhu
Hato: I'm sure Jousuke'll be all right...
Daiya: Uhuhu
Norisuke: Well for now, bring him to the high school.
And have them check his academic skill level.
Joushuu: You want meeee to~~?

Page 14:
Jousuke: I got permission for school surprisingly easily.
So now I'll go out......
And if I go to school... I might learn what kinds of things I like, what I'm good at, and such. I'll learn my nature...
Norisuke: This is they money for Jousuke's bus pass. Tell him how to ride it.

Page 15:
Joushuu: Huu~~~~
So, uh...
Are you in a lower grade than me? Or a higher one?
Can you do this?
Jousuke: ......
Problem: 【Problem 56】 A°+ B°+ C°+D°+E°
What is the sum if the angles inside this figure in degrees?

Page 16:
Jousuke: 180 degrees?
Joushuu: Hm?!
Text: The total number of degrees inside a triangle is 180°so
A°+ ( B°+ C°+D°+ E°)
Joushuu: ......
Jousuke, you basta~~~rd
If you think you've 「beat」 me
then I'll kill you, so... let me make this clear!
Jousuke: ......

Page 17:
Joushuu: I told you about it before at the 「Wall Eyes」. About 「Yasuho」......
Yasuho is my woman.
She even let me kiss heeer......
It was a deep and hot one.
Jousuke: ............
Joushuu: Back at the 「Wall Eyes」 I tripped on the ground and fell.
And then some germs got into my foot, so I lost consciousness.
Jousuke: ......
Joushuu: So there's no way in hell I lost to you or any shit like that...... And it's not like you ever will...!
So don't screw around with my Yasuho!

Page 18:
Jousuke: ............
『Higashikata Joushuu』.
Is he... a 「Stand User」?
Or did he just say those idiotic things naturally?
I still don't know a thing about the members of the『Higashikata Family』.
But I can't let my guard down...
Joushuu: Hey, Jousuke......
You don't seem like a middle schooler.
I'm talking about that road over there...

Page 19:
Joushuu: This road is curved, so you can't see the other end......
But if you go down it, the path ends in about 150 meters.
Hasekura High School is at the end of that road.
Wanna go?
Jousuke: ......
If there's a school there.
Joushuu: I go to a different high school in S City.
And I just... remembered something.
A few years ago, I got my 「money extorted from me」 on this road.

Page 20:
Joushuu: Those guys fucked with me...
So now I'm going to get revenge for back then.
And you're gonna 『help out』.
Jousuke: Help out......?
Joushuu: Ya know~~ You... wanna go to that school, right?
Do you wanna go to high school, or not?
Jousuke: Yes, I want to go.

Page 21:
Joushuu: Then---- You're definitely gonna get your 「money taken」.

Page 22:
Jousuke: Is it a high school of vulgar people?
Joushuu: No, not like that.
The standard scores for the school are pretty high.
Of the guys I know that go there, not one of them's a bad guy.
They're all pretty nice.
But for some reason, people get 「shaken down」 on that road.
So was I.
This era is all about appearance.
People only pretend to follow rules.
They just dress things up so the surface is pretty.
You're better off beating them up before you get beaten yourself, right?

Page 23:
Joushuu: Somebody like you is gonna get teased.
So instead, you're gonna be the one ripping them off...... Okay?
Jousuke: ..........
I guess you're right......
Joushuu: Okay!
[That tree reminds me of that tree from Part 5.]

Page 24:
[Fuckin' trees.]

Page 25:
[And all those things...]

Page 26:
Jousuke: So people 「money stolen」 from you at a place like this?
『Every time』?
Joushuu: Well......
I don't go down this road every day or anything.
But it's something pretty much everyone in this town knows about.
Jousuke: ..........
The group of three people.
Is it them?

Page 27:
Joushuu: No~~......
..........I don't think so.......... Maybe it was...
Woman: Um~~~
Do you have a minute...?
If I've made some mistake,
I'm terribly, sorry...
I apologize from the bottom of my heart.
I believe you stepped on something, ye~~~~~s?
Joushuu: ......

Page 28:
Woman: It's just...
I was looking at a store window and it happened in just an instant, but...
There can be no disputing things that are certain.
Please, listen to your conscience.
Some things are certain, aren't the~~~~y?
Jousuke: ?
Joushuu: ?
Hey, uh---
Who're you talking to?
Are you talking to us?
Woman: What are you talking about?!
Just now! You stepped on it and broke it, didn't you?!
The toy my daughter had...
Can't she just play on a bench?

Page 29:
Girl: UEH
Joushuu: Ah......
Woman: That is something you did...!
It was you!
You broke her compact!
Guy: Hey! Don't talk to me!
What's going on?!
Quit acting so familiar, old lady!
Woman: Can't you see how sad my daughter is?!
Are you just going to leave and not say anything?!
Look! You stepped on it, there's even a 「sticker」 stuck to your shoe!

Page 30:
Joushuu: Ah!
Jousuke: !?
Joushuu: You're kidding me, right....?!!
Girl: UEH!
My magic compact that Santa-san gave meee!

Page 31:
Joushuu: Hey, Jousuke...
Watch out......
It wasn't me......
It... It definitely wasn't me that stepped on that, okaaaaaaay?!
Girl: UEH

Page 32:
Guy: Miss, are you all right?
What exactly are you boys doing?
Joushuu: Uh?
Woman: It's okay.
It's okay...
Guy: If there's some trouble going on, there's a police officer over there.
Want me to call him?
Joushuu: Hey! Hold on a second... You're really gonna go that far with this......?!!
I... I definitely didn't mean to step on it... ["mean" in italics.]
M... Maybe someone just knocked into it and it fell or something...

