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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Innocent 1

Crimson Purity

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 31, 2013 01:24 | Go to Innocent

-> RTS Page for Innocent 1


Okay, so here's what I'm gonna do here for now. This kinda manga with this much detail shouldn't be done with issue scans because everything's gonna get blurred and unreadable. I translated this first chapter just because it's the first chapter, but I'll probably only do this in volumes because of the artwork thing, and because I really don't have time to do another series on a weekly basis. Plus I need a group to scanlate it once it gets to the point there are volumes. Buuut here ya go to read for now.

Edit 7/4/2013: I went through this and edited it so it matches the tankoubon. There were only a couple changes, plus the opening pages.

[Innocent 1 Translation by Kewl0210]
[The rest of the text is already in English. It's notable, "Innocent" is spelled the same way in English as it is in French. But pronounced slightly differently.]
Bottom: Source Material: Adachi Masakatsu "Executioner Sanson"

Back Cover:
In the 18th century, seeking "freedom and equality", the event that became the starting point of modern French society, the French Revolution, began. There was one more protagonist that lived within that darkness, Henry Charles Sanson. He was the fourth generation family head of the Sanson Family, and executioner of Paris. Depicting the "purity" he nobly faced that harsh fate with, the curtain on that great river of history now raises----!!

Author Flap:
Sharing an innocent heart with Charles Henry Sanson----
Sakamoto Shinichi

Page 1:
Narration: January 21st 1973
10:22 PM
The Place de la Revolution was filled to capacity.
A group of 20,000 people
stood in utter silence.

As a silver-colored blade
slid down into the nape of his neck.
of the man once called King Louis the 16th.

By the hands of one pure man------...

Page 2-3:
Top: Source Material: Adachi Masakatsu "Executioner Sanson"
[The rest is already English-y]

Page 4:
Title: Crimson Innocence [They write it backwards in English I don't know why.]

In the 18th century, seeking "freedom and equality", the event that became the starting point of modern French society, the French Revolution, began. There was one more protagonist that lived within that darkness, Henry Charles Sanson. He was the fourth generation family head of the Sanson Family, and executioner of Paris. This is the historie of him nobly facing that harsh fate-----.

[I guess they decided they didn't need to write a table of contents...]
Bottom: This Volume 1 contains episodes 1 to 8. [This bit's in French, so maybe leave the original there, or write this small underneath it or something.]
*This story is based on actual historical persons and events and composed in a way that is partially dramatized.

Page 5:
Narration: May 1753
Outside the Paris Castle Gates
Sainte Anne Street
(Currently, the Paris 9th Arrondissement)
Title: n°1 Crimson Innocense

Page 6:
[Okay. Now back to one of my personal favorite parts of Sakamoto's works... pages with no text.]

Page 7:
[There's gonna be some awesome artwork here.]

Page 8:
[The tankoubon is worth it... The raw I'm using here is blurry as shit.]

Page 9:
[Nice couch.]

Page 10-11:
[Horses and awesome scenery.]

Page 12:
Narration: City of Paris
Someone: Silence, please!
A proclamation from his majesty the king!!
Due to the 4% increase in annual tax and indirect tax, there is a 3,200,000 livre increase in revenue is expected.
By the grace of God, Louis, King of France and Navarre, pays reverence to the people.
At the Palace of Versailles, May 1753------------...

Page 13:
Guys: That was so complicated, I couldn't really understand it. We can't read, you know!
Say it a little more simply!!!
Guy 2: They're just raising taxes again!!
Guy: There were rumors that the increase would be 1/20th.
Woman: I have six children, my hear hurts trying to think of how I'll feed them all.
Guy: Sir! Horses cannot be brought into city hall!!!
Please stop the horses here!!!
Dad: Charles, please hurry.

Page 14
People: Hey, look.
That emblem...

Page 15:
[Cover your eyes child. It's a bishounen.]

Page 16-17:
People: It's...
the father and son grim reapers......!!!

Page 18:
Guys: The Sansons.
The Sansons!!!
The Sansons have gone and shown up...!!!
What an unlucky day!
There're rumors that if you get touched by a Sanson that you get possessed by a demon--------...

Page 19:
[I like how there are lots of things.]

Page 20:
Someone: -----------...
Narration: Paris City Hall
Expelled from Professor Hardy's boarding school in Rouen...
And then after returning to Paris, there is no school that will accept you------
The reason is harassment and bullying from your classmates.
It seems the demand for expulsion resulted from complaints made by the parents of other students...
...I feel bad for you,
but no matter where you go in France, it will be difficult to hide your lineage...

Page 21:
You are the son of the chief executioner of all of France,
the Monsieur de Pari, after all------------...