Page 33:
Joushuu: Uh...
Sh... Shiiit.
I... I'm sorry.
I'm apologizing, okay...
I'm sorry I broke it.
Sorry... Little miss.
Jousuke: ......
Joushuu: Aw man...
The footprint...... it matches.
I really did step on it......?

Page 34:
Woman: Just what kind of upbringing have you ha~~~~d?
I don't know if that was a genuine apology...
It looked more like you were apologizing just because you got caught and you were told to apologize, don't you thi~~~~nk?
That's a result of your upbringing I would sa~~~~y.
[That woman's eyes go in different directions. Just like that guy in part 5.]
Joushuu: Here......

Page 35:
Woman: This won't return my daughter's wounded heart...
back to the way it was, you kno~~~~~~~w.
Joushuu: Uugh.....
B... But you could just buy a new one...
Jousuke: !

Page 36:
Joushuu: Damiii~~~~~~~t!!!
Jousuke: ............
Joushuu... You just g ave her 『3,000 yen』, didn't you?
When you had your 「money extorted」 from you before......
Was it that mother? Was your money taken by her before?
Joushuu: No, dammit!
This is different!
Last time, it was by two 「old men」.

Page 37:
Jousuke: Did you step on it?
That girl's toy mirror...?
Joushuu: No!
I'm sure I didn't!
B... But... I might've accidentally knocked into it and broke it.
Jousuke: So which is it?
Did you step on it or not?
Joushuu: I dunno!
But I had to pay the lady off or I was never gonna hear the end of it!! You saw what happened!
I really got done over~~~~~
That shitty woman!! She really got me~~~~~
Go, Jousuke?
Jousuke: What?

Page 38:
Joushuu: Go down that street...!
I'll record it with this camera.
who's walking along this road.........?
Or maybe it's a group of people in it together...
Jousuke: A group?
Joushuu: If we just have some proof,
we'll be the ones to score some cash!
We'll extort the money back and milk them for all they've got!
Jousuke: The culprit just now as a "mother and daughter" wasn't it?
Joushuu: That's what I'm saying! I don't know!

Page 39:
Joushuu: But everyone knows...
This road is 『shakedown road』.
You always get your 『money extorted』 by somebody.
Guy: You there.
Are you okay?
Joushuu: Shut up old man!
Don't talk to me!!
Go away!
Guy: I'm not talking to you...
I'm talking to the fellow beside you.
[This guy's wall eyed, too. Just like that guy from part 5.]

Page 40:
Guy: Are you hurt?
You have blood on your sleeve...
Jousuke: ...?
This isn't my blood...
Guy: I see, I see.
That's a relief... I'm glad to hear it......
The fact that you're unhurt really is... what matters most. ["really is" in italics.]

Page 41:
Guy: But I'll have to take some compensation.
You just... broke my shop's water tank, didn't you? The goldfish were all right, but...
Please don't try to do anything sneaky like just not say anything and walk away in the confusion, now.
The blood on your sleeve is the 『turtle's blood』from inside the tank you broke.
[This stand reminds me of Harvest. How it takes little bits of money from different places.]

Page 42:
Guy: The 『turtle』 got stabbed with a broken piece of glass and everything above its nose got blown off.
Have you seen the corpse?
Its lower half is still moving and walking around, but...
[At least Polnereff's not inside it.]
Guy: One of those costs 330,000 yen.
you can only get one if you go all the way to Ecuador.

Page 43:
Guy: Why don't you say anything?
Did you forget how to speak Japanese?
Or are you thinking about running, thinking you can get away from here... or something?
Jousuke: I'll be clear about this!
You have the wrong person... I didn't break any fish tank!

Page 44:
Guy: Hey, you know...
This is 『Shakedown Road』.
Heard of it, haven't you...? It's also known as----- 「Deadman's Curve」.
I'm a seasoned veteran of this place...
I'll track you two down no matter how much it takes...
The quick way outta this would be to pay the 330,000 yen.
Jousuke: The blood is a 「trick」!
You did something like splash it on by from behind my back.
You see, we were recording everything with a camera. Let's take a look...
If we replay it, we'll know everything.
Guy: !!

Page 45:
Joushuu: YEAH~~~ [Ya can probably just leave this.]
As if we wouldn't see that!

Page 46:
[For anyone who really wanted a shot of Jousuke's shoes.]

Page 47-48:
Joushuu: Uh!!

Page 49:
[Remember when that happened?]

Page 50:
Joushuu: ..................
Just now......
Jousuke: ?
Joushuu: Th... 『The ginko tree leaves.』

Page 51:
Joushuu: He skipped.....
they moved him... and he came back...
All in an instant......
Neither Jousuke or I noticed it......
The ginko tree leaves here are......!!
Man: ............
Jousuke: What is it?
Did you catch any of it on video?
Joushuu: Huh...?

Page 52:
Joushuu: No... nothing.
I forgot to hit the record button.
Jousuke: Huh?
Guy: Kuku.
Joushuu: Interesti~~~~ng.
The hell is up with these 『leaves』...?
We didn't notice it, but it looksed like they were moving............ And the water tank did actually break.................. That Jousuke guy.
But I don't think I'll tell Jousuke......
Does everyone here know about this...? The people along this road...
Side: Jousuke, cornered...
Bottom: *This manga will be taking a break from print next issue. Please understand.
<- To be continued

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