Page 22:
Guy: But Monsieur Sanson, you are always offering such generous donations.
This is a letter of invitation to a school in Toulouse that I'm certain will accept him.
Father: Thank you very much, your lordship, chief merchant.

Page 23:
Father: Charles-Henri,
please express your grattitude to his lordship the chief merchant.
Please raise your head, Charles-Henri!!
Charles: ......But...

Page 24:
Charles: Anyhow, someone like me will...
Someone: ......Finally back?

Page 25:
[Horses and tears! This'll be fun.]

Page 26-27:
[Instead of having a hedgehog on his head, his hair's like 5 feet long.]

Page 28:
[We do love the inferiority complexes of the heroes though.]

Page 29:
[Lord of the...]

Page 30:
Someone: Just three more bodies. Let's get this done.
Welcome home young master...

Page 31:
Someone: Charlot,
please apologize to your father.

Page 32:
Your father wants you to go to be able to school.
He went out of his way to ask a favor of the chief merchant.

Page 33:
Mom: We can no longer find personal tutors like the late Father Grisel.
You understand this, don't you? Charl--------
Charles: I don't want schools or tutors
Every person born into this family
Is loathed and scorned by everyone.
Someone: That is favorable.

Page 34:
Someone: Our family's trade is an honorable job entrusted to us by his royal highness.
There is no need for us to go out of our way to go to school and interact with mediocre people.
Charles-Henri Sanson.

Page 35:
Someone: Starting with his next job, please start working with your father as an apprentice to be the fourth generation head of the Sanson household.
You will be the next "Monsieur de Paris".

Page 36:
Mother: M-Mother, Charlot is still only 14...
Think really is far too soon, do you not think so...?!
Grandmother: You baby Charles too much.
I has my son Baptiste's flaying raw hides ever since he was 7.
Charles-Henri, listen closely.
Just like how a king's son becomes a king,
all of the Sanson family members are destined to become executioners.

Page 37:
Grandma: Our family wields the sword of justice.
Punishing sins. In order to bring about order to the people, strive to do your job with your head held high.
Now, Jean-Baptiste, the before-meal prayer.
The asparagus and capon soup is getting cold.
Baptiste: Yes, mother.

Page 38:
Father: Our Father who are in heaven
Description: Third head of the Sanson household
Charles-Jean-Baptiste Sanson
Executioner of Paris
"Monsieur De Paris"
Description 2: Baptiste's Wife
Jeanne-Gabrielle-Berger Sanson
People: We give you thanks for using us as saviors...
Descriptions: Baptiste's Mother
Anne-Marthe-Dubut Sanson

Page 39:
Madeleine: And for all the blessings we have together here,
Description: Eldest Sister
Madeleine-Claude-Gabrielle Sanson
Would later marry the executioner of Melun, Piere Ellison.
Description: Second Son
Louis-Charles-Martin Sanson
Later, executioner of Tours and Auxerre.
Description: Third Son
Nicolas-Charles-Gabrielle Sanson
Later, the executioner of Blois.
Someone: and that we are able to live in happiness in the name of your love...
Charles: Amen...
Eldest Son
Charles-Henri Sanson
Later, executioner of Paris
The Fourth Generation "Monsieur De Paris".

Page 40:
Woman: I suppose that must be Master Charles-Henri again...
Description: Fourth Son
Louis-Cyr-Charlemagne Sanson
Later, executioner of Provins.
Description: Second Daughter
Mary-Joseph Sanson
Charles: L-Lies!!!
I won't be deceived!!!

Page 41:
Charles: If execution is truly justice,
then why are we so despised?!!!
Everyone really knows, don't they...?

Page 42:
Charles: Everyone in our family are disgusting beings that swarm to dead flesh like flies!!!

Page 43:
Charles: Why...?
do people have to be killed...?
don't want to be an executioner...

Page 44:
[He's in troooouble now.]

Page 45:
[I wonder if anyone got that table that was on fire.]

Page 46:
[How the hell does he have this complex architecture, but also have steam in front of it?]

Page 47:
[Woo, pain.]

Page 48-49:
Charles: F...
Father... I have to pee...

Page 50:
Father: Will you succeed me?

Page 51:
[Gah... That's some real emotional expression.]

Page 52-53:
Narration: Charles-Henri Sanson-----...
He, who lived through the French Revolution, performing the executions for most of the key people: King Louis the 16th, Queen Marie Antoinette, Robespierre, Saint-Just, Danton...
In his lifetime, decapitated over 3,000 heads. He became feared by people as "The man who would use the blade of fate to destroy all, and then finally take his own head by his own hand."

Page 54:
Charles: I really...
don't think I can do it..........

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You're the René Descartes of translation, Shifu.
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Kewl, Epic Win.
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